hand was shaking

I can just imagine Sasuke having to write the “congratulations” letter more than once because each one looks wrong and his hand shakes a bit too much and he can’t send something so ridiculously messy because Naruto will know something’s wrong and he can’t have that happening. He writes over twenty notes and ends up sending the first one because the other ones feel even more strained and painful. Anyway can I die

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Hey! My birthday is March 25 (the big 3-0). I love smutty!everlark (preferably rated E) and Peeta in a uniform. That would be an awesome present, but I'd be happy with anything=) I think you're doing such a great job with this blog. It's a wonderful idea!<3

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Grattis på födelsedagen!! Wishing you a wonderful birthday @maxwellandlovelace. To help you celebrate in style, the always incredible @katnissdoesnotfollowback has written this wonderful slice of Everlark, just for you!

All’s Fair

WARNINGS: RATED M for mild language, immature pranks, and smut. Everlark college/military cadets AU. ;-)


“You sure you know how to pick one of these things?”

“Yep,” I whisper as I continue to work quietly. Not as fast as I’d like since my hands are shaking.

“Damn, Everdeen, where’d you learn to pick a lock?”

“Senior prank in high school,” Gale explains to them quietly. “I hotwired the principal’s car and she picked the lock on the hockey rink so we could park it on the ice.”

“Nice,” Mitchell says.

“You scare me, Everdeen,” someone else mutters. A third snorts in response and Gale reminds them to keep their eyes open.

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“Who wouldn’t be angry you ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

For the ridiculous sentence prompts thing (that I’m not taking any more of rn)
I love this prompt so much lmfao so I really hope you enjoy this.

Bucky wipes the back of his right hand across his mouth and looks at it. The blood there is bright red, stark in contrast to his pale skin. He licks the rest of it from his already healed lip and then looks back up at Sam. “I take it you’re mad then.”

Sam waves his hand, presumably shaking out the twinge that usually comes when you’ve punched someone in the face, and says, “Of course I’m mad! Who wouldn’t be angry? You ate all of my cereal and faked your death for three years!”

“Two and a half,” Bucky corrects.

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HEAR ME OUT: Abby’s Not Dying, She’s Pregnant


Consider this.


@brittanias and I have been hashing this out and here are some thoughts.  All the symptoms we have seen Abby show so far - sleeplessness, tremors, anxiety, hallucination - could actually be symptoms of something completely different.  Such as, for example, pregnancy. When Abby’s on the radio with Kane, what we see of her does not actually appear to present as a seizure; it presents much more like an anxiety attack.  She’s restless, pacing, her jaw is clenching, her hands are shaking, and then when she hears Marcus she calms down.  What we have NOT seen yet: weakness, collapsing, fainting, sweating, bleeding from the nose or mouth, foaming, rage/mania, or a scan of Abby’s brain.

THEORY: The reminder about Abby also getting fried with the EMP, just like Raven was, and the link of Abby’s symptoms with Raven’s symptoms are a narrative misdirect (perhaps its purpose is to give a reason why Abby’s contraception chip was fried and she didn’t know it); otherwise all the attention paid to the idea that this brain thing could present very differently in different people wouldn’t actually matter, unless it was so they could show us symptoms of something that was not a brain tumor and convince us to believe it was a brain tumor.  So we see Raven hallucinate and then have a seizure, we have Abby explain why, we have Jackson say “but the same thing happened to you, I should check you,” and then we have Abby being stubborn and insisting she’s fine and refusing to let him check her.  So it’s possible that the reason we see Abby’s first symptom - the hallucination (of her child, btw) in the same episode as Raven’s is to make sure we, the audience, are going “oh shit” and immediately assuming they are the exact same kind of hallucination.  Even though hallucinations are a very common symptom of extreme sleeplessness and sleeplessness is a common symptom of a whole huge range of things.

[Edited to add, per Brittany’s suggestion just now: we don’t even know that it was a hallucination. She was alone in the lab; she straight-up could have been dreaming.  (In that fancy bed.)  Just a regular ol’ extremely vivid dream - another common pregnancy symptom.]

Another, slightly more extra, possible indicator that pregnancy is a possibility: the editing of the sex scene.  We didn’t see leadup/cut to black/afterglow like the show usually does; we saw Kane finish.  It’s possible the writers and directors are just plain old Kabby trash like we are, but it’s also possible it’s plot-relevant in some way that we have concrete proof that Kane came inside her.

