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did you seriously just say we should let pandas go extinct to save other animals or am i misinterpreting because that is a very questionable judgement

ALRIGHT MY FRIEND I have received about six messages in this vein since yesterday, but I worked for thirteen hours today and I have no time for this nonsense. Short answer: YES. 

I’m gonna summarize some salient points on why pandas are awful from a conservation standpoint:

  • Artificial insemination and hand-rearing of cubs are basically standard practice, and still they usually die. At what point is it reasonable to give up because I think we hit it DECADES AGO
  • In 35 years, only 90 cubs have been born in captivity outside of China
  • Wild panda numbers have increased a bare (bear?) 200 individuals in 10 years, despite literal billions of dollars being poured into conservation
  • And yet we’ve managed to literally rebuild populations of black-footed ferrets, oryx, and California condors with exponentially less money
  • Despite all of this, only 10 pandas have been released since the 80s, and all but two died
  • I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that it’s because their habitat is destroyed and fragmentary and barely protected!!!!!! 
  • The only good thing about panda conservation is that protecting their range is also protecting tons of other species. Which would be great, if more of their range was being protected effectively.
  • There is way more money in keeping captive pandas captive than in releasing them!! surprise!!!!!!
  • Zoos pay a lot of money to get pandas on loan because people just LOVE looking at pandas and they can’t afford to house and care for their other animals without people coming to visit! Or do any kind of conservation whatsoever!! Panda-economics! (this is kind of a pro as opposed to a con but its the kind of pro that makes me feel like I need a shower)
  • Pandas are endangered and sort of have a role in spreading bamboo seeds around, so they get billions of dollars. Every shark ever is MORE endangered, and without them the entire ocean ecosystem would collapse, but that’s fine they don’t need money (I’m not bitter) ((I am bitter))

I’m gonna be frank with you. We are in the middle of a mass extinction event, caused by us. Not to be a downer (jk, I’m gonna) but we’re already driving so many species to extinction that we cannot afford to save them all with the money and interest that is in conservation right now. 

Instead, we have to do some kind of awful extinction triage and assess which animals will do the most good to work to conserve - and getting into keystone species, ecosystem engineers, and other truly integral species is a whole other can of worms I’m not gonna touch on - but there are animals that are “more important” in a certain sense than others, in that they can support or affect a much wider range of other species than another

People only care about big, cute, fluffy animals - a common lament heard from conservationists, but it’s so true. There are thousands, if not millions of species that don’t fit this mold that conservation work would benefit eons more than pandas. It’s like fixing a pretty, stained-glass window in a house whose foundations are collapsing and thinking you’re helping. 

Pandas have always been the face of conservation, and they continue to be one of the biggest and most expensive ongoing failures. 

[Sources/ stuff to read to make sense of my incoherent response!]

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Special (Pennywise x Reader)

A/N:  DADDY KINK, don’t read if you don’t like. [Do read if you do like.] Written so reader can be any afab person in terms of physiology, hopefully free of any dysphoric language for trans dude readers too! If I fucked up on that, message me please! Reader is college-age in case it wasn’t apparent.

