~Another day in my roof 

~I  draw this beacause of its meaning and its legend 

~Hamsa hand or Hand of Fatima it’s an amulet and a powerful protection against evil, evil eye, jealousy and bad thoughts

~ Legend:  Fatima, daughter of the Prophet Muhammad, married to Ali, grandson of her father.One evening Fatima was preparing dinner when her husband, whom she was madly in love with, came home bringing a concubine (the religion of Islam allows polygamy, and the man can marry up to four times). Deeply distressed by the arrival of this woman, Fatima did not notice that she had dropped the wooden spoon she was cooking the semolina with and continued to stir with her hand, without feeling physical pain, because the sorrow she felt in her heart was so strong to prevent her to feel her burning hand.Only when her husband came into the kitchen and asked her what she was doing, she shook herself and became suddenly aware of the burn and of the sharp pain. Ali took care of her, but then told her that he would spend the night with the new bride.