Hand Of Doom - Black Sabbath

DM to party: So, about fifty feet in front of you is a little shack.

Alchemist: Is it a love shack?!

DM: It’s a delapidated shack…

Paladin: Hey! It could be both.

Barbarian: Hardly. Any meaningful thrusting would bring it down.

—  A recent session of Red Hand of Doom in Pathfinder
And now I wish to God thatThe earth would turn coldAnd my heart would forget it's made of glass


(Pssst…there are captions) Lots of Galra!Keith, since i’m not TOTALLY on board with the theory, but it is fun to imagine :’) There’s so much angst surrounding it, when really all I want is for the Keith to only grow closer to his team mates once the secret gets out, y’know? Also I like the idea that Glarans just kinda act like cats lol (some of Keith’s behaviors here are very much based off my own cat Olliver, oops) The last one is a younger Galran Keith :( Poor boy…

Also the scenes with Shiro are very much inspired/based off this lovely fic my friend Raberba wrote recently! Go read it, it’s so good <3 She may be the reason I finally cracked and drew some Galra!Keith in the first place X’’’D

These are all intended to be purely platonic; please respect the artist’s wishes and do not tag with any romantic ships! Thank you!