So this is my prediction.  I don’t think either of them are going to die.  I think for Raven, the narrative purpose of the “oh no you have a brain thing” is not the possibility of death, it’s the seizures.  It’s to put Raven in a situation where we know there is a danger she could completely lose control of her physical body, with all of humanity on the line.  They made a big point of Raven having to switch the rocket to manual, which now means only Raven can fly it.  They made a big point of how they needed all those barrels of hydrazine for the rocket and now they’re down one; what if they can coast on only the remaining fuel as long as the rocket is only carrying the weight of one passenger and they strip out all the unnecessary internal workings to make it lighter?  Then Raven is in space, alone, with all the Nightblood, with brain that could go into seizure at any moment when she’s over-stressed.  We also have Luna’s ability to soothe Raven with her words, and we have Murphy being in the room for every one of Raven’s failed flight simulator drills (playing with a toy car whose controls are very similar to the rocket). I don’t think it’s outside the bounds of possibility that they’re setting us up for Raven to have a seizure as the rocket is landing and even though it’s in manual, Murphy has to figure out how to land it himself while Raven’s incapacitated and Luna is trying over the headset to soothe her out of her seizure.

As far as Abby, I think the narrative purpose of “oh no you also have the brain thing” could very plausibly be to set us up in the only conceivable situation where Abby would have to consent to let Jackson give her a full medical scan. If there wasn’t a chance she was seriously sick, she’d never allow it.  There’d be no point.  But if she got pregnant in Polis, then she’s less than 2 months along, which means she might not be showing and most of her symptoms might easily look like something else, especially if she already thought there was a chance she did have something else.  So my guess is that she’s going to end up pushing herself and pushing herself until she has some kind of a meltdown or collapses from exhaustion or something happens where she finally has to face the thing she’s been trying not to have to face, her fear that she might also have what Raven has.  But she’d never say “sure go ahead give me a full physical” unless she had a very good reason and Jackson had reached a point of no longer being willing to be talked out of it.  Exhaustion, anxiety/tremors, and lack of sleep could all very easily be a combination of stress, overwork and pregnancy; hallucinations or lucid dreams sometimes are as well.  Especially given that the content of the dream was her child, in danger.

In terms of the narrative purpose to be served by Abby possibly being pregnant, there are a couple possibilities.  One important thing to remember, which I had forgotten until an anon just reminded me of it, is that all the Sky People are universal blood donors, while the Grounders are not.  It’s possible that the “disappointing setback” the episode description for 408 mentions with regard to the experiment on the Grounder redshirt is because maybe a Grounder can’t take another Grounder’s blood if they aren’t type-compatible.  So that means they can’t go to space to manufacture Nightblood synthetically, and they can’t use Luna’s bone marrow to save all the Grounders; they could save all the Sky People, and they could save Grounders compatible with Luna’s blood type, but that’s all.  But if they had, oh, let’s say, Nightblood embryonic stem cells from a baby of two Skaikru universal-donor parents, then by the magic of television science (I DON’T THINK ANY OF THIS IS REAL, I JUST MEAN BY THE RULES OF HOW THIS SHOW WORKS), that could crack the code for a vaccine that could save everyone, as Clarke always intended – not just the Sky People.  

Another factor is that a number of people have tossed around the idea of long-term cryosleep and the theories about a five-year time jump in the finale being connected; that is, maybe one of the “lifeboats” they come up with to save some portion of the group is related to putting people in long-term stasis.  @knowlesian has a fantastic theory I’ll be making her elucidate when she guest-hosts Meta Station next week about how it’s possible that Cadogan’s secret “thirteenth level” was not merely a fancier bunker, but pods for long-term space travel in cryosleep similar to the ones we learned about in that story about the asteroid miners for whom Becca invented Nightblood in the first place. It was to protect them from solar radiation while in cryosleep for long space journeys.  (One factor to consider here is the constant reiteration that Raven’s brain could heal itself if she just took it easy, which of course she never fuckin’ does; however, a five-year nap in cryostasis is probably enough time for her to wake up rested and ready for the writers not have to keep writing seizures into her storyline for Season 5.)  Again, using the magic of Television Science, something something handwave handwave the Nightblood in the placenta keeps the fetus safely in stasis while Abby goes under so they don’t have to deal with the fact that she’ll still only be 2 months along when the death wave comes.  This also makes room for the most crackpot of my crackpot Pregnant Abby theories, the idea that the season’s continued thematic parallels of Abby with Bellamy (up to and including very literal moments like Abby napping on the couch and dreaming of the 100 vs. Bellamy napping on the couch while Clarke drafts the list of the new 100) are actually clues as well.  There were 100 spots on the dropship but 101 passengers, because Bellamy stowed away.  If Cadogan left 100 cryosleep pods, there would be 101 passengers if Abby’s pregnant.

