hand is not as tan in real life

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Hi I don't know if you saw that picture of Cole and Kj at the construction site but I was wondering if you could write a fic where maybe Archie's dad bailed jughead out so to pay him back he is working for him and Betty went to the site to bring jughead lunch but they still haven't talked about the kiss plus maybe Betty is starting at jughead because he's not wearing his usual layers.

Ooohhh I love it.

Juggling a handful of brown paper bags, Betty nearly tripped over a fallen power tool. She only had so many hands, and the amount of hungry men working on the site required quite a heavy bit of food.

She had been on her way out of pops when Fred Andrews came barreling in, looking frazzled and all kinds of stressed, he spotted her almost instantly and she was taken back by the way he ran towards her , with the most relieved smile she had ever seen.

“Betty!” He shouted a little too close to her face

“Hi Mr.Andrews! Where’s the fire?” She giggled. He eyed her outfit looking nervous

“You’re not on your way back to work are you?” He said desperately.

Betty had gotten a summer job at the florists and her uniform consisted of tiny denim shorts, a flowy white top and an apron with “riverdale flowers” printed across the front.

“I’ve still got 30 minutes left of my lunch break, I was just gonna head back early! Is everything okay?”

He dug in his pockets quickly pulling out a hundred dollar bill and handing it to her

“The men on my construction site have been complaining for hours that I didn’t get them lunch, I can’t take it anymore, I’ve got to head back to over see the rest of the planning and I was hoping you would be able to place the order and possibly bring it to the site. Don’t forget, I changed your diapers when Your parents were away!” He looked so desperate, Betty didn’t have the heart to say no.

“Sure! It’s no problem, I have to walk past the site to get back to work anyway! What should o get?”

Fred had grabbed her up, squeezing her in only the way dads can, he was halfway out the door as he answered

“Burgers! As many burgers as you can!”

Giggling she went over to place the order, rolling her eyes at the older mans antics.

So that’s what brought her here, narrowly dodging large pieces of wood while she juggled bags full of burgers.

“Betty!” She heard the familiar voice of her next door neighbor

She turned around smiling, he looked good but for some reason the sight of a shirtless Archie didn’t have the same affect it used to. She figured that was because her brain was on another familiar boy with the softest lips she’d ever seen.

“Archie” she smiled and tried not to blush as he scanned her long legs peeking out of her shorts covered slightly by her apron.

His eyes held a bit of hunger in them and she wiggled slightly uncomfortable

“You just gonna stand there and stare pal? Why don’t you help her out, her hands are obviously full.” She whipped around to meet the eyes of her very favorite moody boy. It was a probably a mistake because as soon as she did


He was standing there, his beautiful muscular arms exposed in the simple tank top he had on, spread tight across his chest. His skin was tan and sweaty and the construction hat he had on showed off just enough of his gorgeous black waves. He was holding a shovel so naturally. those hands she had felt weaved in her hair just a few weeks ago, clutching the metal tool. she had never wished for a camera more in her life.

Little did she know Jughead was admiring betty with equal enthusiasm. It had been two weeks since their first kiss and because of their jobs they hadn’t seen each other a lot. That didn’t stop his eyes from being drawn to the plump pink lips that seemed almost too good to be real. Lowering his eyes to her long tan legs he couldn’t believe she was always hiding those in jeans, her hair was up in a loose ponytail, whispers of honey blonde falling into her eyes a pretty white flower matching her top weaved through the elastic band. She sure was a sight for sore eyes.

“Sorry my dad saddled you with lunch duty Betty.” Archie’s voice broke them out of their staring contest as he took the bags from the blondes hands. She giggled that gorgeous sound and fluttered her long eyelashes

“It’s no problem, i better get going though, I’ve only got ten minutes of my lunch left!” Archie thanked her again

“I’ll walk you, it’s my break time anyway” Jughead said throwing the shovel to the ground, giving Betty a perfect view of his flexing muscles.

He led her out of the construction site, helping her navigate the mess. As soon as they hit the street his hand went to grab hers, taking her by surprise. He didn’t say anything just kept walking. Betty decided it was gonna be up to her to break the silence.

“Hows working with mr.andrews?”

Jughead actually smiled

“It’s not so bad, i kinda like the work. It keeps me busy and it’s been helping me stay in shape, ya know eventually those burgers are gonna catch up to me.” He winked, squeezing her fingers

She smiled dreamily “it looks good on you”

He looked down at her “oh yeah?”

“Most definitely. I like a hardworking man.” She teased softly, wiggling her eyebrows.

“Well then ms.cooper, then I am the man for you.”

She laughed, the conversation falling silent again.

Suddenly Jughead was clearing his throat, breaking into the quiet.

“So am I?”

She looked up at him confused

“Are you what?”

