hand welted

“Hey, vampires! Was all that human blood you drank today tasty? Sure hope so…because that was your last supper.”

Fast-Forward: Part 2

Find part one: HERE.

Bright light flickered above her as she shifted underneath the heavy quilt. Claire was hot, warmer than she’d ever been in her life. The heat stifled her as she tried to dig her way out.

Seeing her distress, Jamie gently pried the duvet from the sides where Jenny had tucked it in tight. He’d been with her all night, watching and waiting as if to assure himself that she was safe.

Jenny and Ian had been raging when he’d driven home, his sister’s face alight with fury as he’d pulled his car to a stop in the drive. Rushing from the porch, Ian had tried to pull her backwards, his gaze apologetic as she’d waggled her finger at her wayward brother.

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Aurum: Model Livius

The first boot for the Aurum line, an oxford boot made with hand coloured crust leather and reverse calf.

Ein Jahr ist vergangen, ein ganzes Jahr, aber der Schmerz in meinem Herzen ist immer noch da. Vor einem Jahr wurde ich zur glücklichsten Frau dieser Welt, Hand in Hand mit dir wollte ich den Weg in die Zukunft gehen. Vor einem Jahr wurde mein Herz zu deinem und meine Luft dein Atem. Ich war glücklich bei Allah ich war so glücklich, du gabst mir pure Lebensfreude, du zeigtest mir das Paradies auf Erden. Du brachtest mir bei zu Lieben, mein Herz war ganz dein, genau wie meine Liebe für immer dein sein wird, denn trotz diesem Jahr, trotz all der Schmerzen liebe ich dich immer noch wie jeden Vers des Qurans. Und doch weiß ich nicht, wie mein Herz diese Schmerzen überleben soll, denn kein Tag verging ohne, dass eine Träne für dich geflossen ist. Denn obwohl deine Liebe mir Freude gab, brachte mir dein Abschied Schmerz, unbeschreiblichen Schmerz. Wie Dornenketten, die um mein Herz wachsen, schlimmer als Messerstiche, als würde mein gesamtes Herz Blut weinen. Und glaub mir, auch wenn mein Gesicht lacht, meine gesamte Seele weint. Denn jeder Tag ohne dich ist wie ein verlorenes Leben. Als hätte man mir meinen Atem weggenommen, als würde man mir meine Seele rausreißen. Als hätte man mir den Sinn meines Lebens genommen, denn um ehrlich zu sein bist du mein Sinn und der Grund, warum ich lebe. Siehst du den Schmerz, den ich spüre, fühlst du ihn? Es ist so hart ohne dich, denn jeder Tag vergeht so schwer, jede meiner Tränen erzählt ihre eigene Geschichte, auch wenn man mir sagt, ich soll nicht weinen, weil du weg bist, die Gefühle für dich sind zu stark. Die Sterne und der Mond sind nichts ohne dich, sie leuchten nicht mehr so stark wie vorher, als deine Arme meine Heimat waren. Ich vermisse dich so sehr, jeden Teil von dir, mein Schmerz wird jeden Tag größer. Das Einzige, was ich will ist neben dir liegen, um sicherzustellen, dass es dir gut geht, aber du bist nicht hier neben mir, deswegen brennt mein Inneres, wie ein Flammenmeer, das niemals erlischt und nichts kann diese Schmerzen von mir nehmen, nichts kann dieses Feuer löschen außer du.

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Aurum: Model Romulus

An captoe adelaide oxford made on the Mayfair last with a slightly larger welt. In blue handcoloured  french boxcalf.

Here Comes The General

If you’ve got beef with the tribe of Berk, remember the golden rule: Never, ever mess with General Hofferson.

(fanfic.net) (ao3).

“Here comes the general!”

“Ladies and Gentlemen!”

“Here comes the general!”

“The lady you’ve been waiting for!”

“Here comes the general!”

“The Chief’s second-in-command!”

“Here comes the general!”


Hiccup had a headache.

Not a little headache either, a big one, pounding behind his eye-sockets, and no matter how much he squeezed his eyes shut, he couldn’t get the feeling to go away. All stimuli made it worse – even the tiny chink of light coming through the cracks in the wood made him duck his head and close his eyes. It was the same feeling he’d had as a teenager that time he’d stolen his father’s mead, lost all of his senses, and woken up in a meadow a day later, ashen-faced and swearing never again.

