hand portraits

WEEK 8: Hand Portrait

Time for something a little more advanced and hopefully a lot of fun!  One of the biggest challenges doing portrait photography is making sure your models hands remain in theme with the image.  Why? Because the hands are capable of conveying a tremendous amount of emotion just by their pose and position in the scene.  Your challenge this week is a hand portrait.  You have the choice of doing a self portrait or soliciting help from a willing victim…err…umm…I mean model. :)

Remember what you have learned so far.  Depth of field is very important as you want the hand or hands to be the main focus of the image.  No distracting backgrounds.  Remember the rule of thirds in order to frame your subject in the most pleasing and interesting way.

A few tips:

1. A woman’s hand will appear more feminine if shot from the sides as opposed to the flat palm or back side of the hand.

2. Conversely a man’s hand will appear more masculine if you emphasize these broader features. 

Extra credit for a brief commentary describing the emotion portrayed in your image.

As usual, have fun and please ask questions.  There may be a few more tips in the next few days.

Submissions are due Saturday February 25th.

- RK 

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