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the tailor (au)

keith is a famous fashion designer. made black the new black again. allura and shiro model for him. it’s cool. he’s famous. just created the new altea fashion line.

lance, on the other hand, is just a tailor. hates keith because they were in the same design and fashion class in uni but it was keith who got famous, not lance. lance is salty and will stop at nothing to surpass keith kogane. he just has to figure out HOW to do it first.
(i only thought of this au because of the tailor thing not gonna lie)

keith: walks into the tailoring shop
keith: i heard this was the best place in town to get clothing tailored?
pidge (working the desk): yup. hey, lance!
lance: *glares* oh, hey keith. long time no see.
keith:… who are you?
lance: are you kidding me right now


waaah!! today i got some photos of mine and shaun’s Jack and Sally cosplays from Holiday Matsuri 2014 last year! we had so much fun learning about this thing called “Christmas!”

photography by Coffee Queen Cosplay, Jack cosplay by shmaba, Sally cosplay by toughtink cosplay

anonymous asked:

Why are Cory's legs so loonnnggg???

Because when God made his perfection, Mister CMS, He was clearly aiming for maximum annihilation. (As if the impossibly sharp cheekbones and ent-ish hands tailor-made for smacking someone’s ass weren’t enough. UGH)

Mission fucking successful. 

People are worried about how Kurt and Blaine could possibly have gotten a marriage license at such short notice, but I think it’s pretty obvious that Brittany took care of that by transporting them back in time.

When my great-grandfather died my great-grandmother leaped into the coffin and grabbed him by the lapels and wailed in Italian, “Franco, take me with you!” Which is both heart breaking and hilarious to me.