This time when he’d woken up, it had taken him a while to remember where he was: it seemed to take forever for the fog in front of his eyes to clear, and even when it did he hadn’t recognized his surroundings. The rough burn of rope around his wrists and the gentle bobbing back and forth were clues, but it wasn’t until he’d heard the scratchy voices in front of him that it all came back to him.

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“Good Girl”

So, I wrote a one-shot about titty fucking, and since it was so well received, I decided to write a second part where Pennyboii gets his human off. Enjoy~

Part one can be found here.

He laughed, the feral red eyes slowing slipping back to their orange color. Her face and chest were covered in his cum as she sat up, but he pushed her down.

“Lay back, pet, it’s Penny’s turn now,” he said, on her waist again in an instant with crushing force. His tongue shot out to lick the cum off her breasts and she moaned, feeling it glide over her nipples teasingly. He bent his head and grazed his teeth over the stiff bud, sucking it into his mouth only to bite down on it a second later. His free hand massaged the other, gently squeezing it and rolling the nipple between his thumb and pointer finger. He loved how they felt in his hands, heavy and soft, filling his palms easily. His mouth and hand switched places, focusing his love bits on the opposite breast. She sighed, his groping paired with the pressure of his body between her legs making her pussy ache. He would bite down, making her jump, and then lick the tiny teeth marks to soothe them.

“Mm, I love them,” he hummed, more to himself than to her as he watched her breasts jiggle in his palms, “Tasty, tasty. Soft and sweet.”

She smirked, and he gave them one more pinch before licking a hot trail down her belly, continuing his playful bites here or there. His hands rested on her thighs and slowly pried them open, inhaling the scent of her arousal through the black panties she wore. He peppered her legs with more bite marks until his nips got dangerously close to her sex, making her want to squeeze her legs shut.

“Shall I use my teeth again?” he asked, mocking her command from earlier.

“You already tore the bra in half, so why not?” she said, watching as a devious grin spread across his face. His teeth scraped her skin as he took hold of the black lace, dragging it slowly down her body and legs. He set them to the side and she looked at him curiously.

“I’ll be keeping those for later,” he said, answering her question without missing a beat even though his words made her blush a deep scarlet. Once again, he opened her legs and brought his face to her soaked core, licking his lips as drool spilled.

“Like what you see?” she asked, trying to maintain her wits, but the way she practically panted gave her away. He growled and looked up at her with his piercing gaze.

“I love my pet’s pretty pussy,” his voice was low and gravelly, “Just as tasty as her flesh.”

She chuckled with just a touch of nervousness, his words not reassuring her that he was completely in control of himself. There was no time to second-guess him though, because his tongue delved straight into her and lapped at the wetness between her folds. She hissed, back arching up to buck her hips into his mouth. One hand held her thigh while the other was splayed across her belly, holding her in place.

“J-Jesus Christ,” she gasped, a low moan coming from within her chest as his tongue pulled away to lap at her neglected clit.

“Not even close,” his laugh rumbled from his body before he wrapped his lips around her sensitive bud, swirling his tongue around it. A new sensation came over her and she twitched with each stroke.

“Fuck!” she groaned. Her fingers found his hair and gripped it, making the mistake of pushing his head closer to her pussy. He growled and pulled away.

“Pet, you had your chance to be in control. Now it’s mine again,” he warned her, “Keep your fingers away and little mouth shut.”

She swallowed and nodded, watching his yellow eyes glare at her before lowering back down to her sex. It took every ounce of restraint to keep her hands at her sides as he thrusted his tongue back into her, working it faster this time. Keeping quiet was another story. As badly as she wanted to, she felt a tooth scrape against her clit and cried out, throwing her head back from the electric shock of pain and pleasure. His claws dug into her thighs and he picked his head up, eyes red rimmed again.

“Open your mouth,” he ordered, teeth clenched. She complied, and he grabbed the black lace underwear, pushing it to the back of her throat.

“Do it again, and it’ll be my cock,” he warned, and she got the message. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d done that to her. He’d keep her on her knees for hours, just thrusting deep into her throat agonizingly slow. If he was feeling nice, he’d let her come. If not, then she’d wait until he was good and ready to fuck her.

