hand me down styles

It doesn’t matter if you wear designer styles or hand me downs, as long as you have confidence in yourself, you’ll always be beautiful.
—  Something someone should have told 11 year old me

Theo: Hey babe, I’ve been thinking..I mean you spend the night here almost every night…and you’re here all the time, so..you wanna move in?

Ainsley: Uh…yeah, I could do that..

Theo: I mean if you think it’s too fast it’s fine, I understand, don’t worry about it, forget I brought it up..

Ainsley: No it’s not that, I would love to live with you! It’s just..your apartment.

Theo: What about it?

Ainsley: It’s just kind of…well it’s not…

Theo: It’s ugly? It’s fine, I know. I don’t really have an eye for decorating, and most of my furniture is just hand-me-down stuff. If you want to make it more your style, go for it.

Ainsley: Really? That’s so sweet, thank you. It won’t be much, just some painting, I’ll bring some of my furniture over, put some things on the walls, fix those holes…

Theo: *regrets everything*

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While I was sitting in a cute cafe and having breakfast, all I could think about was how nice it'd be to be there with Harry. Especially with his dislike for Snapchat and how much I'd want to jokingly tease him by snapping a million photos (maybe with the filters too) and catch him in the nice lighting and how he'd be smirking and shaking his head and trying to be annoyed but secretly loving it and doing the same to you with his phone. Gahhh :( please do a blurb on this if you ever have time! xx

So drippingly sweet and sappy.  Loved every minute of it.

Harry looked at you over the table as you raised your phone, camera at the ready.  He narrowed his eyes,

“Don’t even.”

He held his hand up just in time for the camera to click, giving you a good shot of the palm of his hand.  You took your phone down,

“Harry Styles…let me take your picture, dammit.”

He lifted his coffee mug to his lips, taking a quick sip before setting it back down,

“Are you snap chatting?  You know I hate that, Love.”

“Maybe.  But I’m on vacation with my boyfriend and my friends want to see what I’m doing.”

“How does taking pictures of me show your friends what you’re doing?”  When you only raised your eyebrows in response, a smirk playing on your lips he shook his head, “Funny.  And wildly inappropriate.”  He added as he grabbed a piece of bacon.  

You shook your head,

“Please?  Just a few shots of you?  I can’t help it, Baby…you look so good in the light.”

He sighed, setting the coffee mug down again and looking up at you,

“Alright..go ahead.”  

Just as you snapped the picture he flashed a cheesy, tooth filled grin.  You shook your head as you took the phone down,

“I’m posting that…don’t think for a second I’m not.”

He held up his phone and snapped a few pictures of you,

“Alright then…me too.”

“You don’t have snapchat.”

“I’ll get one!”  He exclaimed.  

You lifted your phone again, taking about 20 pictures at once, showing him in the middle of a hearty laugh.  When you took the phone down again you realized that you’d actually caught him in a very beautiful candid moment.  His face was pinched together, his eyes squeezed shut as the laugh exited his mouth.  It was kind of breathtaking.

He quickly realized you’d stopped taking pictures and he wiped his mouth with his napkin,

“You ok, Love?”

You nodded, the full brunt of realizing your boyfriend was quite the specimen hitting you there at the cafe.

You waited at the exit of the cafe for Harry to pay the bill, reaching your hand out to take his outstretched arm when he came back out.  

When he’d called you to join him on the European leg of the tour, you had jumped at the chance.  Especially when he’d said Italy was one of those stops.  Being in a city like Rome with your Love was about as good as it got.

He led you down the middle of the piazza, his flip flops clapping against his feet as he walked.  You stayed just a few steps behind him, keeping hold of his hand and arm.  He pointed up at things and over at things as you walked, almost a little private tour of your own, courtesy of your boyfriend.

He looked over at you as he stood in front of a fountain, smiling gently when he watched you pull out your camera to snap a couple pictures.  You took your camera down,

“No more fighting me on the pictures?”

He walked towards you, pulling his own phone out to snap a few shots of you before shoving his phone back into his pocket.  His hands landed on your hips, his mouth pressed against yours in a soft kiss,

“If you feel anything like I do when I see how beautiful you are in this piazza with the sunlight shining down on your face…I can understand why you’d want to capture that moment, I guess.”  He smiled again, tipping his head up to press his mouth to yours again, “I’m glad you’re here.”  He whispered, “Missed you.”

You smiled, sliding your hands up his chest, your arms winding around his neck,

“I’m not gonna post them to snapchat if you don’t want me to.”

He hooked his arms around your waist, clasping his hands at the small of your back,

“I don’t mind.  Whatever makes My Girl happy.”

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Hey uuh you still take requests? I have one... Could you draw Superstuck being all cute and cuddling? And kissing? You dont have to if your requests are closed...

I am so very sorry for such the late request but here it is.

Requests are always open until I make a post about it closing. 

