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Shapeshifter Aesthetic ; requested by anon

Shapeshifters are beings that have the ability to transform into other living things. In some lore they have to kill the thing they are assuming the shape of before hand, and in others it is an ability cast on an object using a spell or magic. The most popular version of shapeshifting is that of a person into an animal, and vice versa.

Grasping at straws: Ymir ain’t dead

hmm… tinfoil hat theory here: but we’ve seen with Eren & Historia that people can access memories not belonging to them.

Could it be that Gallard tried that trick with attempting to see his brother’s memories, as Rod used showed Historia Grishas, but couldn’t, but did see Ymir’s?

Supporting evidence 1: Gallard never says he ate Ymir, and when we see him standing in front of her he’s in similar clothes to what he is wearing in the present. No signs of syringes, no rolled up sleeves or third person ready to inject him. Could it be that since he last saw Reiner he went and visited Ymir in whatever location she is being held? 

Supporting evidence 2: Ymir’s Titan looks like Gallard’s.

Now that might seems like it should be in the against it column, but consider this: Isayama is a grade A troll (sub note: Bert going to bite his hand at Utgard).

Ymir’s shifter form looks exactly like her regular titan form, something we’ve not seen at any other time (the albeit brief glimpses of Eren and Armin show radical differences). The other noticeable difference with Ymir vs other shifters is that she was a regular titan for 60 odd years, while most are for a few minutes at most.

Conclusion: It’s pretty darn weird that Ymir’s regular form looks so much like Gallard’s shifter form (not to mention the picture book shenanigans). It’s all rather convenient… a little too convenient.

Additionally Gallard says she also wanted to bring back Marcel’s “Jaw” - this could be taken to mean that is the titan designation he now bears, but he doesn’t confirm it. After all he says he was chosen for the operation nine years ago as well - so did he get his titan then?

For instance if he is actually saying (official translation pending):

“This never would have happened if, nine years ago, when I was chosen for the operation on Paradis Island… I had been given the armoured titan instead of you”

Meaning he could be bitter he was given a different titan which meant he stayed back in Marley territory, so wasn’t there to protect his brother.

After all there are NINE titans:

1. King - Uri / Frieda / Grisha / Eren

2. Attack - Owl / Grisha / Eren

3. Colossal - Bert / Armin

4. Female - Annie

5. Armoured - Reiner

6. Jaw - Marcel / Ymir

7. Beast - Zeke

8. Quad - Piku, Piek or however its spelt

9. ????

If Gallard does have Ymir’s titan, we’re still missing one - who given how the Marley have been talking about their war effort should have been fighting with the others, or at least mentioned - so it could well be that Gallard is actually the as yet unnamed 9th titan and Ymir is just being held captive.

“But why would they just hold her captive not take her power back?” I hear you ask.

Well for one, she’s shown herself to be a (somewhat) willing prisoner, and thus a source of information about the wall society / military. She’s also shown herself as having rather flexible loyalty towards the vast majority of people in the walls.

And secondly, she’s leverage against the only other branch of the royal family outside Zeke and (translation & horrifying implications for the other, especially female, shifters pending) his kid - Historia.

If the Marley forces want to get control of the coordinate (seeming to be unaware of the First King’s trap), they want / need a royal bloodline. So a reasonable plan would be to defeat Eren so they can get their control over the co-ordinate and the titans, then use Ymir as bait to get Historia to come with them, and have more royal blood available and a puppet to take over the island more peacefully.

Thirdly, if Gallard has been a shifter as long as Reiner, the Marley might not have had a suitable candidate to take over Ymir’s titan - Gabi, Falco and co are all still around 10-12 years old, so when Ymir arrived they probably would have only just begun their training.

So if Ymir was a passive prisoner there would not have been the urgency to take the power from her, especially as we’ve seen with Eren how hard it is for someone to learn to control their power.

Additionally with the Marley’s comparatively advanced technology they would find it easier to keep Ymir contained even if she did turn hostile - put her in a concrete vault with only narrow staircases out and she’d have a very hard time escaping.

And lastly, from a narrative point of view, there are very few deaths that have not been shown explicitly - especially of named characters. So while it is possible Isayama hecked this up big time, that we weren’t shown regular titan Gallard standing before a chained up Ymir, but rather casual wear Gallard, feels significant.

But this may well be wishful thinking of course


Dean Winchester x Reader

3300 Words

Story Summary: Running errands, Y/N is captured by a shifter and tortured as payback for the pain Dean caused him. When Dean finally comes to rescue her, it may be too late.

A/N: This is for @babypieandwhiskey and her Cam’s Creative Birthday Challenge. I asked for a gif, and this is what I came up with for that gif. Story seemed to have a life of it’s own!!

Warnings: Angst!! With some fluff thrown in. Some mentions of violence.

Never would you have imagined your life would have ended up here. Moments away from death at the hands at the hands of some shifter. Never having the chance to say goodbye to Dean. It had only been a week ago when you had thought your life was perfect.

Glancing down at the shiny ring on your hand, a tear slipped down your cheek. It was just a week ago that Dean had gotten down on one knee, doing something you had never imagined would happen. Proposing to you, pledging to spend the rest of his life with you. It had been an easy decision, a yes leaving your lips before he had even finished talking.

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Driving Lessons - Driving Stick

My prompt was Driving lessons. I had too much fun writing this one for sure! My other fic is such a slow burn that it was nice to just get to it, lol!

Any part of this fic may contain purposeful content by the writer to induce: emotional distress, anxiety, and all of the feels! It is NEVER my intent to cause vomiting! ;)   (Seriously, could be one of my fav convos ever!)

May also contain: swearing, Negan being Negan, angst (see above), fluff, smut

Originally posted by rickdixonandthefandomlifeposts

“Well I’d say that this was a productive damn trip gentlemen. And lady.” Negan said as he watched the last of the supplies being loaded into the trucks, winking at you slyly.

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Day 5

Imagine Dying In Alec’s Arms

For My ShadowHunter Angst Followers


Your eyes go to Alec as he cries out and your face twists in confusion. Not a second later a
sword protrudes from your stomach and blinding agony clouds your mind.

Crumpling to your knees you grab the sword lamely wth your hands.

Your foe, a shifter demon, falls dead to the ground with an arrow sticking out of its throat.

Alec is beside you in a second and carefully pulls the sword out while you whimper. His arms come up and cradle you gently while you hold your wound. Blood is seeping out at a rapid pace and some even drips from your mouth.

“Alec,” you whisper. It’s bad and you know that. If blood is coming from your mouth it means it’s filling your lungs and that means no coming back.

“Hang in there, just hang in there,” Alec stammers and presses his hand to your stomach.

“It’s okay,” you cough out.

“No it’s not. (Y/N) don’t-”

“Alec be brave for me please,” you utter intently. Alec nods and wipes tears from his eyes. “Just be here.”

“I’m here.”

“I’m scared,” you admit in a small voice. “I don’t want to leave you.”

“It-it’s okay. There’s no need to be scared. I’m right here, I’ve got you,” Alec assures and you smile weakly. You’re starting to feel really tired but you just want a few more minutes. “I’ll hold you till you-till you fall asleep.”


“Yes?” he says and looks down into your eyes. In that moment it stops hurting.

“I love you Alec,” you admit. “You’re the best big brother.”

“I love you too (Y/N). I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you, couldn’t save you,” he stammers and pulls you closer into his arms.

“Alec don’t blame yourself. When I’m gone I need you to do something for me,” you choke out. It’s getting harder and harder to breathe.


“Don’t let anyone tell you what to be.”

Fifth Christmas, Part 2

the series is as follows so far:

FirstSecond ThirdFourthFifthFifth Christmas, Part 2SixthSeventhEighthNinthTenthEleventhTwelfthThirteenthFourteenthFifteenthSixteenthSeventeenthEighteenthNineteenthTwentiethTwenty-firstTwenty-secondTwenty-third

A/N: I shall now interrupt my regularly scheduled ‘Christmas’ series with an little added bonus … a little extra floofiness if you will … Mulder’s Christmas Day with the Scully’s …


He was a grown-ass man.

He should not have damned butterflies playing roller derby in his stomach.

It was only Christmas morning.

Christmas morning with the Scully’s.

All of them.

Nine adults … seven kids … 10,000 presents … one tree … 20 pounds of smashed potatoes … two roasters of ham … three cakes, chocolate with sprinkles, vanilla with cherry filling and black cherry frosting, carrot with to-die-for cream cheese decadence … one shirt collar that suddenly felt entirely too tight and two shoes that squeaked.

He was going to die before he hit the front door.

Noticing his palm-sweating nerves and jiggling knee, she parked in front of the house but didn’t get out, instead taking his damp hand in hers, “are you dying? Do we need to go back home? Are you afraid of the short people that will be hopped up on Santa and Christmas cookies? Are you afraid of the tall ones whom you’ve met or the ones you haven’t? Will you survive my mother’s 2-ton Christmas feast?”

The smile she tried to contain and the panic he couldn’t made her squeeze his knee with her other hand, reaching across the shifter to touch him twice at once.

Butterflies turned to rampant electricity in his veins and a giddy, hitched chuckle arose, “all of the above. I have no idea why I’m nervous but I am and I’m an idiot.”

This time, when her lips feathered his cheek, he nearly busted a gasket but remained calm, “you will be fine. The kids are gonna love you because you’re really tall and look like you would be perfectly willing to give shoulder rides. Just stick with them if all else fails.”

“How do I look willing to give shoulder rides?”

“You don’t but when Hannah asks you to, you will melt and do it and it’ll all snowball and you’ll go home tonight perfectly happy and slightly bruised from the heels that have been banging your upper chest all day.”

Giving her hand a last squeeze, he let go, “come on, let’s go see how my first real Christmas in 25 years is gonna play out.”

