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Lol in the pic with the little boy in the hospital he's literally pointing to a little puppet behind the boy. They later posed for a picture with it. The puppets were hand made by a group of women in the UK and sent to hospitals in Nepal. Sometimes people point, it happens. Doesn't mean it is rude or dominant. Harry has always talked with his hands a lot, it's automatic, just shows that he is a person first and not some puppet putting on a show.

Pointing at people is overall a rude gesture, and it does come off as dominant or intimidating, I know that’s not his intention but for a member of the royal family who knows all about etiquettes and protocol and whatnot I find it incredibly strange that he was never corrected on such a basic thing.

You may be right about the puppet, I didn’t look in depth, but he does point a lot, at kids too, and I will always feel uncomfortable watching him do that. 


So here we have for sale the very bike that Tom Hiddleston was touching, riding and caressing in his GQ photo shoot today.
It’s a 59cm Limited Edition Light Blue Trinity frame. Made in the UK.
The wheels are hand built on matt chrome Velocity rims rear is snowflake pattern with the front being radial.
It has a Tan Turbo saddle and tan gran compe tyres.
Super gorgeous. Both of them.
Call for any further info.
Price £1100.

@the-haven-of-fiction ;)