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Fanfiction - Stealing Tomorrow (Epilogue)

Words fail to say how much I appreciate everyone who invested in this fic, followed it until here, left comments and asks, supported me and made me feel one lucky lady. I feel only love for you all. <3

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Epilogue – Tomorrow is Now

Edinburgh, 13 years ago

“Close your eyes.” Jamie insisted, whispering in her ear. “Dinna be a wee cheater, Sassenach. You’ll spoil the surprise.”

“I’m not cheating!” Claire declared, irritated. “I’m just worried I’ll fall on my face, that’s all.”

“Don’t ye worry.” She could hear the obvious smile in his voice. “I’d still love ye - even with a crocked nose.”

“How magnanimous of you.” She puffed, walking slowly with the guidance of his hand on her arm. “Are we there yet?”

“Yes.” Jamie surprised her by kissing her lips and then removing the blockage of her hands from her eyes. “Tell me what ye think.”

They were standing in an empty apartment, the big windows harnessing enough of the afternoon light to make the wood boards on the floor look like decadent fields of gold.

“It’s very…” Claire licked her lips, looking for an appropriate word to say, noticing his expectant demeanour. “Empty.”

“Ach.” He clicked his tongue and opened his arms, a big grin forming on his lips. “That is only a matter of buying the right furniture for it. But do ye like it?”

“I – yes.” She looked around, noticing the wide kitchen bench and the freshly painted walls. “It’s lovely, really. But why are we here?”

“Well,” Jamie hugged her by the waist and pressed his forehead against hers, his voice sounding like the sheltering roar of the earth underneath her feet. “I was hoping you could make it my home, if you married me.”


Edinburgh, 1 year in the future

“Lady Jane!” Joe thundered, as he saw her striding next to a patient’s gurney, accompanying him to the recovery ward after a long surgery. “I barely recognized you, girl! You look all tanned and sparkly. How was Jamaica?”

“Hot.” Claire laughed, watching the corners of his mouth twitch in a devilish grin. “I meant the weather was very warm, you naughty man.” Noticing that his smile didn’t fade away, but was only enhanced by significant movements of his eyebrows that made him look like a crazy cartoon, she smiled and conceded. “Well, that too.”

“I had no doubt!” Her friend laughed openly, sounding like an amused bear. “I have seen you with your Scot enough to know that, any tropical storm in the area, was probably caused by you two going at it.”

“Oh, stop!” She playfully smacked him in the arm, her cheeks throbbing with heat. “How is everything here?”

“Same old, same old.” Joe replied with a sudden strange attempt at nonchalance. “You haven’t been at the nurses’ desk yet, have you?”

“No.” Claire furrowed her brows. “I was a bit late this morning because of…reasons,” She ignored his smirk. “And went straight to the OR to the kidney transplant. Shall I go there now?”

“No!” The man said vehemently, grabbing her elbow and steering her towards the cafeteria. “I’m that hungry. Shall we go for some dinner?”

“It’s three o’clock in the afternoon, Joe.” Claire gave him a questioning look. “What are you trying to hide?”

“Nothing, LJ.” He shook his head, patting her shoulder in a reassuring manner. “You know my stomach didn’t come with a built-in clock. I’m more of a “eat whenever you’re hungry” type of guy.”

“What is in the nurses’ desk that you don’t want me to see?” She halted and crossed her arms, offering him a disarming look, suitable for young children misbehaving with their soup. “Spill it, Joe. We both know I’ll find out soon enough.”

“Fine!” Joe threw his hands in the air in a gesture of surrender. “I was just trying to spare you. But please, Lady Jane, you need to keep it cool. I’m sure he had the best possible intentions…”

Before Joe was able to complete his sentence, Claire was already sliding past him and marching in the direction of the nurses’ area. As soon as she became visible making a turn on the corridor, two nurses jumped from their seats – they had been whispering with their heads together, looking at something – and stood like two soldiers on a parade, their hands hidden behind their backs, blushing madly.

“So,” Claire smiled pleasantly, taking off her surgical cap and brushing the mad riot of curls, eager to finally be wild and free after so much time in confinement, like eels on a barrel. “What is going on here?”

“Doctor Fraser.” The younger nurse saluted her, looking slightly out of breath. “So good to see you. How was your honeymoon?”

“Fine, Nurse Hawkins.” She nodded, tapping her fingers on the counter in an evident display of impatience. Both nurses looked at her hand like disciplined cats, fascinated by the repeated movement. “There seems to be some kind of disturbance taking place here. I want to know what is going on.”

