one of my favourite things about being a traditional artist/craftsperson is that i have the power in my hands to like, use these skills ive spent years honing to just make fuckin garbage. yknow when you see gorgeous perfected oil paintings of shit like, the last supper but everyone’s eating ramen? that s me. hell yes i’ll spend 10+ hours knitting a scarf for my friend’s chickens. Cross stitch of inside jokes. One of my favourite pieces I’ve ever done was 8 hours of hand-cut paper work that just says “this is fragile”. im an idiot and i use my skills for stupid shit. fuck you

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Hi! <3 could I request RFA + V + Saeran in a long distance relationship with MC? I'm in one so it would help

ahh sorry this took so long Anon.. i hope you see this! I’m sure your relationship will stay nice and strong <3

also this is kinda angsty haha.. um and the preface is that they were originally with MC but MC moved away for school or a job or something like that


  • he never let go of his phone
  • you could message him at any time and start a short conversation before the time-zones took over
  • he was always restless and impatient, trying to hold back his clinginess
  • he didn’t want to be a bother or seem desperate
  • but he was, and he hated himself for it
  • at the same time, he couldn’t help feeling insecure
  • what if you got tired of the fact that he was 200km away? what if you thought he was a annoying? what if you.. found someone better?
  • those thoughts plagued his mind day and night
  • sometimes he had nightmares where you texted him in the middle of the night just to break it off
  • but as much as he was afraid,
  • all his worries would be washed away the moment he heard your voice over a call 
  • saw a quick selfie showing him your new outfit
  • or even a simple text asking how his day was going
  • it was enough to keep him off the edge and bring him a small sense of relief from all his internal suffering


  • he didn’t see how this was going to work
  • his schedules were already so much of a mess that even with you by his side, there was never enough time for each other
  • despite all that, he was determined to give it a try
  • there was no way he was going to give you up just for a couple kilometers of land
  • he found himself glancing at his phone constantly - during practice, rehearsals, even in between scenes and quick changes of a muscial
  • anytime he was free for a second, he’d shoot you a text or send a quick picture of his gorgeous face
  • he claimed that it was for you,you know, in case you missed him and stuff
  • but in all honesty, it was more for him than for you
  • it was his way of confirming that you were still his, that you didn’t and wouldn’t forget about him - the way he looked, the way he acted, or the way that he loves you to no end
  • sometimes you’d send him a selfie of yourself in class and he’d feel so happy .. until he notices that your lab partner was a guy
  • not as cute as him, but still, he was a man, and he was awfully jealous
  • he hid it though, his jealousy and selfishness to keep you all to himself


  • it was weird
  • she didn’t act like the “normal” person
  • in fact, she was the exact opposite
  • without you, she began to work much harder
  • working late into the night, barely replying to any of your messages, never even returning your calls
  • she drowned herself in work, trying to forget the loneliness she felt deep inside whenever she saw the empty chair infront of her during breakfast
  • there came a point where you thought that maybe she didn’t want this as much as you did, maybe she was better off on her own
  • but a few months later, you would realize why she worked herself so tirelessly 
  • surprising you when you came out of the lecture hall, she would be milling around the corridor, waiting for you to get out of class
  • she was slaving away at work to get a few days off
  • that was Jaehee for you, always thinking of others before herself
  • she’d gotten thinner, the bags under her eyes a darker shade of purple, her hands full of paper cuts and pen marks - she’d been working until the last minute of leaving home for you
  • there was no way she was going to let this relationship fall through


  • Mr. Cooperate Heir developed a schedule for your interactions (thanks to Jaehee organizing his day around the times the both of you’d Skype call)
  • he’d always seem to be a good mood during those calls
  • his tedious days brightened by simply seeing your face digitally on a screen
  • he’d bring Elizabeth to the screen and play with her (making her wave at you and all that cute stuff)
  • but after the calls, a sense of loneliness would rush over him like a tidal wave
  • he missed you so so much
  • hearing your voice was soothing, but more than anything, he wanted to physically be with you
  • to pull you into his arms, run his hands through your hair, smell the soap off of your skin
  • he missed you to no extent, but there was no helping it
  • however
  • when he did have business trips, he’d more or less find an excuse to visit you like “Oh, well the grape orchard is just a couple of kilometers from your place so I came to visit”


  • he made you install a camera at your apartment
  • reminiscent of the time you guys shared at Rika’s apartment,
  • you’d playfully wave at the camera and show him your dinner or your new t-shirt with a doge meme once in a while
  • it was fun, in a way
  • sometimes you’d call each other and seriously, it was just like the old days, only now it wasn’t that he was a in another city but a whole entire country
  • inevitably he’d feel overwhelmed by the distance between the two of you, but watching you fall asleep on the couch with a book on your lap made him remember just how lucky he was to be your boyfriend
  • as painful as it was, he powered through, never once showing you the side of him that hurt
  • afterall, he was used to being alone - that was, until he met you
  • even if you cried out, he held back his tears in order to comfort you
  • making jokes, silly sounds to cheer you up on the other side of the screen
  • Seven oh Seven, defender of justice, built a wall around his own heart to protect himself from the harsh reality that distance and time-zones can bring


