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I was wondering, what do you find to work well for practicing hands? Practice (copying refs? Draw your own? Idk >^< Cjgdxhjkjcxcv, I LOVE how you draw them! So "flowy" and fun! QAQ)

ahh, thanks!! i still h a t e drawing them tbh but im working on it ;;;

anyway, i use this site for practicing a lot– (click on “body parts” –> “hands”), it generates timed reference images, and you can adjust how long each image stays before moving on to the next one. (i like to do 30-seconds, so i dont get too caught up in the details and just focus on the shape and gesture, and just sketch for about a half hour). try to do exercises like this regularly, even daily if possible!

(and even though photo refs are great, drawing from real life is always best since you’re actually seeing in 3-dimensions rather than a flattened picture.)

i try to focus on shape and gesture when i draw hands, sometimes if i get too caught up in anatomy it gets overdetailed– since my style is more cartoon-y these days, drawing individual knuckles and fingernails can look out of place when everything else is more simplified. but, its still important to understand that anatomy and how it works, so you can draw hands from different angles even without reference eventually :o hope that helps!!


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I know you were getting a lot of hate recently so I made this to help cheer you up! I hope I did your art-style justice, Im sorry if it doesn’t look good, especially with the hands.  @galactibun


Im trying to learn my anatomy and drawing what Im studying tends to help me remember things better, so I made this! I made this for personal reference but figured it might be helpful to some of you trying to learn hands too? It helped me a lot so I just figured, eh. I tried to keep it short and simple without going into too much detail, so pardon if there’s some stuff I omitted. Feel free to use it if you like! Im planning on making a Part 2 soon, which will have the hand structure, surface form, proportions, finger tapering, foreshortening, etc. Also please excuse my writing, I did my best to make it neat! >_<

Edit: fixed the insertion point of the adductor pollicis. Everything should be okay now!

Edit 2: Part 2 is out! Linked below!

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Hey do you have any ideas for vegan edible orbeez? All the recipes I can find contain gelatin and All I want to do is put all the frickin orbeez in my mouth is that too much to ask

Actually yeah! A great vegetarian/vegan substitute for gelatin is agar agar, it’s made of algae! (that sounds gross, but it’s all on the molecular level lol) It feels pretty much identical to gelatin, so you could probably swap it out and use it instead of gelatin in any edible orbeez recipe you find!

Here’s a recipe for water drop cakes that look like dango (so it’s basically 3 big edible orbeez on a stick lol), it uses agar agar instead of gelatin! And it’s a decocookie video, so you know it’s great! ^^


i don’t really know how to advise you since i’ve never personally used references, but once you’re able to see building facial structures + anatomy as SHAPES more than anything, the process of piecing your character together becomes much less complicated!

i’ve also included other techniques i’ve seen other artists use and really, finding the right style of drawing your guide lines are key to drawing anatomy without references, to me!