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Smut hoe is back? *temporarily*


I’ve been working on this fic for like ever. and I never finished it.  And tonight  decided to. The *smutty* part isnt that good but whatever. I did it.

“Bottled up”

You x Jackson Wang (GOT7) 

Feat best friend Bam Bam (non-sexual friendship)

Rated M 


One Shot.

*Disclaimer*: If you dont like smut dont read it.  Just dont do it. 

“You didn’t have to pay for my flight! What the hell Bam!” You yelled on the phone with your best friend Bam Bam.  You had discovered a notification in your email that your round trip to Thailand was booked. Only you didn’t book anything yet.

“Just think of it as a late birthday present,” He said laughing.” “I can afford it love.”

“Yeah but you know I’ve been saving up to come to Thailand! I got the money silly.”

“Use it to go shopping!” He said, chuckling in the phone.  You hated when Bam Bam paid for you. Especially because you work.  Sure he was your best friend and an idol, but you didn’t want to use him for his money. Your eyes rolled. You wanted to make it up to him but had no idea how. The boy had everything. He was the fashion king so you couldn’t buy him a new outfit. He’s already ahead of the fashion game.

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To Borrow #1

So I finally decided to write something and post it up… because I was bored admittedly… but this fandom has got me so hard, that if I was a boy, it would have me strung up a tree by my dangly nether bits. Damn these beautiful 2D boys and all the wonderful writing and art inspired by them. Damn them to dangly nether bit hell.

SO! I was at work being bored there and had to borrow pen and just started to wonder how the peeps in MM land would have reacted to MC borrowing something of theirs? Like if she was a relatively new girl at school/university and they had definitely noticed her but they weren’t sure if she’d noticed them back, until one day they randomly come out and ask to borrow something of theirs? I know- pretty random but I was REALLY bored at work…

As with all my writing it ended up waaaay longer than I intended, more like dot point mini fics but… meh… it was fun :)  I don’t know if I did it right but I put it under the bar thing cos well.. yeah it’s lengthy… 

This is the first one and of course it’s for the Lovely Yoosung- little dumpling of love right here <3

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The College Years - Sophomore Year (Chapter 30) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @were-cheetah-stiles

Title: “The Booty Call Boy”

Characters: Stiles Stilinski, Scott McCall, Malia Tate & Reader/OFC

Warnings: Cursing, mention of sex.

Author’s Note: Malia was not getting enough love or attention in this fic, and I think she’s hilarious sooooo.

Summary: Stiles and Y/N fill in Scott on their theory about who summoned the rabisu to Beacon Hills, only for Scott to divulge a startling secret about the summoner’s connection with the Pack.

Chapter Twenty-Nine - Chapter Thirty - Chapter Thirty-One

Originally posted by dobhennig

Stiles had his weight pressed firmly against both Scott and the rolling stand that held his IV drip, as they did laps in the hall around the hospital. It had been eight days since he was attacked outside of his house; ending up in the hospital with deep defensive wounds on his hands, forearms, and shin, a broken wrist, a lacerated liver, a perforated intestine, a massive loss in blood, and a swollen brain that had left him in a coma for four days. In the four days since he had been awake, Stiles and Y/N had figured out what had been attacking Beacon Hills: a demon from Ancient Mesopotamian mythology called a rabisu.

“So you think that Sam Wirths summoned the rabisu to Beacon Hills?” Scott asked, as he escorted his best friend around the hospital.

“I don’t think, Scott, I know. He fits the bill. You know I have an eye for evil and this kid screams ‘evil’.”

“He went to Beacon Hills High with you guys, and then he went off to Berkeley and was literally in my Mesopotamia class with me, Scott. It has to be him.” You said, as you walked along with them.

“Okay well if it was Sam, then we should talk to Malia.” Scott suggested.

“Why should we talk to Malia about Sam? We talked to him so little in high school that my Dad didn’t even think to mention that he was the one who had died. Did she even know him? He was so quiet.. she would’ve walked all over him with her little coyote paws.” Stiles joked.

