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KogaVerse: Stenduos

Name: Stenduos

Age: Ancient/Prehistoric

Height: 70 Meters

Length: 55 Meters

Description: One of the last members of the Long Necked Sea Tyrant family of retrosaurs, Stenduos has several features common to the ones found in the fossil record, and several differences. The smaller head full of sharp teeth and long, craning neck are easily identifiable as parts of the family. The oddities begin at the body however, with the front limbs of the beast still being clawed fingers only somewhat partially fused into a flipper, remaining almost webbed hands. The rear limbs are full flippers, lacking any mark of a claw, but the body has a ribbed underside that acts as protection, along with a large patch of armor on the back that acts as protection from attacks. The normal skin is a dark blue in color, with the armor a sea green in coloration.


-          Mobile Neck: Displaying a degree of versatility that exceeds his ancestors, Stenduos can wrap his neck around anything like an anaconda, and go in all sorts of strange poses with little harm to himself.

-          Boiling Sea Spray: With his massive size, Stenduos can swallow water and with the natural heat his body creates, launch a stream of superheated water to knock potential prey off of distant ledges or out of the air, such as Diplorator.

-          Cunning Reptile: While not the smartest kaiju on the block, Stenduos has a tremendous amount of cunning that allows him to formulate plans and communicate cross species with his adoptive mother.  


-          Aquatic Beast: His body flows far better in water than on land, and is cumbersome outside of it. This means that some environments are not as well suited to him as others, such as rocky cliffs.

-          Bony Armor: The solid bone armor on the top and bottom of the beast slows it down in water and on land moreso, making him more open for speedy predator attacks.

Backstory: One of the last of the Long Necked Sea Tyrants, and the Sea Tyrant Retrosaurs as well, Stenduos’s life has been full of stress. Born as the only child of his mother in her last batch, the first few weeks of life was filled with her love and affection, and his insatiable goal of exploration. It was this hunt for new things to find that spared his life. From above a small cave overlooking the massive lake, he was forced to watch her brutally fight off the flying retrosaur Occisaurus and perish along the beach that he had known only briefly in his first few days of life. Once the flying retrosaur had left, the young Stenduos cried planitfully out to the world, lost without the guidance of a mother.

His cries however, did not go unanswered. Emerging from the foliage by the lake, the impressively armored guardian of the island, later to be known as Ol’ Bertha, found him alone, and quickly took in the child as a strange baby of her own. She raised him in the massive lake and the swamps, showing him how to swim, dive, and even hunt roughly to survive, with instinct allowing him to adapt well. Now a fully grown male, he swims the lakes and the swamps on occasion, keeping balance of the watery depths as best as he can.  

How They Interact with Other Kaiju: Stenduos tends to be pretty friendly with most monsters, although more territorial than his adoptive mother/grandmother. As long as others don’t mess with him or his home too much, he doesn’t really bother them. He has been seen swimming alongside Galleus on his ventures into the gigantic lake, almost chatting with Ol’ Bertha, and exploring the habits of his fellow monsters. Those that attack his home, or the ones he cares about, face the full wrath of the monster that harkens back to an era of the Mesozoic times of before. 

anonymous asked:

did you seriously just say we should let pandas go extinct to save other animals or am i misinterpreting because that is a very questionable judgement

ALRIGHT MY FRIEND I have received about six messages in this vein since yesterday, but I worked for thirteen hours today and I have no time for this nonsense. Short answer: YES. 

I’m gonna summarize some salient points on why pandas are awful from a conservation standpoint:

  • Artificial insemination and hand-rearing of cubs are basically standard practice, and still they usually die. At what point is it reasonable to give up because I think we hit it DECADES AGO
  • In 35 years, only 90 cubs have been born in captivity outside of China
  • Wild panda numbers have increased a bare (bear?) 200 individuals in 10 years, despite literal billions of dollars being poured into conservation
  • And yet we’ve managed to literally rebuild populations of black-footed ferrets, oryx, and California condors with exponentially less money
  • Despite all of this, only 10 pandas have been released since the 80s, and all but two died
  • I bet you wouldn’t have guessed that it’s because their habitat is destroyed and fragmentary and barely protected!!!!!! 
  • The only good thing about panda conservation is that protecting their range is also protecting tons of other species. Which would be great, if more of their range was being protected effectively.
  • There is way more money in keeping captive pandas captive than in releasing them!! surprise!!!!!!
  • Zoos pay a lot of money to get pandas on loan because people just LOVE looking at pandas and they can’t afford to house and care for their other animals without people coming to visit! Or do any kind of conservation whatsoever!! Panda-economics! (this is kind of a pro as opposed to a con but its the kind of pro that makes me feel like I need a shower)
  • Pandas are endangered and sort of have a role in spreading bamboo seeds around, so they get billions of dollars. Every shark ever is MORE endangered, and without them the entire ocean ecosystem would collapse, but that’s fine they don’t need money (I’m not bitter) ((I am bitter))

I’m gonna be frank with you. We are in the middle of a mass extinction event, caused by us. Not to be a downer (jk, I’m gonna) but we’re already driving so many species to extinction that we cannot afford to save them all with the money and interest that is in conservation right now. 

