It’s his first birthday with Dex, but it’s also his first Valentine’s Day with Dex, and he’s not really sure what the protocol is when you’ve been in love with someone for a year but only actually dating them for a month or two.

He stares at the little gift he’d made up – a new coffee mug, some Kit-Kats, a jumbo bag of Skittles, and a bouquet of flowers. Is it too much? Is it not enough? Is it cheesy? Is it weird?

In the end, he doesn’t have time to overthink it too much, because Dex is knocking on the door and Nursey has to go let him in. Dex has two bags in his hand, one red and one blue.

“Red is for Valentine’s Day, blue is for your birthday,” he explains.

Nursey opens the Valentine’s Day gift first – a new coffee mug, some Twix bars, a jumbo bag of M&Ms, and a bouquet of flowers. Nursey’s kissing Dex before he can even get to the blue bag.

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here have my self-insert shit that’s been sitting in my drafts for ages

it’s shit but it’s cute shit take it


It was a nice little shop.

Tucked away in a little corner of the street, it had plants climbing the outside walls and framing the old wooden door. It only had small windows to look through and a little sign to signify that it was actually a shop.
Inside was just as cozy looking as the outside, albeit a little cramped with all the trinkets scattered everywhere. There was a counter at the back, where two employees- or perhaps owners of the shop - were quietly chatting.

The bell above the door rang as it was pushed open, allowing two people inside. One of them was a human, pulling a skeletal monster by his hand deeper into the shop. Both employees at the counter glanced their way, but soon went back to their conversation after offering the two a smile.

“Why are we here, exactly?” The monster asked, shoving his free hand into his jeans pocket. He didn’t really mind his datemate dragging him into the shop, but he still wanted to know why. Said datemate only looked over their shoulder at him and grinned.

“Uh… Happy birthday..?”

“It’s not my birthday”

Their grin turned somewhat sheepish, but they just shrugged and turned to face him, letting go of his hand in the process. "It’s a nice shop, I’ve been here before. Besides, one of my bracelets broke and I want to get some new ones” To prove their point, they lifted up their arm to show him their wrist. Usually, they would have all sorts of bracelets and hairbands on both wrists, but he noticed that one of the ones they wore every day was missing.

Glancing around quickly, he spotted a small stand with an assortment of different bracelets on it, and gestured towards it with a nod of his head. “Take your pick, then” They wasted no time in bounding over to the stand and leaning over to look through the accessories.
While they were doing that, he decided that he might as well look around the shop while they were both there. There were all sorts of things available: arts and crafts supplies, hand made bracelets and necklaces, notebooks and art pads, even some food in one corner of the shop. The chocolate bars that were stacked up were tempting, but he decided against buying any.

It wasn’t long before they had picked out a packet of bracelets that they liked. Black leather - probably fake, but looked nice either way - and brown and white cords that were tied together. They hadn’t brought that much money with them, but they had enough for the one pack.

They were about to head up to the counter to pay when they caught sight of their boyfriend flipping through the pages of a notebook that he had found. He closed it and ran his fingers over the cover, then switched it to his other hand to feel along the back as well. They could tell by the look on his face that he quite liked it - perhaps because he needed a new notebook anyways, his other ones were completely full as far as they knew. Pursing their lips, they glanced down at the bracelets they were holding, then back up again. Assuming that the notebook was £5 or under, they would only be able to buy either that or their bracelets.
While they were trying to decide what to do, he had put the notebook back down and had continued to look at the other things lined up on the shelves, until he noticed them stood staring down at the bracelets they held.

“Decided on which ones you want yet?” His voice seemed to make them jump, as they jerked their head up abruptly to look at him. They opened and closed their mouth a few times, but no words came out. He was used to them doing that from time to time, though, and knew to wait while they tried to vocalise what they were thinking.

“Uh… No, not yet..” They managed to reply after a moment, shrugging lightly.
He looked down at the ones that were in their hand, then gave a small nod. Personally, he thought those ones would be fine, but that wasn’t for him to decide.
They went back to where the bracelets were kept, and although they kept the ones they had in their hand, they leaned over to continue looking. Soon after, he went back to browsing through the different items as well.

‘To be a nice person and get the notebook, or be a selfish person and get the bracelets..’ They were still mentally debating with themselves over which to get. Really, anyone would’ve most likely thought that they should be a good datemate and get him the notebook - and they wanted to, but.. They were still a naturally selfish person, as much as they hated it. 'This really shouldn’t be such a difficult decision.’

Muttering inaudible words to themselves, they put the bracelets back and looked over to see where he was. He wasn’t near where the notebook was, so if they were quick they would be able to grab it.
Once he was turned away from them, looking at some of the necklaces that were hung up, they snuck over and picked up the notebook he had previously been looking at before turning away again and going back over to the bracelets. They had to admit, it was a very nice notebook. And, thankfully, they had enough money for it.

