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It’s his first birthday with Dex, but it’s also his first Valentine’s Day with Dex, and he’s not really sure what the protocol is when you’ve been in love with someone for a year but only actually dating them for a month or two.

He stares at the little gift he’d made up – a new coffee mug, some Kit-Kats, a jumbo bag of Skittles, and a bouquet of flowers. Is it too much? Is it not enough? Is it cheesy? Is it weird?

In the end, he doesn’t have time to overthink it too much, because Dex is knocking on the door and Nursey has to go let him in. Dex has two bags in his hand, one red and one blue.

“Red is for Valentine’s Day, blue is for your birthday,” he explains.

Nursey opens the Valentine’s Day gift first – a new coffee mug, some Twix bars, a jumbo bag of M&Ms, and a bouquet of flowers. Nursey’s kissing Dex before he can even get to the blue bag.

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when ur tol and stronk waifu takes u out on her back bc she wants to prep u up bc she thinks ur incredible and ur rly shy abt it but u still try to match her enthusiasm

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cute, fluffy headcanons for itachi, please? sorry if this is too vague :D

A/N: Yassss Uchihaaaaaasss. Anyways, I’m a little less lazy and I also can’t sleep worth a damn. Soooo enjoy my fledglings. ♥️


🔸K so Itachi is always gone for a very long time and his S/O gets super lonely but that’s okay (maybe) because he always comes back with little things to give them! Flowers? Yes. Hand made stuff like bracelets? Yes. Food. Of course. Itachi loves them and will bring them anything they ask for, even though they don’t.

🔸When he’s home he doesn’t mind if they get clingy, in fact he loves it and thinks it’s absolutely adorable. Hug him while he cooks, lay on his chest on the sofa, let him talk to you about his travels while you’re out in the back yard looking up at the sky together.

🔸He pats their head and smiles a lot, enjoys longs hugs and nose kisses. Also forehead kisses too. Cuddling is a must with him, he’s so warm and makes a perfect big spoon and if you want him in your arms he’ll just nuzzle your neck and or chest with a simple content smile.

🔸Reading next to each other in silence is always nice. He likes that or if he isn’t reading he’ll let you lay on his lap or something, maybe he’ll fall asleep. He looks so peaceful sleeping he lightly snores and ever so slightly his arms around you will tighten bc he doesn’t want to let go.

🔸He likes to dance, ya know he’ll ask you once in a while to dance with him. Random dancing in the middle of the room while he’s cooking and wearing an apron happens more often than you’d think lmao. Or just a slow dance under the stars in the backyard.

🔸When he takes you out to dinner he treats you like pure royalty. Opens your door, pulls out your seat, asks if you’re feeling alright or if you need anything??? You don’t need anything else but his love so there’s that. Well maybe some food because it’s important. He might stare a little at you but that’s only because he’s in awe. (So bootyful)

here have my self-insert shit that’s been sitting in my drafts for ages

it’s shit but it’s cute shit take it


It was a nice little shop.

Tucked away in a little corner of the street, it had plants climbing the outside walls and framing the old wooden door. It only had small windows to look through and a little sign to signify that it was actually a shop.
Inside was just as cozy looking as the outside, albeit a little cramped with all the trinkets scattered everywhere. There was a counter at the back, where two employees- or perhaps owners of the shop - were quietly chatting.

The bell above the door rang as it was pushed open, allowing two people inside. One of them was a human, pulling a skeletal monster by his hand deeper into the shop. Both employees at the counter glanced their way, but soon went back to their conversation after offering the two a smile.

“Why are we here, exactly?” The monster asked, shoving his free hand into his jeans pocket. He didn’t really mind his datemate dragging him into the shop, but he still wanted to know why. Said datemate only looked over their shoulder at him and grinned.

“Uh… Happy birthday..?”

“It’s not my birthday”

Their grin turned somewhat sheepish, but they just shrugged and turned to face him, letting go of his hand in the process. "It’s a nice shop, I’ve been here before. Besides, one of my bracelets broke and I want to get some new ones” To prove their point, they lifted up their arm to show him their wrist. Usually, they would have all sorts of bracelets and hairbands on both wrists, but he noticed that one of the ones they wore every day was missing.

Glancing around quickly, he spotted a small stand with an assortment of different bracelets on it, and gestured towards it with a nod of his head. “Take your pick, then” They wasted no time in bounding over to the stand and leaning over to look through the accessories.
While they were doing that, he decided that he might as well look around the shop while they were both there. There were all sorts of things available: arts and crafts supplies, hand made bracelets and necklaces, notebooks and art pads, even some food in one corner of the shop. The chocolate bars that were stacked up were tempting, but he decided against buying any.

It wasn’t long before they had picked out a packet of bracelets that they liked. Black leather - probably fake, but looked nice either way - and brown and white cords that were tied together. They hadn’t brought that much money with them, but they had enough for the one pack.