On a thematic level, of course, a baby symbolizes hope and possibility and the future; it’s a nice narrative device to tie the theme of hope which has always been primarily centered on Kane and Abby’s relationship over the course of the show and make it literal.  The first Skaikru baby being born to the Chancellors feels right, and it ramps up the emotional stakes for both of them to stratospheric levels because everything is more risky for a pregnant woman. It’s also a nice way to set up a long-term possibility for Season 5 where we get to see Skaikru emerging from the wreckage, trying to rebuild a home, and a radiation-immune Nightblood baby as a sign that the human race will continue is a nice sort of thematic illustration of that sense of possibility.  



h/t again to @brittanias and @knowlesian, as well as to @reblogginhood who occasionally feeds my tin hat conspiracy theories with things like “Vesta was a fertility goddess I’M JUST SAYING”

Kiss, interrupted: part 2

The second part! I’ve decided upon a title for this thing as well.

Part one

“Can somebody tell me what is going on?” Sister Julienne asked.

Sister Bernadette felt as if she was going to faint. If sheer mortification could be a cause of death, she would have died on the spot. She felt the overwhelming urge to collapse, cry, puke, or all three. None of those were viable options, however, so she just stood rooted to the spot, her eyes trained on the floor and her hands shaking.

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How Date Taeyong Would Be (Como Namorar o Taeyong Seria)

~Adm Rabbit~

Edit: `adm hiyeonji´

  • The protective boyfriend // O namorado protetor
  • Because Taeyong is the kind that do all he can to prevent others from getting into trouble // Porque Taeyong é o tipo que faz tudo o que pode para evitar que os outros se metam em problemas
  • He always would ask if you have sure before do something or take some decision // Ele sempre perguntaria se você tem certeza antes de fazer alguma coisa ou tomar alguma decisão
  • Taeyong himself had a lot of problems in his life because of wrong decisions // O próprio Taeyong teve muitos problemas em sua vida por causa de decisões erradas
  • Lots of physical contact mostly hold hands and wrap arms // Muito contato fisico na maior parte mãos dadas e braços dados
  • He would be laughing as you shake hands with him and sing a cute song // Ele estaria rindo enquanto você balança as mãos com ele e canta uma canção fofa
  • You trying to make him dance in the middle of the street // Você tentando fazê-lo dançar no meio da rua
  • Taeyong always blushes when you wear one of his sweatshirts // Taeyong sempre fica corado quando você usa um de seus moletons
  • He would tie your hair, without you having to ask for it  // Ele amarraria o seu cabelo, sem que você precisasse pedir
  • He never gives her gifts because he never finds something that he thinks is special enough for his little queen // Ele nunca lhe dá presentes, porque ele nunca encontra algo que ele acha que é especial o suficiente para sua pequena rainha
  • Most of your fights start because you try to make him to open up with you // A maioria de suas brigas começam porque você tenta fazê-lo se abrir com você
  • He always feel bad after, because he knows that you just want to be close to him // Ele sempre se sente mal depois, por que ele sabe que você só quer ficar próxima dele
  • But you apologize first because you understand that it is difficult for him to say what he feels // Mas você pede desculpas primeiro porque você entende que é difícil para ele dizer o que ele sente
  • He avoids saying that he loves you in front of others because he is ashamed // Ele evita dizer que te ama na frente dos outros porque tem vergonha
  • But you always get him to say even with the others members around // Mas você sempre faz com que ele diga mesmo com os outros membros por perto 
  • He didn’t hide your relationship from the other members // Ele não escondeu seu relacionamento dos outros membros
  • You often hang out together when they have time // Vocês muitas vezes saem juntos quando eles têm tempo
Just Keep Breathing - Cole Fluff

Request: Hi love, can you do one with Cole where reader is a musical actress and she’s really nerves so he calms her down. Lots of fluff, thank you so much!!!! <3

Warnings: Negative self-talk

Notes: Please ignore the caption in the gif :)

Tag List: @xbobaaa @superoriginalteenwolf @jbrhs-princess  @kindfloweroflove


My heart pumped harder and faster, causing my breathing to become faster. My hands and legs started to shake as they were full of nerves, my mind was racing. 