You hear the voice before you see its source, but you know. You’d ignored it when it was a hush under the city din, scoffed at the balloon you saw tied to the sapling in the back-yard before closing the blinds, but it was less patient this time. This was not a whisper, and this was not a balloon.
“Come.” Louder—to your right. You snap your head to meet the voice, and the air leaves your lungs as a figure sitting on the couch comes into focus.
“You’ve been very brave, little one. Positively courageous, I must say. Smells rancid.” The grin drops from his face, the eyes seem to bore into yours.
“I—I didn’t think…”
“Didn’t think that Pennywise would find you? Didn’t think the scent carried all the way home from the store when you bought those yesterday, fingers trembling as you put them up?” He laughs, glancing to the door, on which sit freshly installed sliding locks, still tightly latched.
“What d-do you want?”
Another laugh.
“Oh, precious thing, I think you know full-well.” His smile widens, revealing a set of pointed teeth.
“If it makes you feel any better, your fear has been so delicate, so delectable.
“Come.” He repeats. “Come sit on my lap. If you run, I promise you will meet your end in slow, twisting agony.” The smile hasn’t left his lips.
You step tentatively towards the clown, knowing that he almost surely means what he says. How many silly online threads you’ve read—you’ve written—about wanting to be in this position, and yet his presence is so thoroughly daunting, you don’t have attention to spare for thoughts of lust.
You cautiously begin to lower yourself onto his thighs, when you feel the skintight-gloved hands curl around your wrists.
“Ah, ah, turn to face Pennywise, please. I do very much love to see my food properly.”
You turn around to awkwardly straddle the clown’s hips, heartbeat pounding in your ears.
“Now now, it’s not all bad. I’ve seen the things you’ve read, the things you’ve done.” You freeze at these words, mouth barely open, failed for words entirely. He tauntingly bats his eyelashes, face inches away from yours; you notice the cracks in the makeup across his face, the vibrancy of the red lines screaming from his eyes to the corners of his lips.
“Before I was real for you, when it was all a game. Do you think your cries went unheard, stifled into pillows and your precious little palm? Pennywise, Pennywise” He rolls his eyes to the back of his head in a gleeful, feigned orgasm. He’s drooling incessantly now, wetting your arms and laps as he nears closer to you, but it’s hardly of any concern. The gloves are still tightly wrapped around your arms, you’re acutely aware that your ass is pressed up against his lap.
He laughs again, cold and malicious. Before you’ve processed the distance closing between you, he presses his wet, plush lips onto yours, catching you off-guard in a slobbering, hungry kiss. You moan in realization, leaning into it, bucking your hips against his lap encouragingly. He forces your wrists together behind your back, shifting to hold them both with one hand. His tongue snakes between your lips, roughly dipping around your mouth, quickly coating your chin in his drool. You moan into his mouth, struggling against the vice-grip he has on your hands, shifting against the now-evident bulge between his legs. He breaks the kiss, but remains pressed to your face, eyes gleaming with taunting, lustful malice.
“Does the little one like it? Tell me you like it, or you won’t. Get. Any. More.” He emphasizes each word with a buck of his hips, pulling your arms back and your body down to grind against his movements.
“I do, I like it. Please…”
He growls affirmatively, drawing his hands up to your waistline, pulling your shirt up, haphazardly tugging it over your shoulders and onto the floor. He surveys the sight of you, shirtless and whining on his lap; his eyes glow murderously bright. He grabs onto your wrists, tugging them into his control behind your back again, gliding a hand up across your chest and collarbones as he juts his erection toward you through your clothes. He leans in, licking up and down your neck—and bites down, just hard enough to break skin. The pain, the pleasure, it’s almost unbearable–
“Ahh, Daddy…”
You didn’t mean to. It just slipped out. He laps slowly at the wound, then raises his head to meet you, your cheeks flushed bright pink.
“Is that what you like, then? Disgusting little thing.” His erection throbs beneath you as he speaks.
“Like to sit on Daddy’s lap and get fucked? Awful little slut.”
His eyes are closed, his grip tightens on your arm, bringing his free hand to slap your ass¬¬. It stings, the glove does little to soften the impact.
“Say it again.” You don’t hesitate.
“Yes, Daddy,” it’s more of a whine. Pennywise lets out a shudder, stealing your lips in another messy kiss. His hand smacks against your rear again, your skin still sensitive from the first. You whimper.
He mimics the sound with a delighted snarl, and smacks you again, harder establishing a rhythm with the gentle hip thrusts and unrelenting smacks.

“Little one likes it when Daddy fucking hits them? Depraved, dirty thing. Does it turn you on to think of how many lives Daddy’s taken with his hands as they touch you wherever he wants, I wonder?”
You close your eyes, grinding down on his lap. How does he know—or was it a lucky guess? Regardless, your turned head tells him more than enough, and his smile turns viciously, inhumanly wide.
“I’ve killed them, you know? All of the little boys and girls who came too close. But not you—you know why? Because you’re the special filthy little one that I like. Getting off on how Daddy sinks his teeth into their flesh, digs for blood in their bodies until there’s none left? That’s what makes you want my fingers all over you, hmm?”
He brings both hands around to grip you by the waist, effortlessly raising you up like a rag-doll and pushing you down onto the couch beside him. Not bothering with superfluity, he turns you down onto your stomach and pulls your pants to your ankles, gracelessly tugging them off with your shoes.
“Mmh, so good for your Daddy. Isn’t that right?”
“Yes, Daddy.”
He growls, placing one hand on your back to pin you down, the other guiding your hips to him. You feel his knuckles against your sensitive skin as he toys with the zipper of his trousers. You struggle against him, bucking back tauntingly against his hand as it frees his erection. You feel the slick head of his cock pressing into you. He leans forward, stretching you with his uncomfortably large erection, rocking back and forward to get a feel for the motion—then bucks violently forward, filling you up. You exhale hard, rocking into his next few thrusts as best you can, with his hand still pressed firmly into your back. The clown rubs your ass where he’d been striking it, ghosting a gloved palm over the bruising skin.
“Mmh, more,” you can’t help but whine. Pennywise laughs.
“Getting off on pain, naughty naughty.”
He quickens the pace of his thrusts, and brings his hand back down onto your ass, hard, eliciting appreciative moans from you, face still pressed into the couch. Another smack.
“Little—slut—” His breaths get heavier, “Likes to get held down helpless, wants Daddy to cum inside them like a filthy fucking playtoy.”
Tears well at your eyes as he continues, unrelenting. His hand curls to tighten on your hip, you can feel the nails beneath the gloves digging into your skin as he nears release.
“Come with me, little s—lut,” his breath comes in animalistic gasps, his hand drags up your thigh. You feel yourself coming undone.
“Ugh—yes—P-Pennywise, Daddy!” Your release hits you fast, shooting through your stomach and radiating between your thighs.
“Fuck—” He thrusts forward, hard, pulling you into him as he rides out his orgasm. A hot wetness runs down your legs, his voice a low growl as he mutters your name.
After a moment, he releases his grip, pulling himself back and allowing you to fall onto the couch beside him. Anxiously, you turn around to face him, bruised and exhausted, but still full of intrigue. What happens now? Are you going to die, naked and weak? Was that his plan from the start? You dare a glance at his face– he’s fully alert again, but clearly contemplative. Not wanting to interrupt a train of thought, you sit in petrified silence as he looks you over, carefully. After a few eternal minutes, Pennywise speaks—and when he does, his voice is gentle, almost playful.
“Come, little one. It’s evident that you’ll make better company than supper. Follow Daddy back home, and we’ll find somewhere for you to sleep.”
His eyes shine blue and sweet, the dim light of the room glinting off them like hard candy, and he offers the first sweet smile you’ve seen on his face. Whatever’s in store, whatever you’re giving up by coming with him, doesn’t matter.

