@midwestmumblings asked for golden girls, so here is the first (well, second to the handmaid’s tale, i guess lol) post in my series of hand lettered (using the procreate app) tv show quotes!

if you like, please feel free to reblog or share (with credit kindly, please & thank you)!

more soon!


old spread but i keep forgetting to post on tumblr lol!! i hope you all are doing well and good luck to those who are in their exam periods, remember ur grades don’t define u as a person!!! i know it’s super hard to believe but it’s honestly so true

materials for this spread!!!

- notebook is moleskine large squared

- tombow dual brush pen 192

- muji gel pen 0.5mm

- pigma micron pen 1.0mm

- mt washi tape

This design is now available on my Redbubble store! There are prints, stickers, shirts, tote bags, phone cases and a whole bunch of other stuff.

EDIT: Redbubble has proven to be a really fucking shitty company so I’ve decided to make these as stickers and prints myself, selling them on my Etsy store. They’ll be much cheaper, so stay tuned.


I can’t wait to put these in my ig @ 2journal ! ⭐️ how you guys been! Hope your having a good and productive weekend. GOOD NEWS I found a pack of 64 markers they are CRA-Z-ART! I’m crazy excited 😂