Gold Formed Cuff, brass S curve armband, artisan wide cuff bracelet

This beautiful smooth brass cuff was created from a free form, curving sketch that I drew on brass sheet.. I used a 24 gauge sheet so this cuff is light weight a very comfortable.

This design can fit most wrists and is adjusted by squeezing lightly around the forearm.

Smaller sizes can wear it wrapped around the arm a little bit more.

Measurement: 2 inches (5cm) at its widest, 6.75 inches (17cm) around


Time for a proper promo post!

So, I basically draw pictures in fused glass and silver wire. Vitreous enameling involves taking colored glass powders and layering them on a metal backing plate, fusing each layer at around 1400℉. Cloisonné is an enamel technique where fine silver wire is fused into the glass to delineate sections of color.

These are 3 of my original illustration enamels. I also do jewelry and accessories.

More examples of my work can be found at:

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I learn languages to remind myself that beauty exists in the world. That there are an infinite number of ideas, abstractions, realities, that can be expressed in an infinite number of ways. To remind myself that even when I feel small, finite, lost, there are doors waiting to opened, people waiting to be met. I challenge myself to enrich my soul with the languages I speak; to shape my brain in completely different ways, to fill my heart with a pleasant weight of so many desires and hopes and emotions. I am the languages I want to learn, no matter how many speakers speak the language, no matter where the language is spoken, where I have an aspiration, I set a destination. And, how silly, the destination is not fluency. No, it is not to be able to speak about whatever whenever. No, it is not to be able to cross the language off of a list. It is to hold the entire process of acquisition in my hands; to form each foreign word with the mouth and the muscles given to me, to write each new word with grace and peace. Words. So arbitrary, so raw. So contextual, yet so free. I learn languages to remind myself that even something so intangible as the spoken word, resonates with the same passion, the same fire, as is within me. 

How I would look in those different universes, I’m so disappointed on the Eldarya one, probably will redo it correctly someday

I know in fic Sherlock always tells John “no sexytime when I’m on a case because you’re too distracting” – but let’s take a moment to consider the opposite.

  • Sherlock flushed with the thrill of a new breakthrough, grabbing John and planting a firm kiss on his lips because he just can’t hold it in.
  • Sherlock sitting too close to John in the cab, their legs pressing together as he talks through a possible theory.
  • Sherlock putting his legs on John’s lap as they pour through case files late at night at the Yard; John rubs Sherlock’s legs and smiles at him.
  • Sherlock reaching for John’s hand, leaning away form a crime scene that hits too close to home.
  • Sherlock curling into John’s embrace as they ride home at the end of a case, his lips brushing John’s neck. “I’m so tired, John.” “I know, love.”

Finally! I have no idea how much time I spent on this but it was a lot. The original is also bigger than this, being 5000 pixels tall (that version is half the size). It took forever to finish. Tegu is based on this picture by wiki user CHUCAO, licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0, and fire salamander is based on this picture by M. Linnenbach, also CC BY-SA 3.0. The rest of the creatures are either totally original works by me, or results of looking at bazillions of reference photos, and coming up with my own images of them.

This painting was inspired by both Endless forms most beautiful by Nightwish (and especially by The greatest show on Earth from that album) and by the works of Dawrin and Dawkins (and by the way the moment I got my hands on the Endless forms most beautiful and heard The greates show on Earth with Dawkins narration, reading the closing paragraph of the On the origin of species, I decided that this album could be better only if it came with chocolate cupcakes attached). I called it, very originally, as I’m sure you’ll agree, Endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful ;)

And those forms are ( I hope I won’t forget anything): Thylacosmilus*, orca, wolf, cicad, velociraptor, Hoya carnosa, Amargasaurus, anemone, Convolvulus, Megaloceros, orb weaver spider, Buthus, ivy, some lichen, dodo, some octopus (I can’t remember what species it was supposed to be), common frog, daisies, some microscopic alga, some sort of jellyfish, Latimeria, fire salamander, raven, moss, slime mold, mushroom, bee, Dimetrodon, Quetzalcoatlus, ball python, fly, sponge, Fucus, carp, mouse, crocodile, earthworm, polypore, Argentinian black and white tegu, shark, Pelagornis, peacock butterfly, Paramecium, Peripatoides indigo, duck mussel, Roman snail, sparrow, parasitic nematode, nudibranch, Staphylococcus aureus, Planaria, Euglena… I think that’s it.