Instead, we have to do some kind of awful extinction triage and assess which animals will do the most good to work to conserve - and getting into keystone species, ecosystem engineers, and other truly integral species is a whole other can of worms I’m not gonna touch on - but there are animals that are “more important” in a certain sense than others, in that they can support or affect a much wider range of other species than another

People only care about big, cute, fluffy animals - a common lament heard from conservationists, but it’s so true. There are thousands, if not millions of species that don’t fit this mold that conservation work would benefit eons more than pandas. It’s like fixing a pretty, stained-glass window in a house whose foundations are collapsing and thinking you’re helping. 

Pandas have always been the face of conservation, and they continue to be one of the biggest and most expensive ongoing failures. 

[Sources/ stuff to read to make sense of my incoherent response!]

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This is Cinni (tortie), Luna (grey tortie) and Pancake. They are so photogenic. Such beauty. Much grace.

Luna and Cin were hand reared from two weeks old by myself - with help from adopted mum Cake, obviously. (Bonus picture of 3-4 week old babies with their brothers!)


Yesterday’s caterpillars.
1-4) The three pipevine swallowtail caterpillars I saw in McDade
5) My second batch of io moth caterpillars molted for the second time
6-8) My first batch of io moth caterpillars also molted, for the third time
9) When I got back from McDade, I found a few tawny emperor escapees. I was gone too long and their leaves dried up. They always start escaping when they’re hungry.

June 3, 2017


Fandom: Marvel’s Avengers

Summary: Y/N wakes up in her boyfriend’s arms and the day begins as it always does, sneaking out of his room, until Tony notices lovebites on shy, quiet Y/N’s neck.

Words: 2,300+

Paring/Characters: SteveRogersxReader, Tony, Bruce, Natasha, Wanda, Pietro, Bucky, Sam

Warning: Implied smutt, fluff

Author’s Note: I was rewatching Ultron and this trash sorta happened. And since I’ve been gone for a while, I’ll be posting some other new stuff this week too.

You lazily blinked your eyes, still swimming between sleep and wakefulness with Steve’s strong arms wrapped around you and his toned body pressed against your small form. He groaned quietly, clearly awake but not wanting to be as he held you tighter. You smiled, snuggling further into his chest, letting his warmth and his touch consume you fully.

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Sugar Sweet  | 1 | (M)

word count: 8.9k (seriously, what a mouthful)

genre: smut + fluff; college AU + fuckboy!kihyun

pairing: reader/kihyun

summary: your best friend & roommate changkyun just wanted to help get you laid. instead you found solace in a pink haired man named kihyun who had a smart mouth with sharp words you weren’t afraid to let cut you, as long as he didn’t mind you hurting him a little too.

part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5 | part 6


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Major Crush

Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Laser Tag brings out Steve Rogers’ competitive side and Reader loves it.

Word Count: 1,500

Warnings: Explicit Language, Dirty Talk, Groping

A/N: Loosely based on this post. It wasn’t originally supposed to be dirty, but here we are. I don’t own the gifs.

Originally posted by jxmsbuchxn

The training room was plunged into a bright dark. The various colours of the glowing neon lights cast a psychedelic atmosphere in the large room. Laughs and music could be heard all over the room, but the loudest noise was the one of the toy gun. It made a high pitched sound everytime someone pulled the trigger.

“Who thought it was a good idea to let Tony watch ‘How I met you mother’?” You screamed, running with Natasha towards the closest wall and hid behind it. Clint was perched on top of a block, shooting at the both of you.

Tony found sudden interest in Barney Stinson, a thirty-something playboy living in New York whose hobbies involved sex, catchphrases, drinking and laser tag. A striking resemblance.

“Same person who’s shooting at us.” She panted, hugging the plastic gun to her chest. She took a deep breath. “Cover me!”

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leave it to the land, this is what it knows

so my whole ‘stay away from tfc cuz its giving you major feelings and you need to be productive in school’ thing went to shit this morning but hey!!! on the bright side!! i wrote a fic!!!

a fic that im pretty sure has already been written 5000 times!!! but its aight!!! did it anyways!!

the times andrew lets neil touch him

Neil has become accustomed to tangling his fingers in Andrew’s hair when being kissed, not stupid enough to cross the line Andrew set for him. While he wouldn’t end up with a punch from Andrew if his hands did stray like anyone else would, besides maybe Kevin, that doesn’t mean he’d get off easy.

It isn’t just that he’s stupid enough to leap the line; it’s that he knows the reason it’s there. Just as Andrew’s incessant comments never stray to his time in Evermore or his night in the hands of his father and his people, just as his steady hands never brush across the burn scar on Neil’s cheek where a number used to live, Neil doesn’t bring up what happened in the bedroom with Drake, or what happened when Andrew was younger.

Neil Josten has spent his life running from his demons. He may have out run them, but Andrew hasn’t. He likely won’t until Drake is 6 feet under the ground, unable to touch anyone again.

Neil doesn’t push. He has no reason to, fully content with what he has.

Today, though, Andrew does. He breaks from Neil’s lips, pulling back to look at him, guarded eyes revealing nothing.