His lips connected with her clit again, sucking and licking. Two fingers pushed inside her wet pussy, and she clenched around them, happy to feel something inside for the first time that night. He curled them, rubbing the top of her walls as he pumped to match the rhythm of his tongue. Tension pooled in her gut, slowly moving down between her hips. Her breaths came out muffled by the lace, tears slipping from the corners of her eyes in her effort to stay quiet. It just felt so goddamn good. He knew exactly what he was doing to her, tearing her apart with each passing minute. Everything throbbed, eager for release that he wasn’t ready to grant her yet.

“Hands and knees,” he said, and she wasted no time in getting into the position, wiggling her ass playfully. A hard blow landed on it, making her whimper in pleasure knowing that tomorrow she’d have a large, hand-shaped welt. He grabbed the flesh, kneading it in his hands and humming. She felt pressure on her head, pushing it to the ground of the sewer to angle her ass higher in the air. The long tongue reemerged, lapping at her from behind as he buried his face in her pussy. Claws dug into the skin, drawing blood as his grip tightened on her ass. The new position had her squirming in minutes, back on the edge of her orgasm. He could feel her trembling and reached up to her mouth, ripping out the spit-soaked under.

“Is my little one ready to be a good girl now?” he asked and she nodded frantically, strung along far enough.

“Yes, yes, please,” she gasped and pleaded, “I need to cum, Penny.”

“Need? Oh no. You want to cum,” he said, pulling his mouth away and replacing it with his fingers, working two into her pussy to keep her right where he wanted her, “You don’t need to. I could leave you like this for the rest of the night and you’d be fine.”

“Okay, okay,” she relented, “Okay, Penny, I want to cum. I don’t need to. I want to.”

He pushed his fingers in farther, slapping her ass again, harder this time. More tears slipped down her cheeks.

“That sounded like you were telling me, but my pet wouldn’t do that. She knows better,” he growled, pulling the fingers out and rubbing her clit instead. She shuddered, the coil in her stomach seconds away from snapping until he stopped altogether.

“No, no, I wasn’t telling you,” she panted, “Pennywise, can I please cum?”

“I’m not sure you’ve earned it,” he mused, slapping her pussy and making her scream, only to rub it again until the pain went away.

“Oh, god, please Pennywise,” she was damn near sobbing, “Please. Please can I cum?”

“That’s my good girl, knows when to beg,” he smiled, and brought his mouth back to her sex, almost picking her legs up off the ground to get a better angle. His pace was merciless, tongue swirling on her clit while his nose teased her entrance. She stifled her moans the closer she got, so afraid that if she got too loud he’d stop again.

“Louder pet, I want everyone to hear you,” he egged her on. She didn’t need to be told twice.

“Pennywise!” she cried, cumming on his tongue. Her entire body tensed and he kept sucking her clit until she was trying to wiggle away, the pleasure turned into pain. He released her and she fell forward, a disheveled mess of bodily fluids. Her chest heaved as she panted, her breath having been caught in her throat as she came. Pennywise reached out and pulled her into his lap, smoothing the matted hair out of her face. She looked up at him with heavy-lidded eyes, limp in his arms.

“Such a good girl.”

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Something old and something new

Two prototype shoes I am making. The black captoe oxford is made on my new Aurum Classic English last. The brown Adelaide oxford is on a last I made over 10 years ago and now revisiting (you can see by the differences of the colour of the last).

anonymous asked:

Hi, Can you please write something about Claire comforting Jamie and maybe talking to him when he is asleep a bit like he talks to her in the books. Thank you!

Hi Anon, Thank you for your message! I hope this is the sort of thing you had in mind. xxx

Claire watched Jamie from beneath her lowered lashes, she did not want him to know she was awake when he had clearly tried so very hard not to wake her.

The fire was drifting to embers but a faint red glow still emitted from the hearth, enough to make out the lines of his body against the soft blue velvet of the bouji chair. He was naked and Claire could see the red hairs that usually lay flay against the slope of his thigh standing rigid. The room was reasonably warm, as was to be expected for late May and Claire felt her pulse quicken as she realised that he must be afraid.

“Dinna fash Sassenach, I’ll be well soon.”

His voice was a soft rumble in the silence of the near darkness, giving her the option to continue to feign sleep should she wish to.

