Hello!  I don’t know if my followers were aware but I make hand-made lotions!  They are all Greek Goddess themed and are paraben free.  I sell them on my Etsy shop if you are interested!  You can use the coupon code TUMBLR15 to get 15% off of your purchase!  You can see what I currently have in stock here. 

I have more scents available such as Coconut Vanilla, Ylang Ylang, Mango, and Pomegranate.  However, they are not available for sale just yet.  I’m hoping to clear out some of the older stock first! 

Treated myself to some great products from Lush today! My new shower gel Don’t Rain on My Parade, Sikkim Girls solid perfume, a sample of Love and Light hand lotion, and a charity lotion that is dedicated to raising public awareness for the conversation of ocean life. All awesome things! Thanks @my-medusa-in-chains for your help and recommendations–can’t wait to use them all up! :)

Winter Means Dry Skin and Dry Hands

Winter is coming.

At least here in the Northern hemisphere. It’s getting colder every day and that usually means dry skin. And dry hands. 

I was out and about today and did fairly well with not picking. Except I noticed that I had some dry skin around my thumbnail and was picking at it while I was sitting in a cafe working. It was very distracting. I kept trying to pick it out. I wish I had some lotion to rub on my hands.

But at least I did manage to break out of my trance enough to grab a fidget toy. Break the chain. Break out of the trance. Gotta remember to tell yourself that.

So my recommendation for today is take care of your dry skin this season. Get a tiny bottle of hand lotion at your local drugstore. I  saw one for 99 cents. Or maybe it was $1.29. Either way, it was cheap. And it was small. I bought two, one for home and one for my backpack. Get three in case you lose track of one. I know I do.

Throw the lotion into your purse, or backpack. Keep it handy. Remember to use it, that’s important. Don’t wait until you feel like picking, it’s too late. Lotion is preventive. Use it before you think you need it. 

I recommend putting on lotion a) before you go to bed for extra healing while you sleep and b) before you leave the house. That way your skin is slick and soft and you won’t feel like picking your hands, cuticles or nails. If you’re a nail biter or cuticle biter, you won’t want to bite your nails with that gross lotion on all over your hands.

In short, lotion. Buy lots of it. Keep it handy. Use it multiple times a day.

It’s self care!


It’s spring, which means it’s my birthday soon, and obvi that means buying bee-themed presents for myself, like this Bee Happy Wrapped Gift from LUSH Cosmetics. It comes wrapped in a super cute bee print furoshiki, and inside the environmentally friendly wrapping are three honey-based items.

It’s Raining Men Shower Gel (60mL) a small bottle of Lush’s toffee-fudge shower gel.

Helping Hands Hand Lotion (8g) which is a cute, pale pink, and pretty much instantly soothed my dry hands after washing a bunch of dishes.

Honey Bee Bath Bomb, which you already know I love!

All in all, this is a super cute gift!