Just make

Contribute. Create. Doesn’t matter what.
We can only be made better by another joke another song another another pain shared and lessened by its distribution.
Connect and share. Your thoughts and ideas and emotions and opinions are all valid and worth placing into the world.


You guys may remember the work I mentioned I was doing for a big company around Christmas/New Year. (No prizes for guessing what it was for!)

Unfortunately my designs were not approved for use but I wanted to share with you all the work I had done (with permission of course!)

The Link pillow was the most time-consuming. Consisting of around 12-13 hours applique work, it was starting to turn me slightly insane! It was a great pillow to practise new techniques though, such as my free-motion quilting and layering. Shading with thread isn’t an easy task!

This was a very fun project and I’ve been told my work catches the eyes of people in its current location. It’s nice to be able to bring a smile and awe to someone’s face :)

Happy Majora’s Mask Day!


I make my own jewels with dichroic glass combined with stained glass.The glass will change many colors depending whether it is back lit or front lit and the angle it is viewed from. I do not melt the glass so it retains all it’s optical properties and looks good from both sides. This pendant comes with a 18” Stainless Steel Hammered Curb Chain. The chain is beautiful, strong, hypo allergenic, and will not tarnish.    Etsy     Square


Hybrid Corns | Artist: ©Machiko Munakata

A selection of the beautiful hybrid corn cobs, part of the artistic “Hybrid Corn Project” of Machiko Munakata. All of them made from felt, thread, polyfil; hand sewn, except for the veins on the husk. 

1. Groovy Tie Dye Corn

2. Watermelon Corn

3. Race Car Corn

4. Cherry Blossom Corn

5. Candy Corn

6. Holstein Cow Corn