“LJ…” Joe started, trying to block her vision from the nurses. She gave him a look so dark and dangerous that he immediately retroceded to her side.

“Let’s hear it.” Claire repeated, glancing at the nurses under her lashes and placing all her imaginary coins on the beat of Mary Hawkins breaking in seconds under pressure – too bad it was only the casino of her mind, because it was a smashing jackpot.

“We were just looking at it, Doctor Fraser.” Mary explained in a high pitched voice, slightly stammering. “We meant no disrespect. It’s a beautiful work and such a good cause.”

“Give it to me!” She demanded, reaching out with her open palm. Slowly but surely, Mary Hawkins delivered her the source of all the ruckus.

It was a calendar commissioned by the Fire Department, sold to raise funds for a new Burn Centre and to support the widows and children of fallen firefighters. The calendar was illustrated with photographs of gorgeous men in the corporation – and front and centre, occupying almost two thirds of the cover, was James Fraser. He had been photographed sitting in a chair of the headquarters, naked from the waist up, the suspenders of his loose equipment trousers falling along his hips. His hair was tousled and he looked like he had just arrived from a massive fire, finally relaxed and at ease – except his eyes were playing with the camera, teasing of his secrets, undoubtedly igniting other flames on the belly of any woman looking at it.

“Oh.” Claire said in excitement, her finger absentmindedly caressing his exposed chest. “It’s finally out!”

“You knew about this?” Joe asked, gobsmacked. “That your husband is featuring in a steamy calendar, which probably will be the erotic fantasy of every female in the Edinburgh area?”

“Of course.” She raised a brow. “Who do you think took the photo?”


“Hmmm. Don’t stop!” Claire moaned, her toes curling in pleasure. “That is definitely the spot, Jamie. Keep going!”

“Hmpf.” Jamie snorted from the other extremity of the bed, skilfully massaging the sole of her foot. “Yer wee noises are making my cock ache, Sassenach. If it’s really yer foot ye want me to massage, best ye stop.”

“Again?” She smiled lazily, watching as his knuckles applied pressure on her battered points. “We did it this morning, already. And twice last night.”

“It’s fortunate there’s not a limit to it, then.” He bit her big toe making her yelp, as his hands went on to rub her calf. “Even when I’m still inside ye, I’m already missing ye.”

“How many love letters did you receive today?” Claire asked, nudging him with her free foot. “I’m expecting the mailman already knows your name by heart.”

“They are more lust letters.” Jamie sighed, letting go of her leg and stretching next to her in bed, playing with her curls. “About a dozen or so. Apparently there is another man called James Fraser in this area who has been receiving some by mistake – he is sixty and dinna understand why all of the sudden so many women were sending him photos in their undergarments and making indignant advances on him by mail.”

“Lucky man.” Claire laughed. “May your success serve him well.”

“Ye ken what day is it today?” He stroked her small, pointy, ear and temple, gluing their bodies together.

“I do.” She kissed the tip of his jaw, feeling the small stubble prickling her lips like fresh grass. “Fourteen years ago we were married for the first time.”  

“Aye.” He kissed her mouth, tasting her lower lip, the pressure of his teeth just enough to make her moan against him. “I have a wee present for ye.”

He retrieved a small package from his nightstand and she unwrapped it, kissing him amidst the confusion of paper and ribbon. It was a custom made blue surgical cap, clearly designed for her, with a forget-me-not embroidered on the side and underneath it, printed after his own handwriting, the words “Da mi basia mille”.

“It’s beautiful, Jamie.” She said in a husky voice, a knot forming on her throat – it was always disarming to realize how much he knew her and appreciated her. “I - I have something for you too.” Claire added slowly.

“Aye?” He smiled, so tender and alight that her body was immediately blazing just to see it. His eyes shone blue and knowing, with a hint of mischief hidden in the deepest pools of blue sea.

“You know, don’t you?” Claire realized, their noses almost touching - their eyes so close they could plunge into each other without taking another breath. Slowly, like a dance learnt in another life and scripted into their DNA for permanent remembrance, their hands entwined - silver wedding rings meeting like titans clashing together.

“I know, mo nighean donn.” Jamie nodded and his hand came to rest solid and sure on her stomach - cradling the tomorrow they had lost, fought to earn again and hoped for with all their hearts.

