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you are the most dramatic person i've ever met (technically we haven't met, but i feel like that doesn't even matter at this point)

Yo, this is Mellie. Alex isn’t allowed to check her Tumblr anymore until she finishes her philosophy reading, which was her idea and I’m just enforcing/holding onto her phone and laptop until it’s done because she has no impulse control. Also def taking advantage of this opportunity to roast her because she’s always roasting me. SHE IS THE MOST DRAMATIC PERSON YOU COULD EVER MEET! In a practice debate round, her opponent said something bitchy about Burke and she pretended to flip over her desk in outrage. She underestimated how lightweight the desk was and actually did it. She wears oversized black sunglasses everywhere because it makes her look like she murdered her first two husbands and got away with it. She wears dark red lipstick for a similar reason apparently. Sometimes though her dramatic extra ass comes in clutch. Once this asshole named Mike cheated on me and was always saying like I was so overemotional and hysterical, and for the next year whenever Alex would see him she would call him Mark just to piss him off. He would always correct her and she would go back to calling him Mark. Then, we were sitting in the student union and he came up to me to start talking, and Alex introduced herself to him like they hadn’t met before. And he literally freaked the fuck out and said she knew him and that his name was Mike. And no lie, Alex goes “Oh right, Mark. The guy you faked all those orgasms for” with a COMPLETELY straight face, and he literally yells in front of a crowded room full of college students “I’m fucking Mike! My name is Mike!” and Alex stands up, gives him a hug, and whispers “Hey, you’re being a little overemotional and hysterical. It’s not cute.” It was fucking priceless. Karma is a bitch and all, but Alex gives Karma a run for her money. Although like five minutes later she started staring out a window dramatically and asked me when the cute barista was going to notice her being aesthetically adorable so you know back to normal Alex shenanigans. Long answer short, get you a dramatic friend like Alex because she comes in clutch but also remember to feed her need for drama and attention or else she starts to get extra and sends herself multiple bouquets of flowers on valentines day and sends everyone a snapchat saying that no one loves her as much as she loves herself.

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Female is negative?

yes. it has nothing to do with human or animal sex, gender is a social construct. we assign humans and animals as ‘male’ or ‘female’ based on the shape of their genitals (either the ‘active/male’ genital or the ‘passive/female’ genital. theres tons of animal species for which this gets incredibly jumbled up though, ie egg laying species, or when eggs are transferred to the partner who possesses sperm instead of vice versa, etc)

the assignment of female to the egg-producing half of a species that reproduces by passing on genetic information via sex is simply due to the typically passive role of ‘accepting’ the information (vagina receiving penis, egg receiving sperm, etc). the assignment of meaning to one’s genitals (ie, that the difference between ‘male’ and ‘female’ humans is anything beyond physical) is a social construct with about as much weight behind it as your astrological sign. i mean, sure its undeniable that someone born on the day i was born would be a ‘pisces’, but that doesnt mean im bound to act a certain way as a result. similarly, someone born in the body i was born in would be assigned a societal label based on the characteristics of my genitals, but that doesn’t mean im bound to be a ‘boy’ or a ‘girl’ or act/dress/behave in any particular fashion.

if the association of yin & yang’s energies being explicitly tied to the genitals of a person as if we are all not made of trillions of active and passive interactions between particles upsets you, it should- believing we as individuals are capable of being either completely ‘male’ (positive energy, the ‘yang’ in yin yang) OR completely ‘female’ (negative energy, the ‘yin’ in yin yang) is an outdated way of viewing intelligent life. we’re all so much more than that; and to tie 50% of the population to the concept of negative space/void when they are just as infinitely complex as the other 50% is holding society back. destroying the concepts of gender in direct relation to genitalia would rocket us forward into a new era of enlightenment and progression.


Tactile Dean 

I want to say there’s a bit of a self-soothing aspect going on with this, Dean sticking his bloody finger into his mouth after being pricked by the needle (and being traumatized by being caught by the mechanism). I love the dichotomy we get from Dean in this scene (like in so many others). This tough, gruff hunter who sticks his finger in his mouth when he bleeds instead of doing what we might expect him to do; wiping off the blood on his jeans and moving on. He’s never just one thing–never just one layer and it’s scenes like this one that continue to fascinate me. 

The Scorpion and the Frog, 13.08