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on average, how long does it take you to complete a work?

it depends! Like remember that Hercules AU I did that had like… 15 faces to draw? That just took me a day because I was so excited to draw it after getting Lumorie’s permission :’))

But that one first actual ota//yuri i drew (that doesn’t involve beka’s sister) took 3 freaking days because I was forcing myself to draw it and now I wish I could burn it every time someone reblogs it poek;aslj ;O;

but if I had to draw like one character it takes like 5 - 10 mins pfpffft

the wonderful rhae of sunshine @stardefiant and i were talking about how even absolutely does love the song september and weeell 

september first this year comes on a friday, and even starts blasting the song at seven in the morning. and then he’s out of bed and grabbing one of isak’s highlighter pens and using it as a pretend microphone and singing along to the song, and isak sees him through half-open lids, and he can’t help the smile that spreads across his face after he yawns, and he asks, all sleepy but endeared “even, what are you doing?” and even twirls and doesn’t quite hear the words, replies “did you say something?” and isak lets out a little groan as he sits up, and even grabs his hand and pulls him out of bed and isak simply buries his face against his shoulder, asks “what are you doing?” more loudly this time, fondness still in his voice. and isak sighs and closes his eyes and even cradles his head, gently lifts it off his shoulder so he can quickly kiss him and softly say “isak, it’s september”

and throughout the day, the song remains stuck in isak’s head, and he finds himself mouthing some of the lyrics and taping his foot in class. but the truth is that he doesn’t really mind, because the song in his head is accompanied with the memory of him and even dancing around in their pajamas, isak still progressively waking up, even full of excitement and beautiful light. and that night, they go to a party organized by this guy even just befriended in university, and at some point even plugs his phone into the speakers and plays the song. and some people are confused and some of them are laughing, and some of them don’t question the song choice and just start dancing. and isak is looking at even from across the room and he’s leaning his head to the side slightly and shaking it, bitting his lip to try to hide a smile. and even walks toward him and offers him his hand, and isak takes it, lets even walk him to the centre of the room, lets him take the lead. but isak also lets himself go, and he’s dancing too, silly dance moves of his own that make even beam. it’s a party and he’s with his boyfriend and it’s fun

and even says in his ear “you know, i remember listening to this song last year”, and then he presses his forehead against isak’s, dancing still and adds “and you were waiting outside of school and you looked so bored, and i remember wanting to make you listen to this with me because i thought it would make you laugh” and isak almost goes still for a second, closes his eyes and takes a deep breath, opens them and kisses even, and when his mouth is not on even’s, it’s smiling. because the song does make him smile, but most of all, even does. and when the song comes to an end, even makes isak sway one last time, tells him “i’m glad you’re here with me this september” 


I just really want to make a post about how amazing and caring Zhan Zheng Xi is. He apparently gets into fights often and acts really tough, but when we see him like that he does it because he cares.
I also wonder if he knows by now how Jian Yi feels about him, he at least has to know that Jian Yi is gay. I got the feeling that he might have thought the kiss was Jian Yi trying it out.
I imagine after the kiss he started thinking about what it meant, maybe considering if he felt something for Jian Yi as well. Zhan Zheng Xi’s character was really built around Jian Yi, most (if not all)of his actions involve Jian Yi, it makes it hard to imagine him with anyone else.
He acts pretty intimate with Jian Yi too, like when he hold his hand and pulls him in for hug out of his own free will.
Zhan Zheng Xi accepts Jian Yi for who he is, even of he may not be able to return his feelings (yet).
He never pushes Jian Yi away and keeps trying to understand what he is feeling. Jian Yi is the one trying to hide what he is feeling, Zhan Zheng Xi notices this and constantly tries to get him to share his troubles so he can help him.
I can’t get over how much he cares for his best friend, he really is an awesome character that would definetly go to the ends of the earth to help Jian Yi.
Thinking about later on when Jian Yi goes missing, and since there is still quite some time until it happens, I wonder how their relationship would have evolved until then and how Zheng Xi would be affected. He would probably be devestated, searching day and night, unable to function properly for a long time after.
I feel like I rambled a lot haha…but Zhan Zheng Xi is one of my favorite characters. He deserves so much more credit, he is so reliable and caring, I literally stay up at night thinking about how amazing this kid is!!
Photo/translation credits: @yaoi-blcd
19 days by Old Xian

if you’re ever feeling down about your art, remember, araki draws some of the wonkiest hands ive ever seen and he made an entire part where the villain is a hand fetishist and pulled it off

How Convenient




“Could you have picked a shorter dress?” you asked, pulling at the skirt. Honestly, it wasn’t that short—it hit right about your knees. But it was a hell of a lot shorter than your favorite pair of jeans.