Puppy- Dmytro Timashov

Originally posted by antoinebibeau

Ok so I love Timashov! He’s a baby Leaf who’s so smiley and giggly. I love it! Anyway everyone thank @thewanderingdreamer for giving me the idea because I was stumped as to where to go with it! So enjoy!

Warning: cuteness

@kaz-in-the-impala Request: You take requests from the Marlies??? (If not completely ignore this, I’m sorry!) if you do, can you do one for Dmytro Timashov?? What a sweetie! P.S. I love your blog! 💙💙 also if I didn’t misread I hope you have a blast at the game Thursday!



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Laughter is Language

We keep it golden, it’s so bright. We’re drawing bold allegro lines–Glen Check (Paint it Gold)

Some stupid, pointless, Yoongi-fluff to alleviate the depressing atmosphere on this blog. Also: Sugamon as neighbors. Woot.

“Baek Yerin, I swear to god. Why do you have so much stuff?” you grit through your teeth as you carry another cardboard box packed full of Disney DVDs and VCRs. “Do you even watch any of these anymore?”

“Hey,” she shouts over her shoulders as she makes her way up the stairs in the apartment building, “I might want to watch them when I’m homesick.”

“That’s,” you grunt, hoisting the box up higher,  “not good enough justification for making me carry all of your shit up three flights of stairs.”

“Oh stop being so grumpy,” she laughs a flight of stairs above you. “Focus on the positives, babe. Think about it, we’re finally moving into our own place!” she squeals and you can’t help but chuckle in agreement.

The two of you have been saving up for a place in Seoul since you were in high school, all the way back to schoolgirls in plaid skirts and big dreams hidden in legal pads. You scrimped by in college, subsisting off dehydrated cup noodles, working two jobs through the school year and three in the summer. And now that you’ve graduated, you finally have enough for a semi-decent apartment in Sinchon. Quarters are cramped, and not really much of an improvement over a college dorm room, but it’s more than you could’ve ever dreamed of. The great, romanticized step of independence, a sharp injection of adrenaline despite the universe’s forecast of entropy and confusion.

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Pay Attention to Me || [Eren/Armin]

Summary: Armin’s preoccupied with internet affairs and Eren’s a whiny little boyfriend. It’s the perfect combination.

Word Count: 1274

(A/N): I wanted to post this one now just in case I can’t later. I have the SATs in two days and next week is all midterms, so that means shoddy activity. I’ll try to poke in whenever I can <3

“Armin, it’s only been two days, relax!” 

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otomiya-tickles  asked:

Shibashibashiba<3*-* barging in at the right time hehehe, can I request 8. “I think I’m stuck!” with either Servamp Kuromahi or YOI victuuri I can't choose ^///^

Here it is! The last of the Christmas prompts! AAAAH I’M SORRY ABOUT THE DELAY I HAVE NO EXCUSE!!! T___T Inspiration kept fleeing away from me, and I definitely don’t run fast enough to catch up with it…. *sob sob*
But it’s finally done, right before the year ends! And I really really really hope you’ll enjoy it sweetheart…! Thanks so much for asking me this!!

Note 1: This was somehow inspired by this post~ (don’t question my twisted mind lmao)
Note 2: Had to change the punctuation of the prompt phrase, ‘cause exclamation points don’t really fit a normal Kuro I think?? ^^;

Word count: 2032

          “Kuro? Can you come here?”

The black cat sighed loudly. As the end of the year drew near, Mahiru was becoming strangely excited – which, in turn, made Kuro’s life a living nightmare. No earplug could protect his precious naps from the sounds of those busy, rushing footsteps; no place was safe from that accursed stool the brunet dragged all over the house to set different decorations up; and worst of all, the Eve was always trying to get his Servamp involved in all this! With no luck until then, but still. His efforts were getting tiresome…
Kuro kept his little paws busy with the buttons of his console, careful not to spare the other a single glance – in case he would take it as an encouragement.

           “Can’t. Got a boss to defeat, leave me a note and I’ll consider it. Later.”

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the incubus babysitter

heeeeeey @firagaproductions / @soulevansvevo! i’m your secret santa ;) i went back and worth for a while on what i should write you, but then i remembered you said you wanted more in between stuff during my resbang and then fluff happened. ♥ THANKS FOR GIVING ME A REASON TO HOP BACK INTO INCUBUS SOUL MODE! i hope it’s still awkwardly charming. this takes place before they’re a thing <: 

#alcohol tw !!