Major Crush

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Laser Tag brings out Steve Rogers’ competitive side and Reader loves it.

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: Explicit Language, Dirty Talk, Groping

A/N: Loosely based on this post. It wasn’t originally supposed to be dirty, but here we are. I don’t own the gifs.

Originally posted by jxmsbuchxn

The training room was plunged into a bright dark. The various colours of the glowing neon lights cast a psychedelic atmosphere in the large room. Laughs and music could be heard all over the room, but the loudest noise was the one of the toy gun. It made a high pitched sound everytime someone pulled the trigger.

“Who thought it was a good idea to let Tony watch ‘How I met you mother’?” You screamed, running with Natasha towards the closest wall and hid behind it. Clint was perched on top of a block, shooting at the both of you.

Tony found sudden interest in Barney Stinson, a thirty-something playboy living in New York whose hobbies involved sex, catchphrases, drinking and laser tag. A striking resemblance.

“Same person who’s shooting at us.” She panted, hugging the plastic gun to her chest. She took a deep breath. “Cover me!”

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Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: Y/N wakes up in her boyfriend’s arms and the day begins as it always does, sneaking out of his room, until Tony notices lovebites on shy, quiet Y/N’s neck.

Words: 2,300+

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, Bucky, Sam

Warning: Implied smutt, fluff

Author’s Note: I was rewatching Ultron and this trash sorta happened. And since I’ve been gone for a while, I’ll be posting some other new stuff this week too.

You lazily blinked your eyes, still swimming between sleep and wakefulness with Steve’s strong arms wrapped around you and his toned body pressed against your small form. He groaned quietly, clearly awake but not wanting to be as he held you tighter. You smiled, snuggling further into his chest, letting his warmth and his touch consume you fully.

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Sugar Sweet  | 1 | (M)

word count: 8.9k (seriously, what a mouthful)

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6 | part 7 


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Orc Boyfriend 2

I did a trade with @ioanaartblog and this is what she requested. An orc boyfriend who takes a human girl as his prize. Enjoy!

   For the last few years now, the village you live has lived under the rule of an Orc Clan. It started because your village was running out of money, people were starving and sickness was rampant. You were just a little girl when it had happened, you can remember being hungry and crying by the cold fireplace as your mom fretted about your father and brothers who left to find work and send home money and food. One day the Orc clan came and promised to save your village, but in return, they would be allowed to take young men and women from the village back to the clan with them each year. Five in the least, ten at the most. For a long while there was hesitance but soon, young people in the village came forward to sacrifice themselves for the good of the village.

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This is Cinni (tortie), Luna (grey tortie) and Pancake. They are so photogenic. Such beauty. Much grace.

Luna and Cin were hand reared from two weeks old by myself - with help from adopted mum Cake, obviously. (Bonus picture of 3-4 week old babies with their brothers!)

To ease the tension

Even without there being a mission, it had been a long day. Jesse McCree didn’t mind helping out around Gibraltar, but it seemed like for this day in particular, everyone needed something. From helping to fix a fuel line on one of their service trucks, to running drills with the newer recruits, to hell, even helping Hana decide on what to wear for a livestream. He had chosen the soft grey sweater she held up, said it complimented her softer face, which made the young girl smile before thanking him and then booting him out the door.

As the hours grew dim, the cowboy found himself wandering back to his room, rubbing his shoulder at the built up tension. Jesse hated to admit it but age was catching up to him in some areas.

//At least ya still got your purty locks// he thought as he ran his prosthetic through them, glad that the later years hadn’t cause a receding hairline. McCree entered his room, kicked off his ever present boots and flopped on the bed. He had been grateful he used some cash to upgrade to a full size with a memory topper because it aided on his sorer days.

He felt himself slowly start to sink comfortably into the mattress just as a swift but even knock came from the door.

“Just ain’t no rest for the wicked.” He grumbled, groaning at just how much his body seemed to protest movement. There had been a mission earlier in the week where Jesse was knocked harder than desired into a brick wall by a rogue Omnic, and he wondered if maybe that was the lingering cause of his pain. Mulling it over, he opened the door to reveal one Hanzo Shimada. The archer had forgone his usual attire, dressed in simple black joggers and a grey long sleeved shirt. His hair always up and neat.