“Calm down,” Dean said. “We’re supposed to be suave people, right? But if you go around yankin’ at your dress, people are gonna realize we don’t belong.”

“But I feel like my ass is hanging out!”

Dean grabbed your wrist, pulling your hand away. “Stand up straight.”

You did so, fingers itching to grab the hem again. Dean stepped around you, examining the garment.

“You’re fine,” he said. “Everything’s covered.”

“I wish everything was covered. Why do I have to go with you? Just take Sam.”

“He’s sick.”

“Please. It’s just a man-cold.”

At that moment, a strange retching sound came from the bathroom.

“Tell that to the toilet,” Dean said. “Sam’s been attached to it for three hours.”


The party and investigation went off without a hitch. None of the other party-goers seemed to know that you and Dean were technically crashing the event. You didn’t hear any whispers about your outfit and somehow managed to keep from pulling at it too much.

The cursed necklace, the one that allowed the wearer to summon demonic powers, was found upstairs, hidden away in a surprisingly plain jewelry box. Dean took the whole thing and took it out to the Impala, locking it securely in the trunk.

“Anybody notice it was missing?” he asked as he found you again inside.

“No. Everyone is acting pretty much the same as they’ve been acting all night.” You glared up at Dean. “Boring.”

“Well,” Dean said, stepping behind you, fingers brushing against your hip. “What do you say we make this a little more interesting?”

“What’d you have in mind?”

Dean reached down and grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hall. He opened a door that led to a bathroom, leading you inside and locking the door behind him.

“Dean,” you said with a slight laugh. “What are you doing?”

“Showing you just how much I appreciate this dress.”


Dean stepped around you again, watching you in the mirror. “This dress,” he said, running his hands down your body. “Makes you look so damn good. Don’t you see how it hugs your curves?”


“This neckline,” Dean said, his fingers tracing the edge, barely slipping below the fabric. “Just enough to give me a peak.”

You laughed, arching your back so your chest was up and out.

“And this skirt,” Dean said, his fingers pulling at the hem—up, this time, instead of down. “Just short enough to keep my interest but long enough to keep the old bats out there from getting offended.”

“Pull it up a little higher,” you whispered. “I think you’ll find something else of interest.”

Dean did so and you felt his breath catch. His eyes were trained on the mirror, at the spot where your bared pussy looked back at him. “You little minx.”

“Why do you think I was so afraid of having my ass hanging out?”

Dean spun you around and lifted you onto the sink in one swift motion. “Little girl, you certainly do play a dangerous game.”

“It’s a game meant for two,” you said, wrapping your arms around his neck. “You wanna play?”

Dean’s fingers expertly undid his belt, pulling out his growing erection. You leaned forward, pressing a kiss to his lips as your hand drifted down, wrapping around his dick. Dean inhaled sharply, glancing down as you pumped him to full mast. His own fingers dipped into your dripping cunt, your slick dripping down onto the sink.

“Come on, sweetheart,” Dean said, pulling your hips toward him, angling them upward. “I need to feel you.”

“Dean!” You cried out as he suddenly filled you, all the way to the hilt in one swift go.

“Shhh,” he said, clapping a hand over your mouth. “We don’t want to call attention to our situation, do we?”

You shook your head. After a few moments, Dean pulled his hand away, only to have his lips pulled to replace it. His hands gripped your hips, his thrusts causing the most devilish sounds to echo throughout the bathroom.

“Little girl,” Dean groaned. “Promise me you’re gonna keep this dress handy in the future.”

“Anything for you, Dean,” you promised.

Dean grunted, his hips beginning to stutter. One hand slipped between the two of you, his thumb finding your clit.

“Dean,” you moaned. “Dean, please.”

“Come on, sweetheart,” he said, applying more pressure. “Come on.”