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Gettin’ Fat

Roadhog watched you and Jamie as you walked ahead of him, your petite body tucked under the lanky Junker’s arm. Jamison was telling the tale of how the three of you had gone to Disneyland, waxing on and on about how perfectly disguised you were and how he had been on his best behavior and didn’t blow up a single thing that day. Lucio and Hana listened and giggled, tossing questions around all while you giggled and pressed yourself closer to the demolitionist’s side. Mako, however, wasn’t focused on the story his lanky boyfriend was telling. His eyes were fixated on you. On your hips and how your hip bones no longer seemed to jut out, your jean shorts clinging to your slowly rounding hips rather than slipping from them. Your thighs were filling out, the gap that had existed when things were at their hardest now filled, your ass growing rounder, fatter. A hearty layer of fat covered your entire body; cheeks fuller, belly softer, arms no longer twiggy. You looked healthy.

“You’re gettin’ fat Gadge”, Mako stated simply, his gravelly voice filled with affection and warmth.

Hana and Lucio froze in place, you and Junkrat running into them as they exchanged a shocked look. Your eyes dropped to your belly, the crop top you wore showing off a good amount of skin, your hands running over your tummy appraisingly. Junkrat giggled wildly as his gaze jumped between Hana and Lucio, the two stars both trying to comfort you after the ‘offensive’ comment.

“Woah woah”, Lucio hummed, waving his hands expressively, motioning up and down. “You definitely aren’t fat!”

“Yeah”, Hana jumped in, placing a hand on her hips as she glared up at Roadhog. She had never blanched at either of the Junkers, quick to jump to their defense or call them out if need be. “How could you just say that about her? That is tot–”

“Really”, you squeaked out, a sheepish grin growing on your lips as you turned around to look up at the older man. A giddy, pleased giggle bubbled up from your chest, your hands still rubbing your softer stomach. Roadhog grunted in affirmation, his hand running over your cheek, finger lightly poking at your the ‘baby fat’ there. “Am I really really?”

“Oh definitely Gadget”, Junkrat said with a impish giggle, his metal hand dropping to your rear and giving a hearty grope. You squealed, shooting the man a weak admonishing glare before dissolving into a fit of giddy laughter. “Specially right here. Ain’t that right Hog? Gadge is nice’n’soft. Our darl’s even cuter now now than she was before!”

“Mhmm”, Roadhog hummed, pinching your cheek gently before ruffling your wild hair beneath his large hand. “Food’s doing ya good, yeah.”

Pleased warmth poured through you as both your boyfriends showered you in compliments, a bashful blush burning at your cheek as Junkrat’s hands roved over your skin to point at specific areas. Hana and Lucio exchanged a look before backing away from the obviously intimate scene, confusion written on their faces.

“They are so weird”, Hana exclaimed in a hushed whisper.

“Tell me about it”, Lucio agreed.

Lance Drabble 70 & 65

Request: 70 and 65 with lance?

70. “I’m feeling really attacked right now.”

65. “Did you just squeeze my ass?” + “Yeah, it was really firm.”

You sat on the chair, spinning around in it while your boyfriend taught his young group of gymnasts. He shouted at them, telling them to do better or that they didn’t stick the landing. Yeah, he was a little harsh when it came to gymnastics. He was just passionate about it.

Sitting in the chair, you rolled yourself out of the office and into the gym to see how the kids were doing. The age range he taught was 14-18 year olds.

“Amanda, do it again! And fix your stance! I don’t know how many times I’ve told you to do it and you haven’t!” Lance shouts at the 17 year old.

He turns to another girl, 15 this time and sighs. “Luna. Bars. Now.”

You roll your eyes at your boyfriend and stand up from the chair, striding over to him. “Oh my god Courtney if you don’t-” he was cut off when you reached down and grabbed a handful of his rear end. Lance turns around quickly and licks his lips. “Did you just squeeze my ass?”

You smile innocently. “Yeah, it was really firm.”

He chuckles and you notice all his students stopped what they were doing to watch the two of you. It was a rare occasion to see Lance smiling and laughing so they took advantage of the opportunity.

You reach behind him and squeeze his ass again, causing him to laugh. “Baby, I’m trying to work.”

“Yeah but..” you trail off, again, squeezing his ass.

Before you could fully pull your hand away, he grips it and holds it. “You know, I’m feeling really attacked right now.”

“Oh boo hoo, Lance.” you say, trying to touch his ass again but he grabs your other hand as well. “Let me touch your firm muffins.”

Lance laughs whole heartedly and you can hear his students giggling.

“My firm muffins?” he repeats.


Lance leans in, his lips ghosting over your ear. “Well, the sooner I’m done here, the sooner we can go home and you can touch my ‘firm muffins’ all you want.” he stays like that for a bit before turning his head to his students, the smile being replaced with a hard look. “What’re you lookin’ at? Get back to practice!”

Joys of Parenthood

Originally posted by lupitalover

Originally posted by ohevansmycaptain

(^^Good stuff right here)

Prompt: Glimpse into Bones and reader’s life as parents

Warnings: Dad fluffies

Word Count: 2,120

A/n: Gah! So much cute. Cute overload

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Crooked [1]

Moodboard by the lovely @baebae-goodnight

Mafia!au ft. Taehyung.

You’re a well trained undercover cop. Kim Taehyung is the leader of the most feared mob in town and your newest target. This might be your most dangerous assignment to date.

My new series, please let me know what you think(:

“Hello,” the cheery high pitched voice of the hostess greeted. “Feel free to sit anywhere you’d like.”