Jesse leaned into the frame of the door and smiled gently down at the shorter man. “Howdy Hanzo. What can I do for ya?” He drawled.

“Genji requested I come fetch you for some training game he organized.” The older Shimada explained flatly. The brothers time spent in Overwatch was one of redemption and healing, bit by bit bringing the eldest out of his shell but it was noticeable how Hanzo doated on whatever the youngest desired.

“Now that sounds like a fun idea but it’s been a busy day for this old broncho. Maybe another time.”

It was an honest but polite refusal and McCree expected the archer to simply nod and leave as per usual, but instead he stood there, staring intently.

“I noticed your being injured during our last mission. Is that why? Have you not sought proper treatment?” Hanzo inquired, surprising the gunslinger with his concerned tone.

Jesse shook his head, leaning to rub his shoulder again, trying to stretch out the stiffness. “Nah I’m alright, just tension and I worked on a few things so my body ain’t takin’ that all too well. But I appreciate your concern there darlin’ ”

Hanzo scoffed slightly and seemed to battle with an idea before pushing past Jesse to enter the room. “Whoa now, whatcha-” he started but was cut off by Hanzo’s command to shut the door, to which he complied.

“Do you have some form of lotion or something?” Came the next question, to which Jesse raised an eyebrow.

“Uh..yeah I got some…somewhere?” He thought outloud, not truly remembering everything that was contained in his room. Jesse strode over to the bed, rummaging through his side table before finding a small bottle of lavender lotion. He had almost forgotten about it, for it was a gift from Ana that he had stuffed away. He had always enjoyed the scent though. Turning, he tossed it the archers way.

“You can borrow it. Now if ya don’t mind..” he trailed off, laying back down on his stomach, stuffing his head into the pillows. “I’m really worn out Hanners and I wanna rest.”

He waited to hear the door open and close, and was honestly ready to pass out when he felt a dip in the bed. Jesse turned his head to see Hanzo kneeling there.

“Sometimes I truly fear if you have taken one too many blows to the head McCree.” The eldest Shimada stated with light annoyance. Jesse wanted to protest but the archer continued. “I had requested lotion to offer my assistance in easing your tension. Now remove your shirt.”

Jesse stared,blinking a few times before sitting back on his knees to pull his shirt up over his head. For being almost in his forties, it wasn’t like the cowboy wasn’t attractive. Muscles were chisled into his features, with only a small amount of fat lining them. A defined v curved into his waist, as a gentle trail of hair lead from his chest to his waistline. Scars littered the tan skin and Hanzo spent a soft second staring at his left arm where skin ended and metal began. “I appreciate the offer partner, but if you wanted to get me naked, you coulda just asked.” The cowboy flirted, waggling his eyebrows.

Hanzo huffed and literally shoved the cowboys head back down onto the pillows. Jesse chuckled but the laughter died in his throat when the archer straddle his legs, resting on his ass. The position went straight south, and he shamelessly thought of those lingering desires he had for his teammate. Not that something such as that would happen. McCree knew well enough that Hanzo found him to be ridiculous, spurs and all.

The archer opened the bottle, lathered the lotion between his hands, and started a deep but gentle press into the tanned flesh of Jesse’s back. It earned Hanzo a satisfied groan. His teammates fingers made quick work on rubbing out the tightness in the cowboys shoulders,between the blades and down his waist. It felt like heaven.

“You are quite tense McCree. You should possibly seek a realignment for your spine.” Hanzo offered softly.

“Ya I may just do that. Damn darlin, sure got magic with those fingers. Must be all that fancy bow work.” He complimented, another groan slipping from his lips.

“Yes, must be.”

Something about the reply struck a cord within the gunslinger. Why was Hanzo doing this for him? Yeah they were friends, but this type of contact toed the line in his head. As the hands working away at his muscles started to travel to his waist, the cowboy felt a familiar twitch.

//Keep your head in straight there Jesse. This is Hanzo Shimada, not some floozy.// he thought, although the last time he engaged in such frivolities was many moons ago. It wasn’t a secret to his closest friends that he swung the other way but Jesse didn’t exactly walk around proclaiming it. Yet when he first met Genji’s older brother, he couldn’t deny how beautiful he found the man to be.

Fingers hooked into the sweats he wore, pulling them and his boxers down, revealing his bare ass, surprising the gunslinger.

“Hanzo now what in the hell are ya doing?” He asked, embarrassed and confused.

He felt Hanzo shift downwards, then hands kneading his rear muscle with newly lotioned hands. “This muscle is quite often neglected, and it carries a lot of tension, just as does your back. I offered to help ease your pain McCree and I don’t, as I have heard you say, ‘half ass’ my work.”

The comment surprised Jesse but he couldn’t help but agree how great it felt to feel the archers hands there. His half hardened cock twitched against the bed and he prayed Hanzo wouldn’t notice, for this situation was embarrassing enough. Another press of fingers, this time closer to the space between his cheeks and a soft moan echoed into the room. Jesse blushed, wishing the Reaper could just take him now. Hanzo’s hands halted and McCree expected him to stop, noting how the sound recently voiced was different from before. Instead, he felt firm a grip at his hips, and yelped as those strong hands pulled him up to be more on his knees, his bottoms being pulled off the rest of the way.