He was out of the car and waiting for her before she slowly slipped from the car, not gathering her armload of gifts yet but coming to his side, standing up on the curb to get a better height on him. In a quiet voice that blending with the barely dawning sky, “but you go to your mom’s for Christmas every year.”

‘Cause he couldn’t lie to her, not on such an honest morning, “not every year and it’s never fun or relaxing or remotely real. Usually it’s forced pleasantries and stuffy food and awkward silences and I escape as soon as duty allows.” He didn’t want to bring her down so he kissed her on the nose, a quick peck there and gone, “and we’re going to be late if we don’t get moving.”

Sliding her wool-covered arms under his, she rested her cheeks against the cold material of his coat, hugging him tightly, fierce-protective mode in high gear, “I’m sorry. If I’d have known that, I’d have been dragging you along with me from the beginning.”

He settled his arms around her, face turned, cheek on top of her winter cap, “thank you.”

They stayed like this longer than they should have and the front door opening, her cousin’s voice carrying across the cold from the front porch, “break it up, woman and get your butt inside. The longer you stand out here, the longer I have to keep these kids barricaded upstairs and the natives are getting restless!”

Lifting her head to survey her cousin with a smile, “Shut up, Dave. You’re gonna wake the entire neighborhood.”

“It’s Christmas. They shouldn’t be asleep anyways. Now make room for Jesus and come inside or I’ll have to sic Aunt Maggie on you.”

They hustled after this, not wanting to impose the wrath of Mama Scully and her very real threats of burned ham and coal in stockings. Getting in the front door with both Mulder and gifts in tow, she kicked Dave lightly in the shins, getting his flannel pajamas snowy, “you are not getting a gift.”

“Good, ‘cause I didn’t get you anything either.” Grabbing her head in a hug, “Merry Christmas, old lady.”

Once he disappeared back up the steps, Mulder turned to her, “I like him.”

“He’ll like you back. Trust me.”

They no sooner had gotten shoes off and coats hung then feet began pounding down the stairs, tumbling past them, yelling ‘Merry Christmas’ as they passed. The small people were followed by the big people, Charlie and Dave racing down just as loudly, yelling ‘Feliz Navidad’ and some kind of boisterous holiday exclamation in what sounds suspiciously like Klingon.

Mulder looked at Scully, already feeling his nervousness fading into astonished anticipation, “this is gonna be fun.”

Reaching over, she pulled him behind her by the hand, “come on. The tree’s back here.”


There were gifts but only two each, then Maggie cut everybody off, her two sons and nephew the loudest of the good-natured protestors, telling them that mass was in an hour and they had 15 minutes to get ready to leave.

Mulder looked at Scully, “mass?”

With a guilty look flooding her face, “I totally forgot to mention that, didn’t I? I’m sorry. We always either go to Midnight Mass or Christmas morning. I guess they didn’t go last night.” Leaning forward on her elbows, she turned to look at him, “you don’t have to go. Mom won’t mind. You can just hang out here and take a nap or just,” digging for the book Maggie got her, she held it out to him, “read this.”

Taking the book but setting in beside her without a glance, “do you think your God is accurate enough to hit only me with the lightning bolt? I mean, I’ll go but only if I can guarantee I’m the only one who’s going to get struck.”

Scully’s lips curved in a knowing smirk, “he’s got good aim but I think you’ll be fine.”

“Then I’d like to go.”


He had never experienced a full-on Christmas mass before, especially not one with 16 people packed in one pew, kids doing their best to be quiet, suppressing their antsy, I’ve got gifts at home waiting demeanor and failing miserably. Scully, though, held his hand at required parts and kept holding his hand at parts where no one else held hands at all.

He missed most of what the priest talked about but he enjoyed the singing and the smells, which he meant to ask about but forgot because of, well, the hand-holding. Soon, they were all leaving the pew for communion and Mulder moved with them but Scully gently shook her head, whispering, “we’ll be back. You stay here.”

He didn’t care about it anyways. Mostly, he just missed her hand and spent the entire time they were out of the pew wondering if he would get it back when she returned.

He did.

He enjoyed Mass very much.

He retook her mittened hand once they got outside, opening her door for her and just grinning when she mentioned he must be trying to store up brownie points for something.

Then she reached for his damp wool glove on the short drive home.


Breakfast was phenomenally loud, things spilling, burned bacon, which Mulder loved and Scully knew and kept slipping onto his plate. He in turn gave her all his strawberries and whipped cream from his pancakes … partners to the end in both crime fighting and breakfast shenanigans.

Present opening began as soon as the last dish was washed and dried. Mulder chose to settle on the floor against the wall, Scully designated present-passer-outer for this leg of the insanity, stealing glances at him each time she came near and without fail, caught him looking back, locking away every glance like an addled schoolboy who’s crush had just discovered his existence and may forget again with her next heartbeat.

Then she stopped in front of him, a big smile on her face and a bigger box, “Merry Christmas from Mom and I.”

The look he gave her must have been so filled with stunned bewilderment that she suddenly dropped to her knees, hugging him and the big box close, whispering in his ear, “please, smile. You’re gonna make me cry.”

So he did, pulling away to reveal a gigantic grin, “want to help me open it?”

Still crouching in front of him, she shook her head, “nope but I’m going to watch.”

Inside, there was an enormous collection of crazy themed socks and horribly wonderful ties, bags of sunflower seeds, 10 pairs of sunglasses, a whole container of homemade peanut butter marshmallow fudge that he loved with all his soul and stomach and Maggie knew he loved, the entire collection of Star Trek on DVD and a keychain with an alien head on it, which Scully leaned over to tell him quietly that Maggie had picked out everything but the seeds and the ties.

Standing right up, he hauled Maggie up from the couch and hugged her, squeezing her until someone made an amused comment to let go of his mother before he broke her in half.

Not wanting to break the lovely woman in charge of making him fudge, he released her, then sat back down, immediately changing his socks.

After that, Scully turned over the gift distribution reins to Matt and sidled up beside him, leaning into his side more than platonically allowable but less than I’ve seen you naked expected.

He was in some kind of Irish heaven and he never wanted to leave.


Caught in that lull between presents and dinner, the house gradually went quiet, all kids and adult males gone from the living room. Mulder was beginning to wonder what had happened when suddenly, “hey, Mulder?”

The voice had bellowed from the kitchen and Scully pushed him to stand, “I’d go see what he wants or he’ll just keep yelling.”

Mulder disappeared into the kitchen and when he didn’t return after 5 minutes, Scully went to investigate. She found him, Dave, Charlie and all the kids sharing two very large chocolate chip cookies. The entire lot of them turned in unison and wore the same guilty look at which Scully laughed, “you could have at least invited me. I’m starving.”

“We needed sustenance and girls tattle.” Looking down at his daughter, Charlie whispered, “really, it’s just your Aunt Dana.”

“That’s true. Did I ever tell you about your dad …”

“Just get over here, eat your cookie and shut it.”

Reaching her hand over the crowd, “make sure there’s chocolate in my piece.”

Maggie caught them a few moments later but by then, all evidence was gone, crumbs picked up with licked thumbs and chewing finished, swallowing proceeding as Maggie opened the swinging kitchen doors, “what are you all doing in here very quietly?”

12 people said, once again in unison, “nothing.”


Knowing a mom going after the most vulnerable, he looked her square in the eye, “nothing.”

She squinted in their direction, “I can smell the guilt and it smells like chocolate.” They all stood their ground, even the four-year old, until Maggie just smiled, “get out of my kitchen unless you want to help me chop things.”


Dinner, once everyone was arranged and Graham was sitting beside Mulder, Hannah on his other side, went smoothly. There were stories and jokes and spontaneous off-key Christmas carol singing.

Mulder also got himself a cheekful of potatoes from Scully, who reached over Hannah to do it, “what was that for?”

“Inauguration. No one gets out of Christmas without potatoes.” Nodding towards Sarah, Dave’s wife, “she got an earful her first Christmas. Be thankful it was only your cheek.”

Joanna spouted off, “I got it in the nose so be extra happy about your cheek.”

“These things, Scully, that I didn’t know and will make you pay for later on are astounding.”

Maggie cut them off, laughing, “so help me, if I have another holiday food fight in this kitchen, I take back all my presents.”

Charlie slowly put his loaded spoon down.

So did Bill.


Everyone but Mulder, Scully and Maggie were either asleep or already on their way back home by nine that night and as Scully let out her third yawn in less than five minutes, Mulder nudged her knee, “ready to go? I still have to drive home after we get to your place.”

With a nod, she stood, swaying slightly, “you awake enough to drive my car?”

“Sure.” Giving Maggie another tight hug, “thank you so much for everything. I’ve never … I just … I’ve had the greatest time.”

Squeezing him back, “you are welcome anytime, Fox, never forget that.”

Once on the front porch with the door shut and locked behind them, Mulder stopped her, putting down their bags of gifts and leftovers. Giving her her own hug, then light kiss on her rosy, chapped lips, “there was Mistletoe hanging over the front door but I waited until we dind’t have an audience in case you hit me.”

Guffawing out a frozen chuckle, she shifted up on her toes and kissed him back, close-lipped and quick, “I’d never hit you for kissing me under the Mistletoe, Mulder. Believe me.”

As he opened her door, “Hand. Down. Best. Day. Ever.”

Let’s talk Jeankasa for a moment. More specifically, predictions. This has been something I had been thinking about since the “13 years to live” bit came up….

Around the time chapter 84 came out, there was talk floating around that Isayama had stated that Armin and Eren wouldn’t always be friends. With the 13 year time limit on the shifters’ hands now, that statement could possibly be true.

