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Things Everyone Should Know About Min Yoongi

Or just reasons to love him. (From the POV of a Yoongi stan)

  • loves music
  • raps faster than the speed of light. hella control over his voice
  • plays the piano
  • amazing on stage; in his element
  • his mixtape saved hiphop. saved lives. saved the world goddamn Yoongi
  • AGUSTD - Intro: Dt sugA (ft. DJ Friz)                                                                        - AgustD                                                                                                      - give it to me                                                                                              -skit                                                                                                            -724148                                                                                                      -140503 at dawn                                                                                        -The Last                                                                                                    -Tony Montana (ft. Yankie)                                                                          -Interlude ; Dream, Reality                                                                          -so far away (ft. Suran) 
  • he produced the entire thing. it didn’t feel like individual tracks on an album. it felt very complete, in a way i’ve never seen before.
  • released this masterpiece to the world for free; on soundcloud, on a google drive, on mediafire, on spotify…
  • He had no problematic lyrics on his mixtape. He doesn’t imitate or glorify modern American hiphop. There are no meaningless lyrics, no misogyny, no materialism or racial slurs. Instead, he talks about himself and builds on that.
  • worked on his mixtape in between his schedule. sometimes while on the plane, sometimes while working on other music for BTS.
  • Has a polar bear protection bracelet. Really likes polar bears.
  • was the happiest person in the world when he met Kumamon it was all too adorable
  • Very socially aware. Wants to use his fame to shift people’s attention to global problems.
  • When he and Taehyung got sick and were rushed to the hospital, they ended up having to cancel the concert in Kobe. During his vacation time, he went to the stadium they were supposed to perform in by himself and wrote a post about it in the fancafe. He sat in the seats of the stadium and forced himself to imagine the fans’ emotions on the day that was supposed to be the concert. He wrote  a long apology. He felt so guilty it kept him awake every night since the incident. He didn’t know what else to do. He promised never to let the fans down again and to work harder. 
  • works from from 12 am - 6 am on music. even after a full day of training or concert preparation or filming. only to sleep for 2 or 3 hours or not at all to start the next day. sleeps whenever he gets the chance. gives the day’s events his full energy regardless. 
  • when BTS had to pack for their backpacking trip through Europe, he was the one that remembered to pack medicine and first aid supplies. he cleaned up before leaving the hotel room. helped cook. was in charge of their budget. 
  • wrote/composed/produced some of BTS’s best songs:                              -Tomorrow                                                                                                  -Nevermind                                                                                                -Intro (HYYH pt. 1)                                                                                      -Dead Leaves                                                                                            -Fun Boyz                                                                                                  -Just One Day                                                                                            -Let Me Know                                                                                              -Paldogangsan (with Hoseok & Namjoon)                                                  -Cypher pt 1, 2, & 3 (with Hoseok & Namjoon)
  • participates in the making of almost every BTS song
  • he looks gorgeous in every hair colour he’s literally so beautiful
  • once said he would sue Bighit if his hair started falling out lmao
  • his smile that shows his gums
  • laughs in 10 different ways
  • his voice sounds beautiful in Whalien52 aka one of my favourite songs
  • in the song “Move” he dedicated his section to his mom, who was sick after she gave birth to him
  • in “If I ruled the world” he dreams, if he could have anything, it would be to buy a house for his family
  • danced around his studio in the early hours of the morning when “Nevermind” was approved to be the intro of HYYH pt.2
  • really likes lamb skewers. Wants to open a lamb skewer restaurant with Jungkook
  • his only goal is to make music that gives people emotions (comfort). the root of his passion, goes back to when he started making music at the age of 13.
  • his dream was to perform at Olympic Gymnastics Arena. At the end of the concert, he looked for his parents and brother in the crowd. When he saw them, he smiled and got on the floor to do a deep bow, the kind where your forehead touches the ground. This is when he sobbed for the first time at a concert.