And it’s on redbubble

*I probably should give it massive lips or chin, but I painted it before the chin-cat/jowls-cat thing… will probably redo it at some time.

it’s a normal thursday evening, you open instagram to check out what’s happening, you open fakeliampayne, months have gone by and the “following” tab has always been ‘0’ but this time, there is a '1’ under the “following”, your hands are shaking, sweat forms on your brow and everything around you becomes a blur, tapping the “following” tab, you’re imagining the worst thing but praying that it’s not the thing you’re thinking, you read the name and the heavens open and you can see the light, you hear angels singing and you’re crying and your family is weeping over your still body but you open your eyes and rise, the energy is empowering your entire being and you preach to the crowd,

he has followed zayn

I see a lot of people make theories and point out Peridot’s ‘funny’ little habits and behaviors and they’re all in depth and have extreme explanations for how they manifested but they’re also common autistic traits. Its a little disheartening seeing people completely overlook that all those quirks and weird alien things are autistic things. Lemme just make a list of the things I remember and how they could be interpreted as autistic traits:

1. Repetition of a common phrase/word “clod”. Could be a form of echolalia or just a verbal stim. As well as scripting, “Wow, thanks”

2. The tape recorder. Audio stim. And emotional attachments to objects are common in autistic people

3. The hand/arm shaking when she’s angry is a tactile stim/form of hand flapping.

4. Relationships and things like that an be difficult for autistic people to understand. 

“Hang out? Oh, yeah. That’s a friend thing to do”

5. As well as metaphors. 

“You’re a real gem Peri” “Yes, I am a gem”

“You just have to keep it under 140 characters” “That’s so many people”

“You look like a square” “It’s a rectangle”

6. Doesn’t understand when the truth is offensive and rude. See: Too far and It Could Have Been Great.

7. Routines and rules are not to be broken.

8. Mirroring other people. See: Friend Ship and Barn Mates.

9. A chew stim in Catch and Release when she chewed on her fingers.

and 10. Running on all fours when walking is too difficult. Motor skill issues.

Yeah so… yeah


Do you like Fat Cats? ‘Cause I sure do!

Now you can have Fat Cats in your hands in the form of sticks, phone cases, laptop cases, tote bags, tank top, and more! Each drawn by yours truly. ♥

Fat Cat I  |  Fat Cat II  | Fat Cat III  | Fat Cat IV

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Kuro and Oliver? Are they ur friends?

They’re more like partners in crime~ We all are~

“My Father, in a world of created and changeable things, Christ and his Word remain unshaken.
O You who has the hearts of all men in your hand, form my heart according to your Word, according to the image of your Son,
So shall Christ the Word, and his Word, be my strength and comfort.” (The Valley of Vision)

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"I'm in love with her.I love her," with Peter Pan?💞💞

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He was going to say the words eventually, he just had to come to terms with them first. Peter was always known as the boy with no heart, the villain, the one who cared for power and power alone. But now? That wasn’t the case. It wasn’t until recently when the lost girl, (y/n), began to drift a little away from him since Henry’s little group of rescuers came to the island until he started realizing how much he cared for her. 

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‘Personal - The Waves are Fine!’

Happy Fursuit Friday!

Introducing Kaneohe, my surfer DutchAD!  He’s all finished up, and ready to catch some waves!

Technically I’ve had this guy for quite a while, albeit in partial-partial form!  (Head, hands, kigu.)  He all came together at this past Anthrocon, and is so fun!  I just love his colors.  I can’t wait to someday suit in him…at K-Bay! XD

Kaneohe - Surfer Dutch Angel Dragon Fullsuit - Made by SpaceCatCreations & MangoIsland - Owned & Performed by myself, TwilightSaint
Photography by Starrik

-You can find more of my artwork and Commission Information in my Art Galleries- DeviantArt Weasyl FurAffinity YouTube Twitter FurryNetwork FlightRising FaceBook | Instagram 

Have a great weekend!

So I was going to make a post about my theory that Holtzmann was a child prodigy but it got out of hand became somewhat fully formed with a plot and research and 980 words in three hours which is honestly terrifying but it obviously wants to be a fic so I guess I’m writing a Holtzmann origin story?