Wip for Brighton pride.
Done so far:
- spray painted jacket black
- made shitty chain mail esque chains
- studded jacket
- painted half main design (by 3liza)
- made pentagram harness (earlier project)
- added shitty chain mail
- drafted pattern for and prototyped pasties

To do:

- finish painting 3liza’s glyph and other images
- add more chain
- Fix up pasty, make the other one
Makeup test?

Not bad for a day and a half’s work? Free handed the pattern for and glued the first pasty together in the last hour.

Since the undead have trouble using their words, it is in their best interest to learn sign language… or at least a few recognizable hand gestures. Could this have been the inspiration behind Denilson Silva’s “Zombie Hands” submission? Only Denilson knows!

Looking for all-over print tees like Denilson’s design? Look no further!

DIY Harry Potter Crafts.

Rae Gun Ramblings is having her annual Harry Potter party where lots of bloggers contribute Harry Potter themed crafts and there is a giant Harry Potter Giveaway.  For everything DIY Harry Potter on truebluemeandyou go here including an amazing DIY Harry Potter Monopoly Game and DIY Harry Potter Chess Set.


This is my Shallan costume from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive series. It was fun designing the costume based off various descriptions in the book. Having my left hand (the safe hand) covered was a must of course! My favorite part of the costume is the hand painted Pattern, as he was often described to hide among the folds of her skirt in the book. Construction details and more photos can be found here

Thanks to BentPic5 for the photos!

very-crofty asked:

Do you have any advice or tips on how to sew gloves?

Hi very-crofty!

Gloves aren’t as scary as they seem :) I’ve used two methods to make ours and both are really easy to use.

First things first, you’ll want to purchase a fabric with stretch. It doesn’t need to be a ton, but there has to be some give otherwise you can’t squeeze your hand into the glove. I recommend some spandex, stretch vinyl, etc.

The easiest way to make gloves is to literally trace your hand (like when kids make hand turkeys in school :) ) and then cut 2 of your hand pattern and sew them together! Easy :) Here’s a tutorial with pictures from Crash Cult

Another way to make gloves is to use an actual pattern. I used Butterick Pattern 5695 (out of print now but you should be able to find it online/probably in stores) to make my Mirai gloves. This is why I mention you need at least a little give in your fabric. I wanted the bows and gloves to be the same fabric so mine were made out of cotton. It was a tight squeeze but they DID go on (note that I used the biggest size). Something else to keep in mind about this method is that it is time consuming! It’s a lot of sewing small pieces together, but is really cool when things start looking like a pair of gloves XD

Here’s another tutorial on making your OWN pattern for gloves if you can’t find the butterick pattern. LINK

Good luck and let us know if you have any other questions :)