Fans are speculating that Armin will end up surviving due to him being the narrator in the series. In order for that to happen, he would have to break the “curse.” But, on the other hand, Eren having the coordinate, some think that he would have to be the one to break the curse. I for one, am leaning towards Armin breaking it. In my opinion, Armin will somehow survive it all and end up eating all the other shifters to break the curse.

Eren would have reached his goal of defeating the titans and escaping his “cage.” He would finally be free.

Now, along with the other characters surviving, I’m thinking Mikasa most definitely…and also Jean. Mikasa is one of the other characters that I’ve seen fans speculating that she will survive all the way. She had already lost so much: her parents, Eren’s family. Eren dying in the end would only add to the harshness she faced. “A cruel and beautiful ending just like her character.” She would never forget Eren. She would have to keep moving so her memories of Eren wouldn’t die. Just like what happened in Trost.

Jean came a bit as a surprise while I was thinking about this. I have shit comprehension when I’m reading or watching things, but surprisingly, I noticed that Jean has changed a lot since he first made his debut. He really grew as a character and became a great, strong leader. He lost someone dear to him too: Marco. He wanted to continue on for Marco, just like Mikasa did when she thought Eren died.

In the end, I started to think that maybe Jean will step up and comfort Mikasa after Eren’s death. I see him possibly being by her side and comforting her while she copes with his death and takes however long it may be to get over him. I don’t see her getting 100% over him. I really don’t. But I do see her finding something different about Jean. I see her views changing greatly since when they were much younger and Cadets together.

I see them possibly ending up together in the end, in the epilogue. I see them telling the story to their children. I see three children. Two boys named after Eren and Marco and a daughter that I didn’t think of a name for.

They’d tell their children the different legacies of their friends and the other important soldiers. They’d tell them about Eren, of course. The history of where they got to would never die that way. It would continue living on so no one would forget how hard they worked to become free and live their lives.

A post I did a bit of reference from, though didn’t necessarily agree with all the points made. It’s still rather interesting and absolutely well written, though.

yasuda1986  asked:

I didn't see anything in the chapter saying Galliard was a titan shifter before hand. I am pretty sure he became a titan shifter by eating Ymir and had no power other than the pure titan serum.

Hi! Yes, I think I read the chapter too fast earlier this morning, sorry! @perfectackeracy also pointed me back to this panel:

It seems that Ymir was always the “Jaw Titan” but she didn’t have the serum to complete the transformation. So that means there’s yet another Marleyan shifter whom we haven’t met yet (since they had seven at the start of the narrative: jaw/dancing, cart, female, colossal, beast, armored, and one other).

This does make me feel a bit better about Ymir’s death: there was some kind of logic to it. So who is this seventh shifter?? 

Thanks for the note! :) I probably shouldn’t blog before my morning coffee haha xD


Request: Could I request 17 with got7 JB?? Please and thank you 😙😙

17) You and your bias get stuck in a storm.

Member: Got7′s JB x Y/N

Type: Fluff? technically…

The rain fell hard on Jaebum’s shoulders as we sprinted to the car. I liked to pretend that I could dodge the droplets as my feet skipped from one piece of pavement to another. In reality, I knew I was just as soaked if not more so, than my counterpart. 

“Yah!” he shouted angrily, pulling helplessly on the handle of the car. “Keys Y/N! Keys!” 

I gasped, running a hand through my dripping hair to see more clearly as I dug through my bag. I knew my keys were in there somewhere. After a few minutes of searching and an eternity’s worth of death glares from JB, my fingers finally hit metal. I fumbled with the key fob, nearly dropping it into the puddle I was standing in and frantically pounded at the unlock button. JB sighed in relief as the handle pulled in his grip and he hopped into the passenger’s seat. I yanked at my own handle on the drivers side and tumbled in as well. 

We sat in silence for a moment, collecting our breaths and respective thoughts. I finally attempted to get a hand through my tangled hair and grumbled to myself. I pushed it out of my direct sight to see JB trying to do the same. 

“Why didn’t you have the keys ready…before we ran out of the shop?” he hissed. He whipped his hair back, sending small droplets to cover the center console. He tugged at his sweater, now matted with rain to his shirt. He gave a few tugs, sending his shirt riding up his stomach as well. I felt my breath catch as bit by bit, he began to reveal his caramel colored skin to me. I squinted, noting his small happy trail traveling up his flat stomach and smirked to myself. 

“Yah, what are you smiling about?” he gasped. “Help me!” 

I nodded, quickly shaking myself from my previous thought as I reached out with shaking fingers. I tugged at the woven fabric, trying to stop myself from glancing down at his skin again. With careful touches, I separated his thin cotton t-shirt from the sweater and helped him launch it over his head and into the back seat. 

“Thanks,” he sighed, tugging down his shirt and giving me a side eye.

“Mhm,” I nodded, averting my eyes and sticking the keys into the ignition. I turned the air on full blast and attempted to dry my body. 

“Uh…” he hummed, cutting his eyes at me again. I followed his gaze, looking down at what I had forgotten was a white t-shirt and my very hot pink bra beneath. 

“Aish,” I groaned, wrapping my arms around my torso and leaning my head against the headrest. 

JB chuckled, running his hands along his arms. He leaned over, clicking the air conditioner to the heat instead and sighed. “Nice color, matches your cheeks.”

I rolled my eyes, still not daring to look at him but through my peripherals. I hadn’t been close with JB very long, but we had a very convoluted relationship. it mostly involved me embarrassing myself in front of him and him picking at me as if he were a schoolyard bully. I had a love/hate relationship with him that we both readily acknowledged. We weren’t friends, but we weren’t dating. We were stuck in a weird sort of in between. 

I leaned forward again, setting my hand on the shifter to launch us into reverse when his hand encased mine, halting any action or actual thought process. 

“Don’t you think we should wait?” he asked. He looked down at our interlaced hands and quickly pulled his hand back as if my skin was covered in toxic waste. “Until the weather slows down? I would like to live to see my next birthday.”

“Contrary to popular belief,” I sighed, looking down at my own hand, wondering what was so unappealing about it. “I am capable of driving in rain.”

“Just like you were capable of getting us inside the vehicle?” he grumbled, crossing his arms and flicking his wet hair back again. It was incredible how he could go from handsome to sexy in mere seconds. Who knew pushing your hair back could make your face shine in a completely different light?

“Yah, why do you keep looking at me like that?” JB groaned. “It’s weird. Quit being weird!”

I began to blush immediately at having been caught and turned away from him once again, rolling my eyes. “Fine Jaebum oppa, I won’t look at you for the remainder of our time together.”

“Suites me fine,” he nodded smugly. 

“Maybe I shouldn’t speak either,” I mumbled sarcastically, crossing my arms and gazing out the window. The rain still poured over my small vehicle. Violent splashes of water continued to hit my glass and I closed my eyes, trying to center my feelings. 

“Alright,” JB chuckled. “Quite being so dramatic, yeah? You’re starting to sound like Jackson.”

“Look,” I sighed, turning my body to face him. 

“I would like to point out, you are both looking and speaking to me currently, two things you claimed you would not-”

“God JB, shut up,” I groaned, launching my lips towards his. My initial goal was, as cliche as it sounded, to shut him up. I couldn’t stand his picking any longer and I wouldn’t take it lying down anymore. The problem came after I realized what I had done and my mouth was flush against his. We both sat still for a moment, unsure of what to do. I kept my eyes locked shut, trying to wish myself out of existence. I was hoping he’d suddenly hear a loud pop and I would disappear, but no such luck. 

After remaining unmoving, JB finally put a little pressure into the kiss, placing a light hand against mine on the center console. I dared to peak an eye open to see both of his closed, immersed in whatever this was. I kissed back, eventually feeling as if my heart were going to fall out of my mouth, and began to back away. I sat back in the drivers seat, my eyes wide, waiting for him to say something. 

“Took you long enough,” he whispered before he even had his eyes open. 

“YAH, IM JAEBUM,” I gasped, looking for the nearest thing to throw at him. “WHAT DO YOU - WHY DO YOU - I”

“Cat got your tongue?” he chuckled, opening his eyes and lifting his brows. “Or was that me?”

“I don’t know how I can simultaneously hate you and be attracted to you!” I whined, slamming my balled fists against the steering wheel. 

“I tend to have that effect on people,” he smiled, watching me carefully. 

“Oh yeah? Great, and by people you mean…?” I grunted. 

“You mostly, but I’ve only been waiting for you to kiss me for about an eternity now, so it was nice that you finally did. I didn’t want to have to pick on you forever,” he said with a wink. 

“So you’re telling me,” I hissed, shivering from my wet clothes that were growing more cold by the moment. “This has been some twisted elementary school style courting tactics this whole time?” 

“Well…I mean if you’re going to be blunt,” he muttered, looking away. 

I sighed, running a hand through my messy hair. “You’re impossible.”

“No, I’m Jaebum,” he said, looking up at me again with a sly grin. 

“Hi Jaebum, I’m desperately trying to find patience with you,” I muttered. 

“That’s a strange name, so long-” he chuckled as I launched myself at him again, this time toppling over the center console and landing square in his lap. I took his face in my hands and kissed him desperately. 

“Please, just shut up,” I whispered, peppering small kisses on his lips. 

He growled against my mouth, pulling at the belt loops of my jeans and situating me to straddle him. “Keep kissing me then.”

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sabraeal  asked:

I would love, LOVE more mechanic AU

He had taken precious care of the Firebird. Lifted it up from its near-death experience in the back of a junkyard in Santa Fe, where it sat perched on a set of cinderblocks as some old man’s “project car”. He had painstakingly restored nearly every detail, down to refurbishing the Harvest Gold interior and finding an actual knob from 1980 for the stick shift. But the crowning achievement was the gold pinstriped firebird splayed out over the pitch-black hood. It was the last piece he promised himself, the one that said he was done and his baby was no longer dying – but alive.

