hand made buttons

les amis + co as people i saw on college campus

marius: guy walking around food court looking for something intently (what was it? will the world ever know)

grantaire: guy using heelies expertly to get to the food court faster

enjolras: the guy that rolled his eyes at seeing the heelies

bahorel: guy sitting on the steps vaping with a briefcase next to him

feuilly: guy in food court with two (2) laptops and a tablet, seemed to be using all of them at once

combeferre: guy behind me in line making a passionate speech about student loans

courfeyrac: guy with a bright pink ‘fries before guys’ hoodie

gavroche: young boy selling fidget spinners on the corner

joly: the cashier who asked me to repeat my order three times and got shouted at by his coworker to go home sick already

bossuet: the starbucks guy who, hearing 'lux’, wrote 'lexie’ on my cup

musichetta: the girl giving out hand-made pride buttons (i got 3)

cosette: the beautiful girl who breezed past me in a rush of perfume and scarves (im still shook)

eponine: the girl at the table next to me vehemently defending fishnet stockings as an alternative fashion statement

jehan: person laying in a tulip bed

Hand Embroidered Fox Collar Chambray Shirt
These fox collar shirts are the sweetest accent to an outfit. Hand embroidered on a soft, high quality chambray long sleeved shirt, let these small orange foxes peek out over the top of your sweater and accompany you through your day. Please note: this is a handmade item, so each fox will vary slightly and have a personality of its own! I use different shades of red, brown, or orange for each shirt, so if you do have a preference, please let me know when you order. These items are made to order. Currently processing time is 2-3 weeks.

HELLo my hand embroidered fox shirts are now available for order! tell your friends and support your local trash queen xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

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Could you write a Junkrat scenario with the starter ”i sent you more gifts! Do you like them?" Please?

The Australian junker, who went by the name Junkrat, was known for eccentrics when it came to his behavior and way of thinking. When someone as beautiful as yourself shows even an ounce of kindness to someone like he him he falls fast and hard. He followed you home to find out where you lived so he could come visit you whenever he liked! He just knew you had to love him back considering how you treated him, a misunderstood freedom fighter seen by the public as a criminal, with such kindness. He can’t remember the last time anyone willingly did anything nice for him. He disregards Roadhog in the equation considering the man’s being paid to keep a close watch on him.

When you awoke the next morning you found a poorly written letter with illegible handwriting along with hand made button pins that had strange smiling faces on them. If the sloppy note didn’t contain your name, which you could barely make out, you would have assumed whoever put this on your front footstep left it at the wrong house. Regardless you shrugged and  put the buttons in a nearby basket on the counter where you typically stored junk you would nab every now and again.

However every day for the next week you received more button pins along with flowers that were clearly ripped from nearby gardens as the roots were still attached to the long stems. Your first thought was that a neighborhood child had a puppy crush on you but it was then you realized it was the Junker who kept leaving you these weird things at your home when he greeted you one evening on your way home.

“Oi, wait up!” The man called out to you as he spotted you walking down the road past his current “base of operations” as he liked to call it. He gave you a wide grin that made you a tad uncomfortable but you politely smiled back anyways, “I sent you more gifts! Do you like them?”

“Ah, so that was you?” You turn to the man, uneasy. Junkrat seemed to notice this and he frowned for brief moment before his large, toothy smile returned. 

“Don’t be lookin’ at me like that now,” He steps a little too close to you, “Gimme a smile would ya? I always liked it when you smiled at me.”


Jack + Top 10 Favorite Civvies [top 5, in order by episode]


She’s taken quite a lot of tender loving care and collaboration to bring her to life, but she’s here! Please meet Mad Moxxi, Borderland’s HOTTEST asset!

There is a lot to know about how she came to be, if you’re interested, please read on. :)

Moxxi is my first attempt at a fairly close to actual character REanimation. I’ve used many actual in game reference images to get her look just right, not to mention the countless hours playing the game which inspired this idea in the first place! Standing at almost 11.5 inches tall, this beauty began as Headless Headmistress Bloodgood from the MH doll line. She’s had a complete removal of factory paint, hair and clothing.

~Her new look “Faceup” (makeup/repaint)- 3x sealed prior to new look- artist grade watercolor pencils, acrylic paints and chalk pastels for color, MSC sealant and Tamiya x22 acrylic gloss for shine.
~Her eyes are a permanently set acrylic design from safrindoll.com, they have been gloss sealed and set with upper and lower black lashes.
~Her hair is a tri color-blend of saran hair that has been rooted “permed” and set with gel and hairspray.

Moxxi’s signature coat complete with custom fabrics was created by https://www.etsy.com/shop/lovelywoods. Hand made buttons have been added to the coat cuffs by me. I added the fabric bra line to enhance the bodacious shape of Moxxi’s bust and of course she dons her famous heart tattoo which has been sealed as well.

Her lovely hat was created by https://www.etsy.com/shop/freakgearbyHM with my added accents of hand painted organic humane feathers and her Queen of hearts card.

I formed air dry clay sculpted finger-less gloves for Miss Moxxi and painted them black. She wears her signature black manicure as well.

I’ve customized her black heeled boots by painting her “spats” in white complete with Hyperion gold trim, handmade clay buttons and a little “Underdome” blood accents for authenticity.

You’ll find her wearing her signature “Ruby” gun holster along with her double wrapped sash and leather belt with buckle.

Thigh highs custom made from https://www.etsy.com/shop/thedaughterwhosews The holes are intentional and will not run further.

Teal panties created by https://www.etsy.com/shop/MonstersLairBoutique

None of her clothing or accessories should be removed. They have been affixed to remain as true to her character as possible.


