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You’d thought it was a rumor–Moriarty fucking his bodyguards–but you’ve since been proved wrong.

Completely, unabashedly inspired by the scene with the cute bodyguard in The Episode That Shall Not Be Named.


I bet everyone at H.E.R.A hates MC. I bet she gives everyone a dazzlingly sweet smile and is trying to memorize everyone’s name even though there’s like a thousand employees, but even if she gets your name wrong by a syllable or two she always seems to have your favorite baked good and I bet once or twice she’s paused by you when you had a really stressful morning and you think she’ll talk to you but she doesn’t but then inexplicably half your work is done or maybe you find a hand written note that says something like “we’re all in this together! Hang in there!!!” I bet half of H.E.R.A. Is in love with MC and she has no idea that everyone knows she is a cinnamon roll and if she ever left the whole organization would fall apart

I don’t care what any one says, hand written notes from my significant other is one of my favorite gifts to receive.

Even if it’s a simple “I love you” secretly scratched into a napkin while we are on a dinner date.