He loved this car more than he loved himself.

“She’s beautiful.”

[more under the cut]

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Dean/Demon!Dean x Reader



You had headaches and your were annoyed.

“Thanks Cas that you bring me here…couldn’t you choose a dry night? ”, you said into the rain and shook your head. You had to find a roof to get under and you knew where you would find one.

You knocked on the door and a very tall person opened up. You went past him into the not-so-nice motel room.

“It is raining like hell outside. Do you have any towels?”, you asked looking around in the familiar room.

“Uhm…excuse me but…”, Sam started and Dean finished his confusion with pointing a gun to your face.

“Who the hell are you?”, the green eyed one asked you and you would have loved to kiss him but it was impossible.

“Oh, my bad.”, you laughed and wanted to grab something from your bag.

“Don’t even try.”, he growled and stepped closer.

“Easy boy. It is just a silver flask full of holy water. See..”, you opened it and poured some over your hand.

“No Demon or Shifter. Do you guys have some soap, so I can prove that I am not a Leviathan?”, you asked and looked into their confused faces.

“Well I think you guys are like…shocked…or something. So I’m going to hop into the shower and it would be nice if you could gather yourself together until I’m done.”

You were drying your hair with a towel when the brothers came into the bathroom.

“So? Are you a hunter?”, Sam asked and looked at you.

“Yeah…you can say that.”, you said smiling to yourself and threw the towel at Dean who catched it.

“So what are you doing here if you don’t mind me asking?”, Dean said with a sarcastic smile on his face. You knew his skin was crawling because he hadn’t everything under his controll.

“To clear things up. I’m from the future. I know you guys. We are kind of close but I can’t tell you more because otherwise I would change the future and that would end like Balthazar unsinking the Titanic.”, you explained and waited till they processed it all.

“Why do you know Balthazar? He was way in the past…Who are you? Some kind of freakin’ God?”, Dean is the first to ask.

“Cute but no. I’m not a God. I’m a normal human passing through time. And my name…Let’s see…how about…Brenda? I think that is a cute name.”, you named yourself not wanting them to know your real name. They would look for you and find you if the wanted.

“Why are you here?”, Sam sat down on the bed. Dean was still staring at you. You loved this Dean. He was so much younger and with less demons. Literally.

“Well…you remember the Pheonix you had to kill to get to its ash? I need something which apperantly only exsists in this year and you guys destroy it in your hunt tomorrow. I need that thing to save a loved one back there. Well not back, further? Whatever you know what I mean.”, you explained and looked Dean in the eye. You remembered the last time you saw him. He wasn’t himself. He hit you, was about to kill you if Sam and Cas wouldn’t have been there. But he hasn’t been himself. Now Sam had found a cure but you needed this bone which they destroyed in the past becuase it was used to fullfill bad wishes. You had to stop that and take it with you.

“Who is it?”, Dean asked and his voice was calmer now. Carefull even.

“My husband.”, you were safe to say that.

“Oh…”, you could see disappointment in his eyes and you had to laugh.

“Can’t hit on a married woman right?”, you laughed and Sam chuckled.

“Well technichally you are not married yet.”, he defended himself gave you his flirting smirk but you knew that he wouldn’t try.

“Anyways…we got stuff to do so I get that damn thing before you dumbasses destroy it.”

It was the day after and you had half an hour left. You were in the middle of the fight with five witches who happend to be using that bone. You could hear Dean making jokes about that. Apperantly the job turned out bigger than you guys thought because it wasn’t just the witches who were after the item but demons also.

You just slit the throat of one of the red headed witches when someone grabbed you from behind and tried to strangle you. You kicked and scratched him but he remained unimpressed.

“Let her go you bastard.”, Dean yelled pointing a shotgun at the thing behind you. It kept getting more difficult to breath and your heart pounded in your chest.

“Well isn’t this cute. You shouldn’t have come here dear. I maybe dead in the future but I’m not in the past. You should have known that because you were the one who killed me! Now little Dean has to watch you die before he even gets the chance to bone you.”

“Anster.”, you said the demons name out loud and roled your eyes. How could you forget him. Damn it.

“The one and only.”, he said in your ear and yo felt your skinn crawl.

“Let her go or I’ll shoot.”, Dean threatend him but that was not wise of him.

“Shoot and I’ll slit her throat and you won’t be able to build your little family with her and stay forever alone. Well I could just destroy the bone and you would destroy your love by yourself. I like that.”, Anster said and you could hear his grin in his voice. This bastard was about to ruin everything.

“What is he talkin about?”, Dean said and was obviously confused. But before you could answer you felt something sting into your back and heard Anster screaming his lungs out. His body dropped to the floor and you turned around to face Sam with a bloody demon knife in his hands.

“I hate demons.”, Sam said and looked at the body on the ground.

“Copy that.”, you answered and grabbed the bone from Ansters dead body.

“Well. I got to go.”, you said so you could go before Dean could dig in way too much.

“Hold on there walkin future. What was the demon talkin about? Why would I destroy my love if I had one. That’s insane. And what would you have to do with it?”, you heard Dean say with the serious voice of his.

“Don’t worry about that. You’re not doing anything.”

“Wait! Am I your…”

“Cas! Time to go!”, you cut him off shoutig before he could end his sentence.

“Cas?! He is behind all of this? Hell no…” He came straight at you and grabbed the bone from you. Apparently Cas and Dean were not on good terms in this year.

“Your not going anywhere before you tell me.” You panicked immidiatly and looked to the clock. You had ten minutes.

“Dean give it back. I’m serious. I won’t be able to come back again and then…”

“Who are you?”, he yelled and you winced.

“Dean please…”

“Tell me who you are or I swear to god I will destroy this thing and you won’t be able to save your husband.”, he groweld and squeezed your armes.

“I would have to kill you for that because you are my damn husband you Asshole!”, you bursted out and shoved him back.

“I did this to you?”, he asked out of nowhere and reached out for your face where you could still see the bruises demon Dean left. He got you really hard with the one punch but neither of you mentioned the bruises until now.

“Technichally yeah. But it wasn’t really you. Look this is already too much information I got to go to my time as fast as I can before we change the future.”, you changed the subject and reached out for the bone. But dean pulled you in a kiss instead and you realized how much you missed his soft lips against yours.

“Kick me in the ass when your back home. You don’t deserve this. And when you save me I promise I will take you to Venice and we will have a hot honeymoon.”, he whispered against your lips. You chuckled and heard the clock hit 12 o'clock.

“I’ll save you. I will always save you.”, was the last thing you could say before you felt Cas pull you back. You woke up in the panick room on a bed not far away from the demons trap where Dean was sitting on a chair tied to it.

“Welcome back sweetheart.”, you heard him say and your heart ached. You still felt dizzy but stood up anyway.

“What happened? Did you get it?”, Sam asked and hurried over to you.

“Yeah. Anster showed up and was about to blow off the whole thing but you killed him.”, you sighed and handed him the bone so he could do the ritual.

“Oh honey. Was I rude to you back there? See, it is not because I’m a demon. You just deserve to be treated like that.”, demon Dean said and you looked into his black eyes. You hold on to the words from past-Dean and smiled at him.

“Actually baby…Dean kissed me and told me to kick your ass. Even you wanted to kick yourself.” You stepped into the demons trap and put your hand on his shoulder.

“And after kicking your ass…We’re going to Venice…You have to keep your promises.”

You sounded pretty confident but inside you wished that this ritual would work because otherwise you had to start from zero again.


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Words: 2,389

Warning: gun (threatening), crying

A/N: I hope you guys like this! I’ve never written anything like this before. So hopefully I did good – let me know! 


“Cas?” you squinted in the dark, sitting up in your bed.

“I don’t have much time. Can you do it?” he asked, drawing nearer to you.

“Do what, Cas?” you switched on the lamp. A faint orange glow poured onto his face as you realized he looked young. His vessel looked about twenty years younger than it did yesterday.

“They need help, Y/N. They need someone who knows them better than anyone to pick them back up” he explained and you nodded, realizing what time he was coming from.

“Alright” you pursed your lips before stretching, “Let me brush my teeth first.”

Minutes later you stood in front of the angel and swallowed, closing your eyes as he placed his familiar fingers against your forehead. Immediately your feet hit hard ground.

“What year is this?” you asked, but Castiel was no longer with you.

Immediately heat hit your back in hot rays that left you sweating. You pulled off your flannel and tied it around your waist.

With your hand on your forehead shielding the sun you walked for what seemed like miles, until your feet began to burn in your sneakers.

“Shit” you muttered, finally laying eyes on the bunker. You inhaled and raised a fist to the door, knocking four times.

Moments later the door was swung open by a familiar face who was holding a gun up to yours.

“Who the hell are you?” he asked and you sighed.

“You’re Dean Winchester, right?” you asked, already knowing the answer.

“Who’s asking?”

“I’m Y/N. A very hungry, very sweaty, hunter” you said and he lowered his gun with a smile he tried to hide.

“Then you don’t mind if I test that out right?” he said and reached for a flask of holy water. Sam walked up behind him and you lifted your head, eyes going wide looking at him.

“Who’s this?” he asked and you bit back your answer, the truth.

“Apparently some hunter” Dean said and splashed the water at your face. You rolled your eyes and grabbed the silver knife from his hand.

“Not a shifter either” you drew a line of blood from your arm. “Now can I get some water?” you asked, welcoming yourself inside a familiar room.

The brothers looked at each other while you walked in front of them down the stairs. Immediately you walked to the kitchen, reaching for a glass when Dean cleared his throat.

“How do you know where everything is?” he asked and you put down the glass.

“Uh, it’s a basic floor plan” you said, turning around and filling the glass.

Sam tilted his head, “Alright, so what’s your deal?”

