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new bags have finally been added to my shop! only four for now hopefully more in a couple days when i have free time again. The Fabric is of course from the amazing @firesidetextiles

Cleansing Tarot/Rune/Stone Bag

Hand sewn, lined, with a homemade cleansing blend between the fabrics so that your cards/runes/stones get cleansed while they rest! No more rituals to get rid of that bad extra energy! Plus it smells great!

approximately 6"x4" so please check the size of your tarot deck before purchase!

Created and stored in a smoke-free home. Has been around a cat (please contact if there are any allergy concerns)

Cleansing Blend created by me, various herbs (please contact if there are any allergy concerns)

(Sorry if this is a repost; I’m not sure if it posted the first time I tried)
So here’s my collection for the @stimtastic spinner ring giveaway!
Pictured from left to right are my Amethyst Blush Thinking Putty, fidget cube, Stimtastic dulcimer chewy pendant, and blue/yellow cat beanbag (one of many many plushies)!
Not pictured I have a Ms. Fortune Neko Atsume plushie, purple ghost plushie, shiny Umbreon plushie, weighted panther plushie (I literally cut open the plushie, put in a bunch of rocks, and sewed it back up), and a hand-sewn scented tea-bag (that still needs to me refilled and fixed).

The Goose is on the loose! || Open

Everything was going to be new again, and for some that would be scary, but for Suzy it was the start of a new adventure. A chance for a new! 
The campus grounds were welcoming, the fall air gently dancing through her raven locks, making them greet her porcelain skin. The greenery around her starting to pepper with leaves who were just ready for the change of scenery. It made her feel so warm inside despite the mountain air blowing a bit brisker than the sunny California temperatures she was used to. It was everything she had wanted. A change.
As she made her way down the stoned path, trying her best to remember where she was going based on memory, she made it passed the main set of buildings. And then everything else kind of blurred. She frowned, setting down her one luggage tote, stopping the wheely suitcase, and propping her small backpack onto the pile she just created. Her hands rummaged through the sewn bag, trying her best to find the map she thought she had packed, she thought she had memorized so well on the plane. She… had left on the god damn plane.
“Shit.” she frowned, pursing her lips in a pouty fit.


Through tumblr, I am offering divination services.

The two options for these services are:

Tarot: -Three card spread to start, I will pull more cards if I feel I need them to get a more accurate reading

        - birth card readings: send me your birthday, i’ll calculate your set pair of birth cards, explain their meaning, and do a reading with them (two cards) that is specifically for near future readings

        - if you have a tarot spread that you have found and are interested in, send me the info for the spread and I can do that particular reading for you

Pendulum: Pendulum readings work with spirits, so I will use the pendulum for however long it takes for me to get an accurate and full response to the questions being asked. This can include speaking with spirits who knew you in this life or other lives.  However, I can not guarantee that I will be able to contact a particular spirit, as they come and go as they please.

To get a reading from me I ask that you message me on tumblr with your name, the type of reading you would like, and the questions you have in mind.

All readings will be given as responses to your messages through private answers (unless it is asked through anon) and all responses to the readings (thank you’s/reviews) will be publicly posted unless asked for otherwise.

Each reading is 5$. To make this more accessible i am making this a suggested donation.  If you can’t pay 5$, pay however much you can, and if you can spare more than 5$ I ask that you pay a little more so that I can sustain the readings that may be lower than 5$. So, 5$ is suggested, but give what you can.


Divination services are used as tools of guidance.  I will give you my interpretations of your reading as well as the objective facts of the reading (the particular cards, or direct answers given through the pendulum).  It is still up to you to make your own decisions, use these readings as a way to guide you through the process, not as definitive answers.

If you would like to support this trans-witch financially in other ways, check out the link to my store.  I sell charged and blessed handcrafted jewelry, hand sewn and embroidered tarot bags, and handcrafted candles.

Thanks so much



anonymous asked:

now i need to hear your period headcanons

Do you?

Do you really??

OK I guess I kind of thought the opposite as on the packs. Mainly I kind of imagined that Jupiter’s would be really heavy, and maybe kind of complicated, and that she’d have started early. But she’d be a champion at dealing with them and not really feel much different, except she’d eat more, maybe. She would have hand-sewn wheat bags for herself and also, the other girls, because I think they would slowly learn to come to her when they were feeling shitty at that time of the month. I can’t decide if she would be 100% fine with hearing all the gory details because she’s a fuckin trooper or if she would be very warm and supportive but get easily flustered when actually talking about it, since she’s exhibited both behaviours in the series (particularly about stereotypically feminine-coded activities).

I kind of thought that Rei’s and Ami’s would be really light. IDK why. Probably because Rei seems thin and petite and would just naturally have lighter periods, maybe missing some occasionally. I don’t think she would feel very different or behave very differently. Ami’s would be very very regular and uncomplicated. Also even though her mother would have been open and clinical when teaching her about them, I don’t know, I get the vibe that Ami would be embarrassed and hide them from her (and anyone else) for a long time.

Minako’s would be irregular, I think. Like sometimes they’d be really light and she’d be all “AWWW FUCK YEEAHHHH” and then other months she’d be like “kill me. just fuckin kill me i have suffered enough”. She would also get the worst cramps and mood swings and eat a lot. Usagi would be kind of a late bloomer and she would wake up one morning and be like “Mama…… I………….. I pooped” because Ikuko just kind of… forgot to tell her about it until it was relevant and then spends 15 minutes laughing before she can explain properly. But after that she would be regular like clockwork (moon phases) and fairly uncomplicated, but she would use it as an excuse to be doted on by her mother & Makoto. Rei, Minako & Ami would use tampons, Makoto & Usagi would prefer pads.

Everyone at the shrine, Minako like “I am getting the period shits like a fucking monster can I not just Crescent Beam my uterus off” and Usagi like “GROSS!!! i ruined my PJs :( they were very cute”, Makoto nodding solemnly, Ami like “??? ?????? HOW can you talk about this like this-” and Rei like, “Minako you’re exaggerating.” Minako wants to kill her.

Eventually would they all sync??