  • at fansigns, fans get to write them a question. “What’s more important? Face or body?” is asked a lot, not just to BTS but all Kpop groups. Yoongi is the only one that writes a third option, “Personality” and circles it and writes that it is the most important. He does this every time the question comes up.
  • When given the question, “What type of girl?” or “What type of style do you like in a girl?” He circles all of them.
  • his ideal type is someone who likes music and someone he can communicate with. there are never any other specifications.
  • when asked for the ideal weight in a girl, he writes a ridiculous number
  • when asked what age difference he would date, he wrote “81 years” lol
  • tells everyone to eat well and take care of themselves. loves his fans more than anything.
  • extremely open-minded person
  • when he and Namjoon were being disrespected by Bfree during an interview, he stayed calm and handled the situation well. Then proceeded to drAG THE HELL OUT OF HIM IN CYPHER PT. 2
  • the “S” in Suga stands for “Savage”
  • literally sarcastic all the time
  • “If we’re talking about regrets you should think of some of your past selcas” - to Jimin
  • relatable
  • king of “I meant to do that”
  • the time he and Hoseok reacted to a “Try not to laugh challenge” of their own members and Yoongi laughed so hard he choked
  • his existence is pretty much art in itself
  • the thing he does when his members are doing something embarrassing and he just curls up and covers his face
  • “Min Suga. Genius. Those two words should be enough. *shrugs*”
  • “I want to reincarnate and be a rock in my next lifetime”
  • “I’m Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the Third”
  • “I’m good at doing ugly stuff”
  • “I was destined to be taller, but there were some errors in my development.”
  • “I’d like to introduce you to my lover…this neckpillow"
  • “I’ve always wanted to nap in a different country”
  • on his first birthday after he debuted, he spent his own money to make small gifts for his fans and hand-wrote over 300 notes for the fans that were going to come to see him on his birthday. he spent a long time because he wanted to make each note different. at the event, he got embarrassed because “it’s not much but I hope you all like it”. he learned that instead of 300, 350 came and he made 50 more to send to them. 
  • the next year, he made packages again but this time with transportation cards so the fans could use them when they came to see them. hand-written letters again, signed polaroids and ordered special envelopes. 
  • gave Jimin his credit card to charge the passes with, and when Jimin jokingly said he’s going to spend his money on snacks, Yoongi unhesitatingly said “Okay”
  • he did something again this year, but just didn’t vlog about it.
  • took pictures of Jungkook at his graduation like he was a proud parent 
  • the time when he and Hoseok lost a game and didn’t get dinner. Jimin brought them a crab from their table, and Yoongi let Hoseok have it. “Seeing my dongsaeng eat makes me feel full." 
  • Bangtan love him. They say Yoongi takes care of them well, especially his dongsaengs. He’s the one that silently takes care of them all.
  • The time Yoongi took Jimin out to eat sushi, and while Jimin was tying his shoes, Yoongi paid and told him they could go. "Of course, I’m the hyung." 
  • says his members are his closest friends. says Bighit is like a family
  • when Hoseok was celebrating New Years alone in the dorms, Yoongi left his family and showed up with chicken just so Hoseok wouldn’t have to spend new years by himself
  • Maschine mk2 review what a nerd
  • that time he tried to install a music editing software and ranted for 10 years on the fancafe because technology is problematic 
  • that one time Yoongi got really passionate about coffee and said he needed 309 people to help him "catch” coffee
  • does reviews and gives insight on all of BTS’s albums
  • the time he sang his heart out with Hoseok for “I was able to eat well” and sounded terrible 
  • the time they had a high note challenge and Yoongi sang so “high” that no noise came out
  • so extra. all the time.
  • “the director said it would only take 5 minutes. It’s been exactly 4 minutes and 58 seconds" 
  • that time he had to introduce himself and pulled confetti out of his pocket and threw it over himself 
  • but also unamused
  • he is a paradox
  • “I want to go baaaaaaaack”
  • easily put in his place by Jin, his hyung. But also ignores all of his jokes.
  • cannot dance for his life (literally flailing in DOPE) but is a really good dancer (FIRE ????)
  • he just works hard
  • unhesitatingly kicked Jimin in the balls when he started dancing over his legs while he was trying to sleep. didn’t even wake up.
  • that time Taehyung was really nervous on stage and kept stuttering and messing up his words. the members laughed and poked fun at him, but Yoongi shushed them and the audience and told Taehyung to breathe and relax and start again. This time Taehyung didn’t stutter
  • literally a deadass person at the awards show until Namjoon was up next to perform and Yoongi couldn’t stop being hyped and looking for him
  • makes fun of his members all the time but always makes sure they’re comfortable
  • witty but never crude
  • says he’s not always the best at expressing himself verbally, but wants everyone to know he is always thankful
  • kindest, bravest, strongest person to ever grace this earth. blesses the lives of everyone he touches