Jesse’s mind flooded with questions and sinful ideas, but no, this wasn’t anything. The archer was simply helping to ease him, or at least so he thought until he felt a soft kiss to his lower back. “Hanzo…?” He questioned.

“You are quite the fool gunslinger, letting yourself get into such a knot.” The archer purred, actually purred, as he placed another kiss lower, and McCree’s dick couldn’t help but throb at the words. This was becoming much more than a back rub. A tongue swirled around until trailing to that puckered entrance at his backside. Again Jesse yelped at the surprising sensation, but sunk his head down, his ass up, debating if he was simply dreaming that the archers mouth was lapping away. A tattooed arm slunk between his legs to softly grip the hardened flesh, and started to gently pump him. Jesse felt his body slowly coming undone.

“Ah..f-fuck Darlin’..what are you doing to me?” He moaned, unable to hold back anymore. Hanzo merely hummed continuing his ministrations. When the archer drew back his mouth, his one hand stayed between the cowboys legs, as the other dipped fingers into the lotion. Soon a lean digit circled him before pushing inside. A gluttoral sound escaped McCree. It felt so amazing, and it was literally a dream come true. If the archer really had anything going for him, he knew exactly how to work McCree up. Soon a second digit joined inside him, twisiting and spreading him.

“You are quite compliant Jesse. I like this side of you.” Hanzo commented, him calling the gunslinger by his first name sending goosebumps across his skin. The fingers crooked and hit a spot, causing Jesse moan louder. “Han…shit…s'good.”

He heard the archer chuckle, before pulling out the fingers. Jesse’s whimpered at the loss, especially when Hanzo took away the hand stroking him. He didn’t want to ask for more, because the older brother had already gave him more than he ever thought would happen. His head stayed planted into the pillows, unable to exactly look at his friend as he felt movement off the bed. Turning his head tentatively, the gunslingers mouth fell open as he watched Hanzo strip before him. The archer was defined in all the right ways and it only solidified how attracted to him he was. Eyes wandered south, following the line of his hips to the space between the milky thighs. Hanzo was perfect.

Before he could stop himself, Jesse crooned, “You are a beautiful sight there Hanzo.”

The other man paused and actually blushed, shaking his head at the compliment. He crawled back into the bed behind Jesse, grabbing the lotion. McCree honestly tried so hard to not imagine what Hanzo was about to do, as he soon felt hands possessively grabbing his waist. All sounds muted as he felt the tip of Hanzo’s cock at his entrance.

“Would you like me to help further release your tension, and my own Jesse? For I will stop if it’s too much.”

McCree shook his head. “N-no..please…wanted ya for a while. If this is gonna help stem off some aches, then please Hanzo…” he begged shamelessly. Jesse couldn’t deny it, he wanted the archer to take him, just like all the ways he had in his dreams.

Hanzo slowly pushed into the tight entrance, relishing is how blissful it felt. For the first time since this started, the Shimada heir moaned, burying himself to the hilt. He paused, waiting for Jesse to adjust, reaching around again to stroke his partners neglected member. Jesse felt full, so damn deliciously full and he slowly rocked back against Hanzo’s hips.

“F-fuck me…HannyBee..” he begged. Hanzo leaned down to kiss the crook of his neck, and McCree could feel him smile against his skin. “As you wish dear gunslinger.”

The pace was quick, unforgiving, but everything the two of them wanted. Jesse felt his whole body ignite like fire. Each thrust had him moaning like a bitch in heat and he loved it. “Mm..yes Hanzo. S'good….you’re fucking heaven..”

A snap of hips pressed Hanzo even deeper inside and the gunslinger arched himself in response. “You are so tight Jesse. Such a good boy for me.” Hanzo cooed, and it made his teammate melt. Who knew the stuffy elder brother had such sugar words?

The familiar coil in his stomach churned as the perfect pace between thrust and stokes built up.

“Han…I’m…I ain’t gonna last much longer…”

Another kiss and then a soft bite to his neck. “Then come for me Jesse. Come and release all that stress you had tucked away. ”

That was all he needed, moaning louder and louder until he came explosively over Hanzo’s hand and his quilt. It felt so hot, causing his body to shiver. Hanzo fucked him through it, whispering sweet praises that McCree lapped up.

“Where do you..?” Came the half question and the cowboy knew what Hanzo had meant.

“In…inside is fine…fill me Hanzo..”

A deep sink of teeth into his shoulder caused Jesse to groan even more as he felt the archers pace become erratic. “Jesse…gods Jesse!!” he moaned between clenched teeth, releasing deep inside McCree’s tight ass.

Hanzo slumped against the tanned back, giving a few more gentle thrusts before stilling. The room filled with soft pants for air as Jesse tried to organize his thoughts. It had been a long day, he was offered a back rub from his honest to heavens crush, and then he was fucked sweeter than ever before.