They were about to head up to the counter to pay when they caught sight of their boyfriend flipping through the pages of a notebook that he had found. He closed it and ran his fingers over the cover, then switched it to his other hand to feel along the back as well. They could tell by the look on his face that he quite liked it - perhaps because he needed a new notebook anyways, his other ones were completely full as far as they knew. Pursing their lips, they glanced down at the bracelets they were holding, then back up again. Assuming that the notebook was £5 or under, they would only be able to buy either that or their bracelets.
While they were trying to decide what to do, he had put the notebook back down and had continued to look at the other things lined up on the shelves, until he noticed them stood staring down at the bracelets they held.

“Decided on which ones you want yet?” His voice seemed to make them jump, as they jerked their head up abruptly to look at him. They opened and closed their mouth a few times, but no words came out. He was used to them doing that from time to time, though, and knew to wait while they tried to vocalise what they were thinking.

“Uh… No, not yet..” They managed to reply after a moment, shrugging lightly.
He looked down at the ones that were in their hand, then gave a small nod. Personally, he thought those ones would be fine, but that wasn’t for him to decide.
They went back to where the bracelets were kept, and although they kept the ones they had in their hand, they leaned over to continue looking. Soon after, he went back to browsing through the different items as well.

‘To be a nice person and get the notebook, or be a selfish person and get the bracelets..’ They were still mentally debating with themselves over which to get. Really, anyone would’ve most likely thought that they should be a good datemate and get him the notebook - and they wanted to, but.. They were still a naturally selfish person, as much as they hated it. 'This really shouldn’t be such a difficult decision.’

Muttering inaudible words to themselves, they put the bracelets back and looked over to see where he was. He wasn’t near where the notebook was, so if they were quick they would be able to grab it.
Once he was turned away from them, looking at some of the necklaces that were hung up, they snuck over and picked up the notebook he had previously been looking at before turning away again and going back over to the bracelets. They had to admit, it was a very nice notebook. And, thankfully, they had enough money for it.

Taking one last glance over their shoulder at him to make sure he wasn’t looking, they then walked briskly over to the counter where the two employees still stood. Their conversation had stopped a few minutes ago, and one was sorting out some bags when they approached.

Quickly paying for the notebook, they gave the two an awkward smile before hurrying back over to where their boyfriend stood, holding the notebook behind their back. He soon noticed their presence, and turned slightly to look at them.

“Need some help putting them on?” He must’ve heard the cash register open and close when they payed.
“Putting what on?” They answered innocently, blinking up at him with a small smile.
“.. The bracelets” He murmured, bonebrows furrowing in suspicion.
“What bracelets?” Nyx’s smile shifted into a cheeky grin at his growing confusion, and they pulled the notebook out from behind their back when he didn’t reply.

G looked down at it as they held it out to him, unresponsive other than a light golden colour that had dusted over his cheekbones. After a few seconds, he chuckled quietly and took the notebook in one hand, while the other reached into his pocket. Taking out the same amount of money that the notebook had costed, he held it out to them with a light shake of his skull.

“Go buy yourself those bracelets, dear”


Today I made these super cute morse code bracelets! I’m going to be selling custom ones.

  • The base price is $3.
  • You can request any name, word, or phrase. I take special requests!
  • It can be any color or style. 
  • Beaded ones are +$1.
  • I can also make it with a clasp instead, +$1. 
  • I use cotton cord but I could also use glitter or satin (they are more durable) +$1.
  • If you order more than one, you'll receive a discount and a gift.
  • Shipping within the US is $2. International varies. Ask me.
  • Every order will come with the packaging shown in the second image, customized and handmade by me. It will be in plastic too! 
  • Good for yourself or as a gift. 

Thanks for looking! 

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"Dad of course Daniel likes you. And we love you to. No matter what happens we will be here for you..... everyone has bad days.... but it's going to be ok... because bad days don't last forever" hugs David really tight and gives him a hand made bracelet that has the word dadvid written in beads.

‘ʎon'ɹǝ ɐ ɯonsʇǝɹ. ʇɥǝsǝ ɔɥıldɹǝn ɐɹǝ ƃǝʇʇınƃ ɐʇʇɐɔɥǝd. ƃod, ɥoʍ dɐʇɥǝʇıɔ. ʎon’d bǝ ɐ ʇǝɹɹıblǝ ɟɐʇɥǝɹ. ʎon'ɹǝ sʇǝɐlınƃ ʇɥǝsǝ ʞıds ǝɯoʇıons; ʎon'ɹǝ ƃoınƃ ʇo dıssɐdoınʇ ʇɥǝɯ.’

David smiled and hugged you back, a little too tightly.

“I-,, thank you.”

let’s discuss poe dameron being so attached to his culture ! at age eight , he brought it upon himself to learn the kaqchikel language ( which is a mayan language that’s still spoken today ) under his grandfather . shara bey always preparing traditional food & he having precise memory of it all . going to mayan festivals with traditional mayan clothing & coming together with others alike . his parents gifting him a tunic specially made for him at age eight & carries a nahual  that only poe can point out . 

even when his parents passed away , that attachment is still there & carries on with pride . he’s never without a hand-made mayan bracelet ( that he made himself ) that he keeps under his sleeves —– wherever he goes —— in remembrance of his parents & ancestors past .   ———————————-- do not reblog !