A few more moments and you reached your climax, your pussy contracting around Dean’s dick. He made a few more minuscule thrusts before spilling into you. The two of you stayed connected, breathing heavily for a minute. Dean carefully pulled out of you, tucking himself into his pants.

“Hold on,” he told you. He pulled a hand towel from the bar behind him and ran it under the hot water. Then he cleaned you up, lightly pressing the towel against your still-sensitive pussy. “I know,” he whispered, his free hand landing on your hip, holding you in place. “There. All clean.”

Dean lifted you down from the sink, keeping a hand on you as he could see your legs trembling. He pulled your skirt down for you, patting you on the ass when he was done.

“Let’s go home,” Dean said, slipping his hand into yours. “I wanna see what that dress looks like on my bedroom floor.”

GOT7 reaction - their GF surprising them with sexy lingerie

As soon as he sees you all undressed and ready for him he’d lick his lips and walk right up to you. He’d looks you up and down before he pushed you brown on the bed and - well… 😉

“You are driving me wild, baby girl.”
He’d sneak his hands around your waist and *almost kiss you. He takes your hand and pulls you to the bedroom for a closer inspection.

He’d pick you up and wrap your legs around his hips right away and start to carry you upstairs, but he’d be too impatient and just take you against the wall then and there

He’d want you to be waiting for him on the bed when he gets home. He’d crawl on top of you and keep the move intense eye contact of your life as he starts stripping you out of the rest of your clothing

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He’d turn a slight pinkish from shock, but would quickly snap out of it. He’d pull you into an embrace and he’d kiss your forehead and say, “Let’s take this somewhere else.” While he leads you to your room.

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Pervert x2000! He could stop staring if he tried. He’d pull you closer by tugging at your panties, trying to get a little peek of what underneath,

“Oh my god, you’re perfect…”

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He’d freeze for a split second and just pick you up. He has never been one for surprises, but he would gladly make an exception.

“You have no idea how difficult it was being at practice when I could have been at home with you like this.”

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Raining Stars - InuKag week (Day 6: Stars)

A/N: If the characters’ name is in caps lock, that means it’s written in their POV. This is set after chapter 558 in the manga or after episode 26 in Inuyasha: The Final Act. I took weeks (maybe even months to finish this), so I hope you all like it.

Disclaimer: I do NOT own InuYasha.


The moment when she grabbed my hand as I pulled her out of the well, I thought it was a miracle. For three long years. For three damn years. I waited. And she came back to me.

My loneliness was finally gone, because my home returned to me.

She abandoned everything in her world to live in mine. To be with me. To live a life with me. I was born for her. And she was born for me.



I kept watch over her in a tree. My eyes glued to her, observing her every movement like a hawk. She was out picking herbs again with Kaede-babaa and Jinenji. Clad in her miko robes, a miko-in-training.

I waited until she was done with her task. She knew that I was watching her anyways. Kaede-babaa and Jinenji left her to complete the remains of her task and I took that cue to leave my perch on the tree and talk to her. I needed to talk to her about something important. It had been weeks since she returned.

“Hey there, Inuyasha”, she greeted, not taking her eyes off the herbs she had collected in her wooden basket.

I grunted in reply and then added as an afterthought, “Will you be doing anything tonight?”

She seemed to ponder about it for a moment, “Hmm. No. Why? Is there anything wrong?”

“No. I just wanted to know.”

She looked at me weirdly, her brows were furrowed, “Okay then. Let’s get back to Kaede-baachan then”.  She walked ahead of me and I followed after her.


Inuyasha has been acting really weird lately. During the walk from the field to Kaede-baachan’s hut, he seemed to be really deep in thought.

Which is really weird because I hardly ever see Inuyasha actually think. Unless something serious was up and the only serious thing I can think of is Naraku which can’t be the reason because we defeated him three years ago. I let out a deep sigh and decided to break the ice.

“Are you okay, Inuyasha? You seem a little tense lately”.

He turned to me and his eyes met mine. It gives me such a warm, fuzzy and wonderful feeling inside my chest to finally look up at those molten golden orbs of the man I love after so long.

“I’m fine, Kagome. Don’t worry about me”, his eyes left mine and focused instead on the path ahead of us.