“I told you, I’m a hunter. A very hungry one” you said and motioned towards the fridge. Dean shrugged and nodded a confused yes.

You grabbed some orange juice and what looked like a whole grain bread sandwich.

“She’s a health nut, Sam” Dean sat down on the stool, “You can finally make a friend” he joked and you smiled, looking at Sam who shrugged.

“Are you here for the demon case?” Sam asked and you nodded, gulping down the juice.

“Yeah, but my hunting partner ditched me. So here I am” you lied. “If you got a gun I can borrow I can help” you said.

“How old are you anyways?” Dean asked, “I’m not taking a minor with us” he said and you lifted a brow.

“Why does that matter?”

“You probably have a family, Y/N” Sam explained and you nodded, looking at him.

“It’s fine, I’m a not-minor-drifter” you combined the words.

Dean looked at Sam who pursed his lips. “Let’s go down to the shooting range then, and we’ll see what you got” the older brother said. You followed closely along, running your hands along the tiled walls, lifting it right before the deep crack you remembered was there.

“Grab a gun” Dean said and you looked at the row, reaching for the same one Sam was.

“That’s m-” you began to say before backing away. Sam furrowed his brows and lifted the gun.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing, sorry.” you picked a different one. Dean led you to a booth and you shot the poster dummy square in the chest, and directly through the head twice.

“Not bad” Sam commented, a smile playing on his face.

“Actually, I think it was perfect” you laughed. You remained in the shooting range for what seemed like a good hour before Dean was finally convinced.


Dean filled up a gun with bullets and passed it to you, “I hope you know what you’re doing” he said and you rolled your eyes.

The backseat of the car was warm, and you leaned down, pressing your knees against the seat before you.

“So” you started, remembering what Castiel told you, “you guys look tired” you said and Dean looked at you through the rear-view mirror.

“Aren’t you polite” he said and made a right turn.

You exhaled, “I’m just trying to say that I know that feeling. Hunters are always tired” you said.

Sam nodded and found himself tossing you a bag of gummy bears from the Gas ‘n Sip that Dean stopped at earlier.

“Do you like those?” he asked.

“Love them” you tore the bag open.

He laughed and turned around, “Good, because I don’t know why I threw the bag at you.”

“Yeah, we are” Dean cleared his throat and continued the conversation. “But that’s the life.”

You popped a yellow one in your mouth.

“It’s easy to get lost in it.” you said quietly and both brothers looked at each other.

“Yeah” Dean whispered and drove on.

For some of the time you slept, during others you spoke with Sam. You knew Dean, and you could tell he still didn’t trust you fully. But you continued to talk, letting them listen and answer back – occasionally earning a smile or a laugh. Castiel said they needed a pick me up, and you were going to make sure they felt better before you had to return to your time.

The next time you woke up, the Impala was parked in front of an apartment building and both brothers were outside whispering violently. With your eyes still shut you leaned up against the window.

“I don’t, Sam!” Dean said.

“Well I do. I don’t know why I trust her, but I just do!” Sam exclaimed and you smiled to yourself.

“Fine. But when this thing goes south, don’t complain about it to me” Dean said and slammed the trunk. You pretended to wake up from it.

“Damn” you opened the door, “Can’t let a girl sleep?” you said and looked between both men.

Sam tossed you a gun, “The demons inside. Dean’s taking the stairs and we’ll take the elevator” he explained and you followed closely behind.

Sam’s jacket didn’t have the hole on the bottom, it must have been too early in time. Quickly, you caught up and walked by their side.

You jammed in the button for floor eleven, and stood on the opposite side from Sam.

“I never got your full name” he said.


“You know that we’re Winchesters, what’s your name?”

Floor nine flashed, then ten.

“Young, Y/N Young” you found yourself lying to them, yet again. He smiled and let you out of the elevator first.

Sam began to pick the door’s lock and you paced around aimlessly.

“Dean’s still on floor five probably” you said and Sam laughed.

“He’s actually pretty fast” he said as he got the door open.

A man was seated at the couch, and he immediately turned to you. Sam drew out his demon blade.

“Winchesters” he smiled as he stood up.

“Actually it’s just me this time” Sam said and charged at him. The demon whistled and unbelievably five more walked out from another room.

“You’ve got to be kidding me” you said and began to shoot at them. Two demons tackled you down and began to tie your wrists.

“Sam!” you shouted, but he was unconscious, a lamp was hit against his temple.

Within seconds both of you were tied to a chair.

“Well this sucks” you whispered and Sam sighed.

Only three demons survived the fight you realized, surveying the room.

“So what are you gonna do to us now?” you asked and Sam elbowed you.

“You’re going to call Dean Winchester. If Sam’s here, he’s not too far away” he said and shoved Sam’s phone to your mouth.

You looked at Sam who gave a single nod.

Hastily you searched for Dean’s name and waited for him to pick up.

“What?” he answered and you began talking.

“Tell him there’s nothing here” the demon commanded.

“There’s nothing up here, Dean. I guess we drove up from funkytown for nothing” you said and Sam’s eyes went wide.

The demon threw the phone to the ground and smashed it with his heel.

Sam turned to you, “Funkytown?” he mouthed, wondering how you knew their phrase for trouble. You looked away.

Seconds later the door was busted down and Dean began shooting at anything that moved. Meanwhile you clenched your fists and tried to wriggle out of the harsh ropes. That’s when the demon placed a gun to your head.

“You shoot and she dies” he said and you looked up at Dean.

“Don’t!” Sam shouted at Dean, who slowly lowered his gun. Your eyes darted to Sam as you breathed in shakily.

“You’ll be fine” he reassured you. “I promise.”

The demon turned to you, “What a pretty face” he said, “Too bad demons lie”, and you felt a hot tear drip down your face.

“Please don’t” you begged, “I’m more helpful to you alive.“

“I don’t think so” he gave a sick smile and jammed the barrel into your temple.

“Dad! Make him stop!” you finally sobbed and looked at Sam who froze.

In a second everything clicked.

The kitchen. The gun. Gummy bears. Funkytown.

“Don’t” Sam stood up, the chair still tied against him. In one swift move he turned and hit the chair against the demons back, giving you a second to breathe.

Dean ran at the demon while Sam kneeled down and began cutting away the ropes.

“Dad?” he asked.

“Hi” you breathed out, wiping the tears from your face. He gripped your hand and helped you up, passing you his jacket as a make-shift shock blanket.

Dean stepped over the dead demon and looked at you. He looked at your eyes, then at Sam’s. At your lips, then at Sam’s. At your hair, then at Sam’s.

“How could I not have realized?” Dean said, and reached a near shaking hand to your head, running it down through your hair. “A little Sammy” he said and smiled.

Without another word you followed your father and uncle out of the building and back to the Impala.

“Sorry” Sam said once Dean sat inside.

“For what?” you asked, looking up at your father. His face was missing the small scar above his eyebrow you had grown familiar to.

“I didn’t recognize you. I should have felt it”

“You did” you said, and he furrowed his brows. “The gummy bears? That was instinct. And when Dean didn’t trust me, you vouched for me. I heard you guys talking outside the car.”

He smiled wide and took a step closer to you, his way of asking permission for a hug. You quickly pressed your head against him and wrapped your arms around his large frame.

Dean honked the horn.

“Alright!” you shouted and got into the car.

The car was unusually quiet.

“Can you pass me the box?” you asked and Dean turned around.

“How do you- oh yeah” he said and Sam reached under his seat, passing you the cassettes.

You chose one and gave it to Dean to play.

“How did you get here anyways?” Dean asked, shoving the cassette in the slot, “I mean I’m guessing you’re from the future right?”

“Castiel brought me” you said. “I actually visited you guys a bunch of times a couple years back.”

“I would have recognized you” Sam said, “Your face can’t change that much”

“I was there when you and Uncle Dean-”

“Uncle!” Dean exclaimed, and you laughed, continuing your story.

“When you went to that place Uncle Dean was at for a while. Sonny’s home for boys or something?” you asked before continuing, “I asked Cas to visit you guys again but he said you were on a case. I said I’d stay undercover, so I just sat in the diner while you guys ate. I guess it just always made me feel closer to see parts of your lives I don’t get to hear in your stories” you said and Sam turned around, giving you a wide smile.

“Wait” Dean began, “If you’re from the future, I have some questions” he said.

“I can’t answer any of them!” you exclaimed, reaching for the half finished bag of gummies.

“Even if I ask you if I ever win the lottery?”

“Don’t even try” you smiled and slid down in the seat. Slowly the car rocked you to sleep, and you didn’t wake up when Castiel came in and brought you back to the motel room you were in when he first visited you.


“Is it weird that I miss her?” Sam said once you were back in your time. The car seemed empty.

“No” Dean answered, “She’s your daughter. You’re supposed to miss her.”

“I wonder when I have her. Or why she knew so much about the bunker. Was she raised with us, Dean? Then where’s her mother?”

“I don’t know, Sammy. That’s all in the future” Dean looked at Sam. “Which means you have a lot to look forward to.”

Sam turned around, half-expecting you to still be sitting there. Instead all he found was his jacket, and he reached back to get it from where you sat with it.

“Huh” he said, reaching down to where the demon blade rested in the pocket. “She sat on it and the blade ripped a hole through the back.”

Dean rolled his eyes, a stupid smile on his face. Sam looked over at his older brother before leaning his head against the window and falling asleep.


Mysterious; Part 2

Genre: slight horror/gore (blood warning)

Member: Sehun

Words: 1,121

A/N: Okay, I lied. I am posting another part. Once again, I felt like I needed to post something.

part 1 part 2 part 3 part 4 part 5

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 Dragon Age Noir - Chapter 6 - The Stakeout 

Summary:  After agreeing to work together, Alistair accompanies Cullen on a stakeout and runs into an old acquaintance in the unlikeliest of places. 1826 words, SFW. Alternate AU, Dragon Age. Under a cut for length.

