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My favorite experiences at pride

-getting lost while looking for our float
-petting all the dogs we saw
-gay Jesus riding a skateboard
-gay Jesus coming in with a gay flag and annoying the protesters
-someone telling me they loved my flag
-“happy pride”
-random people asking me about my flag and where I got it
-sorting all the beads
-the trans march
- a sign that read “exclude terfs”
-finding my float
-walking in the parade
-seeing all the tiny children
-someone had a cat with them
-some 30 old black woman asked for me when walking in parade and I talked to her for a bit and she held my hand and told me I was amazing and happy pride sweetheart and gave me a gay flag
-handing people sunglasses and then saying ‘yass mommy’
-handing out sunglasses and a fellow ace saying 'yes fellow ace brethren loving seeing you all’
-some girl yelling at me saying I was pretty
-the fireworks
-running a booth
-making friends
-talking to random strangers
-the kindness in the lgbtq which everyone seems to forget
-having heat exhaustion and not having any water so a guy and his boyfriend have me 10$ even though I told them not to worry about it
-just the overall happiness it gives me

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Slytherin Things (Part Three)

Dark sunglasses, black purses, blank canvases because of fear of parents discovering your art, tiny decorative notebooks, sarcastic Typo notebooks, hand-drawn bookmarks, thyme leaves in little bags, rose petals, beautiful shells, green glitter, leather jackets…

Ridiculous ME: A headcanon

-Sara Ryder is an awkward musical loving meme queen.

-While on the Tempest, Scott is hanging out with Liam then sees Sara walking by. She has a data pad in hand doing some work, clearly very engrossed with whatever it is. Scott nudges Liam and says, “Watch this.”

-Scott pulls out his omni-tool and finds a famous song from a musical, then hits play with the volume low.

-He gently turns the volume up a little bit and Sara starts to hum along without realizing it.

-The song gets a little louder, and Sara realizes what Scott is doing. Without skipping a beat, she throws the data pad down and whips her head over to Scott, belting “Defying Gravity”

-She gets so into character that Scott can help but join in as Glinda and back up his sister.

-Liam is in tears. Jaal is confused.

-Sara will frequently threaten enemies by yelling “MEET ME IN THE PIT”

-Jaal still hasn’t figured out what pit she is referring to.

-Sara comes up behind Scott and will casually play Careless Whisper while doing the ‘Shepard Shuffle’. Scott will join in a pretend to  play the sax.

-The Tempest crew rolls their eyes and goes about their business. Jaal will stop and stare, trying to figure out why the twins look like they’re having seizures. 

-She keeps a pair of sunglasses on hand so when someone doesn’t agree with her she can whip them out and say “Deal with it”