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Today I went through security at the airport and the TSA guy looked at me (17), looked at my younger brother (15) and told me that I didn’t need to take my shoes off for security. But they told him that he needed to take his off. Guys. You gotta be 12 or under to keep your shoes on 😂


Hedylogos~ Winged God of sweet-talk and flattery

Genre- Exo as Greek Gods
Warnings- Smut, mentions of death
Length- 9.4k

With soft, gentle movements, you rub off the ink on your fingers, letting the black fluid dissolve as you sigh deeply. It swirls in unnatural movements, before slowly mixing with the warm water. When you look up, you catch your reflection from the other side of the room. A young woman, bent over the white stone bowl, hair falling forward to hide most of your face. There’s streaks of black on your face as well, most likely from where you brushed the backs of your hands across your cheeks before. 

Your eyes flutter a bit, struggling to keep open after the hours of hard work and the dim lighting of the candle next to you. Shaking yourself, you straighten up, pulling your hands from the grey tinted liquid and dry them on the soft towel next to you. You quickly pick up a rag and dip it in the water, before walking over to the mirror in silence. You wipe off the stains on your cheeks and neck haphazardly, before walking out into the next room with the candle in hand, plunging it into a gold glow. You could wash up properly in the morning. 

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  • Young Dazai: Chuuya, nice clothes.
  • Young Chuuya: Huh? What's gotten into you? You always tease me about how horrible it looks...
  • Young Dazai: Well, I take it back. I say you have nice clothes. But It'll look better down on the flo-
  • Kouyou, appearing out of nowhere: Down in the lump of clothes ready for cleaning. It's gotten dirty, Chuuya, come now and take a bath.
  • Young Chuuya, smelling himself: But I just took a bath- *noticing Kouyou sharpen her gaze* Okay...
  • Another time, young Dazai, cautiously looking for any sign of Kouyou: Chuuya, nice hair.
  • Young Chuuya: But-
  • Young Dazai: I bet it'll look better with my hand grabbing it, pulling it and yanking it on my own will as you are on your knees and-
  • Kouyou, passing by: No, his hair would not be grabbed, pulled or yanked by you, lad. Because you two would not be in any sparring training soon. I also trust my protege not to let anyone, more so YOU, to place a touch on his hair. Am I right, Chuuya?
  • Young Chuuya: Yeah. Ane-san, where did you come-
  • Kouyou, glaring at Dazai: Hurry now, Chuuya. It's time for you training with OTHERS.
  • Young Chuuya, confused: Okay...
  • Young Dazai, groans in misery: Where does she come from?!?!?!?

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•it probably happens on the goatman’s bridge

•they’re giddy, high on their own elation. ryan still feels fear thrumming in his veins, but he doesn’t feel paralyzed any more. the bridge is theirs now. theirs and theirs alone and it feels GREAT.

•so it’s not really a surprise, when they have a moment alone, ryan goes to conquer another fear.

•he grabs shane’s hand and without preamble, pulls the taller man closer, until they’re practically chest to chest

•and ryan can feel shane’s heart beat through the warmth of his shirt, and ryan is sure shane can feel his.

•then it probably goes a little like this:

•"I– I don’t–“

The words are quiet, lost in the little space between their faces, the tips of their noses mere inches apart. Under their feet, the boards of the old bridge creek, water gurgling as the dark persists. The night air cools their breaths, cold and unforgiving as they huddle closer, as Ryan stretches up and Shane stoops down.

"You don’t what?” Shane asks, the note of hesitance in his voice severely lacking. Ryan watches as his eyes drop, his gaze heavy enough to feel graze across Ryan’s lips. “Tell me.”

Ryan shudders. “I don’t know how to do this.”

Shane exhales, moves impossibly closer. The tips of their cold noses press together, lips inches away. “Neither do I.”

“We should stop.”


The wind howls. Ryan doesn’t even flinch. “Shane.”

Shane presses his lips against his in reply, and there’s no more talking after that.


You closed your eyes in as you felt familiar strong hands pull you flush against a hard, muscled chest. Calloused fingertips stroked your jawline gently, swiftly replaced by soft, sloppy kisses.

You felt happy, loved even.

But Gendry was a bastard from Flea Bottom, and you were born into a noble family. It wasn’t right. You would marry a lord, bear his children and live out the end of your days comfortably, never wanting for anything.