You gave a slight nod as she began to walk away to disappear through the kitchen door. You scanned through the half empty diner, searching. You casually strolled through the rows of tables towards the back of the diner to the walls that were lined with booths. You passed by an older man with a beard and work out clothing. As you passed you made eye contact, giving each other a knowing look. You took a spot in the booth behind him.

“Hello,” a young, very chirper sounding, waitress greeted you with a fake smile plastered on her face. She placed the menu in front of you. “Welcome to Harry’s, is there anything I can start you off with?”

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Safe and Sound (Josh Dun)

Originally posted by tyjosephs

Pairing: Josh Dun/Fem!Reader
Words: 2000+
Warning(s): sexual harassment, some swears
A/N: So here is the fic thats base on a dream. it was a lucid one, almost died having it lol (i couldnt breath) also sorry if this seems duummbb but it is based off the dream i had and dreams can be a bit wonky. Its fan fiction so yeeahh. this probably sucks since i’ve been working on it at 3 am every morning.

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deadroses (m)

Word Count: 13,694

Warning: Hoseok smut, violence

A/N: This scenario took me about three months to write, which you can probably guess by looking at the word count. For that reason it has a very special place in my heart, no matter how much effort it cost me to finish it. It turned out a lot darker than my other scenarios, and I tried my best to make this scenario more intellectual for that reason. I really hope the two main characters (you and Hoseok) turned out the way I wanted them to: like real people, with a story and an imperfect personality. -But, without any further ado, enjoy.


You look up from your shaking hands at the boy sitting next to you. “What now?”

He stares at the graphite floor that shimmers in the dimmed light like the ocean, vibrating with every rock the vehicle hits. “Do you think there’s any chance we’ll succeed? An actual chance?”

You grunt. “I thought you were always so confident about our victory, Jungkook.” With your elbow, you strike his side, to which he responds by moving away from you. His dark eyes are hostile, which is so different from how they have been in times gone by. With a soft chuckle you remember his soft stuttering the first time you made this same move on him, the nervous look in his eyes like that of a deer in the headlights. Those days seem like they are miles away from where you’re standing now, on the edge of the horizon that is your memory.

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Baby | Dean Winchester x Male Reader

 Warning: Fluff, Smut, Sex on Baby

Words: 1188

(Y/N) POV:

Dean has been working on Baby all day. He woke up at five this morning, leaving the bed sheets next to me just a cool, thin layer of linen. It was noon now, and he still wasn’t finished tinkering. He had refilled the tires, replaced the brake pads, fixed the transmission, and refilled the windshield wiper fluid. I turned my head as I heard the hinges on the screen door creak. In strode Dean, black smudges on his hands and face and sweat dripping down his brow. He looked absolutely delectable in the skin-tight, faded, black, cotton t-shirt.

“What’re you doing now, babe?” I asked curiously, silently hoping he’s say he was done. Craving my daily dose of attention from Dean.

“Just gonna give her a bath and she’ll be good to go!” He said, flashing that eye-crinkling smile of his.

“Okay, I’ll get dressed and come talk to you while you do it.” I said, my puppy-like personality emerging.

“I’ll see you outside, babe!” He shouted over his shoulder, already practically prancing back outside. I slipped on one of Dean’s AC/DC shirts and tucked it into a pair of old shorts (Displayed Below). I walked out and grabbed the bucket of supplies Dean would need. I handed it to him, he pressed a quick kiss to my forehead in return before turning back to fill the soap bucket with water. I took the chance to take in the view Dean was giving me. The muscles on his shoulders rippling as he leaned, his shirt riding up and showing of the small of his back and god I couldn’t help but want to grab it.

I sat in the grass and chatted with him for all of fifteen minutes before he became so absorbed in cleaning Baby that he fell silent. I felt a sly grin slip on my lips as I looked over at the unattended, soapy sponge. I grabbed it in my hand and ran towards Dean before he could comprehend what I was doing. He turned to meet me and was met with a face full of sopping wet sponge. I was racked with giggles until I could breath. The mix of the sound Dean made when he was hit and the pout on his now soaking lips was hysterical.

He reached up, wiping the water out of his eyes before speaking in a slow, cool tone, “You really…should not have done that.” He let out a playful growl before pouncing on me. I was pinned to the grass as he flicked sudsy water on me, in my face, on my clothes and then his fingertips met my sides, sending my into a pattern of laughter again.

“Dean! A-ahaha! Ohmygod! Uncle! I can’t breath!” His tickling did not cease, he only let out his own mesmerizing, throaty laugh before finally backing off. He kept me straddled as he reached down to wipe the soap off my forehead.

“I just gotta’ finish cleaning Baby off and we can go watch a movie. How does that sound?” Dean asked softly. I let out a whine in return, running my fingertips up his biceps.

“Deaaaan! You’re taking so longggg. I want attention.” I stuck my bottom lip out dramatically, batting my eyes lightly. “I know, I’m sorry baby. I just got to finish, she’s almost done. You wanna help, baby boy?”

I nodded softly, a smile flashing across my features. We got up and got down to it. Wiping away all the dirt and smudges on Baby, taking our time, goofing off. When we finally finished, Dean walked up and wrapped his arms around my waist, placing his hands on my rear and squeezing lightly. He giggled against my lips as his hands left dark, wet hand-prints on me. He pressed his lips against mine lightly, but I wasn’t having it. Not now. I’d been patient all day and I wanted Dean’s full attention. I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me, whining softly against his mouth as he slid one of his thighs between mine.

