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#1 ~ Reddie

warnings - implied homophobia

eddie kaspbrak could melt in richie tozier’s lips. they tasted of nicotine and strawberry chapstick. eddie had always found himself staring at those lips and wondering what it would be like to kiss them. he never thought much of it until it actually happened behind the high school during lunch period. it was never meant to happen but it just did and the two boys went with it. eddie thought the kiss would be a one time thing until it happened again. and again and again. now here eddie kaspbrak was, opening the front door for richie tozier so they could have their “study” session.

not even twenty minutes later, eddie was sat on richie’s lap with his arms around his neck and richie’s hands gripping his waist as they kissed. richie chuckled when eddie pulled away for air causing eddie to lightly smack him on the shoulder but he couldn’t hide his smile. the two sat there, foreheads resting against each other as they stared into each other’s eyes.

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Imagine reassuring bestfriend!Woozi when he starts getting doubtful of his own abilities as an producer and composer.

BONUS: Imagine bestfriend!Woozi telling you that he appreciates all the support you’ve given to him and his career.

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Did you also noticed something unusual about the animation style in "Monster Bash"? It was supposed to be Sugarcube's turn to do the animation, but I couldn't tell until I saw the ending credit, because the figures seemed to be drawn by hand, judging by the rather unstable and thin lines and lack of the line thickness variation for the figures in the front and the background (check out the scene where Star holds Marco's hand). Still, the way the eyes were drawn was that of Sugarcube. (continued)

(continued from last ask) What do you say about that? My guess is that the studio may have changed their production style permanently so that their work for the show distinguishes less from that of the other studio, Rough Draft Korea.

I think the ending credits are just wrong, because Monster Bash has very clearly been animated by RDK (yes, they did two episodes in a row; the season has a odd number of episodes anyway, 21, so one studio is bound to make more episodes than the other). I don’t think the eyes look like Sugarcube’s ones either! 

More Hand Holding = Romance

So I wanna thank @wheres-warhol for pointing out in my meta on Bi Mike and Androgyny With a Side of Hand Holding  that there is another hand holding close up moment in the series. And yep, it’s another romantic couple. Max and Lucas. So the hand holding camera shot = romance still stands. I find it interesting that so far all these hand holding shots have seemed to proceed a romantic relationship–Nancy and Jonathan, Lucas and Max, both took place before they got together. So I don’t think it’s crazy to wonder if the Mike/Will one was foreshadowing too. It certainly fits the trend. I am also wondering if there was a hand holding close up that proceeded Mike and El, or not. Because there’s was at the dance, after they already were pretty much a *thing* so it kinda breaks the mold a bit. Hmmm 

I had an anon a while ago asking for Hunk love and I was so busy I didn’t get to it until now! (And even now it’s kind of messy but !!! I love hunk!!!)


*On every planet, always


“Namjoon always extends his hand out first to the fans. I’m shy so I always tingle from just high-fiving wih the members (=from just reaching my hands out), but the only one whom I shake hands with and not high-five is Namjoon. Namjoon always… How should I say this? Initiate a handshake like a man reaching out his hand to a woman before dancing the tango. That’s why I, someone who is too shy and pressured to shake their hands because my hands look ugly, got to entrust (?) my hands to Namjoon like being attracted to a magnet.ㅋㅋㅋ

I remember Namjoon’s hands are big like a man’s hands, but they’re always soft and warm. Namjoon’s hands are tender and I tremble from my nerve… (It’s a rhyme…)

One time I spent hours to look for the fancam where Namjoon reached out his hand without hesitation like a prince to a fan at a fansign and kept watching it over and over ㅋㅋㅋ I’m not a pervert, ahem.

It’s still vivid in my memory, a fansign held in the winter. I was hesitating because of my shyness, so Namjoon extended his hand to me, showed his signature dimple smile and told me this.

“My hands are a little bit cold today. But still.”

↳ Sometimes Namjoon can’t reach out his hand first because he’s too focused on talking with the previous hand, so don’t feel sad when he doesn’t initiate a handshake. If you reach out your hand first, Namjoon will like it a lot and quicky take your hand.“

Fleur Delacour



Updated my YOI shrine! With additional shot of bedside posters + pillows ^v^)b

While the overall number has grown (and I’ve completed the sets that had a few guys missing last time), you can see acrylic standee details in my older post HERE.

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Hi so I have this problem where i tend to always draw hands and arms where they either turn out smaller or larger do u have any tips on it? Like its never proportional to the body?

So here’s a little tutorial. It’s always good to browse the internet, there are a lot of useful tutorials on proportions. If you see an arm or hand is too small or too big that’s good because you can see it and it’s easier to fix the problem. If you draw digitally you can always use a line to measure if everything’s proportional, drag and rotate it the way you need (just use another layer) it helps sometimes :)

