The first half of my week. (Quote from Alice in Wonderland)


My very first bullet journal spread! o(^▽^)o

I actually decided to start a bujo because I wanted to keep a list of “things to accomplish” daily so that I could (maybe) be more productive (⌒-⌒; ) I also really enjoyed the doodling factor and how creative the user could be with his/her bujo!

This week, I stumbled upon the beautiful music from Oh Wonder, so there are a few quotes here and there from their songs. The cover is also a lyric from “Livewire” by them.

Please also pardon my little mistakes like the smudges and it should be till the 20th as well hahaha.

Here’s to (hopefully) sticking to this planner and more imaginative days ahead x


21-27 August 2016 // bullet journal spread 2!

this week i went with darker tones and sort of a galaxy-space vibe! I didn’t want things to be too dull though so I printed a photo of my miniature schnauzer and stuck it on my bujo (which imo is q cute hehe) and made me really really happy (*^^*)

also, i’m immensely thankful for those who liked my first bujo spread + reblogged/liked it! i am a huge tumblr noob though so i’m still trying to figure out how to reply people to show my appreciation ^^; drop me a message if you’re willing to be my friend and teach me the ways of tumblr aaa