Taking one last glance over their shoulder at him to make sure he wasn’t looking, they then walked briskly over to the counter where the two employees still stood. Their conversation had stopped a few minutes ago, and one was sorting out some bags when they approached.

Quickly paying for the notebook, they gave the two an awkward smile before hurrying back over to where their boyfriend stood, holding the notebook behind their back. He soon noticed their presence, and turned slightly to look at them.

“Need some help putting them on?” He must’ve heard the cash register open and close when they payed.
“Putting what on?” They answered innocently, blinking up at him with a small smile.
“.. The bracelets” He murmured, bonebrows furrowing in suspicion.
“What bracelets?” Nyx’s smile shifted into a cheeky grin at his growing confusion, and they pulled the notebook out from behind their back when he didn’t reply.

G looked down at it as they held it out to him, unresponsive other than a light golden colour that had dusted over his cheekbones. After a few seconds, he chuckled quietly and took the notebook in one hand, while the other reached into his pocket. Taking out the same amount of money that the notebook had costed, he held it out to them with a light shake of his skull.

“Go buy yourself those bracelets, dear”


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Selling hand-made bracelets!

Hey, guys! This is Nyx, the pan/ace girl, back once more. Because of the whole “don’t even have money to eat and have no income” thing, I’m now offering to make bracelets for money to try and buy food or anything else I’ll need. I’d like to get out of this situation, too, but food is currently the main issue.

So because of that, I’m now offering to sell hand-made yarn bracelets and ropes to people.

(Sorry for the bad image quality; I don’t own a camera. I also don’t own any kind of measuring tape or ruler, so the comparison to a 3DS case is the best I can do.)

The prices don’t include shipping, so the actual cost will be determined once you order. Sorry, but these are already really cheap; I can’t also foot the shipping bill or I’d be paying more to get your craft to you than you paid me to make it in the first place.

CHAIN: 30$

These are the three yarn colors I have available; if you’d like a different color, payment needs to be up-front (so I can buy the yarn) and will be higher. The rainbow yarn I can’t really control the color of without totally tearing the yarn apart, but it will always be at least two colors. The cream yarn is about twice as thick as the other two, for reference.

If you’re interested in ordering, drop me an ask or a message. All orders are custom, meaning I don’t make the bracelet until you order it, and if you want some extra additions (like beads or a charm), you can order those for an additional cost. How much depends entirely on how expensive what you want to add is.

If you’re not interested, please reblog anyway! I really would appreciate help spreading the word!


“I made this for you.” Toni handed Ella the bracelet made of the same alloy she used for the suits, “If you press your thumb to it it will call to me. Kinda like a distress beacon… it’s also pretty too though.” She smirked, hoping the other would appreciate the gift.

anonymous asked:

Can you please do headcanons for 4-5 year olds jikook where they're each others best friend and always snuggling and cuddling with e/o in their super adorable onesies and their parents just sigh lovingly and snap a bunch of pics! (10 years later they still do the same thing but with the title husbands) thank you :))

//The kids met because Jimin and his family moved to the same apartment building Jungkook lives. 

//Jungkook is usually a shy kid and doesn’t have much friend so he has fun playing with his iron man figurines at the apartment building’s patio while his mom chit-chatts with the other ladies and that’s how Jungkook’s mom and Jimin’s mom meet and become fast friends.

//Since Jimin is new in the neighborhood and kinda shy too he doesn’t have much friends yet. He spots Jungkook one day at the patio having fun on his own with his iron man figurines and decides to approach him because he has Captain America’s figurine and he knows they are friends (his dad told him so) so he thinks he and Jungkook could too.

//They love playing together. They make up the most adventurous stories and both Cap and Iron man save the world every time. Meanwhile their mother just sit there with a cup of tea smiling at their sons.

//Jimin has a lot of action figurines and is always sharing them with Jungkook. He teaches little Jungkook that sharing is caring, so even if Jungkook is very protective of his things and toys he learns that it’s good to share, especially when he gets in exchange a wide smile from Jimin.

//After they play around one afternoon, Jungkook asks if Jimin can come home to watch the Avengers cartoons with him and both their parents agree. The kids snuggle closer to each other, scream to the TV when the bad guys show up and give encouraging yells to their heroes.

//After that they take times taking the kids to each of their houses to play a bit more so the dads can have alone time and dates too. That’s how their weekly sleepovers are born.

//Christmas and Birthdays are spent together. The two families grow closer as the kids grow. Jungkook gives Jimin a pretty drawing because ‘Jiminnie-hyung complimented them so much, it was just nice of Jungkook to give him one and make him happy’ and Jimin gives Jungkook a hand-made bracelet with his initials.

// When they learn to write they write each other letters to practice and hide them under each other’s pillows when they go visit. They stop once they get older and have their first phones but they both treasure the letters                       Jimin always laughs because Jungkook used to make so many mistakes when writing, it was cute, hard to understand but cute and they were filled with cute doodles (probably from when he got distracted or tired from writing).