It might be my imagination, but he looked a little fidgety and distant recently. He wasn’t even talking as much as he used to for this few days. But most of all, he seemed a little nervous? What could he possibly be nervous about? Oh well, I don’t want to push him any further.

We arrived at Kaede-baachan’s hut a while later and had some stew that she had prepared for us as lunch.


It was nightfall already. The sky was clear tonight, the stars shining brightly, which was perfect. Kagome always had a fascination for the stars in this era. Something about light pollution in her era made the stars hardly visible in her era’s sky.

I told Kagome that I would be at the Goshinboku. Now all I have to do is wait here in the tree. I let out a deep breath I didn’t know I was holding. She had been staying here for weeks and, though I hate to openly admit it, I want our relationship to have some progress. I’m sure she feels the same. Why else would she have come back?

After some time, I heard the thudding of footsteps coming my way. It wasn’t a threat. The scent was a dead give-away. I would never forget that gentle scent.

“Inuyasha!” I heard her call out, my ears swiveled in her direction, her scent wafting through the cool air, reaching my nose. God, how I missed her.

I jumped down from the tree that I was sealed for fifty years, making myself visible to her. I know the lack of light in the night limited her vision.

Keh. Humans.

Once she saw me, she stopped her running and stood right in front of me, panting.

“Hi,” she flashed me one of her sweet smiles. “So, are we going to do something? Why would you call me out here?”.

“I wanted to show you something,” I said, starting to crouch in front of her, my back facing her. “Get on. It’ll be faster and easier”.

With a quick nod, she did as she was told and I dashed off into the darkness with her.


I wrapped my arms around his neck tighter (but not enough to choke him), the night air whipping around us as Inuyasha kept running at superhuman speed. I buried my face in his silver tresses, taking a deep breath, breathing him in.

I really missed him. And to think, after all these years, he was still waiting for me. A small smile crept onto my lips. Shippou-chan had told me that Inuyasha would go into the well every three days after my absence for three years. And he told me to keep it a secret too. Especially from Inuyasha. I knew why, though. Inuyasha would pound Shippou-chan into the ground if he ever found out about that.  

I felt so comfortable on his back that my eyelids began drooping, but his voice woke me up.

“Oi. You better not fall asleep,” he warned, not turning to look at me.

 I struggled to stifle a yawn, succeeding in the process. “I won’t,” I said.

And I really hoped I wouldn’t. I was up all day and I’m already exhausted.


That girl better not fall asleep. Not when I’m about to say something important to her.

It took about a few minutes for me to reach the spot I had in mind. The place was quite nice. A great place for me to be alone with my thoughts, besides the Goshinboku.

And, it was a great place to stargaze, something I think Kagome would like.

I knelt down on the ground for Kagome to get off. I got up and she started dusting some invisible dust on her thighs.

“Where are we, Inuyasha? What is this place?”, she asked, her chocolate eyes reflecting confusion in the moonlight.

I resisted the urge to smirk. “You’ll see”, I said as I held her hand and led her into a curtain of vines, which was actually hiding the entrance to that particular spot.


I looked at our joined hands as he led us into what seemed to be a curtain of plants. I was confused at first but soon understood once he pushed the green drapery aside with his free hand.

My breath was caught in my throat the moment I laid eyes on the sight before me.

The entire landscape that filled my vision was absolutely picturesque. The moonlight of the waxing gibbous moon in the night aided my vision. The grass in the clearing was extremely green. There was a thin line of lake water that traced the landscape, the sound of the gurgling cerulean water has a calming and soothing effect on me.

There was a small hill situated at the center of the glade. And the stars, oh wow, the stars. They were sparkling and shimmering extra brightly in the sky from here. And I could actually see the Milky Way. It was truly magnificent. A rare sight to see in the modern world.

In short, I was completely awestruck.

Inuyasha seemed to think that my loss for words was quite amusing because I can see that arrogant smirk on his face, his fangs glinting in the dark. Finally, I managed to form the words I wanted to say.

“W-what? How did you find a place like this?”, I asked, my eyes still wide.

“By exploring,” he answered simply. Then, he beckoned me to the small hill, “Come on, the grass at the hill is extra soft”. I nodded and followed him to that area.

