hand knitted hat


There’s a chill in the air… Commercials for back-to-school sales are all you see when you’re watching TV… Sweaters and mittens and pumpkin spice flavor syrup at Starbucks are looming, so close, yet seemingly so far…

You might be sitting in your brand new dorm room wondering “How will I ever be able to find any other honey nut queerios on campus?” My friend…. look no further.

It’s the perfect time to order one of my amazing hand-knit hats! Hats emblazoned with such relatable content as “GAY” “QUEER!” “ACE” (not pictured, but available) “BISEXUAL BABE” (not listed on Etsy, but available by request) as well as hats with pretty much any pronoun set you could need (if yours aren’t listed on etsy, message me! I have patterns written up for several sets of pronouns but I’m always open to writing more).

ALL PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED!! Including completely custom orders – get a brand new pattern written out to your exact specifications and a one-of-a-kind item made in the colors of your choosing for only $30.

Message me on Etsy for more details or with any questions!

etsyfindoftheday | GIFT BLITZ | 12.10.14

gift recipient: for the pet lover
featured item: hand-knit reindeer cat hat by bitchknits

today may be my favorite theme of the week, probably because i am a MEGA pet lover … my two fuzzbuckets, grizz and roger, are such important parts of our little family!! celebrate your bestie’s pet obsession with gift ideas like this christmas-appropriate reindeer hat, hand-knit in a pair of brown yarns. other fun styles available, for both kitties and doggies!