“Wow,” Maka breathes, palm pressed flat against his, “your hands are so big.”

She’s just a smidgen too close, toes bumping against his as she wobbles on her feet. For a moment, as she laces her fingers between his and clasps their hands tight, smiling at him in gobsmacked wonder, he regrets letting Maka talk him into attending this damn party with him. College frat parties are not his scene, not even a little bit, but they’re even less hers and like hell he was going to let her attend alone, regardless of the fact that her brother is off somewhere doing a keg stand.

Apparently sacrificing his night to babysit her red plastic cup is well on the menu of things he would do for her. But still, he can’t get over how weird the whole thing is, seeing Maka in a crop top and shorts, hair loose, surrounded by drunk twenty-somethings as they holler and act generally uncivilized.

He squints at her. “Uh, thanks?”

“You have long fingers,” she says, marveling, shifting her weight onto her toes and pinning him in place. “They’re so pretty.”

“Weirdo. Fingers can’t be pretty. They’re just bones and skin.”

She blinks at him thoughtfully, lips pursing. “That’s all I am, too. Soul, am I not pretty?”

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anonymous asked:

hey I've seen one of your guides for beginners and it's awesome!!! you're so gorgeous to share all your tips, and I was thinking what another guides do you have? or where I can find them? Thanks love and keep that great job, I really appreciated your help!, xoxo sav!

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Thanks too you darling:

Poses, How to:

Guides/ Sequence

I hope this ones helps you, if you don’t see some guide, pose or theme, please feel free to ask me, I will be more than happy to help you!


“If it was a sin for you to choose me…then I would go to the Devil himself and bless him for tempting ye to it.” He lifted my foot and gently kissed the tip of my big toe. I laid my hand on his head; the short hair felt bristly but soft, like a very young hedgehog. “I don’t think it was wrong,” I said softly. “But if it was…then I’ll go to the Devil with you, Jamie Fraser.”

Welcome to February’s Splits and Open Hips calendar! We had a blast practicing with you this passed month, and are really excited for you to join us for February. You can always hop on in at any time. Feel free to follow along, post pictures, and even provide your own modifications! 

Your lovely hosts freespiritedlotus​, yoga-granola, and I manipura-asana, will be checking out your pictures and rooting you on so don’t be shy.

The poses are as follows:

Week One. Hosted by Monica (yoga-granola)

(day 32) Feb 1st: Goddess Pose

(33) 2nd: Prasarita Lunge

(34) 3rd: Reclining Bound Angle

(35) 4th: Seated Wide Leg Forward Fold

(36) 5th: Wide Leg Head to Knee (and bind) 

(37) 6th: Reclining Hand to Big Toe

(38) 7th: Books (rest) 

Week Two. Hosted by Mandie (freespiritedlotus)

(39) 8th: Warrior Three

(40) 9th: Dancer

(41) 10th: Half Front Split

(42) 11th: Single Leg Forward Bend

(43) 12th: Bird of Paradise

(44) 13th: Half Chair (ankle to knee) 

(45) 14th: Food (rest) We’re half way through the challenge!

Week Three. Hosted by Jillian (manipura-asana)

(46) 15th: Vishnu’s Couch Pose

(47) 16th: Half Frog

(48) 17th: Gate Pose

(49) 18th: Camel

(50) 19th: Marichyasana I

(51) 20th: Heron Pose

(52) 21st: Animal (rest) 

Week Four. We’re getting so close!

(53) 22nd: Samanasana - hosted by Monica

(54) 23rd: Compass Pose - hosted by Mandie

(55) 24th: Downward Dog Lunge - hosted by Jillian

(56) 25th: Front Splits (left)

(57) 26th: Front Splits (right)

(58) 27th: Middle/Straddle Splits

(59) 28th: Hobby (rest) 

And that’s it! Make sure you’re following your hosts and tagging your pictures with #splitsandopenhips. You can tag us too if you’d like. 

Come on and get bendy with us. 

Courage the Cowardly Dog: Wimbledon

The Queen of the Black Puddle was trapped under the floorboards, Le Quack was heading for the electric chair, Big Toe was being held in a top-secret quarantine chamber, the Cajun Fox was stuck in a stew pot, and Courage had been taken captive by the eggplants, who were preparing to storm the house.

He knew who was to blame.


Inspired by c2ndy2c1d’s villains-as-caretakers AU.

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