I couldn’t make a real cuddle but I did the kissy

A Doll-A-Week: Week 3, Shatter

(I missed week 2.)

V is mostly a combination of undesirable traits, a dozen jagged little pieces rattling around a petulant exterior. On any given day, he will tell you that “V” stands for something different, though it usually is either Violin, Violence, or Void.

(Violin is a gray 43cm Narin body with a Narae Heartbreak faceplate.   I bought him from D-Storic with no idea of who he would be or how I would style him; everything he has is hand-me-down from other dolls.)

Sasha started wearing a skirt in January 2013, accepting three hand-me-downs from a friend. Previously Sasha’s style tended toward steampunk — top hats, tweeds, vests and bow ties, even a pocket watch. But Sasha loved the sartorial gender-mashup that came from adding a skirt to the vest and bow tie. For Sasha’s parents, the most surprising thing about the new look was how public it was. Shy and introverted, their child had always excelled at being invisible. Now the teenager was not just visible but conspicuous — a boy in a skirt. Instead of bashfulness, Sasha exhibited a newfound confidence.

‘It feels like making this discovery and coming to terms with it has really helped Sasha become themselves,’ Karl mused, fiddling with the rainbow-colored friendship bracelet he wore. 'Sasha seems more comfortable in the world.’

Still, Debbie and Karl worried that publicly flouting gender norms could be dangerous — even in the liberal Bay Area. Karl was once beaten up while jogging in Berkeley by some men in a pickup truck who thought he was gay. Debbie was concerned that Sasha’s skirt-wearing might attract a similar response. 'I worry about how the world sees it and what the world can do — what crazy people can do,’ she said.

For a long time these fears seemed to be groundless. Sasha wore a skirt every day from January to November 2013 and experienced only one negative reaction, when an older woman at a bus stop insisted, 'You’re not a girl!’

And so when Sasha drifted into sleep on the 57 bus on Nov. 4, it was an untroubled sleep. As the teenager would say later: 'I can sleep through anything on the bus.’


The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland | Dashka Slater for the New York Times

The New York Times has published a follow-up piece about Sasha Fleischman, the agender teenager whose skirt was set on fire on a bus a few months ago. The story offers a thorough, though imperfect, explanation of agender identity, and it’s an important investigation of a horrific incident that made us all feel a little less safe. What do you think of the article?

Ever since JKR revealed that Harry Potter takes place in the early-mid ‘90’s, I developed a lot of headcannons regarding everyone’s musical tastes:

Harry is really into grunge—its directionless anger and general angst appeal to him, and his unkempt appearance lends itself easily to the style. He wears lots of overlarge flannel (hand-me-downs that had looked sensible on Vernon, but are decidedly alternative on Harry), and he has a pair of red Chuck Taylor high tops that he wears everywhere except the Quidditch field. He pretty much listens to Nirvana on repeat, but other favorites include Melvins, Mudhoney, Babes in Toyland, Dead Kennedys, the Pixies, Sex Pistols, the Clash, Sonic Youth, and L7, while Radiohead and the Smiths get him through some tough times during fifth year. 

Ron doesn’t know much muggle music, but once introduced to them, he becomes a big fan of the Beastie Boys. And he’s pretty sure Eddie Van Halen is actually a wizard.

Hermione is all about The Cranberries, and she sings Zombie in the shower at the top of her lungs when she knows the other girls are out of the bathroom. She loves Tori Amos, Alanis Morissette, The Cure, Sixpence None the Richer, and listens to Enya when she studies, though sixth year was almost exclusively PJ Harvey. She also has a soft spot for singer-songwriters of the ‘70’s, especially Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, and Nick Drake. She giggles over New Kids on the Block with Parvati and Lavender, too, but she’ll never admit it to Harry or Ron because she think they’d make fun of her, which they definitely would—and do, after Lavender lets it slip to Ron.

Ginny starts listening to muggle music mostly because Harry’s always talking about how amazing Kurt Cobain is, and she wants to know more about Harry but she still can’t work up the nerve to talk to him. Because of that, she’s partial toward alternative music. She’s a big fan of Hole—which sparks a bit of an argument about Courtney Love during her 5th year, but she knows Harry’s only pretending to be angry about it, so she keeps provoking him because it’s fun to see him get flustered. She loves Veruca Salt, 7 Year Bitch, and The Breeders (Kim Deal is kind of her idol), and they help make life bearable during those terrible days in 6th year with the Carrows. She likes both Blur and Oasis, and Dean Thomas has to listen to Wonderwall so many times that he can’t stand it after they’ve broken up. She introduces Harry to Weezer when they start dating, and Buddy Holly is kind of unofficially their song (Harry does have a bit of a passing resemblance to Buddy Holly with his dark hair and glasses, and Ginny is basically a magical Mary Tyler Moore).

The only muggle music Luna has heard of is Bjork, but she listens to her constantly, and can do a remarkably good impression.