“Always so needy for me, baby. This is what you’ve wanted all day, huh? To get fucked on Baby?”

I felt the heat in my cheeks swelter as I dropped my gaze, I had honestly never considered such a thing but the thought send a twitch to my pants.

He leaned up to whisper softly to me, “Don’t worry baby. Why do you think I cleaned her so thoroughly? Only the best for my boy.” He tugged my earlobe with his teeth and pressed his lips to my neck. His large hands were set firm on my hips, restricting me from squirming against his body. He rolled his hips forward, brushing his tight pants against my own.


“Please what, baby?”

“I-I wanna feel you…inside me…please…” I was a blushing mess, dropping my head to avoid Dean’s mischievous gaze. He trailed his fingertips to the front of my shorts, pulling them and my underwear off slowly, intimately. I reached for the hem of the shirt of his I was wearing but his hands clamped down on my wrists.

“No, no…leave it on.” His eyes were burning into me now, watching me squirm, desperate for a touch, a smell, a taste of him. I mouthed a soft please and immediately Dean was tearing his clothes off until he was stood bare in front of me.

“C'mere,” he said softly, leading me to the front of the Impala. “bend over.” His voice husker, more eagerness laced in the letters he spoke. I complied willingly, feeling his body curl around mine, I inhaled his scent, firewood and raindrops. He smelled like home.

“You sure you wanna do this here?” I asked softly, looking over my shoulder to meet Dean’s eyes.

“Of course, baby boy. Now, spit.” He outstretched his hand and waited patiently as I coated his palm in saliva.

“Good boy.” He cooed before wrapping his hand around his own length, making it slick before pressing against my entrance. He pushed his head in softly, waiting for my begging cries to encourage him to go further. Before I knew it, Dean was fucking me, slow and hard, against the car. The car was rocking along with his thrusts just as his hand was matching his thrusts as he pumped my cock.

“Mmm…a-ahh! Dean!”

“Ooooh,” he moaned gravelly, the sound echoing and vibrating in his large chest, “c'mon baby boy, come for me. Go on, make a dirty mess all over my hand and the car, baby.” His coos only pushed my further to the edge I was trying so desperately to jump off of. As his thrusts began to loose their pattern, he began rubbing me harder, faster and again, before I knew it, I had come dripping out of my hole and onto my thighs and I was coming all over Baby.

The next day Dean decided to give Baby another bath after our…er…playtime. The only smudge left on her was the one left by my come. “That one,” Dean had said, “that one is the acception, baby boy.”

What a Tease Part 4

Original gifs have unknown source but I added the filters to them. The second one is of Joe Cole from his role in skins. I felt like purple fit the vibes of this fic.

John Shelby x Reader

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 5 

Prompt: John takes you back to his house.

~warnings: swearing and lots of smut oops not oops~

A/N: This was the first time I have ever written smut so tell me if I took it too far please. I tried to make it as cute as possible and avoided using any harsh words for body parts. Also, yes this is a pretty long fic so, sorry it took so long. I had a hard time getting the hang of this smut writing stuff. There will be a part five to this and that will probably be it but who knows. At this point I am just going with the flow. The next thing I post will either be the Part 2 to Breathe, You’re Safe or the part 5 to this. If you have a preference let me know! Send me feedback on this please!!

Darkness enveloped you both, as you walked huddled close to his body. The streets were mostly still with an occasional shady character walking by every few minutes or so. The hum of factories sounded in the background muddled by distance.

You normally would’ve been scared to make this walk but John’s confident stride gave you comfort. He rambled on and on about his kids and family and what he was hoping to do with all the money from the business. He still had a youthful optimism to him but there was still something dark that hung over him and seemed to heavy his heart.

“…I’ll be set. Nothin’ to worry about, just acres of land and a nice big house. Lots of fuckin’ land for the kids to run around in, time for me to be able to take care of them properly, a little piece of Heaven. White picket fence and the whole lot.” You couldn’t help but linger on his every word, wanting so badly to know everything about him. You giggled slightly at his perfect idealized world.

“What?” He questioned while responding to your laughter with some of his own, pulling away from your body slightly so he could look down at your face.

“It’s nothing.” You say still letting out tiny giggles and then leaving a few seconds of silence. “I just… I didn’t imagine big bad John Shelby dreaming of a future with green hills, flowers, sunshine and rainbows.” You say in a slightly joking manner hitting your hip into his body playfully nudging him.

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Every Me And Every You - Five

“Guys, finish your paperwork asap and then you can leave. Get some rest, this was a tough one,” Agent Hotchner instructed everyone as you set foot back in headquarters.

Nine days you’d been out of town on a case. Nine long, tiring and stressful days.

A case involving kids, they were always the worst. Luckily the abductees had been found and returned to their parents. How mentally scarred they’d be by the incident was a different issue. One you always tried to push to the back of your mind.

You set up at your at desk opposite Spencer’s and began completing the paperwork you started on the plane ride home.

Reid placed a cup of coffee down next to you before taking up his seat opposite you and pulling out his own files. You smiled a thanks at him before going back to the files in front of you.

It had been easier than you’d imagined, working with him after what you’d done together. You really had been able to completely separate your personal life from your professional one, although you weren’t sure if it was simply because you’d been too busy to think about it.