//Their teen years are pretty much the same. They still have sleepovers that tend to last a whole weekend playing video games, watching anime, trying to do homework…. They are inseparable and don’t need anyone else

// It’s the time also they discover love. It’s that age in which they start to get curious about dating that’s why when Jimin gets asked out by some senior he says yes. It breaks Jungkook a bit, though he doesn’t really understand why, but Jimin looks excited so he does his best to put up with it and smile.

//Jimin enjoys the date, but there is something missing. The guy is nice and gentle, they have fun, but he doesn’t enjoy the moment as he should. Jimin realizes, quite shockingly, he would enjoy it more with Jungkook. He goes out with the other guy some other time but he has to say no in the end because he knows it’s Jungkook who truly makes his heart happy.

//It’s so obvious for everyone except for them how much they have it for each other. Even their moms try to set them up, but the boys are so used at cuddling and spending time together as ‘friends’ that nothing changes.

//Jungkook asks Jimin to be his date for prom.
“As friends, of course…”
Jimin agrees, because even if it’s as friends he knows it’s going to be a perfect night. And it is; they have lots of fun and dance and laugh and it’s just all so perfect.  They have a sleepover at Jimin’s house since his parents are out of town for the weekend. None of them say anything when their fingers interlock under the blankets, and they fall asleep on each others arms.

//Jimin is about to leave for uni. It’s his last year of high school and he will have to move to town and Jungkook kinda freaks out because they aren’t going to see each other until holidays, probably. He doesn’t want to say anything about his feelings, afraid to ruin everything, but at the same time Jimin is going away, he’s going to meet new people and what if he meets that someone special, what if Jimin forgets about him.

//Going through his old things, Jungkook finds the bunch of letters Jimin wrote for him when they were little kids and this is how an idea pops into his head. He grabs paper and a pen and writes a beautiful letter explaining to his best friend how he makes his heart flutter every time he smiles, how Jimin’s touch ignites fire all throughout his body. He writes it all out before hiding the letter under Jimin’s pillow when he goes to his house that afternoon.

//Jimin finds it that night and maybe spends five minutes freaking out, five more crying and two squealing out loud like an idiot. He runs out of his house, despite his parent’s curious questions and bangs like a savage Jungkook’s apartment door. It’s his mom who opens the door and Jimin runs past her with a rushed “ Good night i have to see him” and throws himself into a sprawled Jungkook a top of the bed.

//Jungkook is surprised by that, not only Jimin came unannounced but the older one is mumbling incoherences on his neck while hugging him tightly. It’s five minutes later, when Jimin has finally calmed down that Jungkook notices the letter on his hands and becomes instantly shy and refuses to look at Jimin at the eyes.
“Why are you so shy now, silly?”
“I don’t know, this is weird hyung…”
“I love you too, idiot.” 
Their first kiss is under the watchful eyes of the only one Iron Man.

// They talk through skype/FaceTime when Jimin leaves for uni, almost everyday. Jungkook is still worried Jimin may meet someone else better than Jungkook but he trusts his hyung -his boyfriend- and waits for him to come back for holidays.

//When Jimin gets back for christmas he gets the shock of his life. Jungkook is now way taller than him, not to mention pretty much muscular. Not that he didn’t find Jungkook attractive before but now the kid exudes confidence through every pore of his body and Jimin might just be drooling now. They share a cute kiss under the mistletoe wearing the couple sweaters Jungkook’s mom knit for them.

//Sweaters they put on every year they go home for christmas since Jungkook left for uni too. They share a little apartment near campus. It’s small, old and they have an ugly neighbor but they have each other, and that’s just perfect. 

//Jimin proposes to Jungkook a year later of finishing uni. He writes a beautiful letter that he leaves atop his pillow one morning. Jungkook wakes up to an empty bed but the smell of pancakes and his eyes find the letter instantly. He comes out the room running to find Jimin waiting for him at the kitchen with the biggest smile ever and open arms ready for the hug Jungkook gives him.
“Yes, yes, hyung, Yes!”

Big shoutout to @diezcuatrofiction for helping me out with this one. Trust bae for amazing imagination when it concerns Jikook scenarios/headcanons/stories

The Space Between Us, a Rumbelle Fic

Summary: Set in Quiet Minds, during the lost FTL year. Under the control of the Wicked Witch fighting for Rumplestiltskin meant running from him. But Belle has hope and books have never failed her.

Rating: NC-17 (no one saw this coming, I’m sure).

Author’s Note: Fresh-out-of-the-vault Rumple is the hottest Imp!Rumple. Smut was inevitable.

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Hand made Friendship bracelets AU$6 each or 3 for AU$15

Some small, medium or large. I can ship anywhere in the world for postage fee of AU$5 P&P

I can do colours for SCHOOL COLOURS, SPORTS TEAM, HOGWARTS HOUSES, SUPER HERO etc (if colours are available to me)

Message me for more info or if you have any questions or requests