He felt Hanzo withdrawal and he couldn’t help but sigh at the loss, but his hips fell to the bed. Surely the archer would leave now, and what could McCree even say to this?

But Hanzo didn’t leave, instead he crawled up beside him. “Move Jesse so we can get beneath the blanket.”

The cowboy complied, shuffling so they could both burrow beneath the covers. He laid on his side so he could face the archer. “Ya gonna stay then?”

Hanzo smiled and it took Jesse’s breath away. He was only further neglected from air as the elder Shimada leaned in to kiss him. It was gentle, but caring, and it made the cowboy melt.

“I am not so cruel of a partner to leave after such a good time Jesse. Besides…” he trailed off, snuggling up closer into the strong arms of the cowboy. “You are warm and I desire sleep.”

Jesse nodded and placed a tender kiss to that raven head. He wasn’t certain If this moment would lead anywhere but one thing was for sure, Hanzo had magic fingers and was just what he needed to ease away any tension. McCree kissed that head once more, running his hands softly down the pale back, as he felt Hanzo’s breath steady into sleep.

“Goodnight then Hanzo. Thank you.”

Mimic Boyfriend

I got a lot of requests for a Mimic. I had no idea what they were so after some research I was more than happy to do this!

   You had been sold not too long ago. The old king who had purchased you lived in an even older castle. It was crumbling from the foundation. Years ago an earthquake had split the castle in two. It was not the sort of place people should live in. The king, though, continued to live there. He continued collecting his riches and treasures, very much like a dragon.

   Most of the other staff who worked there looked as if they had lost something a long time ago. They stared blankly into the distance and their eyes looked hallowed. There were only a few like you, still young, still afraid. You crept around the castle as if every step meant the beginning of the end.

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Ugh [Peter Parker] [Soulmate AU]

Originally posted by red-hoocl

Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader [Female pronouns are used but not much]

Warnings: Cursing, Mentions of Pain [and Satans Waterfall] etc

Summary: Everyone has a soulmate, but they’re all tied to them differently. Some people have tattoos, others have counters or red strings. You? You can feel the pain your soulmate feels. Any bruises or cuts they receive appear on your body. Other people have this kind of tie to their soulmates too, it was just rare and it seems like you’ve got a bad one. Your soulmate is constantly getting injured and it’s driving you insane!


Pain. That was the most common thing your soulmate had you feeling- though, it was usually at ungodly hours of the night. You wondered what he could possibly be doing to have you waking up at three in the morning, fighting back a scream. Was he some sort of thug? Did he get into fights at three in the morning just because? Some nights were worse than others- and just a few weeks ago, it felt like you were being crushed by something. It terrified you because it felt like your soulmate was going to die- but then the crushing feeling stopped. You thought that’d be the end of it- but then it felt like you were falling and then crashing to the ground. You must’ve screamed all night that night.

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Billy Hargrove Imagine Requested- Missing You

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As I promised, @theoperators-trashcan ,here is your Billy Hargrove x Reader imagine.  I listened to “Missing You” by John Waites while writing this, so feel free to take a listen.  Also, the song by The Scorpions is really good so you should look that one up too.  Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this!!  

Warnings: Mild language 

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader 

You stood next to your car awaiting the familiar rumble of Billy’s loud Camaro.  It had been 3 months since you started dating going against everyone’s warnings.  Although it was hard for all of your friends to believe, the two of you complimented each other.  You, a quiet bookworm who always stayed to herself, now dating Billy, the boisterous charming king of Hawkins High School.  He brought out the daring and rebellious side you didn’t even know you had and you brought out the caring and humble side he hid away from the world.  Within the 3 months you two had been dating you learned so much about each other.  You about his awful home life and he about how hard your parents were on you. Together, you each brought the other up from the darkest places.  And although the entire world was betting against your relationship, you and Billy were inseparable.  

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Yesterday’s caterpillars.
1-4) The three pipevine swallowtail caterpillars I saw in McDade
5) My second batch of io moth caterpillars molted for the second time
6-8) My first batch of io moth caterpillars also molted, for the third time
9) When I got back from McDade, I found a few tawny emperor escapees. I was gone too long and their leaves dried up. They always start escaping when they’re hungry.

June 3, 2017


Let Me Count the Ways

Characters: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Insecurity, mild angst, negative body image, mild fluff, language

Word Count: 1k

A/N: This comes from a personal place tonight because of something that happened. I needed Dean’s reassurance that I am worth something even when others make me feel like I am not. I know there are more people that can understand than I can being to know, so I hope you find some peace in this. I know I have.

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Headcanon for having make-up sex after an argument with EXO?? Love your blog BTW


★he wouldn’t even let you finish shouting   

★he’d pull you into him   

★hands resting on your rear  

★’you’re sexy when you talk like that’  

★he’ll lean to kiss your neck

★softening you up

★when he feels you relax against him he’ll chuckle

★and proceed 

★his fingers will moved down to brush over your entrance through your pants

★’let’s swap from shouting to moaning shall we?’