“Hey, baby! How’re you feeling?”, Cole asks, bursting into my dressing room.

“Not too good”, I pant, feeling a panic attack coming on. Cole rushes to my side and kneels in front of me. “I’m gonna mess up, I know it. It’s a huge crowd out there and I don’t think I can do it -”, I panic.

“Hey, hey. You’re going to be okay. I’ve seen you act and you’re amazing. Not to mention your voice is incredible. Just focus on your character and remember to just keep breathing, okay?”, Cole says softly, creasing my hand with his thumb gently. He wipes away a few fallen tears and fixes up my makeup.

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“Since when did you know how to do makeup?”

“I may’ve picked up a few skills from my makeup artists”, he explains, finishing up the final touches. I look over at the clock, that was placed on the wall, and stand up as it was nearly time to go out. I hug Cole tightly, to which he hugs me back. We break apart and he intertwines his fingers through mine, as we walk toward the wing backstage. 

“Just keep breathing”, he whispers, just before I walk on stage. 

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You thought about everything that led up to this moment with Seungcheol as you stood at the stairs, ready to walk them down. Your heart was beating incredibly fast, hands almost shaking as you were holding your beautiful bouquet of flowers and as soon the music began, your stomach was filled with butterflies. You couldn’t believe you were doing this. You saw everyone stand up from the archway of the door you were about to walk out of and one by one, their gazes found you as you walked down.

You weren’t sure what your expression must’ve looked like but you were definitely very focused on not falling over all of these people, even though they were all your friends and family. But mostly, you didn’t want to ruin the perfect wedding Seungcheol had planned with a little help.

You looked straight ahead after you were sure that you had no chance of falling and saw him standing at the aisle. He looked amazing and his suit was fitted perfectly to fit his muscular body - and you couldn’t wait to take it off later. Don’t think about that now, everyone is looking at you, you thought and pushed the thoughts to the back of your head.
Seungcheol’s eyes were on you, a slight smile apparent on his lips. His gentle and reassuring smile always made you feel better, it was like magic.  He didn’t look away for a second but you were pretty sure that he had some tears welling up in his eyes since he was blinking a lot at times. Next to him stood his best man, Jeonghan. Honestly speaking, sometimes it bothered you how close the two were but they had both asuured there was nothing going on between them from the very first day you met. Jeonghan watched you as well, a wide smile on his face, the ring box in his hands.

As you reached the end of the aisle, the music faded out and everyone took their seats and you could already hear someone sniffling due to crying. You faced Seungcheol as he reached his hand out, taking your hand in his. Your eyes met and it finally hit you - all the emotions washed over you and you had to fight back your tears. You were incredibly happy and the thought of spending the rest of your life with him, someone who understood you, was a dream come true.

You exchanged vows and rings and shared a loving kiss. And before you knew it the main part of the ceremony was over and you were now officially married. No matter how much you thought of it, it still felt unreal.

When you walked down the aisle together and walked towards the same building you came from, where the reception and dinner were held. Everyone congratulated you and hugged you and you found it slightly strange to be in the spotlight, but for Seungcheol it was natural. He always took the lead in these situations and you were grateful for that since he knew it was always a little uncomfortable for you.

“So, what went through your mind when you first saw her walk out?” One of Seungcheol’s relatives asked him. Seungcheol looked at you, a bright smile on his face this time. “I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful in my life, and I am so lucky to marry her,” he said without hesitating, his voice warm and sweet.

You couldn’t help but smile because of his answer. His family member was satisfied with the answer and walked away with a smile, wishing you luck with your marriage. Seungcheol leaned closer to you, his breath so close to your ear that it sent chills down your whole body. “I also thought of something else but I’ll show you exactly what I thought when we leave for our honeymoon,” he whispered.

