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A Secret Admirer | BTS Reaction

Anonymous: Bts reaction to you having a secret admirer? 

Summary: It seems you have a secret admirer. It first started off with a few flowers here and there. But as you’re sitting at home with your boyfriend, the doorbell rings. As you open it, there is a present with a note attached to it, someone expressing their admiration for you. You don’t hide it from your boyfriend though, there’s nothing to hide, you’re not doing anything wrong. But how will your boyfriend react?


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Jin: You frowned as your cooking activity with Jin had been interrupted by the sound of the doorbell. Sighing you washed off your hands and headed out of the kitchen and towards the front door. As you opened it, you were greeted with…well, the fresh air of the outside. You looked around, cautious however, in case someone was to jump out and attack you - you never know. Your eyes fell to the ground at a brown, rectangular parcel. You picked it up, before shaking it. A number of things jiggled around inside, they all seemed solid however. Just as confused as you were when you opened the door, you walked inside and placed the parcel on the living room table “Who was it?” Jin asked, walking through the door that lead to the kitchen and the living room, wiping his hands with a dishcloth. You placed your hands on your hips and looked down at the mysterious parcel and shrugged

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You Never Know

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At last, the next part of this series. I hope there will be a fire that lights this imagine and I pray I know what direction I know it’s going. For all the asking for this part, I hope 3K will fill you up with your Steve needs. Like always: hope it’s to your liking. It’s also past midnight here as I proofread it and post this, so there maybe me not making any sense in this. There is a high chance of that.

Part 9

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| Steve Harrington x Reader |

Requested: “thank steve *god* you’re gonna come back soon i feel empty without my weekly dose of you never know”

“One of the best series of Stranger Things!!!!”

“you never know is the best thing ive read i am dead serious more dead than barb”

“Sit still,” You mumbled. You sat on the couch, in your home, with him by your side. You pressed a cotton pad with rubbing alcohol near his eye socket, causing him to flinched once it made contact with his skin. He kept squirming, trying to tear his face away from you. You placed your hand on the opposite side of his face, making at least his head to stand still.

“So Eight and her gang were at the gas station,” Chief Hopper confirmed, sitting across from the two of you. You both decided that enough was enough and you agreed that Hopper had the right to know what was going on. “And she’s looking for Jane?”

“Who?” Steve asked, letting out another yelp as you went into his cut with another cotton pad.

“Eleven,” He corrected himself, “She was looking for Eleven.” Hopper continued to scribble down everything in his notepad, making sure he understood everything. He stood aiming his pen towards Steve and his cut-up left eye, “What happened here?” Hopper questioned.

Steve glanced over at you, pressing his lips together into a thin line. He huffed, rubbing the tip of his nose, “I got punched by one of the goonies.” Steve spat.

As clear as day, there the five of you were standing face-to-face with Eight and her gang. “Dustin, Max, Lucas,” You uttered softly, waving your hand towards you. You were able to grasp Dustin’s arm to pull him back behind you and Steve as Max and Lucas comprehended. Eight stared straight at you, her fist already balling as she took a step forward.

Steve didn’t think twice before stepping in front of you again, blocking Eight from getting close to you. “Well look what we have here,” A tall man with a mohawk, with the tips dyed pink, had snickered, “Ponyboy here is trying to be a hero.” Steve tighten his fist.

You tugged lightly on his arm, getting closer to his ear, “Steve, let’s just go.” You murmured to him. Your hand slid down his arm, to make it’s way to his hand; lacing your fingers together. The moment that you had turned to leave, the door slammed shut, scaring you all.

“She shut the door!” Dustin screeched, grabbing onto your other arm. You turned to stare at Eight, seeing the same nosebleed that Eleven had gotten when she used her powers.

“I won’t ask again,” Eight spat, brushing the bit of blood onto her jacket, “Where is my sister?’

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You asked for it.  Part 1 here. Part 3 will be the final part. Enjoy loves xxx M Masterlist


“Whatcha doing here?” I heard Camille voice say.

“Phone” I said looking up from it to her.

“On the phone?” Camille asked, putting her hands on her hips. “Is this what happens when Jeff and Mitch leave you alone at parties”

“I’m checking in on (Y/N). Hasn’t answer yet” I explained.

“No wonder, you even smell like her” Camille said.

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BTS reaction to you saying you are horny.

You boyfriend was in the living room typing unstopingly on his laptop, working hard for the past two hours while you were burning inside, as horny as you could be. You went to the living room, and hugged him from behind murmuring “I need you, boy” in the rhythm of ‘I need u’, and wearing nothing but an old t-shirt of his and laced panties. At first, he tought it was a joke, but as you started to massage his shoulders and slide your hands inside his shirt, he understood you were trying to take this “joke” to another level.

  • Kim Namjoon

“Come here, babygirl.” He said after putting his computer away and tapping his lap, motioning for you to sit on him. You obeyed him, sitting with one leg at each side of him, and as soon as you felt his lips and tongue form little patterns on the skin of your neck, his name along with a moan escaped your lips. His hands were traveling on your body when you felt something poke your core from below.

“How about we go to the bedroom? Daddy has something to show you.”

  • Kim Seokjin

He slowly moved his eyes from the screen, shifting them to you. You watched him unhurriedly close the laptop, get up, put it somewhere near and straighten his shirt before getting close to you and wrapping his arms around your waist.

“What took you so long?” He said opening a smirk and lowering himself to meet your lips. One of his hands went up to the back your neck, pulling to closer to deepen the kiss and slide his tongue into your mouth. He slightly moved away from the kiss, looking towards the room behind you before saying:

“We never tried having sex on the kitchen counter. What do you think?”.