He sat down on the ground, cross-legged and his arms folded, placing Tessaiga on the ground on his right. I sat beside him on his left, my arms hugging my legs, bringing them close to me, hugging them. It didn’t take me too long to notice that he was looking around, surveying the area, as if he was expecting something.

“Is there something wrong?,” I asked, trying to catch his eye.

“No. But usually those sparkly yellow bugs will fly about around this time,” he answered, still looking around.

“Sparkly yellow bugs?” Sparkly yellow bugs? What does he mean? Oh wait! Could he mean that? “Oh! You mean fireflies?”.

“Yeah, that”.

I beamed at him, my eyes shining with amazement. “Really? There are fireflies here? Wow, this place is so awesome!”.

He looked at me in the eye, “I guess it is. Maybe they’re just late” he shrugged it off.

I looked at him back, I was still smiling when my eyes connected with his. The soft, white moonlight shone on his face, making his golden orbs sparkle and glimmer. I leaned into him, sighing in bliss. His body heat felt really nice and inviting in the cool air. I guess I startled him a bit because he went rigid at first but then he quickly relaxed.


“Inuyasha, I just really missed you,” I sighed. And then a cool breeze blew past us, caressing our silver and raven tresses. I shivered a little, bringing my legs closer to my body and leaning further into Inuyasha.

Inuyasha seemed to notice this because he shrugged off his fire-rat haori and draped it around me, providing me further warmth.

“Thanks,” I muttered, wrapping it around my body even tighter.

There was silence. And then…

“Kagome, why did you come back?”.

At first, I was a little shocked when he asked me that. Then, I felt sad and hurt. Not to mention that I was heartbroken too. Why did he ask me that? Does he not want me here? Maybe he found another woman to love. But… he seemed so happy to see me after so long.

My mind was racking up all sorts of possibilities when he asked me that. I wanted to know why. I wanted to know the reason behind that question. But, I quickly masked my sadness and replaced it with a small smile, answering his question truthfully.

“Because I wanted to see you, that’s why. Besides, didn’t I tell you that I would stay with you forever?”.

I saw his eyes widened for a moment. Maybe he was surprised by my answer.

I felt him grasp my hand, my eyes widened in surprise. His golden eyes bored intensely into my chocolate ones. I felt myself melt under his gaze. I guess my face must have looked like a tomato at the sudden proximity. As I was struggling to keep my cool, I almost missed his next words.


“Kagome… I’ve wanted to see you too,” I spoke, almost inaudibly.

She didn’t move away or say anything, so I took that as a sign to continue.

“After we defeated Naraku, I planned to tell you how I felt about you, us, everything. But, I didn’t get the chance. But, you’re here and I don’t want to make the same mistake again. So, I’ll tell you now”.

I took in a deep breath. She was still staring at me, blushing like crazy, which made me blush a little now too. I really hope I won’t mess this up. I can do this. Just say what’s on my mind. No problem.

“Kagome, I just want you to know that, ever since you came here, it has always felt like home with you beside me. You taught me so much, it’s because of you that I’ve learned to trust people and to smile. And, I’m forever grateful for that. I don’t know what I’ll be able to do for you but I promise you that I’ll always protect you with my life”.

She looked at me, wide-eyed, her mouth agape. “Inuyasha, I-I… I don’t know what to say”.

I smiled a little. “Then don’t say anything”. I lowered my head closer to hers. She seemed to catch my drift because she brought her head closer to mine. Our noses almost touching. Is this really happening? Our first kiss after three whole years? After what happened in the Meidou? I mentally jumped for joy at that thought.


Inuyasha… Who knew he could be such a romantic? It must be one of those rare moments where he shows his sweet side. I will never forget this. It’s not very common for him to pour out his emotions to me.

I saw him leaning his head closer to mine and I was instinctively drawn to him, like a magnet. Are we actually going to… kiss?

It seems like it. Right now, we’re all alone. There’s no one else here but us. There’s nothing here to ruin this moment. My heart was pounding so loudly, I’m sure Inuyasha could hear it with his sensitive dog ears.

And then, it happened. Our lips met. And our eyes fluttered shut.

His mouth was warm, the caress of his lips so soft and so smooth. I felt his hold on my hand grew tighter as he pulled me closer to him, his other arm snaked around my waist, hugging me in a way. My free hand gripped his shoulder tightly, bringing him closer to me. Our bodies were practically molded to each other.