“Yea, she knew him. You remember.. they hooked up for a couple of months during our first semester. He lived next door to Malia and Cora.” Scott told the two of them.

Stiles stopped in his tracks, leaning heavily on the IV drip. “Malia dated Sam last year?!”

“How did you not know about this?” Scott asked, turning around to look at his friend, raising his hands in the air.

“Why would I know about that? It’s not like Malia and I are incredibly close anymore, not since we broke up.” Stiles said, glaring at Scott.

“Okay, why don’t we just get Malia down here and see what she knows?” You suggested, as you took Stiles’ elbow and continued leading him down the hall back to his room.

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Inktober Day 23 and 24
Happy Birthday, Keith!

anonymous asked:

Flizzy, please share this, I'm a freshman in college and I need $95 to get an access code for my algebra class, I was meeting up with a friend and copying the work off of her computer, but my professor won't take the work hand written anymore because he says he doesn't have time to keep manually grading it, and I have to pay to access it online. Please share so I can get some help, thank you in advance my cash app is $IndieJanae

95 dollars for access? thats crazy they used to sell access for like 30 even in the advanced classes now they getting greedy

if yall can help her out please do

all these big corporations sell you the same book and just switch the chapters around and charge u hundreds every year… they got mad at people reselling books so now they paying schools to make online access mandatory shit is the biggest scam in education and a horrible practice

students gonna start boycotting soon

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POST a selfie with a hand written note saying "I LOVE SHEEP"

Err, is this a meme that I’ve somehow missed? :p 

Not that I’m opposed to sheep or anything, the cam on this laptop is really shitty though. Also, the text is like mirrored because I didn’t think this through, rip. :’) 

(I’m not sure who you are or what this is, will this be used on one of those stock photo sites now? Like ‘girl holding up post-it that says she loves sheep’?)

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>>skfks OKAY I LOVED THIS SO MUCH I ACCIDENTALLY WROTE 1.9K WORDS ABOUT IT SORRY i wrote 1k last weekend how in the world can you just casually write 2k words? i am in awe. teach me your ways.

Y’ALL literally my process is:

>become suddenly overwhelmed with feelings
>cry about it a lot
>open google docs and WRITE FRANTICALLY, completely losing track of time (i think that one took me more or less about an hour)
>go back to edit for typos and shit and end up adding another 500 words in there somehow
>post the fic

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Imagine the bachelors (plus Shane) realising they're in love with the farmer (before getting the bouquet)

I wrote out this one because it’s my first, but please remember that for short imagines I have a max of 5 characters!

Alex: Alex finally realized he had fallen in love with you once nearly every thought that crossed his mind began to divert back to you. A game of catch spurred the thoughts, “I wonder if Farmer would like to play again?” Watching the sunset on the beach one evening? “Man, Farmer would love this view.” The kicker was when you happened to be walking by his house one day right when he walked out, and he was so distracted watching you that he ran straight into the fence, startling his dog.

Elliott: Elliott had written his fair share of love scenes and pining before, so it was surprising that he didn’t realize he had fallen for you until long after you came to his book reading. He had seen you sitting on the beach one afternoon from the dock, and was about to call out to you. What stopped him though, was what you were doing. You were staring with rapt concentration at the book in your hands, eyes flickering across the pages. His book, to be precise. The thought that you would go out of the way to purchase the book that you knew meant so much to him, to read it again even after staying for the entire reading, it made Elliott’s heart race.

Harvey: Harvey’s affection for you had slipped so easily into his life that he barely realized it was there. Unlike some of the other townsfolk (coughGeorgecough) you were always extremely grateful for his help, going out of your way to bring him extra coffee as thanks whenever you had overworked yourself and Harvey had to help. When he finally realized, he wasn’t as much shocked by the fact that he’d fallen in love with you as the fact that he hadn’t realized it sooner. Either way, it somehow made talking to you much more difficult, and Harvey had trouble keeping up a conversation without blushing or stammering.