But then you remembered the way Gendry smiled as he leaned in to kiss you and all your worries and fears faded away. There was nothing but affection in the gentle way he held you, passion in the way he kissed you. Promise in the way he loved you.

Your heart pulled you in one direction, but your sense of duty to your family pulled you in the other.

“What’s troublin’ you, love?” Gendry’s voice pulled you from your thoughts. His fingers hand trailed from your jaw and down onto your bare shoulders where they traced invisible patterns onto your skin.

He pressed a kiss to the side of your neck just before you turned to face him.

You offered him a smile, but kept your thoughts to yourself. You’d sort them another day, at that moment you were content to stay wrapped in Gendry’s strong arms.

 “I’m thinking that I’d very much like to kiss you again.”

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Maybe an nsfw ten/rose+ Ten seeing Rose naked for the first time?

Rose shimmied out of her jeans and knickers, already having been divested of her blouse by the Doctor. The Time Lord was working on getting rid of his own trousers but he was still behind her in the losing clothes race because of his layers.

She reached behind her back and made quick work of her bra.

Rose grinned at the Doctor, now struggling with the last few buttons of his oxford. “I win,” she crowed, tucking her tongue into her smile.

He looked up and his jaw dropped as he raked his eyes up and down Rose’s bare form. She shivered, his gaze feeling like a physical caress.

“I really think I’m winning right now,” he said, dragging his eyes back up to meet hers. He reached out and snagged her hand, pulling her close. He kissed her hungrily, his fingers seeking out the bare skin of her back.

When he pulled back, Rose was breathless and flushed. “Wow, okay. I think I’m the lucky one now.”

thanksgiving fics!

OPEN to male/female/futa

Rosalina was stuck in the wall after trying to get through it and heard someone behind her, wondering if they were going to help her. But then she felt a hand pull down her shorts and her holes were exposed. “E-Excuse me?”

I really want to see the day when Guan Shan has a full on breakdown, worse than the restaurant breakdown. Like the silent anxiety attack, shutting down, too numb to cry kind of breakdown and he doesn’t know what to do, can’t go to his mother, doesn’t want to burden her anymore than he thinks he already does. Ends up balling Tian’s shirt in his fists because he’s the only thing that’s there and he’s solid and keeping him from spinning out of control. And he’s waiting for a snide remark but there’s gentle cautious hands instead and it pulls the tears from his eyes and they soak into Tian’s shirt because he buries his face against his chest and hears his heart beating calmly like his attitude and he wonders why he can’t just be like that.

I really want to see the day when Mo Guan Shan turns to He Tian for comfort.


The start of Infinity War, probably. Welcome to the wonderful world of having shitty big brothers who pick on you, Peter~

Inspired by basically any interview starring Holland with Mackie and/or Stan :P

image description below the cut:

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(at the garrison library)

lance: look at keith. over there in that corner, with all those books. probably reading like, shakespeare or something. he must think he’s so cool and sophisticated. what a jerk.

keith (surrounded by all 42 warriors books including the 14 manga adaptations, 6 field guides, and a personal handwritten rendition of the warrior code):  i would die for you, firestar.

I need a fic where Supergirl and Livewire exchange hate mail regularly…

Kara randomly just receives a postcard from hawaii or new zealand or france saying: Saw you get beat up on the news… your form is off… coming for ya blondie…

Livewire always hangs around long enough to get return mail, usually on the back of a gaudy greeting card that Kara found in some back alley gift shop, filled with a really bad pun and a quip about Supergirl being in top shape…

Then once a year, they meet up… beat the absolute crap out of each other, then part ways…

2 weeks later, Kara receives another postcard from Tahiti… bet you wish you were here instead of in a hospital bed… that was a nasty fall you took… shame you’re bulletproof…

Lance had his hand casually placed on Shiro’s hip as he smoothly conversed with their mark, his palm warm and possessive against Shiro’s skin. He was probably not even aware of how he was rubbing his thumb lightly over the sensitive skin at the top of Shiro’s thigh. Shiro was aware though; he was very aware. He hid his face deeper between his folded arms and resolutely tried to ignore the frisson of heat that went through him at every swipe of Lance’s thumb.”

completely unexpected addition to the undercover pleasure slave!shiro thing. i had the idea during lunch and then i kept zoning out at work thinking about it, so i figured i best sit down and do the thing. and the thing got done and here we are :D