Today I made these super cute morse code bracelets! I’m going to be selling custom ones.

  • The base price is $3.
  • You can request any name, word, or phrase. I take special requests!
  • It can be any color or style. 
  • Beaded ones are +$1.
  • I can also make it with a clasp instead, +$1. 
  • I use cotton cord but I could also use glitter or satin (they are more durable) +$1.
  • If you order more than one, you'll receive a discount and a gift.
  • Shipping within the US is $2. International varies. Ask me.
  • Every order will come with the packaging shown in the second image, customized and handmade by me. It will be in plastic too! 
  • Good for yourself or as a gift. 

Thanks for looking! 

I’m SO excited to announce that I’m going to be a part of the Omnibus Treasury at the Light Grey Art Lab in Minneapolis! There are some really talented artists that are a part of this show, you can check out the full list of artists on their website.

The reception is May 30th, if any of you live close enough to swing by. The pieces will be on sale at the Light Grey Art Lab Shop online, and you can buy them as a set or as individual pieces. 


Hey guys! So one of my best friends approached me about her sister who has started making all kinds of jewelry and art by hand and selling them. I’d really love to get the word out for her because she’s super sweet and really talented!

The top three pictures are pieces she sent me to look at and I can’t wait to throw them on this summer. The bottom six are from her Instagram, and are both my favorites (I’d kill for those earrings, if only my ears weren’t gauged sometimes!) and some I think you guys would enjoy. :)

She sells everything from necklaces to earrings to dreamcatchers to art, and tons more is always added. And most of her pieces are under $15.00! It’s obvious the amount of work, time, and love she puts into each piece. 

It would mean so much to me if you guys could show her some love! Check out her work or give her some words of encouragement. :) And tell her Tarah sent you!

Her Facebook page: Carmine Vunak Creations
Her etsy store: CarmineVeeCreations
Her Instagram: CarmineVee Creations

This brand new week couldn’t have begun any better! Breakfast was chocolate vanilla and @organicburst baobab oatmeal topped with banana, a little pecan heart and chocolate sauce aka best combo ever. Also, @faywithlove sent me three of their lovely and meaningful bracelets, hand made with lots of love! They are absolutely adorable and I recommend you to check out this splendid company, you won’t regret it 💛🌸

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