Introducing: Spice Box Candle Co
Hand poured scented candles inspired by Jewish holidays!

I’m really excited—and super nervous—to announce the project I’ve been working on for the past few months: Spice Box Candle Co.!

I’ve always been a little bit jealous of the wealth of scented Christmas candles available for purchase. Last winter, I found myself scouring the internet for candles that evoked the myriad scents of Jewish holidays, but I came up empty handed. Thus, I decided that when I finished grad school, I would take up the task myself. 

My plan is to release sets of 3 new candles for each major Jewish holiday, starting with Chanukah and working my way through the Jewish calendar. I’m starting with some obvious scents, but my hope is that, as I move forward, I’ll be able to create candles that evoke Jewish holiday scents from minhags all around the world. 

The link to my Etsy shop is here: 


The scents you can currently buy are: 

Gelt Pot
Sour Cream & Applesauce

Information about the materials used to make the candles, kashrut, and other details can be found there. 

I have a limited number of candles available, but if there’s significant interest, I’ll make more. I’ve tested a candle from each batch I’ve made, and they smell great and burn very well, but these are still early days, so just know that I’m sure there’s room to improve as I become a more seasoned candle maker. 

If people could share this post, I would really appreciate it! And if you want to get your friends and family some fun Chanukah gifts (or treat yourself to something!) definitely consider a Jewish scented candle from Spice Box.

Toda raba!

- blank notebook, preferably with a paper cover (x)
- pages from old/unwanted magazines (thin paper works best)
- clear self adhesive contact
- scissors
- glue stick
- ruler
- pencil

1. Cut out the parts of the magazine that you want on your book cover (areas of plain colour like sky, grass, water, fabric etc work well) and any words printed in a large font.

2. Straighten the edges of the magazine pieces and begin to arrange and glue them down onto the book cover with the edges overlapping slightly, making sure that the entire back of each piece is covered in a thin layer glue (otherwise you will end up with air bubbles under the paper).

3. Once the book is totally covered, cut up the words and find the letters you need to make whatever title you want. Make sure you are happy with the way the title fits on the cover, and then glue it down carefully.

4. Allow the book to dry completely and carefully trim away any excess paper from the edges before covering it in clear contact to seal the collage in and protect it from damage.

You can also use newspaper, copy paper, old drawings, origami paper, pages from old books, paper bags, wrapping paper, decorative tape and even fabric, basically anything as long as it is thin, relatively smooth and will bond easily with glue stick.