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1. Write your name in song titles.

Killpop - Slipknot
Apocolypse - Septicflesh
You Don’t Scare Me - Josh Pyke
Lateralus - TOOL
At The Left Hand Ov God - Behemoth
Hand of Doom - Black Sabbath

2. Why did you chose your url?

I saw an Iron Maiden book that my dad’s ex owned, and I thought metal maiden was pretty sick, but it was already taken.

3.What is your middle name?


4. If you could be a fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?


5. Favourite color?


6. Favourite song?

Lateralus by TOOL, Nutshell by Alice in Chains or For He That Wavereth… By The Ocean Collective, Maybe Prometheus by Sepiticflesh, I don’t know anymore.

7. Top 4 fandoms?

Are there food and sleep fandoms?

8. Why do you enjoy Tumblr?

Music and the people.

9. Tag 9 people.

gasmaskbunny the-secret-ginger transilvanian-hvnger I think, are the only other people I can tag


Top: Ivy playing @924 Gilman

Circa 1989

Mid: Flyer from a show at The Electric Banana in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 

Circa April 1988

Operation Ivy —- Hand of Doom

Bottom: Tim Armstrong and his Seville Strat-copy playing at a show in Berkeley

Circa 1988