hand made necklaces,

when ur tol and stronk waifu takes u out on her back bc she wants to prep u up bc she thinks ur incredible and ur rly shy abt it but u still try to match her enthusiasm


✩*⋆ ☆Crystalline Mermaid✩*⋆ ☆

She’s just a prototype of a new mermaid mold I was working on. She is the first and probably the last of her kind for I have a new mermaid coming soon 

( O U O ) This under the sea beauty has a very transparent ultra glossy holographic shine with a cute pastel ombre coloring. The pictures honestly does no justice with the cute details you can see with the wavy goddess like hair and cute star and heart bow details. XD Store update is on the way cosmic cuties, so stay tuned. ( ; 3 ; )


and the sun is so bright that i’m squinting by  LauraHollis / @bisexualbuffy

“Buffy Anne Summers, you budding lesbian, you can’t just send me a measly text and expect me to be satisfied! I need all the juicy details! Faith’s lips always looked soft– are they soft? Don’t hold out on me.”