What’s special about this doll otherwise?
She comes with her very own wooden, lidded, latch lock “Mox Box” Borderlands inspired locker to preserve her when she isn’t being displayed.  This locker box was created by my husband and fellow artist, Jessup, of AHiLdesigns. This design is one of the staple elements in Moxxie’s world.  "Loot lockers" can contain all kinds of things but this one is most special as it was made for Moxxi.

The locker has been primed, painted and aged with artist grade acrylic paints for woods and metals. You’ll find hand made paper venting that mimics that of the game lockers as well as the “light” indicator. Inside you’ll find Miss Mad Moxxi herself along with a gorgeous name plate and other mementos. ;)

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Omg what about bad boy yoongi and good boy tae? Yoongi becomes more docile after meeting tae

Yoongi is a rebel without a care in the world for who he hurts or for those who hate him. He’s a pissed off teenager with too many fucks to give and not enough middle fingers to give them. No one really knows why he’s like that. They don’t really know of the ways his family cast him out for being too “rebellious” they don’t know of the way he acts angry to guard his heart from getting hurt. No one knows Min Yoongi because Min Yoongi has sworn to never be weak in front of anyone. 

Of course, then comes Kim Taehyung. 

The first time they meet Yoongi is breaking and entering into the home Taehyung’s family had now bought. Yoongi usually would skip school/classes and just kick in the back window and climb in to smoke in the large empty back room. The house is close enough to the school he can nap there until lunch time when he has to meet up with Namjoon and Seokjin and still have time to hide the smell of weed on his clothes. 

Like everyday he kicks in the back window only now a loud yelp is heard after the small door is kicked down. Taehyung quickly peeks his head out the window and smiles the boxed smile everyone seems to love so much when he sees Yoongi. 

“Oh hello!” 

“Fuck you live here now? Shit.” 

Eventually Taehyung finds out why Yoongi is there and offers to let Yoongi stay in his room whenever he wants to nap with the only rule being Yoongi cannot smoke at all while he is there. Yoongi agrees (totally because he loves to nap and not because Taehyung is too cute in his too big sweater)

The first few weeks while Taehyung gets settled (before his parents enroll him into classes) they spend their afternoons laying together on the floor of Taehyung’s big room getting to know each other. Yoongi has no idea why some part of him just won’t let him lie to Taehyung. They share their secrets, their dreams, their happiness, their sadness, Yoongi opens up about how his parents ignore him in favor of his brother and Taehyung hugs him close and pretends not to see the tears coming from Yoongi’s eyes. 

For some reason though, when Taehyung does begin classes, Yoongi acts like if they have never met a day in their life before. At first Taehyung would smile at him and wave causing others to widen their eyes and star and Yoongi would panic and ignore him. Taehyung felt sad but never blamed Yoongi, he knew how guarded Yoongi was  and knew the elder had his reasons for acting the way he did.  Eventually Taehyung just gave up trying to get Yoongi to notice him. 

They begin seeing less and less of each other with Yoongi skipping classes or always being in detention for fighting or getting caught smoking on the roof. Taehyung cares too much about his classes and studies and busy himself with work and trying to improve hi grades to the very best. 

They hang out with completely different friends and although Taehyung will sometimes catch Yoongi staring at him from across the lunch room the two never interact. 

That is, until Yoongi finds Taehyung being bullied in the hallway by one of Yoongi’s friends. His protective side for Taehyung kicks in and he beats the shit out of his friend claiming out loud “This boy is mine, touch him again and you die.” 

That marks the day Min Yoongi and Kim Taehyung begin dating. 

Taehyung slowly begins changing Yoongi but also not really. Yoongi decides he wants to change when he stops and thinks about how his behavior could be affecting Taehyung. He knows his boyfriend works hard to get into the best college and never parties or sneaks out or even rarely cusses. He wants to be something Taehyung can be proud of, even if Taehyung says he already is proud of Yoongi, he wants to really give Taehyung something to be proud of. 

 It starts off with something small really. Yoongi sells his last baggie of weed and breaks up all his cigarettes. The withdraws drive him insane with the want to smoke but everytime he thinks he’s going to snap he remembers “It’s for Taehyung.” There will be many moments with Taehyung holding him after he’s vomit or after he’s been so angry for a smoke Yoongi really knows he’s in love even of it’s a bit early to say so. 

His efforts are rewarded when Taehyung shoots him a bright grin as he hands Yoongi a home made button that reads “4 months smoke free!” with a little kiss on the cheek after he’s pinned it to Yoongi’s shirt. 

The fights lesson too. Before Yoongi would beat the shit out of anyone that dared even look bad in his direction and for the most part he’s still ready to beat up anyone that pisses him off until he remember the first time Taehyung had caught him after a fight. The younger had sniffled and held back his tears as he bandaged Yoongi’s hand and Yoongi promised he would never make his innocently cute boyfriend go through that again. 

The next time someone looks to fight him Yoongi remembers Taehyung’s face and just walks away from whoever is trying to fight him. The way people call him weak and the way people mock how the great Suga has “lost his touch” drive him wild but Taehyung will hug him tight and smother him in kisses and say how proud he is Yoongi walked away and that alone will make everything better. 

He still keeps a bit of his edge though, he doesn’t let people walk all over him and will still kick ass he just keeps it now to people that really deserve it rather than fighting everyone for no reason. Taehyung calls him his cute “pit bull puppy” 

Yoongi changes but not because he has too. He changes because he wants to be something for Taehyung and that alone is enough for Taehyung to always love his boyfriend the way Yoongi loves him.