Shiro will punch a ghost in the face, he doesn’t give a [kid-friendly space expletive].

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Newt Kissing headcanons

I cannot thank you enough that you sent this request thank you i really wanted to write these.

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  • Knuckle kisses.
    • Possibly one of the more chaste sort of kiss. Could be used at anytime. Preferably, he’s grown to use it when he sees you for the first time during the day as your affectionate form of greeting one another. Probably started off as a kiss to the back of your hand, but formed itself into kissing of the knuckles. 
    • His lips linger on your knuckles as his fingers lightly cup yours. He doesn’t want to let go now.
      • You kissing his knuckles when the two of you are cuddling, and your hands are entwined. With a small smile, you lift his hand and press a warm kiss to his knuckles.
      • Also kissing his knuckles very tenderly when he’s about to take off for another tireless journey to finish his book. The ship is about to leave, you had already kissed once, and now, your hands are cupping his. With a solemn look, you gaze up at him, peppering a few kisses onto his knuckles, “I’m going to miss you.”
  • Very similar to knuckle kisses are fingertip kisses!
    • Something that’s used more in the privacy of his case, when it’s only the two of you. 
      • Newt actually finds it to be rather erotic, but he wouldn’t admit that out-loud, goodness.
    • Newt goes in, tucks a bit of your hair behind your ear, and before he can pull his hand away completely, you kiss his fingertips very lightly.
      • His reaction varies. Usually he blushes, puts his hands in his lap and shuffles beside you while his heart races. He loves it when you do that.
    • If he’s feeling daring (which is rare, but occasionally, it happens and it makes you smile when it does), he’ll mindlessly pick up your hand and begin to pepper kisses onto each individual finger. Typically, when it’s late, and you’re already half asleep. He sort of uses it as a ‘goodnight’ calling.
  • Butterfly kisses.
    • Something very affectionate. And, it’s usually you the one giving him this sort of kiss. 
    • Cupping both of his cheeks in your hand, you run your hands down before pulling him down. As usual, he expects an actual kiss but finds it to be a great surprise when he feels your eyelashes brush against the skin of his right cheek.
      Swallowing quietly, he returns the favor and brushes his eyelashes against yours lovingly and embraces you completely, as that’s what you want when you give him this sort of kiss.
  • Lots and lots of Eskimo kisses.
    • He likes to come up behind you, pretending to scare you before rubbing his nose against yours.
      • This makes you really laugh as you tip your head into the crook of your neck.
    • Another time these are usually given is during cuddles, when you’re both facing each other, your legs tangled together under the blankets to keep each other warm. He leans his head in, pressing it against yours as if ready for an actual kiss. You tease though, and reply with your nose against his gently.
      • Eskimo kisses usually end with a adorable kiss to the cheek, sometimes a kiss on the lips.
  • Newt loves forehead kisses.
    • Like, it’s more likely the height difference between the two of you, but he loves the sensation of pressing a hot kiss to your forehead before digging his face into your hair.
      • He finds this to be a stress reliever after a long day.
        • He could probably nuzzle his face into your hair for hours on end if he had that sort of time.
        • They’re so simple, but depending on the way and situation you give them, they can be the most affectionate thing possible. Newt really likes that flexibility.
      • Has a thing called the “I’M SO PROUD OF YOU” forehead kiss and gives them to you when he’s well, too excited to express his pride properly and he pulls you close for a wet, big forehead kiss with his goofy grin accompanying it.
  • Goodbye Kisses.
    • The name you’ve given to the embrace he gives you before taking off on a journey. 
      • He tucks back some of your hair, hesitant at first before resting both hands on your shoulders and pulling you towards him. No reserve needed in a moment like this, he either lifts you off the ground of bends down to be at your level(and more often than not, it’s him lifting you) to press a gentle kiss to your lips. 
        Newt lets his mouth linger on yours, momentarily breaking away to whisper how much he loved you and how much he was going to miss you before making complete lip contact once again because he was unsure of when he was going to be able to do this again.
      • Always followed by a knuckle kiss given by you.
        • Even the kisses he gives you before he leaves for only the day are the some of the most breathless things you’ve encountered. The gentleness and absolute care he puts behind every peck is amazing, and make you fall in love even more.
  • Cheek kisses!
    • Imagine sitting with your back facing him. Of course, it would be easy to come up behind you and scare you playfully, but he takes another route. Bending down onto his hands and knees, he crawls towards you. You, of course, can hear him moving and before you know it, his head is resting on your shoulder as he looks down at what you’re working on. 
      You smile gently, looking at him before kissing his cheek, which he happily returns as you begin to explain what you were working on.
      • If we’re being honest, he really likes cheek kisses as well. He loves receiving them though, because when you kiss his cheek, you play around and press your lips all over his face and trace them along his freckles there. 
  • Shoulder kisses.
    • Happens during those late nights while he’s working by a dim light. Newt squints at his own hand writing before tossing his pencil down and growling to himself. Things were just too much sometimes, and he found it hard to cope.
      You can hear him though, and quietly, you sit beside him and press a kiss to his shoulder before asking, “What’s the matter?”
      It always gets him talking about his troubles, and you’re glad it does.
      • He gives you lots of shoulder kisses when you’re sitting in your chair, reading. He’ll come up, look at what you’re reading, kissing your shoulder before walking off to continue what he was doing.
        • Occasionally, he’ll drop what he’s doing and snuggle with you, and will pepper kisses onto your shoulders.
  • Scarf kisses.
    • (This was too cute I couldn’t help myself). Imagine Newt wrapping his old Hufflepuff scarf around the two of you. You’re so close to one another, you could almost count the freckles that were lining his cheeks and nose perfectly. There was no doubt in your mind at this moment. Newt was absolutely stunning. 
      His breathing hitches in his throat at the look of affection you’re giving him as he subconsciously leans in. And before his mind could even churn out on more thought, you were kissing. Softly at first, as if he was afraid that his lack of experience was going to make a difference, and then harder when he threw slight caution to the wind and gained a bit of self-confidence.
      • He’s gotta be careful though because you’ve ‘accidentally’ taken his scarf a few times.
  • (how could I get through this without) On-the-lip kisses.
    • The extreme p l e a s u r e. Something Newt is gaining more confidence and experience with.
    • He really likes the whole cliche of cupping your cheeks before kissing you, but has been known to wrap his entire arms around you and pull you against him for a kiss if he’s eager enough.
    • Gives you a lot of pecks on the mouth. Pecks between long kisses. 
      • Likes to linger his lips on yours. Especially, after a heavy and deep kiss and when he’s not ready to pull away from your love quite yet. He traces your skin under his fingertips, keep his face near yours as he ghosts his lips against yours.
    • Enjoys slow kisses a lot. The affection and tenderness that goes into such a kiss makes his heart soar. Newt loves to feel your mouth moving against his, he loves to feel your heart-beating against his as he keeps you close to him, he likes to hear the small moan of appreciation you give when he moves his lips against yours perfectly. 
      • Passionate kisses. The kind where he puts literally all of his emotions into his actions. Has lead to quite heated make-out sessions that were started as cuddle sessions. Usually, with you on your back, and him hovering about you. The two of you are panting, he’s staring at you with dilated eyes, unaware that he had this sort of ability in him before uttering, “I’m quite sorry, I do-don’t know what got into me…”