When you’d woken up the next morning, he had indeed been gone. But he’d warned you he needed to, so it wasn’t like he was running out on you. He’d left you a note, telling you that there was a fresh pot of coffee on and to help yourself to whatever you could find to eat in his kitchen. His note went on to say that he hoped you were still feeling okay, and that he’d be around later if you wanted to talk about anything.

You hadn’t…. wanted to talk that was. You retrieved your clothes from where he’d folded them neatly and wrote him a reply before leaving. Your own note thanked him for last night, assured him that you were definitely okay and that you’d text him later.

Heading home. you did some chores and caught up on some shows before running a hot bath, inspecting your wrists and ankles as you undressed.

Only the faintest line remained around your ankle, from where you’d kicked out when he’d used the Wartenberg Wheel. You had no other markings which made you feel both relieved and strangely disappointed. Even your nipples no longer felt sore. You’d expected to be able to look at your body and tell that something out of your ordinary had happened, but you couldn’t.

You settled into the bath and closed your eyes, relaxing into the water. Your phone buzzed signalling a text.

“I’m sorry for running out on you this morning. How are you feeling?” Spencer, checking up on you again. It was kinda sweet how concerned he was.

“Like I said in my note, I’m all good. I promise. I do have some questions though.”

You’d been doing some more reading online this afternoon.

“Okay shoot,“ he replied almost instantly.

“Just….Where do I go from here if I want to pursue this?”

Because you did. You definitely did.

“You decide who you want to pursue this with. And what you want to pursue exactly. I can point you in the right direction.”

“I want to try having someone order me around. Being told what to do.”

“In a sexual scenario or not.”

“I think I’d want it to end in sex. And possibly, try the spanking thing.”

Thing… You really need to think of better words, you were coming across as a total novice here.

But then again, you were. And Spencer knew it.

“Okay, well I’m part of an online community. I could put you in touch with some guys that I can vouch for.”


Had he changed his mind about doing this with you?

A second text came through.

“Or if you don’t find it too weird, I’m still willing. Providing it doesn’t effect work.”

“That’s what I’d prefer. I trust you Spencer.”

“Okay. Let’s see how work goes this week and we can assess the situation.”

“Cool. Thank you.” He didn’t reply again and you finished your bath and climbed into bed, having an early night.

It hadn’t been mentioned again and when you’d arrived at work Monday morning, you’d been pulled into a meeting almost immediately and told you’d had a case.

You’d barely had chance to speak to Reid at all on a personal level over the last nine days as you’d pretty much fallen asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow each night when you’d all been dismissed.

The mark around your ankle had now completely vanished, although you inspected it everyday. You weren’t sure why though. You knew once it had faded the only way it would reappear would be if he marked you again.

Or if you let someone else mark you. Which you didn’t think would happen.

It wasn’t like you were only interested in this because of Spencer. You’d been interested long before you’d met him. But you genuinely couldn’t see yourself approaching this ife style as a novice with anyone else. If Reid changed his mind and said he couldn’t do this with you, your little foray into this would be over. You wouldn’t be able to have the same level of trust with someone else, you didn’t think.

You wondered what it would be like to have him mark you again. He’d said that your skin was so pale that the contrast would be extraordinary, and his voice had held a definite hint of desire when he’d said that. It was true that your skin was pale, and against your almost black hair you sometimes looked very Snow Whiteesque. You’d collected your fair share of bruises during your time at the BAU and had always been fascinated by the way they showed on your body, poking and prodding them when you should have been letting them lie. Did that have anything to do with your interest in BDSM? Did seeing your own skin marked mean you actually wanted it to be marked?


Too many thoughts and too many things to consider. Stop profiling yourself Y/N.

You glanced up at Spencer seeing him engrossed in his files, his hand moving quickly as he wrote and his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth.

For the first time since that night, you let your mind wander. Thinking about those lips which had been wrapped around your nipple, sucking and biting it hard. Those fingers that were gripping his pen loosely, pulling and pinching you to the point that you were gasping in pain, before working your clit and making you feel the most intense pleasure.

Or his voice…. The same voice that had so calmly talked the unsub down today and convinced him to lower his weapons and surrender. You imagined it commanding you to get on your knees, or bend over whilst he reared his hand back.

“Everything okay?”


He’d seen you looking at him. You looked away quickly feeling heat rushing to your cheeks and busying yourself in your files.

“Stop over thinking things Y/N,” he said quietly, an almost sing song cadence to his voice.

You finished your paperwork quickly, dropping it into Hotch’s office and bidding him adeiu for the next 48 hours. You’d all been out in the field for nine days, you were entitled to two consecutive days off.

When you left his office Spencer was outside the door, his own paperwork in hand and his jacket and bag on, ready to leave.

“Can I get a ride with you today?”

He normally didn’t ask, it was just a given unless either of you had other plans.

“Sure. I’ll just grab my things and then we can head off.”

You retreated back to your desk gathering your things and a few minutes later, he appeared at your side again.

“Ready?” you asked. He nodded.

You walked to your car in silence, suddenly feeling awkward around him. It wasn’t that you were embarrassed or ashamed of what you’d done. But…..it had seemed easier afterwards to text him and ask him things rather than talk to him on a personal level face to face.

As you got in the car, and buckled up, you felt his hand on yours.

