My neighbors found this little jellybean, seemingly abandoned by an office building, and brought her to me  This is my 5th day trying to keep her alive and well. She’s got some worrisome parasite issues, but she’s gained a little weight since her first vet visit and has just started trying to wobble-walk on four feet rather than crawl. She’s falling asleep here after having been fed (not sure if the purring is audible in the video). It’s quite a contrast to moments prior when she was performing one of her tyrannical, squeaky marches in demand of justice…or the bottle. I’m not sure which. Probably justice.

Anyway, it’s my first time trying to hand-rear a baby this little (around 7-10 days when she first arrived).  It’s been quite the learning experience…an exhausting, anxiety ridden learning experience, but a rewarding one too. Doing the best I can and very much hoping she’ll make it.  Wish us luck!


Feeding an orphan fox cub for the first time!

I will be uploading videos every weekday of this little girl as I raise her after she was abandoned by her mother. If all goes well I will be releasing her back to the wild.

To follow her progress in daily videos click here!


Cotswold Wildlife Park Keeper Hand-rears The “Skunk of The Air”

This striking Tawny Frogmouth chick is being hand-reared by Bird keeper Jade Stott at Cotswold Wildlife Park. She took on the role of surrogate mother to the beautiful baby bird when, unfortunately, the breeding adults didn’t prove to be the most capable of parents. To give it the greatest chance of survival, the Bird section decided to hand-rear the chick.

Learn more at Zooborns.

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Linton Zoo’s Newest Hatchlings Are a Hoot!

The UK’s Linton Zoo has hatched its first Easter chicks, three adorable Turkmenian Eagle Owlets. The fluffy trio weighing just 50 grams at hatching, hatched in mid March but were rejected by their inexperienced mother and so were removed for hand-rearing. They will rapidly grow, weighing in at around a kilo each by the time they are three weeks old. The Turkmenian Eagle Owl is one of the largest and most spectacular Owl in the world and is closely related to the large European Eagle Owl. Sadly though, it is believed to now be extinct in its original wild range around Turkmenistan, there are also very few in captivity so these three Easter chicks are very important individuals, although they may not realise it! Both parents of these special birds were also hatched at Linton and their dad “Pip” is 22 years old this year.

A tiny orphaned meerkat rejected by her mother has been saved by doting zookeepers. Keepers at Chessington World of Adventures Resort in the UK are hand-rearing baby meerkat Lila - providing her with round-the-clock care. Three-week-old Lila weighs just 4oz and is being fed milk by the dedicated team of keepers every two hours. Soon she will be weaned and encouraged to eat solid foods before meeting some other fellow meerkats at the park.Solent News/Rex Features


Meet Burrowing Owlets Linford and Christie

News from the UK’s Longleat Safari & Adventure Park: A pair of tiny hand-reared baby Burrowing Owls have taken to using teacups to roost in during the day. The owlets, nicknamed Linford and Christie (as they were hatched in the year of the London Olympics), are being cared for by keeper Jimmy Robinson. 

They hatched at the Hawk Conservancy Trust in Andover six weeks ago in February in an incubator and have had to be hand reared now. “Basically I have had to have them with me 24 hours a day every day and that means taking them home with me in the evening and getting up in the middle of the night to feed them,” Jimmy said, adding, “I spend so much time with them they do look at me as their surrogate mom and will follow me around the house or sit on my shoulder. They also enjoy the security of sitting inside their teacups and like to find small spaces on my bookshelf and in between my DVD collection to snuggle up into.“

Found throughout the Americas, the burrowing owl is so named because itlives in underground burrows that have been dug out by small mammals such asprairie dogs and ground squirrels. Unlike most owls they are active during the day.

Linford and Christie will join a variety of birds of prey including vultures, eagles, hawks, kites, owls and falcons in the Hunters of the Sky attraction at Longleat. These two will form part of a major new birds of prey display there.

“Although they are small birds they do grow incredibly quickly. These guys will be fully fledge within the next month, their feathers are coming through nicely and they are already getting used to flapping their wings,” added Jimmy.