Get caught up on Ao3 here.

Beautiful artwork of Morrigan and Alistair done by @donc-desole. I found it through pinterest, of all places. So nice to be able to track down the artist. :)

Alistair felt nervous when he saw the black Chrysler pull up outside—he had never been on a stakeout before. He squared his jaw and took a deep breath to steady himself before approaching the passenger’s side door. Cullen’s eyes were covered by the brim of his hat, but the scar on his upper lip was pulled up into a tense sneer.

“Get in,” he said.

Alistair looked surreptitiously down the alley both ways before swinging the door open. “Where to?” he asked, as he slid into the black leather bench seat.

“Other side of town,” answered Cullen darkly.

Alistair stared out the window and let his eyes lose focus. He felt Cullen’s presence heavily beside him. The street lamps strobed between the buildings as they accelerated. Cullen drove a stick shift expertly, Alistair noted. He was always forgetting where fifth was. Up and to the right?

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Don’t Defy Me, Doll pt.9

I AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO HORRIBLY LONG. like i’ve mentioned before, i’ve just been going through so much in my personal life that i have either had no time or just plain zero motivation. But, without further ado, here is the latest installment, and I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for the continued support.

as promised, anon. ;)


Last night was the epitome of a roller coaster. You went into Empusa with the intention of pissing off Joker, and came out officially “his girl.” You grabbed your phone and were about to send Mister J a text when you realized you still didn’t have any way to contact him. It didn’t make much sense for him to make you swear to be his and all his, and then not give you a way to talk to him. That fact annoyed you and almost made you want to seek out Dent again for round two of aggravating Joker and an unexpected good time.

You clicked on your phone to check the time and saw you had six text messages waiting for you. You couldn’t believe your eyes when you saw they were all from a contact titled “Mister J.” All six were from him… shit.

I hope you sleep well, baby.

Good morning, doll.

Are you awake yet?

What are you doing, why aren’t you answering me?

You’d better not be ignoring me.

I hope you’re just sleeping, and not avoiding me. Because I’ll be there to see for myself soon.

That last one was time stamped as being sent at 10:07am, it’s now almost 11am. Your fingers moved as fast as lightening to respond to him, “I just woke up, i’ve been sleeping this entire time.” Before hitting send, you decided to add a little flirt in there, too, “I’m excited to see you though. ;)” Happy with yourself and this mornings turn of events, you plopped back onto your bed, got comfortable, and waited for your Clown Prince to arrive as you drifted back to sleep.

“Good afternoon, princess.” Joker was sitting next to you on your bed, he stroked a stand of hair out of your face. He gave you a sincere but toothy smile, and it made your heart skip being the first thing you saw.

“Hello, J. It’s strange actually seeing you in my apartment. I kind of thought I’d never get the chance.” You teased. His smile slowly turned to him licking his teeth, “Oh, you know, never say never, or something, right?” He lifted the blanket covering you and stood up, “I think it’s time you get up. We have things to do.” The air of your bedroom was cold and made your skin tense, “Like what? Where are we going?” You hoped he’d answer with something crazy or entertaining, but he wasn’t going to give you that satisfaction. As he headed for the closet, he turned his head to the side to reply, “Out. We’re going out.” Joker opened the closet door and waved your attention to your hanging clothes, “Pick something nice. Quickly, please.” His request was quick and demanding. He winked at you and then skipped out the door and closed it behind him. You were glad to see he didn’t feel uncomfortable here, but it also made you feel a bit awkward that he didn’t feel at all uncomfortable here. How many times had he been here without you knowing?

Rolling out of bed, you made your way to the open closet and picked out something easy. Black t-shirt, black skinny jeans, green cardigan, grey shoes. It could be considered business casual, nice enough you thought. Joker was sitting on the couch waiting for you. He nodded approvingly as he watched you walk out of the bedroom. “Alright, baby, lets go out to the car. Are you ready?” You weren’t sure why he always asked what you thought of things you knew you had no control over. “Of course I am,” you mused. He led you down the stairs and into the parking garage of your complex. There it is… the stunning chrome purple you saw the first night you’d seen him. His lamborghini was parked perfectly, just waiting to be revved up and raced around the city.

Joker hurried to the passenger side to open the door for you, “My lady…” He bowed and looked up at you with a devilish grin. His simple chivalry made you giggle. When you climbed inside the car you noticed the entire inside was white. The leather seats, the carpeted floors, the dash, the stereo, steering wheel, doors, everything was white and flawless. It reminded you of his skin; maybe it was done on purpose? He got in on the driver’s side and got himself settled. He let out a big sigh and let a 10 mile wide smile stretch across his face as he watched you. “Ready?” He asked as he flipped the ignition. The beautiful machine purred to life and practically teleported out of the garage, Joker didn’t waste a single second getting out of that cement tower.

The speed was making your stomach tickle, “Mister J, where are we going?” You laughed. “I told you… out. You’re so impatient today, just hang on, alright, baby?” He moved his hand to the shifter and sped the car up.

Before you knew it, you were approaching the valet in front of Le Chien, a notoriously fancy french restaurant in the heart of Gotham. You looked at Joker in disbelief that he let you come here dressed as casually as you were. He chuckled as he stepped out of the car and came to let you out. The valet driver took the dream car away, and you and your Mister J headed into the building. The light was low and a pianist played a delicate melody from the center of the room. Joker led you to a small table set for two below a massive glass chandelier, right next to the pianist. “Wait here, order whatever you want. I’ll be right back. I have to take care of something.” He kissed your cheek and disappeared in the back of the restaurant. This place was too beautiful to worry yourself with whatever he had to do. The floors were a gray marble, and the tall walls led into a cream colored ceiling. In the middle of every table in sight, there was a thin glass vase with a single white rose, you noted it was odd that the roses had thorns on them still.

“Bonjour, mademoiselle. My name is Luke, and I’ll be serving you this evening. Can I get you anything to drink?” You had gotten so lost in the atmosphere of the room you were in, you almost didn’t notice the waiter talking to you. He was standing on your left, both arms behind his back, “…ma’am?” You jumped as you startled yourself back into relativity, “Oh! I’m so sorry, this place is just so beautiful. I’ve never seen anything like it,” the waiter nodded in approval, and waited for an answer. “I’ll just take a water for now, please. Thank you.” He walked off to the kitchen that was hidden behind a garden on the top of a half-wall. It was a very aesthetic way of concealing it. It didn’t, however, hide much of the noise. It was subtle, but you could easily hear the food cooking and clanking of pots and pans. It seemed to somehow fit nicely into the rest of the area though.

The waiter, Luke, came back with your glass of water and a basket of bread that he’d labeled as ‘artesian’ and then made his way to his other tables. You grabbed a piece of warm bread and started smearing butter all over it. J wasn’t around to see you indulge in the good part- the butter. You were enjoying yourself quite a lot even though you were left alone in this five star establishment. So pleasant… so clean… so peaceful… Until a commotion started in the kitchen and you could hear people yelling at each other. Dishes were shattering on the floor and you heard what sounded like meat searing on a hot stove immediately followed by someone screaming. You hoped it was meat searing and not the person.

You’d just realized that Joker went back to the kitchen to ‘take care of something,’ and all this chaos was coming from back there… this wasn’t a coincidence.

“He’s had enough, pull him off, let him go.” You heard Joker’s voice as clear as a bell and you froze mid-chew to keep listening. “Do you hear me now, beefsteak?” Someone was whimpering and crying in agony. “I gave you a pretty sweet deal, didn’t I? All you had to do was an itsy bitsy little favor for me, and you couldn’t do it. You ignored my request. Next time I see you I wont let you go so easily.” As Joker was laughing while finishing his threat, the head chef ran out of the kitchen and out the door with half of his face covered in burn blisters and blood, yelling for help. You were now just as afraid as that man was, maybe more so because you knew you were leaving with the culprit. The whole restaurant fell silent.

Joker hurried his way to your table and leaned down by your side, resting his hands on your lap. “Sweetness, we have to leave immediately. Frost is waiting outside for us. Grab your purse, let’s go.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you up and dragged you outside to the jet black car waiting. He might be a cold-hearted, violent, murderer, but he was also very considerate when he wanted to be. “Frost, get her home. I have more I need to take care of.”


Your apartment was so quiet. Not a single trace of what you had just seen had followed you home. You turned on the tv to help distract your head from Le Chien, but the news happened to be what was already on.  Gotham PD has confirmed that the Joker was to blame for this horrendous act of violence. A man was admitted into St. Valentine General Hospital after being assaulted and having half of his face severely burned. Authorities ask for citizens to keep an eye out for this woman, who is believed to have been seen fleeing the scene with the suspect. More on this story at- you shut off the tv.

You were horrified to see your face on the screen. The entire city has just seen your face as a criminal suspect to blame for this. You didn’t even know what all this was about or why Joker had done it. Your life was going to end if anyone found you, you had to leave. That was the only safe option. But, you don’t have a car, so public transit was the quickest way to go anywhere. With your face plastered all over the news that was too risky. Your mind was racing trying to figure out how to run away and stay safe. The ringing of your cell phone broke the piercing silence surrounding the thoughts in your head. Mister J. This was his fault, but he was the only person who could help right now.

“Joker, help me. I’m on the news. People are going to look for me and I ca-“ He interrupted you before you could finish, “I’m on my way, you’re going to stay with me for a while.”

“What? How is that going to help?”

“Don’t worry, baby. This will all blow over. I promise you’ll be okay.”

“I can’t do this.” You could feel your heart beating faster and faster, and your breath getting heavier.

“I’m almost there, be ready.”

