hand picked flowers

Lucy Pevensie Headcanons
  • Lucy Pevensie being right handed
  • Lucy Pevensie dotting her i-s with hearts
  • Lucy Pevensie having small handwriting
  • Lucy Pevensie always being the first to class
  • Lucy Pevensie always turning her in homework done in different colors
  • Lucy Pevensie being a firm believer in mythical creatures
  • “See Peter? I told you unicorns are real!”
  • Lucy Pevensie being an okay cook, she’d only occasionally burn something
  • Lucy Pevensie being great at baking
  • Lucy Pevensie making flower crowns for everyone to wear
  • Lucy Pevensie hand picking the flowers to put in the vases around the castle
  • Lucy Pevensie always being the first one to greet visitors
  • Lucy Pevensie frequently sleeping in late
  • Susan being the one to always wake her up in the morning
  • Lucy Pevensie being a night owl
  • Lucy Pevensie helping Edmund fall asleep when he couldn’t
  • Lucy Pevensie not being able to sleep without her stuffed dog so Susan, Edmund, and Peter made her a new one
  • Lucy Pevensie making friends with all the different kinds of animals in Narnia
  • Lucy Pevensie smiling and thanking Susan when she gives her books but never reading them
  • Lucy Pevensie missing her mom while in Narnia and writing letters to her mother and father
  • Edmund kept a box of those letters and would read them felt he felt homesick
  • Lucy Pevensie actually getting a trunk and filling them with her favorite dresses for her mother
  • Lucy Pevensie never getting to take those dresses to her mom
  • Lucy Pevensie having trouble adjusting to the style change after returning from Narnia
  • Lucy Pevensie going into the spare room to try and get into Narnia again
  • Lucy Pevensie being surprisingly good at giving relationship advice
  • Lucy Pevensie teasing Edmund (playfully)
  • Lucy Pevensie making fun of Peter (playfully) behind his back
  • Lucy Pevensie giving the best hugs
  • Lucy Pevensie being really great at sewing
  • Not so great at knitting, though
  • Lucy Pevensie being terrible at chess, but really good at charades
  • Lucy Pevensie being the biggest cinnamon roll ever

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Campus hos try and temp Lexa with their low quality cleavage like pls GEC™ has no competition Clarke is the true MVP in Lexa's life

Honestly like Lexa ain’t no player she’s a small gay mouse who likes cuddling with Clarke and holding hands while they pick flowers like,,,, pls

i’ve been sitting here alone for hours.
the same spot we once laid, planning our future. we would adopt, “eventually!” i would say, because i was scared of fucking up another generation.
we used to hold hands and pick flowers.
a few drops just came down from the clouds.. or were they from my own eyes? remember that time the storm rolled in and we were trapped under this huge tree for hours? we kissed and danced and you said you would protect me from the thunder. we had to run back to your car, giggling and soaked.
a small couple just walked by and they stared at me. probably thought it was sad that i’m sitting here alone in the rain.
i wouldn’t be sad if you were here.
i’m sorry.
that’s all i can say.
i’m sorry.

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Jae Ha,Kija,Shin Ah and Hak confessing to their crush ? Thank you :)

Ahhhhh thank you for this ask!!! Everything was so cute and wonderful and it was really fun to think about them all trying to confess to their crush (and imaginging some of them being all nervous and jittery and …so cute <3)

Haha but yeah, hope this answer is ok for you, hope you enjoy it!


Jae Ha: Confessing to their crush? Pffft. This is nothing to Jae Ha, nothing at all. He would go in all smooth, with a bouquet of flowers, and whisper some sweet words to them as he swept them off their feet, green-dragon style. No problem.

At least, that’s what he likes to tell himself.

The truth was, he was practically shaking in his boots as he held nearly crushed the flowers he had picked out (hand-picked each flower himself at that, nothing but the best for his crush after all). What if (Name) rejected him? He was sure they liked him back but…there’s always the chance they… He shook his head at the thought. He’d already decided on doing it. No turning back now… he psyched himself up, put on his best smile…

…and turned back around.

“Jae Ha? Where are you going?” Looks like his crush found him before he could leave.

“I-I was going to find you dear!” he laughed awkwardly. ‘Keep it cool Jae Ha.’

“I…told you I’d be in my tent the entire time though…?”

Curse him and his stupid mouth.

“Oh t-that’s right you did ahaha…ha…” (Name) continued to glance at him suspiciously, quick to point his constant fidgeting. He continued to hide it for a while, but realizing they weren’t going to let the matter go, he sighed and held out the bouquet of roses to them, face tinted a light pink as he continued,

“I just wanted to tell you that…I like you. And, I’m hoping that we could end up…you know, dating? I mean you’re really pretty and-”

He continued to ramble on for a little (ok, a lot longer), until (Name) sighed and finally pulled him for a kiss on the cheek, finally stopping his mini self-rant.

Yup, just like he planned it.

Kija: (Name) ran straight to Kija and fussed over him immediately as he came back after days of ‘going missing’ as they put it, flailing about and wanting to know “where the heck have you been for the last few days?!”

He held their shoulders lightly to calm them down, then proceeded to tell them that they had went to their village to meet their parents.

“For what?” they pressed on, curious and slightly confused on why Kija would need to see their parents.

At that Kija would falter a little and his cheeks turned bright red, eyes darting left, right, up down- anywhere but at them. However, feeling the intense gaze of his crush on him, he finally stuttered out,

“I-I went to ask for their permission to c-c-court you.”