There are certain things I didn’t include in there, because they are a part of his mixtape and I think that speaks for itself. 

To Min Yoongi, thank you. 

Avengers, Assemble!

Pairings- Damian Wayne x Sister!Reader

Word Count- 1556

Hopefully, this will be fluffy. I got the idea when a kid in my skating class made me promise to go over to her house and play with her.

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Custom lettering for weddings

Fandom Table Signs for L & J’s upcoming wedding! I love how creative they’re being with this idea of using names of places from their favourite pieces of fiction instead of regular table numbers! 

It’s been a lot of fun lettering these wooden signs and now I can’t wait to see how they’ll be styled on the big day 💕

this doesn’t make sense wow i tried though

I feel like I’m not as interactive with my followers as I want to be, so I decided to write up a little post updating everyone on my life and to wish everyone a good day/night. 

I’ve been okay, but under a lot of stress so I keep forgetting to take care of myself. I hope everyone’s doing a better job than I am at self-care, haha. I’m not entirely hopeless, though, one of my friends is keeping me accountable and reminding me to eat and be nice to myself. 

I just wanted to let you all know that I care about all of you so much- even though, sometimes, I feel like I don’t deserve all these followers when there are tons of other lovely simblrs that deserve them more. Whether I deserve them or not is moot; I’m just grateful I’ve had the chance to get to know so many wonderful people. 

School is overwhelming right now because all my upper division classes are starting to pile up on each other. It feels like I’ve been taking exams since school started and I’ll be taking them every week until school ends. I can’t wait for summer.

Good luck to anyone taking exams right now- I hope you’re remembering to take breaks and breathe when studying gets stressful. School is important but one’s health is more important. I think that goes for any thing, really. 

Anyway, I’m writing this up at work because I forgot my textbook so I can’t study. I’ll answer the asks I have this weekend and hopefully at least get some scenery shots in game to queue for next week. 

Remember to eat well, drink water, take regular breaks from the computer, and always focus on your health more than anything. (I’m everyone’s mother now sorry)

I legit wanted to end this like a letter and write “Love, Kenia” but that’s sappy omggg bye im sorry for rambling



Here’s another look at the Fandom Table Names for L & J’s wedding, this time for the LOTR fans 📚 

• Wood supplied by bride
• Outline sketch with chalk pencil (erasable)
• Lettering with white @posca_aus paint marker from @gordonharrisartsupplies 

about that au where allura is in a popular girl group:

okay so naturally allura is the group founder and leader who tends to strive so hard for her goals that she sometimes forgets to stop and smell the roses, but nevertheless is still the heart of the group, and the girls’ biggest dreamer, reminding them constantly that they can break any barrier and top any chart as long as they stick together

pidge, the smart one (and the cute one, as she’s the youngest) is tightest with all the roadies, and is chosen by allura to be the girls’ main spokesperson during meetings with the stage technicians who want to discuss lights & special effects

shay is the sensitive and sweet one, and the biggest crier of the group (she just feels so much love for everyone!!) she replies to all her fanmail by hand, signing each letter w/ a heart, and she co-writes most of their songs with florona

nyma is the group’s bad girl, and their toughest member, she’s quick to yank the tie of any producer who thinks they can con her girls out of their earnings, and slap any fanboy who shouts gross comments at them onstage. she’s the most mysterious to their fans, but is also the funniest and most chill in video diaries, especially when she’s with shay

plaxum is the group’s adorkable idea girl, always speaking up for what she believes in, she’s an idealist and an activist and is always insisting that the girls take gigs at fundraisers and protest concerts and use their popularity to spread awareness of important causes, their public relations team doesn’t exactly love that, but her girls do and so do their fans & sponsors

florona is the group’s flirty poet and drama queen. she writes most of their songs, often with the help of shay. she’s very purposeful and seductive about her moves on stage, often blowing kisses, waving and winking at the crowd. a lot of her lyrics tend to be about how secretly in love she is with plaxum but so far no one has been able to tell

...in the Rum Drink.

In college, my brother and I were taking a class together which was basically a public speaking awareness elective. We had to attend 6 university forums. One night at the first one of these terribly dry presentations, my brother and I were seated in the back of the auditorium near the entrance – right next to a hand-lettered, moveable sign that read “Please no food or drink in the auditorium.” Out of boredom, we started picking the letters off of the board and rearranging them. The final result left the board reading “OLD PEN*S IN THE RUM DRINK”. This seemed like the best possible combination.

We had a chuckle and forgot all about it. After leaving, I realized I had left my keys under my seat, so I went back inside only to find several faculty appalled at the public obscenities someone left on their precious sign. The most outwardly upset of the bunch coincidentally also happened to be my 80 year old statistics professor. He was a heinous old f*ck. It pleased me to see him helplessly perturbed, so we made it a point to change the sign every week while attending the forums.

Week after week, it became more challenging to ninja our way to 60 seconds alone with the sign as they had started covertly guarding it during the presentations. But week after week, upon leaving the gathering, everyone was again saluted with OLD PEN*S IN THE RUM DRINK as they went home. It was a slow continuous burn.

On the final forum of the semester, two of the old bastards shouldered the sign the entire night. So, anticipating this we simply hand wrote several poster boards with our mantra: OLD PEN*S IN THE RUM DRINK! and taped them all over the lobby walls. This caused the old professor and his humorless gang to almost shit themselves. They ran around pulling down the posters as the student body exit the theater laughing at them hysterically. You see, we had become a hero of the people.

To put one final nail in this angry mathman’s heart, the morning before our statistics final, my brother and I found our way into the classroom early, pulled down the projector screen (knowing it would not be used in class), and left one final message written on the whiteboard behind it. As class was starting, in walks angry, old Dr. Statistics, he promptly raises the out-of-place projector screen and BAM!