★he’ll have you undressed in moments 

★then bend you over the arm of the sofa

★he’ll spend so much time teasing your entrance

★’tell me you want me’

★at your desperate whine he’ll push into you

★his hips would be painfully quick

★you’d easily reach your first climax

★which makes you go limp over the arm

★but this bub has so much energy

★so this isn’t over

★he’ll pound into you until he cums

★which could take forever

★his precious moans would keep you from completely passing out

★when you’re both done he’ll moved so you were both laid on the sofa

★’well that’s better than shouting’

★he’d giggle at your words and stroke your hair

★’let’s just have sex whenever we get angry’


★after you’ve finished with your ‘i hate you speech’ he’ll move close to you    

★’you don’t mean that’

★his hand will slide into your bottoms 

★and tease the elastic of your underwear 

★when you go to give a sarcastic reply he’ll move to rub over you 

★stopping you from speaking

★’you don’t mean that’ 

★the moment he feels your hips move in attempt to get him where you need him he’ll know you’re okay with him doing this

★he’ll push your legs open

★then remove his hand from your underwear to hold two fingers to your mouth


★a smirk would pull at his lips as he watched you

★once he was pleased with how lubricated they were

★he’d return them to your bottoms and push them into your entrance

★’are you going to say sorry for shouting at me?’

★his fingers would thrust slowly   

★but once he hears your apology he’ll pick up his pace

★he won’t fuck you until you’ve cum at least 3 times on his fingers

★when you have

★he’ll undress you both and fall onto the sofa

★’ride me’

★he’ll relax back into the sofa as he watched you raise and fall onto him

★your moans filling the room

★after hitting your climax several times

★you’re left shaking

★making him smirk

★but he isn’t done with you

★’i didn’t say you could stop’


★his hands will grip tighter at your hips and begin to move you down onto him 

★’i say when you’ve had enough’ 

★he’ll continue this until he cums

★when you’re both down from your highs he’ll move you to the bedroom

★and cuddles you into him

★’i love you, darling’


★yixing’s hand would come to rest on your thigh 

★instantly dissolving all anger  

★’why don’t we resolve this in another way?’ 

★his hand would trail higher and higher 

★’if you don’t want this, tell me now’

★’i want you’

★he’ll smile and lean in to kiss you

★moves you so you’re laid on the bed

★’there’s no need to raise our voices’

★he’ll move over you

★and press kisses all over your face

★they’ll slowly move down

★removing your clothes 

★and kissing over the newly exposed skin

★when you’re fully exposed to him he’ll move to kiss your thighs

★he’ll do this until you’re wrked up enough for him

★his clothes will be discarded 

★your legs will be wrapped around his waist

★then he’ll push into you

★stilling the moment he’s fully in you

★just so you can savour of how it feels to be filled by him

★if your hips begin to move he’ll hold them down

★’we play by my rules now’

★he’ll wait until you’re whining underneath him to move

★and he’ll move impossibly fast

★seeing you come undone beneath him is one of his favourite things

★he’s able to keep up his fast pace

★w/ those dancer hips

★it’ll keep up until you’ve cleched around him

★ready to cum

★he’ll move to stroke you

★’do it, sheep,’

★his cooing is what finally pushes you over

★and when you do he’ll be there to kiss you

★once he’s hit his clamex 

★he’ll move to cuddle into your chest

★’no more shouting, sheep’    


★he’ll smirk as he watches you rant 

★when he sees how much him not reacting is annoying you he’ll laugh 

★’come show me how angry you really are’ 

★he’ll smile into your lips as you kiss

★letting you push him down onto the bed

★a hand will come to rest on your hips when you begin moving your hips against his

★his head would move to the side for you to mark him

★but he’ll quickly get annoyed that it isn’t going hard enough for him   

★’that’s the best you can do?’

★he’ll roll you over and pin your arms above your head

★’i’m disappointed’

★he’ll bite on your mark you as his 

★while he wraps your legs around him 

★his nips will cease once your neck is covered i nred spots

★he’ll slowly stip you

★fingers trailing over your burning skin

★slides into you the moment you’re both naked

★his lips will return to your neck 

★darkening the marks on your neck

★the movement of his hips will be slow

★driving you insane


★’what’s that?’

★’i want you to go faster’

★’i don’t’

★he’ll only speed up when he feels his climax building up

★he’ll make you think you’re both going to cum together

★but as you’re about release

★he’ll still his hips

★’i’m not forgiving you that easily’

★his hips will move again slowly

★but this time they’ll be quick

★his skin snapping against yours

★’cum this time’

★he hold you close to him while you twitch 

★’you look so beautiful like that’

★he’ll paint your walls shortly after

★and collapse next to you

★he’ll cuddled close 

★and begin to hum


★jongdae would be silenced by your lips pressing against his

★his words would muffle into your mouth as he tried finishing his piece  

★’shut up, yeah?’

