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hey, i'm usually opinionless about a lot of things but what do you think about people being really mean and hateful by sending death threats and all things bad to the blog being discussed right now? i think it's good that people point out mistakes that somehow hurt others, but hurting another person in doing so could be a bit hypocritical.. IDK AHH I JUST WANT PEACE LOVE YOURSELF

yeah i have the same opinion as you. it really worries me how quick people are to jump on the hate on someone “problematic” and how mean they get ;; one thing is to try and reason with the person doing something harmful in the community but starting an actual witch hunt on them……… in all my years on tumblr i’ve seen so many call out posts, so many people being bullied into leaving their blogs. i think that’s just too extreme. how entitled and morally superior one must think themselves be if they think it’s justifiable to be so hateful towards someone that they send them actual death threats??? please don’t resort to violence and hate even if you think the person “deserves” it..

So um. Got the Buildaboy today, but the shop didn’t have the Team Rocket hoodie for some reason

So I got the next best thing.