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Skin - Part 3

Word Count: 3171

Pairing: Eventual Dean x Reader

Warnings: Blood, Language, Injuries

Tagging: @blacktithe7 @letsgetoutalive @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnfanficpond @desiringspnimagines @pb-5minutefanfiction

Series Rewrite Masterlist

You woke up with your neck and arms tied to a pole. You moaned and cracked your eyes open, seeing you were back in the sewer. You could taste the blood that was still trickling down your face with some of it on your lips. “Where is he you son of a bitch?” You demanded, pulling on the ropes binding your hands, trying to slide your hands free. 

“I wouldn’t worry about him…I’d worry about you.” He said. 

“Fuck you.” You said, spitting blood out. 

“Ya know I can read his thoughts? Every thought he’s ever had?” he asked. 

“Fascinating.” You replied. He ran his hand over your face, brushing your hair back. 

“Touch me, and I will kill you.” You said, voice calm and terrifying. He chuckled. 

“I’m only doing what he would do…he loves you ya know. Shame he’s gonna watch himself kill you. He’ll never be able to live with that.” He said, matter of fact. You didn’t say anything, just stared your coldest stare back up at him. “You’re no fun…I don’t know what he sees in you. Let’s wake up the brother huh?” He said, walking over to Sam and backhanding across the face. Sam groaned and opened his eyes. He saw you were conscious and sighed in relief, before he turned his attention to the shifter. 

“Where’s Dean?” he demanded.

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One Last Night

Dean x Reader

Gorgeous, Part Four. (part one - part two - part three)

Months earlier Sam hooked up a television and sound system into an empty room in the bunker, and with some help from Dean, a couch they bought from a garage sale for fifty bucks. You looked around the room, a small table was adorned with a remote and a half empty bowl of tortilla chips.
You made yourself comfortable, sinking into the soft cushions. You watched as Dean crouched down, picking up a box full of DVD’s.
“Batman?” he asked, looking in your general direction.
“Nah” you answered, and Sam walked in. His hair flopped around his face.
“Do you ever cut your hair?” you asked and heard Dean snort a laugh.
“No, but Dean tried to multiple times” Sam said and dropped himself into an old armchair. It rocked from his size. Dean finally popped in a movie and sat on your left, keeping a safe distance. The remote was by the table on Sam’s side so you hit his shoulder and motioned for him to pass it while the movie was still starting. He tossed it so it landed right on your stomach.
“Hey!” you laughed, pretending to be mad. Dean rolled his eyes, praying to some being out there that Sam wasn’t flirting with you.
Sam was definitely not flirting with you, he saw Dean’s face the moment you stepped near him, and he was happy for his older brother. But something bugged him; why wasn’t Dean flirting with you? Knowing him, he would’ve had you in his bed already and gone by morning.
An hour later you were falling asleep, occasionally looking up to steal glances at Dean’s profile. It was illuminated solely by the blue lighting of the television that became brighter or dimmer each second. Without noticing you dropped your head to your side, and Dean looked towards your now sleeping figure. Carefully he sat up higher, and allowed your head to rest on his shoulder. Sam opened one eye, he hadn’t been able to fall asleep, and smiled internally at the scene.
Dean, normally the king of suave, stiffened under your touch, almost afraid to move. Your lips parted slightly as your chest rose and fell, your breathing slowing down. He lowered the volume and fixed your neck, sliding back down allowing your head to fall onto his chest, as he too began to drift off. Dean didn’t want to wake you, and he also happened to like this option.
Days went by like this. You had decided to stay in the bunker for a few nights, then you promised yourself to get back on the old dusty roads. You had joined the brothers on a few more hunts; Dean was getting more protective of you on each one without your noticing.
“We got a shapeshifter a couple hours out” Dean announced in the library. You had barely woken up, and your coffee mug was burning in your palm.
“Didn’t we just kill a vamp nest yesterday? I’m going to file a complaint to the head of the monsters” you joked, dropping into the old chair. Your jacket still rested on it, untouched.
“Already killed her” Dean sighed and loaded his gun. “Meanwhile, you got any silver bullets?” he asked, reaching for your duffel.
“Yeah, locked and loaded” you nodded, taking another sip. “Wait killed her?”
“The mother of all, Eve” Dean said and your mouth hung open.
“Impressive” you said and placed your mug down. Dean gave a cocky smirk and zipped his duffel.
“Sammy!” he shouted, and Sam emerged seconds later.
Hours later the road was still the cars only companion, and you watched the white markers as Dean sped faster blend into a white streak. The sun beat down on the grass, some patches of the empty field you were passing were burnt. You let your mind drift into thought once you saw Sam was asleep and Dean was pensively staring out towards the road.
It was only for a few nights, but as much as you pushed it aside, you knew your feelings were making a comfortable home for themselves inside you. So this would be your last day with the Winchesters you thought, just one last night.
Dean let his hands control the wheel while his mind was elsewhere. He looked over at Sam who’s head was leaning against the window and flashes of a few years back when he stuck the spoon in his mouth reappeared. Except now Sammy’s hair was longer, his face was no longer as peaceful, and scars littered his jaw from countless punches. So Dean looked back at you through the rearview mirror, looking at your face as you lay with your eyes closed, seemingly dreaming. Dean smiled, and for the first time in months felt content with himself. It was the feeling of knowing someone you love is safe and sound, and that’s what worried Dean more than any case Sam would find. It was that he was slowly falling in love with you after hardly a week. It was everything you did, the way you spoke, it was way your eyes glittered when you got excited. It was the small conversations at two in the morning when you’d both meet in the kitchen, or the morning cup of coffee, (Dean would let you make him coffee each morning because you wanted to, even though he hated it with sugar), it was how you laughed yesterday when you tackled him to the floor for the last slice of pizza. He then noticed one of your teeth were chipped, and he found it adorable, wondering if a hunt did it, or you were impatient and bit down on a candy before it softened.
The town finally came into view, and Dean rolled up to the nearest motel. Sam sprung awake once Dean tossed his phone at him and groaned, practically falling out of the car.
“Y/N” Dean whispered, shaking your shoulder lightly. Your eyelashes fluttered awake and you looked up to see Dean’s face with the sun beating down bright behind his head. You shielded your eyes and got a better look at his green eyes before smiling.
“Did you already kill it?” you yawned, stretching as you stood up.
“Very funny” Sam said and grabbed a duffel, heading for the door. Dean smirked and grabbed both yours and his duffel even after you explained that you’re equally as strong as him.
“Yeah, alright” Dean teased, slamming the trunk shut. Sam was arguing with the manager when you came in and you looked at Dean, an amused smile playing on your face.
“Sir, we only have one room left” the man said and Sam sighed. “But it has two queens” he added, but that didn’t make it better.
“Guys its fine, I’ll set up on floor - I am the guest here” you said, trying to wrestle your duffel off Dean’s shoulder but he was solid as a rock.
“We’ll take it” Dean said snatching the keys, “But I’m on the floor” he said once you got to the door.
“Dean, it’s fine” you said, “I’m used to moving around” you said and tossed your sneakers towards the chair. Dean shrugged, knowing he’d end up taking the floor in the end. There’s no way in hell he’s letting you sleep on the oddly stained floors - he was positive the stain by the table was piss.
Sam grabbed a chair and opened his laptop, reading off the list of locations were there were deaths that it was probably responsible for.
“So get this, it’s been hitting house after house on the same block. This seems like the one who took your shape, Dean” Sam said and Dean nodded, taking the seat across you.
“Two Deans? That’s too much attitude for me to handle” you joked and Sam laughed.
“Let’s get this thing before it hurts anyone else” Dean said, “Everyone got their guns?”.
“Yeah” you and Sam said in unison and you began lacing up your boots.
Once you got back into the Impala it seemed as if you never left it, is this what the brothers felt like? You looked at the floor, it was spotless except for a few napkins from Biggerson’s. Once again you stretched out over the backseat, and watched Dean’s eyes as he watched the road.
“Do you think it’s in the sewers?” you asked.
“Probably underground, yeah” Dean agreed and made a sharp right, causing you to grab onto the chair for balance.
“How far are we?”
“It’s about five more minutes” Dean said and you nodded, only then realizing he can’t see you do so.
Your gun was cocked and ready as you held it by your side, Dean was prying the metal grate open. Sam was the first to jump down and you heard him groan, probably from the smell. You grabbed onto the run and looked up at Dean while you jumped down, and he was next, closing the cap over himself.
“Ew” he said, flashing the flashlight over the moldy walls.
“Right there with you” you whispered, looking at the pipes until your eyes rested on shed skin.
“Dean” you hit his shoulder with the back of your hand, “It’s close” you said and followed Sam down the way. Something fell up ahead, the metal clang ringing throughout the tunnel.
“Shit” you whispered, and took a step ahead of Sam, and something ran in front of your face. “Ow! Son of a bitch nicked me” you said, raising your hand to your bleeding jaw.
“Damnit” Dean said, wiping your jaw with his sleeve. His touch was strong but caring. “Don’t move from my side, if it has your blood it has you” Dean said through his teeth, and you grabbed his hand. He looked down at your fingers laced through his and froze, but you squeezed him for reassurance, “This way you won’t lose me” you said, “Now stop being a scared teenager and walk, Winchester” you said and Dean scoffed.
“I’m not a scared teenager, you’re a scar-“
“Shut up” you whispered, leading him towards Sam who was a few yards ahead. As you walked on Dean’s grip on your hand tightened, but you doubted he noticed.
Sam motioned for both of you to come closer, and that’s when you saw the shifter around the next corner, shedding his skin.
“Oh my-“ you started, but Dean covered your mouth with his hand. The shifter was turning into you.
Sam let out of a bullet, but the shifter was quick and grabbed a metal pipe, knocking Sam unconscious. then moved towards Dean, giving a sick version of your smile.
You froze; you were staring at yourself. Dean raised his gun, but the shifter walked up to him.
“Don’t shoot me, Dean” it begged in your softest voice, but you still had no clue why Dean couldn’t shoot it.
“Dean, I’m right here! That’s not me!” you said and pried yourself from Dean’s iron grip and shot the damned thing yourself. Three bullets to it’s chest and you were staring at your own dead body, a piece of you churning inside. Sam began getting up, the blow must’ve been weaker than what it sounded like.
Without another word the three of you left the sewer and went back to the car. The ride was completely silent, you were more than upset that Dean wouldn’t kill it. Did he want to get you and Sam killed? You walked into the motel room slamming the door.
“Why didn’t you shoot it!” you shouted once Sam got into the shower.
“It was you!” Dean said, pointing at you.
“But it wasn’t! It was a monster, I was holding your hand!” you exclaimed.
“Well it’s dead, it’s fine” Dean said, lower once he saw you were truly angry. “You did good when I couldn’t, and I owe you for that” he said and you exhaled.
“Yes you do” you finally let out a smile and Dean felt at ease.
You told Dean to turn around as you quickly changed into the same sweatpants you wore the past few days, and you let your hair down from it’s braid. Dean went out and grabbed a bag full of burgers and you dove in.
“Not as good as yours” you commented and he smirked.
Once you finished dinner, Sam stayed up on his bed, sitting up on his laptop. The room was dimmed and you could hardly make out Dean’s shape but heard something hit the floor. You looked up from the light of the fridge and walked over.
“I told you I’m sleeping on the floor” you said, picking up the pillow he dropped. “Either that or we’re sharing the bed” you said, expecting him to refuse.
“Ok” he said simply and you whirled around.
“Uh, alright” you said and Dean tossed his pillow on the bed. You rested on your left side, and Dean on the other side. The space between you could fit another person, and it seemed to grow colder by the minute. Slowly Dean turned around, and once you thought he was sleeping you did the same, inching towards his warmth.
Dean thought you were sleeping, the same way you thought he was. So he placed his chin on your head, and thinking he was sleeping you pressed your forehead to his chest. And this is the way you fell asleep, two smiling idiots who couldn’t confess their feelings to themselves or to each other.