Admin Memesol

so I had driving lessons again today at 11am, yeah? naturally I took a bunch of anxiety meds to calm my anxious ass down enough to be able to drive semi-decently

those babies works like mild tranquillizers, the smart thing would have been to take a nap when I got back home

did I?

no, this idiotic twat decided to chug down coffee and take their adhd medication on an empty stomach

needless to say I gave up on trying to study hours ago, I can see all the veins in my hands and I’m shaking

I have a mouse in my apartment and it was freaking me out but I just saw it sitting there and it was so tiny and now I’m attached to it and don’t know what to do I want it to be safe but also… please don’t eat my food I wish I could ask it nicely and shake hands

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hi could you do an ethan x reader one where the reader is asexual but they're scared of telling ethan because they don't want him to think they're weird or break up with them

I sure can!! Please enjoy 😊😊💕💕


- Pacing back and forth, being as it was a hard thing to talk about

- You still love him, but you don’t know how he’ll feel

- Hands shaking, replaying what you’ll say in your head before you talk to him

- Crying cause you’re stressing out so hard

- Eventually calling him in and sitting him down

- Telling him that you’re asexual but you don’t want to break up

- ‘So what’s the problem?’

- Totally unfazed, he doesn’t judge you

- Choir music

- Hugging him and just thanking him repeatedly

SWCV Dallas

This is just going to be a quick recap of my swcv dallas experience. 

The concert started with hitchhiking, but I wasn’t expecting Jongkey because in Seoul they transitioned into the next song, but the second I realized what was going on, I flipped out my phone (my hands were shaking) and I recorded that interaction, I’ll upload snippets later today when I edit. 

Minho was such a fuzzball, honestly, he would always wave to the fans up on the balcony, Taemin did so too and Minho hyped the crowd up so much during Ready or Not, it’s like he never loses energy. 

When Taemin performed Goodbye, I had to stop recording just so i could watch him…I mean, he was beautiful, stunning. Taemin when he performs, despite being tired, he gave us his all last night. 

KIBUMS BURNED GUCCI. Iconic. he was so done and the others seemed so amused by him telling his story. (i’m sure you guys have heard about it by now, so I’ll spare you the details).

The return of Jonghyun’s fanboy AND JONGHYUN IS SO SOFT, GENTLE AND SWEET. I love listening to him speak ;;;

MY HUSBAND GUYS MY HUSBAND. Jinki tried telling a joke, but we were all confused, even Jonghyun was like “what do you mean?” in english and that made us laugh. 

Taemin trying to explain how he felt in english was so endearing and genuine. He was struggling, but he managed to say what he felt. 

Onew spoke a little english and apologized in korean for his pronunciation. His “alright, so the next song is…” was sooo adorable, I wanted to squish him. 

I just….they’re amazing, I can’t even describe to you guys properly the aura they emit when they perform. AND THEY DID ODD EYE. I TELL YOU I WAS NOT READY. Those slow hip rolls are no joke haha, the passion in the theater became thirst in a matter of seconds. 

I’m probably forgetting somethings, but I love them so much and I met sooo many of you yesterday!!! <3 <3 thanks for saying hi and I hope you enjoy your little bags ^^

this is for alicia


you’re sitting in front of your laptop, scrolling through tumblr. your roommate is babbling away on the phone to her boyfriend for the 5th time that day. you’re being assaulted on all fronts by pain, suffering, torture … it’s endless. relentless, even. then, you hear a knock on the door. you’re confused, because it’s almost midnight. who would be coming to your room at this hour? your roommate doesn’t even notice, as she’s telling her boyfriend “no YOU hang up!!” for the 80000th time. neither of them hang up. the knocking persists. you stand up and approach the door warily. as you get closer, your heart rate picks up, your palms begin to sweat, and your hands begin to shake. your hand clasps around the door handle, and you turn it cautiously. 

the person you see is not who you would’ve expected. an older woman stands before you, dressed in a skirt and blazer. you stare at her for many moments before realizing who it is. 

it’s nancy pelosi. 

she says two words to you, and two words only. 

“don’t delete.” 

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As you talked about Gilliovny songs, do you know the Taylor Swift's song " Long Live "? Because, it remind me GA and DD's history a lot !! I just wanted to share ! 😊😘

I said remember this moment
In the back of my mind
The time we stood with our shaking hands
The crowds in stands went wild
We were the kings and the queens
And they read off our names
The night you danced like you knew our lives
Would never be the same
You held your head like a hero
On a history book page
It was the end of a decade
But the start of an age

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I’m not necessarily into Taylor Swift, but she knows her shit. Thank you!

i set her on this just bc my hands were shaking too bad to take a steady pic but it ended up looking like a vogue photoshoot which is ironic considering the books. anyway point is im really digging this ensemble and itll look even better on a fully articulated body bc ill be able to give her bracelets

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Hey Jade I'm glad you liked the JL trailer.


I L OV E D IT!!!

I LIVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!