Sam: It hit him like a ton of bricks after his band’s first performance. Looking out at the sea of cheering people and seeing you beaming back up at him made his palms sweat and his stomach spin. He nearly stumbled down the stairs getting off the stage, blushing so furiously Abigail and Seb thought he had gotten sick. He curled up in a ball behind the stage, trying desperately to make sense of the sudden onslaught of emotion, blushing furiously.

Sebastian: Sebastian realized he was in love with you when the Egg festival rolled around, and he was actually excited to go out. He knew you would be there, laughing and chatting it up with the other villagers, participating in the festivities with unchecked zeal. At first he didn’t understand why he would be so happy to see you, but the look on your face when you finally won the egg hunt made it all click, and the sudden realization made him drop his cup of punch in shock. Sam was startled by Sebastian’s sudden clumsiness, but Seb was too busy trying to look everywhere but at you to notice.

Shane: Shane awoke from a night of heavy drinking to find himself back in his bedroom, with next to no recollection of what had happened the night before. Sitting on his nightstand was a glass of water, some headache medicine, and a hand-written note saying you hoped he felt better soon. The warm feeling that bloomed in his chest made him feel sick to his stomach, and he crumpled the note up and tossed it in his trash… Only to retrieve it a few moments later, clutching it to his heart as he stared blankly at the ceiling.

found a piece of paper in my pocket with a hand-written note that says 

“the trick to Princess Bride writing tone is - every character is extraordinarily polite to each other the entire movie - no one gets serious/emotional until it really counts, and then the contrast packs more punch”

MONSTA X You’re Homesick

@shawolstarlight asked:  Can you do a reaction of Monsta X to their girlfriend being homesick, thank you so much and I really love your work! ❤❤

A/N: Thank you honey! I really hope you like this too. <3

Shownu – He’d be at a loss with this. It’d make him feel sad and helpless to see you missing your home so much. As your boyfriend he’d think he’s responsible for making it better so he’d try. After thinking it over a lot and getting frustrated by his lack of ideas, he’d just come out and ask you what would help. He’s a direct guy and honestly doesn’t trust himself not to accidentally do the wrong thing and make your homesickness worse. So rather than screw up he’d ask you what you wanted. No matter what it was, even if it was silly or difficult, if it was within his ability to do, he would do it for you without complaint.

Wonho – He’d have a two-pronged approach. First he’d be really supportive and let you cry on his shoulder while you listed everything you missed. But then he’d move on to phase two and that would be distraction. Wonho would do his best to put a smile on your face by playing around and dragging you to fun things all over Seoul whenever possible. Anything to get you acclimated and your mind off leaving. His heart would hurt for you but he loves you and selfish or not, wants you to stay. He’d feel bad about that but not enough to lie and say he’d be ok with you walking out of his life. Anytime you mentioned being homesick it’d make his stomach twist, worried you’d eventually decide to go home if he couldn’t offer you more in Korea.

Minhyuk – At first he’d try to cheer you up and sort of brush it aside. Not dismissively but he’d feel the negative thoughts would make you less likely to adapt. But if you perpetually seemed down about it he’d shift gears and try to address the issue. He desperately wants to be someone you can lean on as well as take your worries away. The following weeks Minhyuk would act normal and ask you subtle questions that you wouldn’t give a second thought. Then he’d show up with a package he made of your favorite items from your homeland. Whether he had to shop online, scour Seoul, or have your family ship them out to him, he’d get it done and present it to you with a hand written note saying he was sorry you missed home but he hoped you’d give life with him in Korea a chance.

Kihyun – He’s a caring person but also has a rather mind over matter mentality. While he would take into consideration that you missed your family and friends he would mostly associate your feelings with being overwhelmed by your new life. So he’d look after you even more than he usually does. Kihyun would try to smooth your way in Korea as much as he could whether it was explaining social customs or introducing you to new ways of doing something. He’d feel if he could just do more to help you adjust, you’d feel more comfortable and want to stay. It’d make him feel powerless if nothing helped. Once you really got through to him it was about your family he’d make sure you could Skype them as much as possible, and he’d join in too.   

