member: oh sehun 

genre: angst//fluff 

summary: oh sehun doesn’t know how to get your attention, so he resorts to hurting you instead. (bully!sehun)

**warning: mentions of self-infliction**

There was a rough shove, and suddenly you were losing your balance.

You fell, all of the books in your hands scattering on the floor. As cliché as it sounds, you scraped your knee as you hit the ground, and you let out a tiny whimper as your hands balanced you to sit upright.

There were a few snickers.


You looked up at the perpetrator, who loomed over your frail frame. Smiling sardonically, you mumbled, “Oh, sorry Sehun. I guess I got in your way.”

Dusting yourself off, you began to gather the papers on the floor.

“As long as you know your place,” Sehun murmured, before snickering with his friends and stalking off.

You sighed heavily, before catching the stares pointed at you. You smiled lightly, with no meaning, before keeping your head bent as you walked to your next class.

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The Circus Life with @andrii_bondarenko

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“The stage and audience are so marvelous, and the whole thing mesmerizes me,” says Andrey Bondarenko (@andrii_bondarenko) from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Andrey’s journey has taken him from being a student acrobat to a European champion, and now to having a solo hand-balancing show in Сirque du Soleil (@cirquedusoleil). “One of my favorite hand-balancing tricks is to ‘walk on air,’” he says. “People loved the trick, so I developed it further, and finally, I created my own style of ‘walking on air.’” Andrey’s daily photos and videos are a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of a circus artist. “I spend 30 minutes training every morning to wake up my body. It’s quite enough for me—I need to save my energy for the evening show.”