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Nervous didn’t even begin to describe how Electra was feeling as she hovered outside of the ball, eyeing the doors warily. Fingers hovered lightly over the door handle, as she took another breath and pushed her way into the ballroom. She walked slowly, as if ready to fall and wishing she had just ignored the stubborn side of her and brought the chair, or at least the stick she’d been offered for support. She had been determined she didn’t need them but as she hovered along the sidelines, hands tapping a pattern at her side, scanning the dancers for a familiar face in the crowds. As she caught someone to her left she hesitated, at a loss of what to say as she stood, actually stood, for the first time in six months and merely smiled a little. 

Feysand Velaris home

So I have this random idea in my head that as a present for Rhys and Feyre, Mor is going to commission a residence be carved for them from the mountains surrounding Velaris, perhaps opposite the House of Wind, near the coast. The private abode would be cut from the stone near the peak of the mountain, with near 180 degree views overlooking the city and open sea.

Their home would be one great room, completely open to the air. No windows, no railings, no balconies. No way in or out except flying. The design would be elegant, yet simple, the ceiling and pillars hand-carved with intricate patterns. The bathing area, surrounded by gossamer curtains that would rustle soft in the ocean breezes, would have an infinity edge tub hanging off the mountainside, not unlike Feyre’s bath at the Moonstone Palace.

There’d be a living area, where Rhys and Feyre would spend countless hours of their eternity together reading and cuddling before the fireplace. A small breakfast alcove would sit near the open wall, opposite Feyre’s painting nook. And a large skylight, positioned over the large bed, would allow Feyre and Rhys a wonderful view of the night sky, moonlight glowing softly upon them as they sleep.


A Simon and Baz fanfiction! Just a short fluffy drabble; those are the best kind. I’ve been thinking of doing a series based off of meaningful or strange words you don’t hear very often! What do you think? 


Warnings: none


(n) a particular period of time in history or a person’s life.

Whispers in his ear, warm arms wrapped around his waist, his back reclined on his boyfriend’s chest on the couch, the faint sounds of London at night way down below their flat.

Baz was completely, utterly in love.

So much so, that he didn’t like to think about it when he was going about his day. But with Simon’s calloused hands rubbing lazy patterns on his stomach, mumbling sweet things in soft breaths, he allowed it just this once. Because he was sleepy and huddled against Simon like he was his personal heater and he couldn’t be bothered to censor himself.

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I love patterns. You may come to know of this obsession of mine from all the postings here on Tumblr! :) And I am proud of that. Patterns, geometry, mandalas, black and white, I love them all. Maybe I should do a “Get to know me” post. Got to think about this.

Anyways, getting back to this page, I did this after a long hiatus, because I was like totally busy with work. I just drew random lines and got to making the pattern. All the patterns are made using simple shapes and motifs. What makes it detailed is the shading, the goodness that is of a black pen. :) I will post a few process shots too of this. Also, you can purchase this design on various products, like cases, books, cushions, coasters and loads more; links to which are in the previous post.

Hope you all are having a great Sunday! 

Cheers! :)

anonymous asked:

128 + Alex

128. “You’re beautiful, you know that?”

When you lay with your head on his chest late at night, limbs intertwined and naked skin against his own, he pulls your hair over your shoulder, finger raking through the tangled locks, you’re at peace.

Your hand traces patterns on his chest, fingertips brushing lightly. You can’t help but be in awe at the sight of him. He left you breathless, you would never tell him that though, he’d never let it go.

He watches you when you do this with tired eyes and his lips curling into a soft smile that was reserved just for you. 

The soft light of the street lights and the moon filtered through the cracks of the blinds, illuminating your skin in the darkness. 

Alex knows you never see yourself the way he sees you. He tried his hardest to get you to see you as the gorgeous being that you were. But even his best efforts don’t come through and it kills him.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” he says, voice light and body warm.

You hum and reach up to card a hand through his hair which he was starting to grow out, “It’s kind of hard to forget when you constantly tell me.”

“That’s my goal, babydoll.”

roquereptil  asked:

how did you made the background from the last stream? (i mean the duplicate part,and have it repeat over and over) can i use said technique on sai, or is just in Photoshop?

I used a tutorial that was intended for making repeating patterns by hand, and I just adapted it for Photoshop: https://www.skillshare.com/tutorials/5-Steps-to-Illustrating-a-Repeat-Pattern-by-Hand/59

The tools are different, but the idea is the same. You draw a picture in the middle of your paper (or digital canvas) and then you cut the drawing in half and flip it to draw the rest of the design. The result is a perfectly tiled drawing!

My process is a little sped-up because I made Photoshop actions to automate the flipping process for me at the click of a button. I don’t think there’s any program that will do that for you automatically, but once you understand the concept it’s really easy!