Hyungwon – He’d be the one to sit down and ask the tough questions. His stomach would be in knots the whole time but he’d want to gauge how serious the situation was. Is it a normal case of homesick blues or is it an indication you’d be unable to adapt? Something that would eventually end up driving you home? It’d be a heartfelt discussion about what you want and your thoughts regarding your relationship with him. If you wanted to stay he’d do anything he could to help make Korea your second home. If you’d be happier going back home, he’d support that too. It’d break his heart to lose you but even so, his main concern would ultimately be your happiness.

Jooheon – In the beginning he’d offer himself as your teddy bear whenever you felt down. But if it got worse he’d start to withdraw emotionally upon finding out how homesick you were. He’s very sensitive and he’d be trying to brace himself for what he’s beginning to see as your inevitable departure. Of course he’d still listen and be there for you, but you’d start to notice a wistfulness to his expression whenever the subject came up. That or his face would close off completely, depending on context. Not wanting to upset you further you’d have to push pretty hard to get him to open up as Jooheon isn’t about to put his needs in front of yours. He’s asked you to do that for his music career he’s not going to ask it for anything else.

I.M – As someone who has lived many places around the world this would be very relatable to him. He’d commiserate by telling you his own stories of feeling like a stranger in a strange land but also how he learned to enjoy where he was. Things he never would have experienced if he’d stayed in one place his whole life. He’d encourage you by sharing that it’s a feeling that can be overcome, if not erased. Changkyun would see it as a challenge for you two to face, offering to help you bridge that gap in your heart if you’d let him. He’d probably want to start some new traditions that would help tie you closer to living your life in Korea, making you feel less adrift.


Mance Rayder, King-Beyond-the-Wall, stood unflinching under Stannis Baratheon’s heavy gaze. The courtyard was quiet. Jon Snow saw his brothers standing alongside Stannis’ knights, King’s Men and Queen’s Men alike. Gods be good, Jon despaired, the Wall is not big enough for this much old men yaoi.

my blood, low chaos + clean hands au fic (in which the loyalists all live thanks to corvo, whether they like it or not)

Martin wakes in Coldridge, in a cell that drips water like ice, and the drips are rhythmic enough to lull him back into a drugged sleep. He doesn’t know he’s in Coldridge yet. He doesn’t know he’s been arrested for everything under the sun that can’t reach his little jail cell, and in his deep, dreamless sleep, he doesn’t know that he’s not dead like he should be.

When he wakes fully and finds out, the ice-cold water that drips on his face feels warmer than the chill that runs through his entire body.

And then there’s the rage.

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Group presentations are the worst

The guy in my group absolutely beefed his part. Like real bad. All he had to do was read the slides THAT I WROTE. But he stood up there trying to read his own terribly hand written notes saying “what does that say? Im so lost” FOR SIX FUCKJNG MINUTES which meant I had 2 mins to present 4 mins worth of information plus one of the sections he was responsible for. Me and the phd student ars trying to do damage control but like!! This prof is tough. And we (erroneously) thought that hes an adult and could handle five fucking slides. So now im in bed sans pants angerly eating halloween candy wating for a reply to my email so I can arrange a meeting to do some damage control.


I bet everyone at H.E.R.A hates MC. I bet she gives everyone a dazzlingly sweet smile and is trying to memorize everyone’s name even though there’s like a thousand employees, but even if she gets your name wrong by a syllable or two she always seems to have your favorite baked good and I bet once or twice she’s paused by you when you had a really stressful morning and you think she’ll talk to you but she doesn’t but then inexplicably half your work is done or maybe you find a hand written note that says something like “we’re all in this together! Hang in there!!!” I bet half of H.E.R.A. Is in love with MC and she has no idea that everyone knows she is a cinnamon roll and if she ever left the whole organization would fall apart