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Ninebyfour lampe by Waamakers

The Ninebyfour lamp is another very minimalistic lamp design by the Amsterdam Waarmakers studio. It is their sustainable take on the classic, industrial tubelight fixture. The wooden part is handcrafted from sick Amsterdam trees and the tubelight is replaced by a LED-strip inside a glass tube.


Modern style Hunters Wall by Urbanmasquarade

Tzachi Nevo is the designer, who founded Urbanmasquarade, an Israel based design company that creates modern, decorative wall decor masks from wood.

Their latest Series is called Hunters Wall and is a modern, animal protecting, humorist interpretation of wall trophies. They fit well in an office or a living room as well as a kids room.

warforged are so .. weird to me

This is Payday 2 version of the Jacket mask which is hand-made product. Made out of 110 lbs cardstock. Took me almost a month to finish, normally I could finish this in a week but I was kinda lazy and I didn’t wanna rush. You know turtle always wins the race! Anyways the next step is fiberglassing in order to reinforce this paper structure. I will be uploading more images soon, keep an eye for updates!



George Harrison, 1987

Photo © John Livzey/Getty Images

The following is an article from People, 19 October 1987, with some wonderful comments by George:

‘He’s 44 now, his stubble-beard shows flecks of gray, and after George Harrison laughs—which he does often—the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes don’t completely uncrinkle. “I think, in one way, it’s good getting old,” says Harrison. “When you do things when you’re young, you just don’t think about it. You’re crazy, like the Beatles. We were crazy, but if you went on being like that, you’d be put away. So there’s a time to mellow out.” He is mellow enough, nowadays, to view the past with a pleasant nostalgia and the future with bemused curiosity. “You know, we’re all going to be 60 now,” he says of the next major chronological hurdle facing his friends. “In another 20 years, I’m going to be 64"—a thought that sets him to singing, just under his breath, the chorus to the Beatles hit When I’m Sixty-Four.

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This is one of my favorite places to shop in Nashville. It is a general store, but not like you would expect. They carry lots of hand-made and high-quality products that you can’t find elsewhere. Daniel got some solid cologne that is the best thing I have ever smelled and I picked up some precious thank you cards to send to friends and family. I love going here to browse around and find unique new things!

white’s mercantile | 12 south district | nashville, tn

Only Dandy Shoe Care is able to create a True Patina and make your shoes most beautiful in the world! “Everyone’s able to cover a pair of shoes with colors and transparencies that can be easily found in a drugstore, that’s why we often see around footwear-including well known craftsmen’s- sold as "hand-colored shoes”, made by hurriedly spreading random colors and shades on the surface of the shoes without any criteria and good taste. The producers emphasize that it is an entirely hand made product, which is virtually  true but… handmade by whom? This is the basic thing. Alexander Nurulaeff is a professional painter with decades of experience in various painting techniques such as silk painting, oil on canvas, painting on leather. The materials he uses are absolutely the best blends of colors and transparencies  in the world. His Patina are not simple hand coloring: with Dandy Shoe Care every pair of shoes becomes a canvas on which the artist paints a unique and unrepeatable masterpiece. If you want to have a ‘work of art’ at your feet, pamper you with a Patina signed Dandy Shoe Care. Otherwise, you may have just one of the many rough and monotonous results created by improvised so-called artists. Before you buy a pair of hand-painted shoes, always remember to ask by whom they were made. If in doubt, take a photo and send it to Dandy Shoe Care; and he’ll help you figure out if it is really a Dandy Shoe Care item, or someone who tries in vain to imitate him.“

Hey! My friend and I in high school and are starting a business called Zodia Apparel and we sell hand-made products. We are donating 15% of all purchases to the American Cancer Society. We are from the US but we do ship internationally and we’re selling our first 10 products for 50% off. We haven’t made a website yet but you can check us out here. Thanks a bunch :~)