(Name) stared at him in disbelief. They could not believe Kija had travelled all the way back to their village just to ask for permission to date them. They told Kija that, but Kija replied back saying that he needed to go through the proper procedures, he had to do it properly and give it his best and prove he’s worthy to their parents, that he’s serious about wanting to be with them. It’s a touching thought, and that’s exactly what prompts (Name) to launch themselves at him and pepper Kija’s face with feather-light kisses (which unintentionally caused Kija to turn red as a tomato and faint; his heart was so not prepared)

Shin Ah: Shin Ah would have discussed about the situation with the other dragons and Yoon when his crush wasn’t there (but that mess of chaos is another story for another time ;D). Overall, he managed to figure out why his heart beats all wildly around (Name) and his feelings towards them. He’s the least held back by hesitation and embarrassment as compared to the others, mostly because of less experience with these feelings, and thus would just approach his crush at a time where he could find them alone and confess his feelings to them. (Name) turned to him, slightly surprised by the confession but really happy that Shin Ah felt the same as they did, and told him that with a bright smile on his face, prompting him to smile back and initiate a warm hug.

Hak: Hak wouldn’t really confess straight out, not with a straight “Hey, I like you.” He would probably drop hints everywhere, calling them beautiful and holding them, kissing their forehead, telling them things he wouldn’t normally tell someone he doesn’t feel great affection for. It would prompt his crush to question him, and when directly confronted he’d try to avoid the question a little, but his crush is nothing if not persistant. Finding no way out of this, he’d pull them until they were face to face, whisper a quiet “I love you” before loudly proclaiming that he’s going off to train, running off to avoid showing his (heavily flushed) face.

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Did u see tht ty gave Joshie a rose on stage. Imagine Alien!Ty going out to the garden and picking J some flowers😍-jj🌷

and joshie put it in his hair my gosh he’s an actual flower prince uwu

tyler picks a handful of flowers out of the garden and arranges them carefully, tied together with a purple rubber band he found in the kitchen.

he offers them to josh, a congregation of carnations, lilies, daffodils, and roses. “a present, joshua. for you. i know it is customary for human beings to give their significant other flowers. for being romantic.”

josh takes the flowers, with a soft brush of his knuckles against tyler’s, and brings them to his nose, lets the petals brush against him. “i love them, ty. they’re beautiful.”

tyler grins and latches onto josh’s side, both arms tight around josh’s waist. “you love them all?”

“of course. but this one,” he plucks a single white rose from the center of the flowers, “is my favorite.”

josh puts the flower in his hair, ignoring the sharp points of the thorns scraping against him. “did you know roses are flowers of romance?”

tyler shakes his head and josh dips to kiss him.

group pic as teens!!!! TEENS!!!!!!!!! I’M SO HAPPY 

(syaoran is grunting that the plush toy should be the one taking the picture)

Random things I imagine when thinking about Marius
  • Big Band music from the 40′s
  • Dirty red sneakers
  • that warm bubbly feeling when you first get a crush
  • Mint toothpaste
  • Ugly band Tee-shirts
  • Strawberry milkshakes
  • small hand-picked flowers that are slightly crushed
  • ladders
  • sun-warmed cheeks
  • rumpled off-white sheets
  • a good book next to a sunny window
  • crying at classic films
  • french fries

okay so i’m sure this headcanon has probably been expressed by someone before but i’ve never seen it so

but like enjolras having a soft spot for jehan

i mean everyone in les amis does, of course, because let’s be real who can hate jehan the beautiful flower, but enjolras has the biggest soft spot for them (which no one expects and no one really comments on once it’s common knowledge)

and enj lets jehan braid his hair all the time and jehan almost always puts some type of hand-picked flower (because it’s jehan and fake flowers just won’t do) in the ridiculously intricate (and ridiculously beautiful) braid.

enj usually likes to have his hair up in a bun when he’s working or at meetings because it stays out of his face but any time jehan braids it he keeps the braid in (and takes care to keep all the flowers in their proper place) because he knows it makes them happy

just enjolras and his soft spot for jehan

He was tired; he was dazed; people talked; people talked. He would detach himself, generalise himself, imagine that he was lying in a great space on a blue plain with hills on the rim of the horizon. He stretched out his feet. There were the sheep cropping; slowly tearing the grass; advancing first one stiff leg and then another. And babbling—babbling. He made no sense of what they were saying. Through his half-open eyes he saw hands holding flowers—thin hands, fine hands; but hands that belonged to no one. And were they flowers the hands held? Or mountains? Blue mountains with violet shadows? Then petals fell. Pink, yellow, white with violet shadows, the petals fell. They fall and fall and cover all, he murmured. And there was the stem of a wine-glass; the rim of a plate; and a bowl of water. The hands went on picking up flower after flower; that was a white rose; that was a yellow rose; that was a rose with violet valleys in its petals. There they hung, many folded, many coloured, drooping over the rim of the bowl. And petals fell. There they lay, violet and yellow, little shallops, boats on a river. And he was floating, and drifting, in a shallop, in a petal, down a river into silence, into solitude … which is the worst torture, the words came back to him as if a voice had spoken them, that human beings can inflict… .
—  Virginia Woolf, from The Years (Mariner Books, 1969)

I may never admit to it, but I like romance. I believe in the little things though, like good morning/goodnight  texts, notes, cute texts when your thinking about them, a single flower, hand picked flowers, coffee in bed, holding my hand ect. Not commercial romance.