Part 5

Hohenheim’s Reference Sheet for Medieval - Dragon Shapeshifters!AU

Yellow…So much yellow…

I wasn’t kidding when I said that In the previous post. This has way too much yellow xDD

His design is quite simple ^^’. And I don’t know why I keep drawing him in his younger self… Perhaps it’s because the lack of beard.

Yep, that’s probably why. Heh.

Ok, Father (the dwarf in the flask) shall have a beard and that is how you can tell them apart. There. Done. Problem solved.

Lookit, pretty parents make pretty babies <33

Description of Hohenheim and Life story (Kinda) bellow the cut

Hope you guys enjoy~!

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Dean Request

Hi I love your wrong and when you said you did supernatural imagines I got so happy!! Could you do a DeanxReader based on Clock Don’t Stop by Carrie Underwood? Preferably a lot of angst then fluff Thank you so much

“How do I look,” you stepped outside the bathroom and gave Dean a little twirl, your long cocktail dress flowing around you.

“Stunning as always babe,” he kissed your forehead. “Now let’s get to this party. The quicker we get this shifter killed the quicker we get to go home.” You, Sam and Dean were going undercover to this big house party to get your hands on a shifter that had taken the place of a millionaire. You pulled up to the large house and had to get a very reluctant Dean to let the chauffeur park Baby. Dean walked around to your side and wrapped an arm around your waist, leading you up the stairs and through the front door.

“I’m going by the back door to get a better view,” Sam said to you too before he walked away.

“We really need to set him up,” Dean said playfully in your ear. You two walked to the bar and ordered a couple drinks.

“So, where is our gracious host,” you curiously looked around.

“Not sure,” Dean replied. “I’m going to wander around and see if I can get an eye on him. You ok here?” You nodded.

You ordered another drink and walked around the room looking at the many people that were dressed in clothes that could probably pay off your car. As you walked around you found yourself in a hallway that was filled with some of the prettiest painting and pictures you had ever seen. You were absentmindedly looking at the pictures and sipping on your drink when someone spoke from right next to you. “A fan of art, are you?” You jumped from his unexpected presence. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,” you looked up and saw who was talking to you- your target.

“Ugh,” you tried to focus, “it’s ok. It’s alright that I’m back here right? I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

You two started talking and you tried to get him to follow you back to the party. You had just arrived in the room where most of the party go-ers were, looking for Dean or Sam, when he leaned in to your ear, “Why don’t we go upstairs? I have some portraits I think you might enjoy.”

“Shit,” you thought to yourself. “You can take him, Y/N,” you thought to yourself. “Ok,” you faked a smile and said to the shifter; you let him take your hand and leed you away from the party.


Dean had just got back from walking around when he saw you from the corner of the room, target right by your side. He saw you nervously look around for him and then he saw your eyes get wide as the shifter spoke to you. Before he took a step towards you you were already being led away upstairs. He whipped out his phone and sent an SOS to Sam telling him to make his way upstairs.

Dean snuck through the crowd as fast as he could to the staircase. Getting his gun out, he ran up the stairs and stopped briefly when he was the many doors. “Rich people,” Dean cursed under his breath.

He crept from door to door listen for your voice or any sound. He was four doors in when he heard a loud crash from down the hall. He ran to the door and kicked it in taking a shot at the shifter. Once the shifter was killed he looked for you and saw you getting up from a spot against the wall. A spot that was slightly dented now will the pictures around it collapsed onto the floor. He walked over and helped you stand up. Looking you over he saw the blood that was trickling onto your face and the various cuts that were on your arms. All his emotions faded into one and as he looked at your nearly broken state- anger.

Sam ran in moments after Dean killed the thing and ran over to check on you. “Are you ok,” he placed a protective hand on your shoulder. Dean picked up your fallen knife and gun from the floor and walked out of the room leaving just you and Sam. “Come on,” Sam said, “let’s get you home.”


Dean didn’t say a word to you the whole ride back to the motel. Sam knew something was up and excused himself, saying he was going to get some food, as soon as we got to the motel. As soon as the door shut closed leaving you and Dean alone he turned to you. “What the hell was that Y/N,” he spoke at a normal level.

“What are you talking about Dean?”

This time his voice rose. “I’m talking about you going off with a shifter by yourself! Look at you, you got hurt. Imagine what would have happened if I hadn’t gotten there when I did.”

“It’s not like I had a choice, Dean! If  I had gone running off he would have known that something was up and we wouldn’t have caught him.”

“You still should have waited until I got near you.”

“You weren’t there Dean! I looked for you and for Sam and you were nowhere to be seen.”

“Don’t blame this on me. You made a stupid move and you just don’t want to admit that you didn’t know what you were doing,” he yelled so loud the whole motel could probably hear you. You walked to your bag and threw all your stuff inside. “Where are you going,” he shouted at you.

“I’m getting my own room,” before he could reply you slammed the door closed.

You got a new room, a room as far away from Dean as you could and let the tears leave your eyes.


Dean felt bad as soon as the door closed behind you. He swatted everything off his nightstand angrily and walked to the fridge and chugged a beer. He should be kissing you goodnight, being thankful that you were ok….not looking at your empty side of the bed knowing that all this was his fault.

You had been gone an hour now. He picked up his cell and called you. Voicemail.

He tried again and got the same thing. “Damn it Y/N. Answer please,” he spoke to the empty room.  He wasn’t sure how many times he called you but it didn’t matter because each one went to voicemail.

After hours of worrying and talking to Sam, Dean was finally able to fall asleep. He woke up the next morning and loaded Baby up for the trip back to the bunker. Dean was bent over in the trunk when your bag landed in the trunk next to him. He looked up and saw your tired face. You looked drain like you hadn’t gotten any sleep last night. There was black stains on your face from makeup running and you had thrown your hair up lazily into a bun. Before he could say anything to you you were opening the door to the back seat and slamming it shut.

Sam came out and saw you in the back as he was getting in the car. “Good morning Y/N.”

“Morning Sam,” you gave a small smile. When Dean climbed in the front seat you pulled up your sweatshirt’s hood and pulled the strings so almost none of your face could be seen. You unbuckled and laid down in the backseat.

Although you weren’t asleep for the first hour of the trip you didn’t say a word to Dean. Finally he noticed that you had fallen asleep. Something that he imagined you needed.


You woke up about 20 minutes before you pulled into the bunker. As soon as Baby was put in park you got out of the car and grabbed your bag. You made your way to, what was officially, your room, although you had been sleeping in Dean’s room for the last 6 months, and dropped your bags on the floor. You passed Dean and Sam as you were going back out into the garage with your keys in hand.

“Where are you going,” Dean asked.

“Getting something to drink.” You hopped in your car and left.

By the time you were getting back to the bunker it was dark out and you thought the boys would be asleep. You threw your keys on the counter in the kitchen and walk to your room. You stopped just outside when you saw the light was on. “I didn’t leave that on,” you thought to yourself. You opened and saw a distraught Dean sitting on your bed with his head in his lap. When he heard you open the door he stood up quickly and looked you over to make sure you were ok.

“What are you doing in here, Dean?”

“You didn’t come home for dinner and I got worried. You weren’t answering your phone and then I saw you left it in here,” he pointed to where it sat on your bed. “Y/N, I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean what I said last night. I was just so worried that you were going to get hurt or worse.” He walked over and reached a hand out to your face. “If something had happened to you…I don’t know what I’d do with myself.”

You didn’t know what to say so you just hugged him knowing that that was what he needed. “I forgive you,” you finally said.

“I don’t ever want to go to sleep with you not next to me,” he spoke softly. You two crawled into your bed together still snuggled together. “I love you,” he said kissing you goodnight.