  • Min Yoongi

His eyes went back to the computer screen and he continued doing his stuff, unfazed.

“If you wanted it so badly, you wouldn’t be wearing your clothes.” He said nonchalantly, secretely hiding his already slight boner and a smirk of satisfaction. He felt like winning, because you two were hard to express your needs, especially the sexual ones.

You were starting to get mad because he wasn’t giving you any attention, so you stood up in front of him and slowly closed the laptop, putting it on the floor beside his chair. Removing your shirt, you got onto your knees and caressed his tights, knowing exactly what he wanted you to do.

“Please, Oppa.” You begged, seeing him loosen his tie and open a victorious smirk, before putting his face right in front of yours and whisper:

“That’s my girl. Let’s see what else you’re going to beg me tonight.”

  • Jung Hoseok

He took a second or two to actually understand what was going on, but when he did - oh, boy - he understood it perfectly. A smirk appeared on his lips, making you shiver under the little amount of clothes you were wearing. In no second, he had already gotten up and was pressing you against a wall, with a hand on your hip and other on your chin.

“You couldn’t wait until tonight, could you?” He said before meeting his lips and grinding his hips against you.

  • Park Jimin

As your hands started to go down his shirt, his head was thrown back by the marvelous way your skin felt against his. The lower your hands went, the closer your lips got from his neck, giving you the chance of leaving some bruises there, so you did. Maybe his makeup artist would get a little angry the next day.

He stopped your hands of going inside his pants by growling and saying:

“I think I should do you first.”

  • Kim Taehyung

As you started to suck on his neck and shoulders, he closed the computer immediately and made you sit on his lap. After a sequence of hard slaps that made you jump on him, he opened a devilish smirk and licked his lips. He took your hips in his big hands and started to move you back and forth, making you ride his growing boner.

“Princess, let’s go to the bedroom, Oppa needs your help with something.”

  • Jeon Jungkook

His head fell back, feeling your hands trace his collarbones and going down to his abs.

“Come to the bedroom” you whispered in his ear, earning a chuckle while he removed your hands from inside his shirt, got up and pulled your legs to hug his waist.

“Okay, so you think you are in charge now?” He said pressing you against the wall behind him, soon leaving little hickies on your skin. “I’m gonna show you who gives the orders here.”


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A Man, a Mage, and Two Misfits: Chapter Four

A/N: I’m just gonna say this right now: I’m sorry… not. ;)

Prologue  Ch 1  Ch 2  Ch 3 

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Warnings: violence, torture (ish)

Logan struggled to stay calm as he drove to his house with Joan. His mind kept racing at the possibilities of what might have happened to his friends as well as his students. He knew there were powerful organizations out there that definitely didn’t support the mythical community. It was part of why so many mythical folks kept who they were a secret, lest these organizations and cruel and ignorant people hurt them. Not everyone was as supportive and kind towards mythicals like Logan and Joan were.

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A Camelot Christmas: Claudel (with a) Twist

Merry Christmas, @takemeawaytocamelot  !!!  

So…what do you write an English Grad???  Why…a version of Oliver Twist, of course!  Welcome to a Dickens Christmas tailored for you, with some Fraser Family Feels, in the definition of “Camelot”:  any idyllic place or period, especially one of great happiness.

So in this idyllic situation there is no impending war, no need for Fergus to steal the Prince’s letters, nothing hanging over Jamie and Claire’s heads other than being in Paris to live a life together.  

And to help save a poor street urchin.  

I hope you enjoy!

Part One

Claudel was born in a brothel in Paris, France.  

His mother, whose name he does not know, and of whom no one will speak, is dead to him.  

Claudel spent the first nine years of his life in the brothel doing various jobs.  Emptying chamber pots.  Washing dishes.  Peeling potatoes.  Scrubbing clothes.  In short, he was given women’s work to do because the women were… busy.  

Claudel was treated well.  The Madam was kind to him, as long as he did as he was told and completed his chores.  The whores were kind to him as long as he didn’t interrupt their work or steal their money and trinkets.

Other kids were not kind to him.  When he went into the streets to visit the boucherie or boulangerie many of the street boys would surround him trying to steal his coins, or his shoes.  He hears their calls of how he is a connardfils de pute, un chien.  

He hates them.  Hates what they think of him.  At least the whores make an honest living.  As does he, working for them.  Unlike these urchins who slink about the streets of Paris stealing, picking pockets.

One man, Le Comte St. Germain, is desperate for Claudel to join his ranks, to be one of his street thieves.  Claudel narrowly escapes him day after day.  

But because Claudel cannot stand the way these boys mock him he decides to learn the art of pick pocketing.  He wants to show those dirty orphans that he can do anything they can do, and better.  

Claudel practices this craft.  He practices in the street on his way to the patisserie.  He bumps into well-dressed gentlemen and while apologizing, gently removes the contents of their pockets.  He compliments the gentle women, and making a low bow, he kisses their hands swiftly removing a bracelet. 

He brings his spoils to the whores, and finds that he now has a new chore.  

No longer is Claudel working in the kitchen.  No longer is Claudel doing women’s work.  

Claudel is circulating among the gentlemen in the brothel waiting their turns.  He is taking their plates, and their coin purses.  He is lifting their fine handkerchiefs and pocket watches.

Until he steals a small wooden snake from a patron who never lies with the whores.  

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#Claudel (with a) Twist

From what I’ve heard of Jakob so far, I think I really like him hahaha

Since I had a screenshot of him, I could use as ref during work and the result came out WAAAAY better than i would expect

I’m very happy of the result hahaha~