Claire pushed herself up onto her elbows and thumbed a tumble of hair back from her face

“What’s the matter?”

“Just a feeling, lass. Nothing more.”

One of the pine logs in the fire cracked and a few small sparks shot upwards. Claire wrapped her arms around her knees and waited for him to speak again.

When Jamie remained silent she slowly pushed the blankets back from her lap and got out of bed crossing the room, her bare feet soft against the hardwood flooring.

“Dinna touch me, please.”

She had been reaching out to him but her hand stopped in mid-air and hovered uncertainly.

“Jamie, please tell me what’s wrong. Was it a dream?”

His face was turned away from her as Claire studied his profile intently, looking for any clue as to what it could be that had driven him from their bed. His cheeks were dry and his eyes, fiercely locked on the burning wood and tendrils of smoke rising from it, were clear and alert.

“No not a dream … I …”

He turned to her then and a small smile, devoid of humour, curved his lips

“I woke up and didna ken where I was. I didna ken this room, nor these hands,”

He held his hands up before his face in illustration and Claire gently reached out and grasped his fingers within her own.

“I didna ken who I was, mo nighean donn.”

He shifted his gaze to her, blue eyes wide and troubled with a confusion that he could not name.

“I kent who ye were, but no’ your name and I didna trust myself no’ to crush you to me if I stayed beside ye, so I lay down on the floor and counted the wood grains I could feel beneath my fingers until I came back to myself.”

Claire gently sank to her knees and placed her free hand delicately on his leg, rubbing the long shin softly before making her way around to the sculpted muscle of his calf.

“That sounds like a very acute anxiety attack.”

She said and Jamie snorted

“I thought they were the ones where it feels like I have run until I canna breath and my heart is about to burst in my chest.”

“They come in different types.”

Claire explained gently and Jamie nodded.

“This one wasna so bad as the other type, I wasna frightened, only a bit dazed.”

“That’s something.”

Claire offered him a small smile and he squeezed her fingers gently.

“Aye it is.”

“Come to bed, Jamie.”

Claire stood and slowly urged her husband to his feet. She pulled back the blankets and waited for him to settle onto his back before carefully tucking them up around him, being sure not to pull them too tightly. Settling herself in beside him, she held out her arm and smiled

“Come lay your head, man.”

For a moment she thought he would refuse, but slowly, like a cat uncurling from sleep, he rolled towards her and placed his cheek against her breast with a contented sigh.

“Bree used to lie like this, you know. When she was little and not feeling well or just having trouble sleeping.”

“I can see why. Ye are a great comfort Sassenach, it is like knowing that I am in a completely safe place and that no one can find me unless I choose to be found.”

Claire had not expected him to explain it as such and found that she had nothing to say in response. The thought of Jamie feeling exposed and vulnerable made her heart ache with sorrow but if she was able to offer some small glimmer of comfort in the confines of their bed, then that was something. Claire smoothed his hair back and shrugged, twining her legs with his beneath the covers and stroking her hand down the welted scars of his back with a rhythmic movement. Up and down, Up and down …

“Scooch down, Sassenach. Let me hold ye so.”

Jamie murmured beginning to pull away but Claire’s arms only tightened around his shoulders.

“Stay right where you are. I like holding you.”

She scolded and Jamie grinned, she felt his cheek curve upwards against her chest and kissed the crown of his head.

“Aye, but I like holding ye too and if I fall asleep like this, I’ll give ye a numb arm.”

“It’s only my left arm and I have you to guard my left side anyway.”

She joked but Jamie’s arms tightened around her protectively

“I protect all of ye, mo Sorcha. For you are my home, my heart and the carriage of my very soul.”

His voice was thick with sleep but sure and clear all the same

“I am better off lost, if I do not have you Claire.”

Claire remained awake, stroking his back, and gently smoothing his hair for some time after Jamie’s breathing had quietened to the sound rhythmic snores of a deep slumber. On impulse, she touched the corner of his mouth and instantly felt him smile against her, that sweet little smile that she did not need light to see for she knew it as surely as she knew the colour of his eyes and the touch of his hand.

“I protect all of you too, you know.”

She whispered

“And I will continue to do so with my very life, James Fraser, until my time is done and,”
She paused, swallowing
”I will never leave you again. Wither thou goest, I too shall go. I promise.”

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