Oh my gosh, this is only part one! geez! If you’d like a part two, let me know! Otherwise, enjoy these! Reblogs and likes are appreciated!
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our hearts were made of stronger stuff than this. am i crying because it is the only thing left or because even the earth needs rain. our hands were formed to create. explain this to me while you’re sipping your coffee. explain to me the hole in the wall where you punched through your mother’s divorce. the hole in yourself you ripped, strings you tied off. you don’t believe in love and that’s okay. maybe love doesn’t believe in you. at eighteen you knew how to sew yourself into bed at night and rip yourself out of it in the mornings. tell me about the tiny destruction. about how your heart aches for things beyond the ocean. about how you’ve always wanted out but you’ve since lowered your goals to just surviving. about how the walls of your home are teeth. you were made to love so much it would wake up the sun. you fill that empty with numb. your hands shake. tell me over coffee we were made to create; tell me over the phone you’re destroying yourself anyway. we were supposed to be better but we forgot the equation somewhere in our childhood fish graves. i tell you that you can stand up and run. you tell me you’ve given up. 

what makes death a lover? oh, when he’s won.


kagehina as b-boys (for hq 69min on twitter) | (dance AU)

Nothing could have prepared me for the fire in his eyes once I was able to meet his gaze again. He stared at me, his dark eyes scanning my face so fast that I started feeling dizzy after a few seconds of trying to keep up with it. I could feel his body going tense against mine, his hand forming a fist while cold fear was rushing through my veins.
I knew that I should not have blurted those words out like that, without thinking of the consequences they would have once they were out in the open.
But I simply had not been able to keep them in any longer, when they were all I had been thinking of at night since that day in September when I had heard his voice for the first time, filling the air with bitter sweet sounds and the laugh of a fallen angel.
And even now, when he could not hide the desperation any longer, when he realized that we were both fucked, simply watching the way his eyes both absorbed and reflected the sunlight at the same time, knocked the oxygen out of my lungs. It was impossible for me to imagine that anyone could feel what I felt at that very moment, when love and pain, panic and hope were filling my mind with blankness.
And I wondered wether he had ever felt the way I did right now or if I simply misinterpreted his lullabies and thoughts.
“It has been a while”, he eventually whispered, his voice smooth and careful, making harsh contrast with the flames that were still lighting up his eyes.
“I know.”
“Okay”, it was just a word, just one word, that rolled of his tongue almost effortlessly while my heartbeat picked up speed and I had trouble breathing, the fear of rejection still controlling my insides.
And then he did not say another word, he just looked at me, the way he did when we had met for the first time and my heart stopped.
—  // ‘What’s your dream?’
excerpt from a story I will never write

