Hand Of Doom - Black Sabbath


HIM - Hand Of Doom (Black Sabbath cover) 2002, Turku, Finland

Storybrooke Singles (or: Emma Swan Decides Not To Die Alone After A Humiliating Snapchat Incident), Chapter 1
By Organization for Transformative Works

“To commemorate this achievement and prove just how good at this I am, Storybrooke Singles has decided to take on a charity case.” Zelena claps her hands together. “Someone forever doomed to be alone if not for me.”

Emma says under her breath to Regina, “Which desperate sucker did she get for that?” Regina shrugs, tearing off another piece of Emma’s bear claw.

Zelena raises her voice. “And now, give it up for the sad, pathetic lonely woman whose life I’m going to change forever…” Her smile widens. “Emma Swan!”

Regina chokes on her bear claw.