He took a deep breathe, stepping in front of her and halting their steps

“Am I the man for you?” He practically whispered, his hand moving to rub the back of his neck nervously.

Betty smiled so softly he didn’t know what to think, then her hands were around his neck and her mouth was on his, taking in that amazingly familiar feeling of her lips on his he sighed into the kiss, he would never get tired of this.

She pulled away slightly

“Oh yeah Juggie, you are definitely the man for me.”

He laughed pulling her back into himself, dropping his lips to hers with an audible

“Thank God.”

my experience with hi-touch. fair warning: this very well might be out of order because let me tell you,,,, the hi-touch is so rushed anyway… onto the story:

chan: i joked about somehow ending up a chan stan for months leading up to this concert lmao. he hasnt toppled han as my bias or anything, thank god, but guys…. he’s actually really handsome. you ever seen a man that is sexy, handsome and cute all at once? that is chan. he smiled the whole time. he also laughed at my lil mini freak out over him and joshua.

joshua: ???????? pictures do not do joshua justice AT ALL. he’s actually so beautiful irl. he’s got this tiny little pixie face and his eyes are so twinkling. he’s responsible for my lil mini freak out where i just kinda yelled out “oh my god you’re all so handsome!!!” his hands were really big too btw. he’s VERY tan and very glowy. his skin is kinda flawless but pretty much every member had perfect skin. 

seungkwan: again, even more handsome irl. he looked so absolutely happy he and he actually said “thank you” when i said they were all really handsome. i pretty much became the “:O” face afterwards which lead to more members reacting to me.

this is where… my memory gets fuzzy…. so it’s probably not in the right order.

wonwoo: his teeth are beautiful and he has one of the most uniquely attractive faces i’ve ever seen in my entire life. y’all know that little nose scrunch thing he does when he’s really happy? he did that @ me and it felt like i was being personally blessed. wonwoo might very well be my bias wrecker at this point. he’s beautiful. if someone says he’s one of the main visuals in svt, i wouldn’t disagree. he was definitely one that left me shaken. i stepped in with wonwoo near the bottom of my bias list and now he’s near the top lmao.

mingyu: not much of a huge difference from pictures to person tbh. i will say once you get over the fact that he looks like a tree, you realize he actually looks really young? chan looks older than him. he’s got these cute chubby cheeks. very twinkly eyes and teeth that contrast so perfectly with him skin. his skin is beautiful irl btw. we made eye contact briefly. i would say now he’s more cute than like, in your face sexy??? he looks like a little baby.

vernon: had the most eye contact with me i think. his teeth are roughly 50%of his face. he’s pretty pale in real life actually?? compared to most of the other members. not much of a difference like mingyu, he is really tall though. more tall than you’d expect. 

woozi: i know people doubt his height a lot but i think he is actually 5′6? he’s awkward too irl but he’s so cute and low key kinda thick???? he’s got curves and a cute little butt. he’s also actually pretty pale. his skin is actually FLAWLESS. you couldn’t see a single pore or pimple. he looked like a little doll.

jun: i don’t remember much about jun other than him being really tall lmao he’s really tan too. 

dk: i don’t remember much about dk tbh. i know now he’s second tannest compared to mingyu. also really good looking. @17dad had a more in depth meeting with dk lmao

s.coups: his skin is really red??? he has a natural red undertone and his lips, ears and face get so red. his facial features in general are so big lmao but he’s so much more handsome in real life. the main thing i noticed are his ears??? they stick out ??? so much??? you can tell he really loves you and is excited to meet you. 

jeonghan: he got big ass yaoi hands.. BIG HANDS. he’s not super tan or anything but his skin tone is pretty much the exact opposite of coups. he’s not red at all. his face is super petite aside from his eyes. he looks like a baby deer with those big eyes of his. he’s got a nice side profile too. his nose is so small and perfectly shaped??? it has the perfect slant to it. he’s got real thin lil lips too. he’s also insanely lanky and his legs go to his asshole. i felt very awkward standing in front of him with this big ass fan with his face on it. lmao.

 minghao: i’m going to be completely honest….. i didn’t even look at minghao because i was too busy looking back at jeonghan. he looks younger irl though. he’s got a very cute face. hes also really tan.

hoshi: wasn’t there. i know he looked good at the time.

stop the car

standalone; NC-17; fluff and smut; Scully/Reyes; post-Improbable; Monica and Scully have a girl’s night. 

A/N: happy Valentine’s Day! I’m gonna try and get the last part up to love you but you’re green but here’s something else. This is more romantic than I’d care to be but they’re too cute


“Why not go a little wild with it? Hot pink,” suggests Monica. Her brush strokes are focused and precise, because she will not screw this up, even though she kind of sucks at it.

“Agent Reyes,” Scully warns.