★he’ll allow you to pull him onto the sofa 

★the moment he’s over you 

★his mouth is biting at your neck 

★at your jawline

★at your lobes  

★he’ll try his best to get you both undressed on the small space but fail

★so he picks you up and carried you to the bedroom 

★his clothes will be stripped 

★before he moves onto yours 

★wastes no time messing around

★he’ll slide into you

★and latch onto your shoulder 

★so he doesn’t make too much noise

★the sound of skin slapping together mix with your moaning

★’cum with me on three’

★he’ll flop next to you when you’re done

★and kiss all over your face

★’love you’

★’love you more’    


★this is the only time you and chanyeol have sex that isn’t soft and full of love

★you’ll have him pinned to the bed before he could even start his reply

★you pressed your lips to his when you felt his hands rest on your hips

★’you’re going to fuck our anger away?’

★he’d smirk against your lips

★he’ll relax back 

★and let you undress him

★he watches with hazy eyes as you undress 

★a grin will grow on his face when you straddle him

★he’ll guide himself into you 

★his whine will fill the room as he enjoys the feeling of you around him

★his hands will return to your hips 

★to help you move on him

★his eyes wouldn’t leave your face as it contorted in pleasure 

★when you leaned down to kiss him

★he’d move a hand up to cup your face

★’you feel so good around me’

★he’d squeeze at the flesh on your hip

★at the telltale sign that you were close o your climax

★he begin to thrust up into you 

★he’ll hold you as close as possible as you both came

★and you’d stay like that until you had the energy to move

★’let’s just go straight to that instead of arguing’


★he’d stare at you silently  

★you’d make your move on him 

★arms wrapping around his neck 

★when your chests pressed together 

★something inside him snapped

★his hands would grip your hips  

★he’d turn you so your back was pressed to his chest

★’i don’t appreciate your tone’

★his words would be a low growl

★his fingers would dig into the skin of your hips while he kissed at your neck 

★’i deserve an apology’

★he’d move a hand to wrap around your throat 

★while the other moved down to stroke you

★’don’t i?’ 


★the moment he feels you buck against him he’ll pull away

★he’d force you to his knees and free himself from his bottoms

★before standing infront of you

★’show me how sorry you are’

★his fingers would be tangled in your hair while you pleasure him

★he’s v quiet

★so all you’ll hear is his heavy breathing

★when he’s about to cum he’ll pull you up

★strip you

★push you back onto the bed

★then sliding into you

★his hands will return to your reddened hips

★his thrust would be slow and deep

★he wanted to delay his climax 

★so he can pleasure you

★when you begin tightening around him he’ll return his lips to your neck

★’cum for me’

★he’ll hold you against him while your body quivered

★then shorty after let his own climax wash over him  

★he’ll walk with you to the bedroom

★where he flops on the bed with you 

★’you okay’

★’i’m perfect’ 

★’yeah you are’


★you barely have time to catch your breath before he smashed his lips to yours 

★he’ll pushed you to the nearest surface 

★bring your leg up around his waist  

★and begin to grind into you 

★’give me one reason not to fuck you raw’ 

★your silence made him smirk

★and slowly pull off your bottoms

★’is this why you wanted to fight? so i’d fuck you?’

★his fingers would giving teasing rubs to you 

★he’d scoff at the moan you gave 

★then moved back to free himself

★you were turned around

★so your chest was pressed to the cold kitchen counter

★he’d tease your entrance with his tip

★when he was happy with your beginning

★he’d push into you

★and begin his pounding right away

★his breathy moans would be so beautiful

★gives a slap to your rear when he feels you tighten up

★’do it’

★he’d be growling 

★if you didn’t cum on him within the next five seconds

★he’d pick up his pace

★forcing the orgasm out of you

★shortly after he’d pull out to paint your back white

★he’d go limp over you for a few moments

★breathing heavily in your ear

★’you could’ve just asked, baby’ 


★the only way to shut up his rants is to kiss him 

★he’d take a while to kiss back

★bc how dare you interrupt him

★but when he realises what it’ll lead to

★he’s all for it

★he lets himself be completely used by you

★'your words weren’t nice, baby boy’

★at that he was so ready to be ucked out

★his hands pulled down your pants

★while you pulled off his

★he’ll let out a breathy moan when you’re finally wrapped around him 

★seeing you ride him is his fave

★he gets a full view of your body

★and your face as it displays pleasure

★he’d soon join you in throwing your head back and moaning

★his hands would grip at your thighs

★fingertips turning your skin white

★he’d whimper when he came

★would stop thrusting until you hit your climax

★after you’re both done  

★he’ll pull you down to his chest

★keeping you there 

★’i don’t like when we argue’ 

★’neither do i’

★’i do like when we have sex’

★me too’

Shark Boyfriend 2

Part Two on my lovely Shark monster boyfriend story. Read the first part HERE.

   After the storms shutters are finished put on, you wave goodbye to the repairman and go back inside. “He’s gone, you can come out.”

   “Is it really supposed to storm that bad?”He huffs as he comes out from the bedroom. He braces his hand above his head on the doorway so he doesn’t knock it coming out. He’s almost too big for your small house. His nine feet tall at the least and wide enough he has to slip sideways through the doors.

   “Well, they say storm I say panic,” you huff.

   “You seem nervous,” he grabs your shoulder and kneads gently. “Whats wrong?”

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