hand stitched

Elven Book by Danybuffy [deviantart]

  • Springback binding with rigid spine.
  • Dark blue cover leather hand dyed.
  • Elvish ribs reliefs on front cover, back cover and spine.
  • Metallic decorative symbol on front cover.
  • Bookmark dark blue satin.
  • Blue and silver handbands hand-stitched.
  • Pages printed with a watermark with the same motif of the front cover plate.
  • Each sheet was cut by hand in the measures required by the customer.
  • Size: 28 x 21 cm for a total of 300 pages. 

I’ve been working for a while (most of that work being research and procrastination) on creating a leather bound journal to sketch and journal various plants I’ve been exploring. I wanted something specific, and the only way to ensure the journal met my needs was to make it myself.

I started with some leftover scraps of goat skin leather I bought several years ago for the purpose of creating the “Hero’s Enchiridion” from Adventure Time (that remains to be finished because I am exploring techniques and actually creating content inside the book as well). After sketching, brainstorming, and measuring the leather, I gathered the papers I wanted inside. I picked some Canson cream drawing paper for the bulk of the pages, while opting for some thinner printmaking paper for the fold-outs and some nice vellum for making enveloped pages. I then trimmed the leather and cut/folded all my pages and arranged my signatures. The hardest part was sewing the sleeve for the pencil holder on the left side. I hand stitched it using pliers to help me get the needle through the leather… and this is really soft, thin goat leather; I’d hate to try hand-stitching the thicker stuff! I then used some cream colored waxed linen cord to bind the pages to the leather using a long-stitch method (my first time trying this, too). I then trimmed the cover flap to a nice rounded edge and installed a bronze-colored metal grommet for the tie-cord. I finished up with a thin strip of the same leather attached to a conifer seed I found about ten years ago in Italy…I thought it would look nice, plus it works well with the purpose of the journal.

So there you go! I took lots of pictures to show the finished product. I’ll try to take some in-progress pics of the next one I make!

I made some good progress on my mini quilt today. I was supposed to go for a run after work but the weather cut up rough. Wind and sideways rain and bone chilling temperatures and I was looking out the office window thinking its not too bad but then the copier tech turned up at the door right on run o'clock too so I missed my run and ended up waiting for a ride home. I stitched while I waited. I’m clinging to that work/life balance one stitch at a time.