“Y/N relax okay. I’m not going to start anything just because we’re suddenly alone together.”

You laughed. He’d picked up on the tension but misinterpreted it. You started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, making your way home.

“I’m not worried about that Spencer. I was trying to work out how to…. how to ask what your plans are for the next two days.”

“You ask me the same way you’d ask at the end of every case or working week. First and foremost Y/N, we’re friends and colleagues. What happened shouldn’t change that. And I’m pleased to see that, out in the field at least, it didn’t.”

“So does that mean you’re willing to continue?”

“If you want to, yes.”

“Okay.” You let out a breath as you navigated the roads.

“Does that mean you want to, Y/N?”

You bit your lower lip and nodded.

“Alright. I’m free tomorrow night if you want to come over. You mentioned in your text you wanted to try having someone take charge? And possibly some impact play ?”

Impact play … You knew now that that mean spanking, or whipping.

“Light impact play, yes.”

“That’s fine. I’ll tell you what, we’ll go out for a quick dinner first.”

“Like a date?” you were surprised.

“Not really, Y/N. But if you’re going to be my sub then there’s times when we will be out in public together and I may command you to do something. Plus, I’d like to slip into character gradually with you and being away from my apartment will help that transition. If we’re alone straight away, then the temptation for me to command you to strip and kneel, and put my cock in your mouth, might be too much.”

You had to break so harshly to avoid running the red light in front of you. You glanced around sheepishly, and Spencer chuckled.

“You’re aware that, that’s the type of thing that will happen? If we go ahead with this together. If we go out, on our own time away from work, I will presume that I can give you orders and expect you to follow them. And if you don’t, then you’d be punished when we get home.”

“I don’t really see how giving you a blow job would be punishment.”

“You might not see it as punishment, but for me having you knelt naked, in front of me whilst I pull you hair and grip your head just inside my apartment door, before bending you over and branding your buttocks with my hand print…. Not only is that punishment in my book, but it’s also making me hard just thinking about having you do it.”

Jesus fucking christ.

“Pick your jaw up Y/N. Unless you want to pull over now and I’ll give you something to put inside it?“

“I’m sorry. It’s just…. I never thought I’d hear YOU, say these things to me.”

He shrugged. “Does it bother you?”

“No… And that’s what’s weird. It’s hot as hell Spencer.”

You pulled up outside his apartment building.

“Good. So tomorrow? I’ll pick you up at seven. I’ll text you tomorrow and tell you how I want you dressed. And from when I pick you up, you will do what I tell you okay.”


“One thing I just thought I’d clarify here. Whilst we’re doing this, I won’t take any other partners. I expect the same from you.”

“Of course.”

“Excellent. Well I must say, my plans for my rest days just got a lot more exciting. I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N.”

He smiled at you and exited the car.

Yes, your plans had just got a lot more interesting too.

Title: Study Secession

Pairing: Scott x Reader

Warnings: pure smut, oral, spanking, kink, sexual intercourse, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it), pure filth.

Authors Note: this took forever, but well worth it.

You were meeting Scott at his house since you had several siblings and your house was always rather loud. After getting out of your car, you gathered your books into your arms and straightened out your rather short black skirt and your v-neck shirt that hugged your bust, complimenting every curve. You’d always been interested in Scott, even before he was popular and a werewolf… but Allison Argent came along and suddenly, you weren’t that important anymore.

But with Allison interested in Isaac Lahey and no longer dating Scott, you were hoping it was your turn. After straightening up, you started walking to the front door, stepping onto the porch to be greeted with the front door opening right away. “Y/N!” Scott smiled, beckoning you in the house. “Come on in!” You smiled sheepishly, nodding as you could feel yourself getting nervous and gripping your books tighter, praying that Scott wasn’t listening to your heartbeat.

Sitting on his couch, you smiled at Scott. “Let’s start with Algebra, shall we?” Scott nodded, digging his own books out. As you opened your book, the pencil you held in your hand hit the book and landed out of your grasp and onto the floor.

“Shoot.” You cursed, setting your book aside and standing up from the couch awkwardly, bending down to reach it from underneath the coffee table. As you bent down, you could feel your skirt rising up a little, showing off your black lacey thong that barely hid anything, smirking when you felt Scott’s eyes on you. “Come on,” you faked annoyance, deciding to tease Scott further and get down on your hands and knees. You could’ve reached it right away just standing up and bending down, but you were really aching to get a piece of the famous Scott McCall. “Ah-ha!” You grinned, gripping the pencil and shaking your bum a little before slowly getting up off the floor.

Sitting on the couch, you smiled innocently at Scott. “Shall we begin?” His face was beat red, flushed with embarrassment, but his eyes told another story. Lust filled. They were dark, his brown eyes almost black. You knew you were playing with the bull and you were more than ready for the horns… well, rather the claws. Scott just nodded, sitting next to you as you began to explain an algebraic expression to him.

“And X equals Y,” you finished, smiling proudly as you explained the last problem on the second page, one more left.

“Thanks,” Scott said quietly, taking the set of notes from your hand as you began to explain the next set. As you were explaining, a hand landed on your right thigh, sliding upwards towards your upper thigh.

“What are you doing?” You asked, surprised and flushed. You hadn’t expected Scott to be so straightforward. You could feel yourself getting aroused as Scott rubbed circles on your thigh, smirking.