  • now that he had no one to lean on, he became his secluded self again
  • he never spoke much before, but now, he barely even showed up on the messenger
  • you missed him and sent him messages, but he only looked at them and didn’t reply
  • he didn’t have the strength nor the courage to send you back something that was positive or uplifting
  • he didn’t want to pretend to be happy for you, or that he was fine without you
  • there wasn’t much to say if he didn’t act, or so he thought anyway
  • telling you that he was sad that he missed you wasn’t going to change the fact that you’d left him for your career
  • it hurt him, as much as he didn’t want to admit it, and it made him angry
  • but he came through sometime later, and began to be more vocal through text and calls
  • because, you visited him almost every month despite the expenses of travelling so frequently
  • he learned to respect your choices and to cherish the little moments he did get to have with you whenever you came over


  • well, an adult like him had to be understanding, right?
  • and so he was.
  • so extremely understanding to the point that it scared you a little
  • why didn’t he get mad when you replied him 2 days late?
  • why didn’t he lash out when you returned his call, waking him up from sleep in the middle of the night?
  • why didn’t he show even the slightest sliver of jealousy when you uploaded a picture of your new guy friend (who also happened to be quite the looker) to the messenger?
  • in a way, it was frustrating, but at the same time, you were incredibly grateful for his tolerance
  • while you were busy fretting over his considerate acts, he was desperately trying to refrain himself from becoming a monster
  • he wanted to be mad, jealous, angry, selfish - everything that he couldn’t be
  • but he didn’t allow it
  • as much as he wanted to act upon his own accord, he wanted more to be a supportive boyfriend after everything you’ve done for him, accepting him for all that he was
  • this was his way of repaying your love for him, his way of repenting


~Cherry L.

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Thank you @percytheskeleton for this kick ass post.

-“Percy, why did you leave me?” Annabeth cried out. She blindly wandered, arms in front of her.
-Percy looked to her, and despite the fact that her eyes had gone a milky white, he could see the panic in them.
-His heart was breaking all over again; in between the slashes and the curses he cried out her name.
-She couldn’t hear him.
-As he slashed through another one of the demons, cursing himself to having his hands covered in paper cuts (seriously?) he looked over his shoulder. Just one second too late.
-She wandered over the cliff. He heard her strangled scream, her arms flailing, hands grasping at nothing.
-And, just like that, she was gone.
-He jumped forward, ready to dive over to her, but Bob grabbed him at the last second.
-Bob held him as he slashed through the last of the demons.
-Bob held him tight. His heart was ice cold and beating too fast. He was going to scream. He was already screaming. He was going to throw up. He lurched from Bob’s grip just in time to throw up.
-The ground around him begin to quake.
-“Percy, stop!” Bob pleaded.
-But the fisher had already opened. The monstrous black blood of Tartarus began to pool out of the crack.
-With a final cry, the blood exploded outward.
-Percy fell to his knees.
-He whispered Annabeth’s name.
-He wanted to die, too.
-Bob knelt next to him. “The doors are close. We must go. Your friends, Nico, they need you.”
-When Percy made no attempt to move, Bob picked him up and carried him.

-Somehow, Percy was alive. The fates being cruel, no doubt. He was alive, and the sun was kissing his skin, and all he could do was sit there, hands fisted in his hair.
-He squeezed his eyes shut. It was too bright out here.
-He heard Frank and Hazel and Jason begging him to tell them what happened.
-It was all he could do to stop himself from punching Leo in the jaw when he asked what had happened to Annabeth.
-Pipers charmspeak couldn’t even get him to talk. She pleaded, lacing her words with magic, but they had no effect on him.
-Nico stepped forward and knelt in front of Percy. He placed his hand on his knee, and looked into his eyes.
-Percy couldn’t breathe as Nico gave his head a tiny shake.
-“I am so sorry.”
-Fountains exploded, pipes burst.
-Percy Jackson said nothing.

-It’s a year later. Percy is constantly in the arena, training.
-Either that or sitting at the bottom of the lake.
-He’s training in the arena one afternoon when he hears Piper scream.
-He takes off towards Thalia’s tree, Riptide gripped tightly in this fist.
-But he didn’t expect to see this.
-Piper is clutching a boy so fiercely it looks painful.
-Behind Leo, there’s a beautiful girl with hair and eyes the color of Carmel. Shes wearing blue jeans and a tee shirt, and she looked nervous.
-“You,” he whispers.
-And he lunged.
-Startled, no one does anything until he has her pinned against the ground, Riptide poised over her throat.
-“Percy, stop,” Piper said forcefully, and he did.
-He’s sobbing now, primal heaves ripping through his chest.
-“You.. Did.. This,” he heaves out.
-At this point, many campers had filed around the scene.
-“You killed her,” Percy growled. “She’s dead because of YOU!”