continuation of these headcanons about Lance, Hunk, and Keith as kids…

    • Shiro stepped on a lego piece while he was babysitting Hunk and he had never been in more pain in his entire life
  • during a hot school day, the teacher treated all the kids to popsicles (yknow, the double ones you can break in half). After he got his, Hunk saw Keith sitting by himself a little ways away from where the teacher was handing out the treats, so he went over, plopped down next to him, broke his popsicle in half, and offered the second one to Keith
    • Hunk later got a gold star for sharing with a friend :’)
    • Lance sees this one day at lunch and nearly has a hEART ATTACK. HE GASPS SO LOUDLY HE ALMOST CHOKES ON HIS FOOD
  • LANCE WHOLEHEARTEDLY BELIEVES IN THE TOOTH FAIRY and Keith likes to ruin dreams :’)
    • no seriously, Lance comes to school bragging about how he got not one, but two quarters from the tooth fairy and Keith is like “I can’t believe you think it’s real, it’s just your parents…” (Lance accuses him of being a “non-believer” but he’s still crUSHED)
      • Hunk literally tackles Keith to the ground before he can spill the beans about Santa
  • one day, Keith’s beloved plastic sword breaks. He’s absolutely heartbroken. His parents buy him a new one, but of course it isn’t the same
    • Lance and Hunk help Keith hold a “funeral” for his sword in his backyard. Lance says a few words while Keith is dead quiet. Hunk is crying (he’s a sympathetic crier ok)
    • at the end of the song, he sings “CHA CHA CHA, HIIYAAHHHHH”
      • he did this during Hunk’s birthday snack at school and slammed his face into his cupcake for emphasis
  • Keith believes in aliens, Lance believes in mermaids, and Hunk believes in Bigfoot
    • one time, Hunk and Lance saw Keith lying down in the middle of the school playground. When they asked him what he was doing, he said he was waiting for aliens to abduct him. Lance immediately joined him because he thought it was “cool” while Hunk worried about getting trampled by other school kids
    • Lance used to pretend to swim like a mermaid oKAY
    • Hunk used to drag Lance and Keith on mini adventures in his backyard with “survival gear” (aka a small backpack filled with granola bars and candy) and binoculars so he could prove Bigfoot was real
    • when Nibbles passed away, he literally cried for days. Lance and Keith put all their allowance money together to buy him a stuffed rabbit that looked exactly like Nibbles and named him Nibbles Jr.
      • Hunk still has the stuffed rabbit and sleeps with it every night
  • Keith sometimes gets picked on for being a bit of a loner, but he usually doesn’t let it bug him
    • except one day he gets bullied in front of Lance and Hunk. The bullies tell him he has no friends and he hangs his head until Lance and Hunk come to stand in front of him and: “HEY Keith has friends!!” “yEAH, we’re his friends so go away now, please!!”
  • KEITH HAS A STUFFED HIPPO B Y E (but it’s a secret so you can’t tell anyone shhHHHH)

Children are not little adults

  • Children are not little adults

Children are not little adults

Children are not little adults

Children are not little adults

Children are not little adults

Children are not little adults.

They have different dosing, different risks, different illnesses!

So stop giving them grown up medicines!

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isnt aizawa only drawn like that because hes supposed to be buff like all might?

I don’t think so, no but, allow me to explain why!

Firstly, I’m going to use this art drawn by Horikoshi here:

I want to thank @ukitakejuushiro for this post  because they made a very good point here. Aizawa, is holding Bakugou down with literally one arm and absolutely no strain, while Bakugou himself is struggling to get Aizawa’s grip off of him. That’s not the only thing I want to point out here though. 

Notice where Bakugou’s left hand stops against Aizawa’s forearm. 

That’s a thick ass arm, my dude. Bakugou can’t even wrap his hand around Aizawa’s wrist fully. I know Aizawa looks skinny because he wears a baggy ass black suit as his hero attire and they made him appear like a twig in the anime, but legit this man is beefy. Horikoshi basically confirmed this for us every single time he’s ever drawn Aizawa in fitted clothing. 

Aizawa is a broad guy. He is thick. He isn’t a a twig like his loose-fitted black suit would have you believe. 

Look at that fucking neck and those shoulders! Also note how wide his waist is and how thick his wrists are. 

This is a reasonably buff dude. Which shouldn’t be all that shocking considering he can run across power-lines like it’s the easiest thing in the world to do and also dead lift a soaking wet Deku with one hand like it’s nothing. He has the physical prowess of a gymnast combined with a mixed martial arts fighter.

This isn’t my only point though. Look at All Might:

All Might is a god damn mountain. He’s ENORMOUS. But Aizawa in the hero swap:

He is nowhere near as huge. He’s not even close to All Might’s size here. He’s the exact body type you’d expect from someone who is as physically inclined as he actually happens to be. Also notice that his neck and shoulders aren’t any wider than they’re normally drawn WITHOUT HIS CAPTURE WEAPON ON. That’s another thing you have to take into consideration here. His hero outfit does literally nothing in terms of granting people a nice view, ya feel me? It’s baggy af and his bondage scarf usually covers his shoulders and entire neck. So what we see here is all just for more defined because he’s in a skintight body suit instead of a loose tracksuit with miles of metal woven cloth wrapped around his neck and shoulders. 

The last thing I want to add is this:

For every other character Horikoshi has done a costume/quirk swap for, no one’s body type changed. Not one. I get All Might can go back and forth between buff and slim, but I feel like if Horikoshi drew Aizawa to be buff for the sake of portraying All Might, he would have given Aizawa the full All Might, mountain sized body. Not just a beefed up version of himself. Especially since he hasn’t done that for any other character. I mean, Bakugou is Nomu in the very same art but he is no taller, and no buffer than his usual body type. He’s just shirtless.

So I believe that is actually Aizawa’s true, canon body. You just get a much better view of it because the All Might suit is like a second skin :D 

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Alex X Reader

In which Alex becomes attached to the first beautiful thing he’s seen in weeks.

(I’m putting everything else under a cut in case anyone still hasn’t seen Dunkirk!! It may contain some spoilers.)

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Its like almost 12 am here and im awake thinking about how cute the idea of a uf paps being terrified of thunderstorms is

I made a little collage of some of the pictures i received with the cards I drew
8ㅂ8 because it’s really fun to see them together!!! 

While I can’t see/reblog everything (i would be spamming ;;) i’ve looked at a lot and hopefully tumblr didn’t eat anything i missed!
Maybe i sound like a broken record but again thank you for being patient and showing me your excitement cause it makes me excited!!! (sob