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“It’s the same night!”


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forsaken-skies  asked:

Lapis 5B and Peridot 6C :3

tbh I’m more like Lapis right now lmao. Thanks these were fun! :D

Also I’m a fucking dingus and thought you meant Lapis 6B instead of 5B so I ended up drawing 6B first and then I screamed “FUCK.”

So here you get a bonus:

januarium is making me make a post a few things about the Hedwig matinee yesterday! WHICH I TOTALLY WASN’T at or anything! Um. Sooo I guess the front had a bunch of women, so Hedwig complained about the lack of boys. “Where are the boys today? There’s like six of you. It’s fucking Suffragette City over here.” And then later when asking for a reaction to the new shell she said she didn’t give a fuck about the opinions of the people right up front and then asked for the reactions of everyone else. 

 Also, for the kiss, the guy she picked seemed to be in the front row on the side (though I can’t be 100% sure because of the angle) so Hedwig had to ask him to get up and come over. Which he did! His name was Taylor and Hedwig made jokes about him being tailor-made for his mouth. She also thanked him for his face.

Also for orangegirl22 she compared Yitzhak’s song to a failed Smash audition!

 And Jan didn’t ask for this part, but the world should know I was directly behind the guy being car washed so I got a close up look of Hedwig’s legs. And… other things, but the leeeeegs! I did not realize how close that would be.