I really couldn’t get enough of him. Desire was fueling me. I pressed my lips harder against his and he responded by pushing me back, his arm on my back was supporting me.




I’m so glad that she’s here by my side. Her lips were soft and moist, making me kiss her even harder. I almost wanted to laugh when she pushed her lips against mine. Who knew Kagome could be so daring? Ah, who am I kidding? Kagome has always been brave. But, I responded to her action nonetheless.

Her hand moved from my shoulder to behind my neck, effectively pushing my head down, dipping my head closer to hers, if that were even possible. I decided to do a daring move of my own.

I licked her lips with my tongue, making a squeaking sound come from her throat, but she didn’t pull away. I licked her lips again, and then started nibbling on her lips. It didn’t take her long to open her mouth, and my tongue wasted no time exploring the deep, sweet caverns of her mouth, eliciting a soft moan from her.  

I smirked against her lips, proud of my achievement.

Kagome, hesitantly, pushed her tongue into my mouth, moving it around, tasting me. I’m sure this experience is new to the both of us but I guess we aren’t doing a bad job.

And soon, a battle of tongues commenced, which I so obviously and effortlessly won, leaving Kagome out of breath.

We soon broke apart due to lack of air, panting (mostly on Kagome’s part though). We looked at each other and I gave her a small smile, my face still felt hot. She beamed at me, her cheeks were redder than usual. Her eyes were half-lidded and her lips were swollen from the kiss, making it look even more… kissable. But I resisted the urge to sweep her off her feet and carry her into my arms and kiss her more feverishly than ever before.

I opened my mouth to say something when all of a sudden , out of the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of something white, moving really fast. I turned to look at it and Kagome must have seen the same thing too because she turned her head to the same direction as I did.

We looked up at the sky. And then, we saw a white streak of light, painting the sky. It was gone as quick as it had appeared. I turned my head to look at Kagome, who was completely mesmerized by the falling stars of the sky.


The dark, night sky, which looked like a black curtain draped over the Earth was sprinkled with specks of dazzling stars. The luminous petals decorated the pitch black sky with milky, warped spiral patterns, balancing the blackness of the night sky.

And just when I thought that tonight couldn’t get any more magical, it just did.

Streaks of silver light flashed through the sky. It was so fast, by the time I finished blinking it was gone. I saw another one tore through the sky. And then another one. And another. Sometimes there were even two shooting stars falling in the sky at the same time.

It was practically raining stars.

I was still in Inuyasha’s arms, his arms wrapped protectively around my frame, his chin resting atop my head. At that second, I knew that this was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

“Wow, beautiful,” I breathed.

“It is,” I heard him whisper back.

“This is my first time watching a meteor shower after almost a decade,” I said.

“A what shower?” he asked, pulling away from me so he could look at me.

I giggled a bit. He looked so cute staring at me like that. I gave one of his white, soft ears a rub as I answered, “ A meteor shower,” I said, emphasizing the word ‘meteor’. “It’s like shooting stars, except that there’s a lot of them falling at the same time”.

He nodded slowly, taking this new information in as he leaned his head into my hand that was giving him an ear-rub. I stopped rubbing when I saw a speck of yellow light floating near Inuyasha.

“Hey, Inuyasha, look!” I pointed behind him. He turned around, and the corners of his lips tugged upwards.

“I guess they showed up after all”.

I, on the other hand, was completely amazed by this phenomenon. First, the existence of this magical and magnificent spot. Then, the meteor shower. And now, this.

“Wow, this is so…” I trailed off. I was utterly speechless.

Inuyasha seemed to think that my lack of words was funny. “Kagome, you should take a look around,” he chuckled.

Ignoring his chuckle, I did as I was told. The area was not only filled by the soft moonlight and starlight but also by the sparkling light of the fireflies. Plus, they seem to be growing in numbers at a very quick pace.

The little lightning bugs circled around us, dancing and gliding in the air. They glowed brilliantly, the yellow fireflies acting as small lights, floating everywhere.

As I was glancing around the area, I realized that Inuyasha was staring at me for who-knows-how-long.

“What?” I asked innocently, looking up at him.

“You seem like you’ve never seen these fireflies before”.

“That’s because I never did get to see them in person”.