-Later that night, Percy tells Frank what happened, and Frank tells the seven.
-Word gets around camp, and suddenly Calypso isn’t as well loved as she had originally been.
-But it doesn’t matter.
-Percy is well beyond the camp borders by the time people start understanding what’s happened to them.

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A. Ham has a million little scars on his hands from paper cuts because the MAN IS NONSTOP. Jefferson has a scar on his lower lip because he tried to "accidentally" body check Alex but since Alex is small he was able to move out of the way quickly and Jeff fell to the ground and bit his lip. Madison almost fainted at the sight of Jefferson's blood because "SHOULD IT BE BLEEDING THAT MUCH?!"


Frank Stella
Then Came an Ox and Drank the Water, Pl. 7 from Illustrations after El Lissitzky’s Had Gadya, 1984
Lithograph, linocut and silkscreen with hand-coloring and collage on T.H. Saunders paper (background) and shaped, hand-cut Somerset paper (collage)

Headcanons for my Organized Crime AU

Stories in this verse can be found on AO3 here: http://archiveofourown.org/series/639356

My AO3

- Prompto photographs everything in the mansion, to the point where Regis has a special non-disclosure drafted that he has to sign. It doesn’t mean that a few of the photos aren’t framed in a gallery though.

-Ignis has a established a firm “No snogging in random hallways thank you” rule after the third time he caught them

- Noctis has a gun-kink and Prompto has yet to find out, but oh boy when he does…

- Prompto gets really, really good at securing assets. So good that Regis unthinkingly sends him without Noctis once. Prompto is hopelessly lost without Noctis to take care of the actual work that he has to call him from the bathroom of a restaurant and then frantically stall two extremely busy drug runners.

-Prompto watches too much T.V and does the knife in the bag and lick cocaine test. Noctis is amused when it turns out his very high lover just wants to hand-cut paper chocobo chains. Regis is less so when he comes to dinner to find the entire first floor has been redecorated.

-The first time Prompto see’s Cindy when he’s with Noctis he’s surprised they know each other. When Cindy explains her grandpa’s business is really body removal for the Lucis’ he asks her a hundred questions about the things she’s seen.

-Noctis is so possessive of Prompto in front of others that half the world away there’s a bulletin hanging in a tiny police station with a picture of the blonde that has “Do Not Detain Under Any Circumstances” printed under it. Dave, the local sheriff, has made it his personal goal to learn why.

-Gladio is Prompto’s comfort blanket on the bad days when Noctis’ is off being bloody.


i never ended up posting these online bt here they are! im thinking abt selling the con leftovers on etsy or something but ive never done that before nd im not sure if anyone would be interested;; my favourites here are probably ocha + tsuyu + tokoyami + toga!

they’re around 2.5″ - 3″ and hand-cut from glossy sticker paper - please tell me in this twitter poll HERE if you’d be interested!!

Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

This is a mini portrait I created of Phryne Fisher, from ABC’s ‘Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.'It’s made entirely from layered hand cut paper and glue. 

The ABC series is based on the novel’s by Kerry Greenwood, and apart from being a badass lady detective, Miss Fisher has in incredible wardrobe designed by the amazing Marion Boyce! If you’re in Melbourne, you can check out the Season 3 Costume Exhibition at the Rippon Lea Estate, which is featured in the series as the home of Aunt Prudence!

Oh! And make sure you stop by the cafe to have some scones and tea. ;)

Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! I’ve decided to put the original up on my Etsy shop! And I’m looking into getting some prints made too! 

White Ball, Amanda Cazalet for Martine Sitbon, 1990

Using hand cut paper masks whilst printing the pictures allowed me to take someones skin tone from white to black or vice versa whilst keeping their clothes light. For ages in fashion we have accepted that peoples skin tones could be printed bleached out and totally white (look at Erwin Blumenfeld’s beautiful shot of the eye and the lip for the front of Vogue or Paolo Roversi’s ethereal nudes.) I merely reversed that, as I felt that the pure blackness of the skin tone was just as beautiful as its whiteness. The subject I photographed could be of any skin type. It has nothing to do with race anymore than putting a blue gel and a red gel over the lights. Look at painters like Kees Van Dongen, Matisse, or Otto Dix and their use of colour to depict the emotion and beauty of a woman’s face.
Photography is widely misunderstood. It is not a medium that shows you truth any more than a feature film is. We all suspend belief when we are watching a film, superman cannot really fly, so why when it comes to looking at a single frame we completely change how we read the intention behind the image.  Photography is a highly subjective proposition of what the photographer wants to communicate and in fact the more skilled the photographer, the more they will show you a vision that you cannot possibly see or even imagine. That is what we want from our artists, to show us worlds we cannot see.  This is true of all photography, from war photography to fashion photography. Photography is not about reality any more than any of the other arts; cinema, painting or writing. I would argue that it should not be shackled to this notion of being the bringer of truth, that has never been it’s role. - Nick Knight