“You knew what your were doing earlier, Y/N.” Scott purred, biting your earlobe lightly. “You were a naughty girl, Kitten.”

You swallowed. “S-Scott?”

Scott’s smirk widened at your racing heartbeat. “Oh, c'mon sweetheart, you know you want it.” His fingers brushed your clothed core, igniting a fire you hadn’t realized you had.

“Scott!” You moaned, hips grinding out to try and create friction against his hand.

“Kitten,” Scott warned taking his hand away. “I want you to strip.” He demanded.

You nodded, standing from the couch and slowly taking your shirt off, your breasts jiggling as you did. Scott gulps at the sight of you. You smirk, deciding to tease him even more. Your hands caress your curves, slipping down the curves of your body and slowly stripping your skirt from you. You stand in front of Scott, wearing nothing but your black lacey thong and matching bra. “Scott…” you moaned, biting your lip. As you were slipping your hand down into your panties, eyes closed, you suddenly find yourself shoved against the nearest wall and your hands held above your head, Scott glaring down at you.

“Only Daddy gets to touch your princess parts,” he growls, eyes flashing red. You were slightly taken back. You were only a tease, you hadn’t expected Scott to react like this… especially that Daddy kink. As you keep eye contact with Scott, his eyes glance down at your breasts and then your lips and you find yourself keening for a kiss.

“Daddy…” you moan, licking your bottom lip. That was the last straw, all self control Scott had was out the window. Crushing his lips to yours, Scott gives a bruising kiss to your lips, licking and nipping. Scott nips your lower lip, begging for entrance.

“Baby girl,” he growled. You giggled as one of Scott’s hand gripped your rear end and you find Scott’s tongue in your mouth, wrestling yours for dominance. Of course, Scott wins. After all, you were the vulnerable one here. You whimper as Scott let’s go of your hands, taking his and pushing down the cups of your bra underneath your rather large breasts, pinching and pulling your nipples, smirking as he pulls way from the kiss to see the nipples peaked. Scott goes behind your back, undoing the clasp of your bra, watching as you slid it off, your own hands going to your breasts and playing with them.

“Do you want me, Daddy?” You asked, innocently. But you were everything but. “Do you want to fuck me so hard I can’t walk tomorrow? Do you want your baby girl to scream for you? Want me to cum until I can’t take it anymore? Want me cumming all over your pretty cock?” You moaned, glancing down at his prominent erection hah was straining against the zipper of his jeans. You glanced back at him. “Fuck. Me. Daddy.”

You squeaked as your picked up off the floor, ass slapped and thrown onto the couch. Scott leans down, ripping your thong off and instantly going for the prize. “Your so wet, baby girl.” Scott whimpers, his fingers caressing your wetness. “Do you want Daddy?” You nodded, whimpering as his pointer finger swirled your clit. “Where do you want me? Use your words, baby girl.”

You whimpered as his rubbing got harder and you felt your back arch. “I want you there.”

“Where?” Scott smirked, rubbing faster and harder against your clit.

“I want you eating my pussy, Daddy! I want your fingers and mouth on my pretty pussy and eating me!” You exclaimed, whimpering and moaning. Squealing as Scott instantly dives in and starts to nip, lick, and suck everywhere, leaving you into a whimpering mess.

“M-More!” You moaned, hips lifting off the couch and grinding into Scott’s face. “D-Daddy!”

Scott groaned against your pussy, sticking two fingers into your pussy, using a come hitter motion, hitting your spot. You were seeing stars with Scott’s fingers and tongue, moaning and whimpering, the verge of screaming. “C-c-close!” You could barely form the words, back arched completely off the couch.

Scott pulled back, smirking at you as you were completely lost in the oblivion of pleasure. “Cum, baby girl, cum for daddy!” Scott encouraged, hitting your spot in just the right way, you cum screaming.


As you come back down from your high, Scott is already lined up at your core, ready to fuck. “Fuck me, Daddy.” Scott shoves in hard and you cry out in pleasure and pain. He puts his head in the crook of your neck, not bothering to wait for you to adjust. He moans at the feeling of your tight, warm cunt all around his nine inch and rather thick cock.

“Daddy’s gonna fuck you real good,” he teases, gripping your hips and setting a punishing pace, the sounds of your moans and slaps of skin-hitting-skin echoing throughout the living room. You were really praying that Melissa wouldn’t come home early.

“Oh, Daddy. Daddy! Fuck me harder, Daddy! Fuck me harder!” He pounds into you harder, deeper, faster. You scream as you reach your thigh-shaking, earth-shattering, mind-boggling orgasm. Scott’s thrusts begin to become uneven and sloppy, groaning into your neck as he reaches his climax, gripping your breasts tightly as he sucks a spot on your collarbone. You feel him groan as your hips buck underneath him, over sensitive.

Lifting his head, Scott pulls out gently, watching as his cum drips from your pussy. Leaning down, Scott instantly licks your pussy, cleaning it. “Mmmmm, Daddy.” You moan, running a hand through his hair and tugging. Scott’s tongue slowly comes to a stop and he get up and picks you up, setting you on his lap as he sits on the couch.

“Good girl.” He praises, kissing you on the head. “Should’ve done this sooner.” The both of you look at each other and giggle, curling up on the couch before his mom came home.