“Really? I thought that you would have seen them already in your world,” he said.

I shook my head. “No, it’s not that easy finding fireflies in my world. I never got a chance to see them up-close there”. His reply was just a ‘Keh’.

We sat there like that for a few moments, with me in Inuyasha’s arms, and him resting his head on mine. My eyelids were beginning to droop, his even and relaxed breathing only made me sleepier.

Just as I was about to enter dreamland, I heard him call my name, “Kagome?”.


“Would you live here with me? As my wife and mate?”.

A faint smile tugged at the corners of my lips. If I wasn’t so sleepy, I would have jumped on him already. “Of course,” I answered back without hesitation.

I felt his lips curve into a smile at the back of my head. He gave me a light kiss on the head as he softly whispered a soft but audible ‘Thank you’ to me.

My smile grew even wider before releasing a jaw-splitting yawn. I snuggled deeper into his chest as I took one last look around me.

The falling stars, the fireflies. Inuyasha. 

The beautiful sight before me will forever be etched into my memories. Not to mention, the nice and romantic words that my ears have heard from Inuyasha, the hanyou himself.

My eyes fluttered shut and I let out a small sigh, feeling sleep overtake me. The last thing I felt was the warmth of Inuyasha, enveloping me as I fell into slumber.

(the start of a fic that’ll probably be called ‘the life of kit purrson’ and will probably outline the life of kent’s cat, while him and swoops also fall in love in the background)

The day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent stayed in bed.

He was exhausted and his entire body hurt and technically speaking, he had a million things to do, but being eliminated meant that he finally got a bit of a break, so he decided to take advantage of that.

The second day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent headed to the arena and cleared out his locker along with the rest of his team.

He shook hands and pulled his guys into hugs and held back his tears, and it was fine. He pretended that he was okay and so did every other man in that room, and he knew that they all would be one day soon. Some of them would be back next year, some of them would get traded, and some of them would retire, but they’d all be fine eventually.

The third day after the Aces got eliminated from the playoffs, Kent finally started pulling his shit together.

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May I please have Jackson as Tarzan and Mark as Jane please?

“How did I get into this mess,” Mark whispered in a breathy voice as he sat in the tree looking at the half naked man standing before him; “No, please don’t come any closer,” he cried, shaking his hands at the man who was slowly walking towards him on his hands and feet.

The man ignored him and peered closely at Mark, touching his feet and legs as if trying to decide what kind of animal Mark was; Mark continued to protest until the man suddenly held onto his wrist tightly but still with care; Mark watched with curiosity as the man brought up his own palm to Mark’s and widening his eyes as if coming to a realization.

The man pulled his hand back and pointed to himself, saying “Jackson,” very clearly and then pointing at Mark who was stunned for a moment; he pulled himself from his thoughts and tried to give the man who called himself Jackson a small smile as he put his hand on his own chest and said “Nice to meet you, my name is Mark.”

Give me a pairing, an AU, and I will write a three-sentence fic~

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Choose one to slap, one to lick, and one to fondle: Ragnar, Rollo, Lagertha

Round 2!

“Do we have to play this game?” You whine, sloshing your ale around in your cup. “It’s so childish.”

“Come on, don’t be like that,” Rollo booms, waving his own cup around and grinning at you. “You have to play. Come, I will be one of your choices.” He flops down into one of the chairs. “There. Who else will be a choice?”

“We will!” Ragnar laughs, holding up a giggling Lagertha’s hand. He pulls her towards Rollo.

You sigh. Great. The Jarl, his wife, and his brother. Three of the most powerful and influential people in Kattegat. Not to mention you may or may not have a slight crush on the huge bear of a man that suggested this game.

“The gods are laughing at me,” you mutter, standing up and taking your place in front of the three of them. You know you will have no peace until you participate.

You choose the Jarl first. Best to get that one out of the way. You step in front of him, trying to decide what to do. He is drunk enough you can pretty much do anything and get away with it. You decide now is the time to indulge yourself a little curiosity. You take your hands and run them over Ragnar’s shoulders, sighing at the hard muscle you find there. You have always loved strong shoulders, and the Jarl has a very lovely set. You knead the muscles, suddenly wishing you had had the mind to put your hands underneath his shirt.