“…But, I still don’t get it,” Sherlock says, and John swallows back a laugh at hearing those words come out of his mouth. “What is the point of calling it ‘Boxing Day?’” Sherlock twirls his hands to form dramatic speech marks. “Do people throw boxes at each other? Sleep in cardboard boxes for the night? Whip out their boxing gloves- what?!”

John shakes his head and snorts. “For the last time, Sherlock, I don’t know. My mum always called it ‘Leftovers Day.’”

Sherlock pouts. “We don’t have any leftovers because of you.”

John pretends to look scandalised. “Excuse me, you and Mrs H were bloody piranhas with those roast potatoes.”

“I haven’t the faintest idea what you mean, my love.”

John’s heart skips a little. Just hearing endearments like that, even if half in jest, means the world.

He reaches across the couch and kisses Sherlock on the mouth, then gives his nose a tiny peck. “I’ll forgive the potato hogging if we watch It’s A Wonderful Life,” he says in his best wheedling tone.

Sherlock rolls his eyes. But, he’s still smiling of course, and John already knows he’s won. “John, it’s not Christmas anymore, it’s Boxing Day.”

“New rule.” John stands to fetch the DVD. “All Christmas films are permitted watching material until we ring in the New Year.”

“If you insist.”

The film is put on, and the eating of any existent or non existent leftovers is temporarily forgotten. Sherlock silently tears up at “George Bailey, I’ll love you until the day I die,” and John pulls him close for a long, soft kiss.

When they break apart, Sherlock lays his head on John’s chest and stretches out. John strokes his hair and Sherlock’s eyelids droop and droop and droop until he slips into sleep.

And John knows this is what Boxing Day is about, as the film continues, and Sherlock sleeps on: these slow, gentle moments.


Lance and Shiro one day playing laser guns in the lounge and Keith is just on the couch reading when he notices it gets quit so he looks up expecting to see mayhem about to happen and instead right in front of him are Shiro and Lance crouched down with big bright eyes and goofy smiles their hands formed into guns waiting expectantly for Keith to do something.

Keith gives a soft sigh and makes one hand into a gun and gives the softest little “pow” and Lance and Shiro go crazy running around excited that they got their boyfriend to make a laser noise, and Keith just buries his head into his book to hide his blushing face at those two nerds being excited over that.

I’ve gotta say, canon Danny is one of the most *relatively* well behaved 14 year olds I’ve ever seen. I mean, when I was that age, I distinctly remember most of my peers as children fresh out of middle school, loud, foul-mouthed with something to prove. Certainly, if one of them were suddenly given ghost powers and an alternate identity that theoretically, would not be linked back to their human persona, well.

So consider a dp au where human Danny is an emotionally repressed child with many frustrations (school, family, etc.) that makes the realization that as long as he’s smart about it, no one will ever make the connection between his ghostly alter ego and his human self. And eyyy, ghosts don’t have to listen to parents or worry about being grounded if you say some foul language yeah?

Cue Danny Phantom, the most foul mouthed entity the Ghost Zone has ever seen. The poor newscasters can’t even get a proper recording, at least one fit to air, without bleeping out every other word out of this foul mouthed phantom.

Danny has never felt more free or relaxed after a good fight and yelling session. Most of what he says are general swears, more for stress relief than to really hurt someone, but.. Ooohh boyy, it’s rare, but when it happens, when someone pushes him over the boiling point, the sheer vitriol he unleashes is rumored to cause actual burns (also consider the discovery/manifestation of the ghostly wail came about as the biggest FUCK YOU Danny has ever yelled).

(And of course, because no DP post of mine is ever complete without at least mentioning the fruitloop, Vlad is absolutely horrified by this child’s behavior. Danny gives no shits.)

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This guy came in yapping on his phone, super loud, and wanted to withdraw 2500, which is no big deal. But I handed him the withdrawal form to fill out, because thats something you have to do unless you're using your own check. He hands it back to me and tells me "I don't fill these out" yes you do, you're going to sign your name and the amount you want out. I usually don't have an issue with filling it out, but since he had to tell me he wasn't doing that, I made him do it. Like dude fuck off.

me: i need my friends to know that i love and care about them so much and how thankful i am that they’re in my life
brain: that will involve honestly communicating your feelings