The Lizard and the Mouse

Eventually they came to a small spring. Water babbled peacefully in the night. Firebugs and dragonflies could be seen zipping about. Alana crept down to the ground. Placing her hands in the mud. Balancing herself as she leaned forward to gaze into the spring. Her jacket hung in the dirt. She sniffed the water and stared into it for a long time. Until a smile came to her face.

No one knows what she saw in the water that night. She never told anyone. After a while she stood up and turned to him and smiled. “Okay.” She said, taking him by the hand.

They walked back along the road for awhile. Alana wrapping her arm around his, feeling joyous and happy. The earth crunched under their bare feet as they walked on with less fear.


The Circus Life with @andrii_bondarenko

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“The stage and audience are so marvelous, and the whole thing mesmerizes me,” says Andrey Bondarenko (@andrii_bondarenko) from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Andrey’s journey has taken him from being a student acrobat to a European champion, and now to having a solo hand-balancing show in Сirque du Soleil (@cirquedusoleil). “One of my favorite hand-balancing tricks is to ‘walk on air,’” he says. “People loved the trick, so I developed it further, and finally, I created my own style of ‘walking on air.’” Andrey’s daily photos and videos are a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the life of a circus artist. “I spend 30 minutes training every morning to wake up my body. It’s quite enough for me—I need to save my energy for the evening show.”