Ragnar laughs at your touch, flexing his muscles and making you laugh despite yourself. “I did not know you admired that about me, YN,” he says with a grin. “Lagertha likes to touch them too, grip them actually.” He winks.

That makes you blush. You quickly move on to the lady mentioned. Lagertha sways in her chair, giggling. You frown. Should you lick her or slap her? You suddenly remember a joke she had once made about making Ragnar lick her feet when she wins an argument. Not particularly wanting to slap the Jarl’s wife, you quickly get down on the floor and lick a swift swipe across the tops of her feet.

Lagertha shrieks with laughter and pulls her feet away. “That tickles!” She then turns to Ragnar. “She does it better than you. You slobber like a dog!”

You move on to your last target. His face is twisted as if he is bracing for impact. He must have heard your exchanges with the other two, he knows he’s in for the slap.

Maybe it’s the ale, or maybe it’s the attraction you have towards the rugged beserker, but you know you aren’t going to slap his face. You grin, reaching down and hauling the huge man to his feet.

Rollo stumbles, making a noise of surprise but before anything else can happen you take your hand and slap him across the rear. Hard.

“Odin’s name!” He curses, turning around to look at you. “Am I a naughty child needing a scolding? What was that, YN?”

You flush, but hold his gaze. “Your face is too pretty to slap,” you shrug. “Besides, maybe you do need a little scolding. You made me play this game, after all.”

His eyes bore into yours as he takes a step towards you. “If it is punishment you want to give, perhaps we should go somewhere more private.”

Your eyes widen in surprise, but the look on his face and the ale inside you have you relaxing and giving him a saucy grin.

“Perhaps we should,” you purr, anticipation curling in your belly. Perhaps playing this silly game was not so bad after all, you think to yourself.

Rollo grins, ignoring the laughter and shouts around you two, and leans in so his mouth just brushes your ear. You shiver as his hot breath washes over your sensitive skin.

“Very well, YN. But this time, I will be the one giving out the ‘scoldings’.”

You exhale shakily. You are in for it now…

Rollo was my first vikings love. Before a certain danish demi god swept in and stole my heart..

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hi I'm a huge fan of your writing and I was wondering if you could do a derek imagine where the reader gets scared because they see a bug or something thank you💕💕💕

Thanks for requesting! I can’t believe I have a fan! I’m glad you enjoy my writing!

Readers POV

I opened my eyes and see my handsome werewolf boyfriend sleeping soundly next to me, with one of his strong arms wrapped around my waist tightly. I stared at his gorgeous features, reaching up to trace his jawline with my finger. I pulled my hand away when he spooked me.

“Are you done checking me out?” He said in his heart melting morning voice.

“Hmmm. Never.” I said.

“Well I think it’s only fair that I get to check you out in return.” He said with a smirk. He rolled us over with me underneath him. He cupped my cheek with his rough hand and smiled down at me. Then he leaned down and placed his soft, warm lips onto mine. We kissed passionately but I unfortunately had to put a stop to it when he started placing kisses on my jaw, heading towards my neck. I put my hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him away. He gave me a confused look.

“Why did you stop me?” He asked.

“Because you have a pack meeting in 15 minutes and I need to shower.” I patted his cheek and sat up. I walked into our bathroom and started the shower when I saw something terrifying.

“Derek, come here!” I shouted frantically. He came running in within seconds.

“What is it, Y/N?! Are you hurt?!” He asked me panicked while looking around the bathroom for any sort of threat.

“There is a bug on the wall and I need you to get rid of it for me.” I said and he looked at me amused and lifted his foot to squash the bug.

“Well don’t kill it! Just put him outside on the balcony.” I demanded. He rolled his eyes and grabbed a kleenex, picking up the fragile bug and setting it outside on the balcony. I walked up to him and kissed his scruffy cheek.

“Thank you.” He grabbed my waist and nuzzled his nose against mine.

“Anything for you.”

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~The good news Is there's angels everywhere out on the street Holding out a hand to pull you back upon your feet. The one's that you been dragging for so long You're on your knees You might as well be praying. Guess what I'm saying If you're going through Hell Keep on going, don't slow down If you're scared, don't show it You might get out Before the devil even knows you're there~ We got your back Anx, we'll help you when you need us. ~Musical Anon

What a thing to wake up to….