hand planing

poses from imagination to practice what i (hopefully) learned and commit it to memory QAQ

top half (lighter purple) was from may, I drew scribbles and forced em into a pose, so they came out kinda stretched & funky looking lol

bottom half was from june where i was trying to figure out what i need to study next (x’s are there to mark the areas where i was having trouble/getting confused and frustrated) also I invented a pose and then tried to draw the same pose from two other angles OH MAN it was SO HARD  LIKE you WOuLD nOT BElieVE but very very helpful; I’m gonna def keep doing that exercise

You Don’t Have to be Superman

(Put a read more in cause it got kinda really long oops)

  • Ladybug and Chat Noir are together
    • Like together together
    • Very much together
    • And everyone knows it
  • They don’t know each other’s identities because it’s not safe, not with Hawkmoth still out there
    • When they defeat him, that’s when they’ll tell each other, they promise
  • They defeat Hawkmoth when they’re twenty three and Gabriel Agreste goes to prison
  • Their Miraculouses are running down, or Adrien needs a minute to himself, or something, but the point is, they split up and are going to meet up that night and reveal themselves
  • Marinette doesn’t count on Tikki and the earrings disappearing as soon as she transforms
    • It’s awful, but she and Chat are in this together and they’ve got a hotel room booked so she’ll just meet him there
  • Adrien doesn’t count on there being a lot of paper work when it turns out your father is a supervillain
    • There’s a lot
    • Nathalie is handling it mostly but they still need his signatures and no one is letting him out of their sight
  • Marinette goes to the hotel room and waits for Chat to arrive
    • He doesn’t
  • Adrien glances at the clock every few seconds, trying to pull himself away from the mess of his life for long enough to get to Ladybug
    • He can’t

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So this is the process of the pine bench build that goes with the one legged pine table. This ensemble went (yes, I’m done already. Sorry for being a lazy bum and not uploading) into a relatively small kitchen. The diagonal braces are for mitered joins of the boards that go on top. The whole ensemble has a completely hand planed finish and a coat of sillica oil, which doesn’t darken the wood like linseed oil. You can see the planing done in an earlier post, where I fitted the dovetail pin in my kanna.

And It’s Like No Time Has Passed

without trying very hard at all you can see bob’s current Look™ in this

(ao3) (general warning for 4x13 spoilers just in case)


Bellamy looks up like he’s been caught, pushing up his glasses and smiling guiltily. For all the times Clarke drew him over the past six years– on every spare piece of scrap paper she could find, every blank stretch of wall in the lab– she never imagined him like this: hair shaggy and long, the sharpness of his jaw shadowed with stubble, wearing glasses.

Smiling, easy and relaxed.

It feels wrong that most of her memories of him are shadowed by tension, broad shoulders pulled tight, jaw muscle jumping, gaze hard and canny. A soldier in wartime. Her heart aches that she gets to see him like this, gets to see him at all.

“What are you trying to say, Princess?”

His voice makes her breath catch.

Six years of talking to an empty radio channel, hoping against hope that she’d hear his voice coming through, but never really expecting it to. And now he’s here, and he’s answering back, and it’s just– it’s a lot to take in.

“Leave it to Bellamy Blake to find his way straight to the armory,” she says with feigned exasperation, and he ducks his head, smiling. “Most of your crew is enjoying the feast we prepared for you guys, but not you.”

“You think I’m gonna waste my first chance in six years to really get away from Murphy?”

Clarke laughs and comes to stand next to him, watching as he meticulously cleans each piece of the gun before him, fingers deft and sure. It’s pretty hot, if Clarke is honest with herself.

And she’s learned to be very honest with herself the past few years.

They’re barely touching, his arm skimming hers every time he moves, but it sets her heart racing fast as ever.

Get it together, Griffin. You’re not seventeen anymore.

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anonymous asked:

jake and ames being cute and gross in public !!!

thank u kindly for the prompt!!! i hope these are ok and fluffy enough!!

  • at shaw’s with the rest of the squad their pda is kept lowkey because charles is notorious for hovering near them armed with his iphone camera ready to pap them (gina is guilty of this too tbh)
  • this of course changes when four drink amy shows up and she’s whispering (or her drunk version of whispering) to jake Exactly what she wants to do to him when they get back to their apartment and uh is he imagining it or is her hand on his butt
    • he’s not and they are quick to leave shaw’s 
  • six drink amy in a relationship is highly emotional/clingy and, on the rare occasions where she makes an appearance like at the beach house, she can usually be found on a sofa curled into jake with her head buried in the crook of his neck as he strokes her arm and gives her #validation, telling her he loves her etc
  • jake knows all of amy’s weird turn ons (that to anyone in earshot would seem completely innocent) so of course he’s gonna sometimes mess with her in public. like all he has to do his tell her that he organised his sock drawer by colour, brand, and frequency of wear in his deep holt voice for her to say “oh, god” in That voice and give him That look. we all know the one
    • it’s only funny for maybe 30 seconds bc a turned on amy makes him turned on. and they’re both flustered in public. rip jacob you played yourself
  • at work they often have lunch sitting next to each other - amy will commend him on his improved eating habits and jake will look at her like he’s being praised by god herself. which for all intents and purposes he is
  • tbh sitting across from each other they are both guilty of getting momentarily distracted gazing when the other is too engrossed in work to notice. in the two months that gina was m.i.a. from her desk behind them there was no one to call them out on it
  • it’s always amy who will offer to give her jacket to jake because she herself reads weather forecasts and doesn’t depend on anyone for jackets. well apart from maybe the time that god forbid the forecast was wrong and it was actually 10°C out - which in santiago terms is -5°C - and she needed jake’s leather jacket on top of her own to stop herself shivering. “this is the fault of the meteorologists they have one job and i” “-babe, it’s ok just take the jacket”
  • when they do get to go to paris no one can stop them from being touristy dorks completely and utterly in love - chaste kisses sitting next to each other on the plane, holding hands everywhere, giggling too loud on the metro etc. …gross indeed

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Do you ever think about the first time Alec slept over at magnus' like no sex just casual sleep

i absolutely do

i imagine it would be such a pretty thing really, a slow thing. it would be afternoon dripping into evening when alec showed up, asking magnus if he was done with work for the day as he shut the door behind him. and magnus, holding a book in his hand would smile really slow, shaking his head and saying that he only had a few potions brewing that he had to check on later. then before he could really say much of anything else, alec would be slipping his arms around magnus’s waist, pressing him close gently. a slow hug in the doorway that felt like something deep unfurling. i missed you so much and it wasn’t even that long.

it would be laughter echoing through the kitchen as magnus summoned them dinner with his eyebrows up and a huge grin on his face. alec would be halfway bent over the kitchen counter, grinning one of those huge grins and shaking his head. because as usual they couldn’t pick what to have so magnus summoned every kind of takeout imaginable and alec scoured it all before pursing his lips together. “buffet?” he said, raising one eyebrow.

“i like how you think alexander.” magnus responded with a low chuckle.

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“After this, they’d take off running, hand in hand with two plane tickets in their name and their bags already packed.

Jupiter in Retrograde on ao3 now