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DM of a 3.5 Red Hand of Doom Session

A bit of backstory. So the hook for this module was when the cleric of the party, a Half-Orc cleric of Hextor, the Lawful Evil god of tyranny, got a vision from his god to eliminate the followers of Tiamat. No competition and all that. Now the cleric is evil, but more lawful in behavior so the mostly good group tolerates him. Recently, we picked up a gnome ranger who is currently the only female in the party.

Very first night, when asked if the party would like to share rooms in the tavern they were saying in, she offered to split the price with him. He agreed since he couldn’t get his armor off by himself anyway and, being the honorable guy he is, let her have the single bed in the room.

Now a few days later, the party is storming an old keep and fought some Goblin Worg riders until they surrendered. Now, this cleric likes to take prisoners for interrogation, so we went through this little gem of a dialogue.

Cleric: “So that is all you can tell me about the forces in this keep? Nothing left out?”

He clutches his flail menacingly.

GWR: “Yes. That’s all. Now no kill me please?”

Cleric: “You gave me what I wanted, but my god demands satisfaction.”

DM: “So this goblin begins to panic and then suddenly gets still. Looking you in the eye, the goblin undressed and you see she’s a female goblin.”

GWR: “You green. Me green. Maybe we do bump-bump and I go home?”

The cleric was about to respond when we heard the *bloop* of the Roll20 indicating someone had made a roll.

We looked down and saw the, “*Ranger* releases 3 arrows one after the other at her hapless target!” notification. All 3 hit, 2 crit. Gnome Favored Enemy (Goblin) racial substitution had each shot deal more than 16 damage. Thing was dead about double its original hit points. The ranger had only one word to say.

Ranger: “Mine.”


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