“Or maybe a pretty powder blue.” Her tongue pokes out at the corner of her mouth as she lifts Scully’s right hand to inspect her work. “ Or a sexy Camaro red.”

“Too distracting while I’m carving up the dead.” Scully pulls her hand back and hums appreciatively. “You colored inside the lines.”

“Gross.” They both laugh and Monica recaps the tan polish sitting between them.

It’s a Friday night and William is improbably, blessedly asleep in the nursery. They’d gone through Monica’s bottle of wine and pulled a little something from Scully’s stash before Monica had offered to help her with a much-needed touchup.

“No time to get a manicure with my class schedule,” Scully had explained, holding her hands out gratefully.

This thing where they dress up in their comfiest pajamas and talk about stuff they never really paid any mind to in real life, like Bureau gossip and celebrity crushes, has been going on a little bit, and neither of them knows just how much the other needs it. Scully cannot remember the last time she had another woman as a friend, and had never had one quite so much like herself, unmarried and ambitious and a little turned on whenever she gets to take her gun out. Monica knows she’s never had a friend like Scully, so radiant and mind-numbingly intelligent it rubs off on her in small and large ways, inspires her to be a better agent, a better person.

And so began a new weekly routine, a droplet of normalcy in a drought of the truly bizarre.

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Ocean man 🌊🕴🌊take me😩💦by the hand 👋lead me to the land 👌That you understand 🌊Ocean man the voyage to the corner📐 of the globe 🌍🌎🌏Is a real trip 🌊Ocean man the crust 🙃of a tan man embibed by the sand 😲Soaking up the thirst 👅💦💦of the land 🌊Ocean man can you see 👀through the wonder of amazement At the oberman 🌊Ocean man the crust is elusive when it casts forth To the childlike👶 man 🌊Ocean man the sequence of a life form braised in the sand Soaking up the thirst 👄👏💦of the land

Ocean man…💦

Ocean man…💦

Ocean man…💦

Ocean man 🌊🕴🌊take me by the hand 👉👌lead me to the land 🌄That you understand 💭🌊Ocean man the voyage ⛴⚓️to the corn🌽er of the globe 🌏🌚🌎Is a real trip 🙊🌊Ocean man the crust of a tan man embibed by the sand 🛀Soaking up the thirst 🍼of the land 🌊Ocean man can you see 👁👃👁through the 🌈wonder of amazement At the oberman 🌊Ocean man the crust is elusive 💋when it casts forth To the childlike 👨man 🌊Ocean man the 👣🐾sequence of a life form braised in the sand🍚 Soaking up the thirst of the land😏

Ocean man…💦💦💦💦💦

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I'm an emotional wuss & I know this won't be gotten to for a long time but I don't care: GARASHIR PROMPT, sequel (AU, unofficial sequel or whatever, idc) to 'Final Letter' where by some blessing of the universe, Julian gets the damn letter early by accident (I don't care how), gets his damn shit together, comes to Cardassia and saves his stupid, self-sacrificial, lizard boyfriend and they get together FINALLY. *cries some more*

I’ll write it now. I thought of a decent idea and I need to warm up before I get into my original work today. Plus the letter is still fresh on everyone’s mind and I believe all the other prompts I have are for new content. This will be the only time I just ahead like this.

In truth, I was okay with the letter standing alone. I’m not a fan of making everything a happy ending. While I enjoyed writing this, it may not be atypical of me to write happy endings out of every tragic piece I work on. Just a head’s up.

Final Letter

Final Sacrifice

It was warmer than Garak remembered. He must have fallen asleep.

Outside his open window, he caught the laughs of children. They carried across the dry Cardassian heat like grace-filled birds, swooping and fluttering and diving and soaring. Such sounds were foreign to Cardassia Prime for months. A giggle, or any joyous noises, were lost in the dust and debris. Garak once believed they’d be lost forever. But here they were, ever present. He’d helped rebuild that. He helped bring that joy to the world and allowed it to carry. His sacrifices were worth it. Yet…

His heart twinged. Garak’s right hand tightened with the pain, though he didn’t fully tighten it. The pain wasn’t due to the heart’s failure.

The letter. Ah, yes. The one he’d saved to his PADD yesterday morning. The one for Doctor Bashir. That’s what rattled his heart. It would for the remainder of Garak’s short life. There was no doubt in his mind that the post-death letter was the right choice though. He’d sacrificed his connection with the dear doctor when he returned and stayed on Cardassia. There was no other option but to die enfolded in blankets, stowed away in a building standing proud under the Cardassian sun. Julian Bashir had no place there.

Garak tilted his head to the left, towards the open window, towards the childhood laughter. He longed for it to take him away again, to carry him to thoughts of rebuilding, of constructing, of a Cardassian future filled with building bridges and stepping away from their destructive past. He tried to force it, but images of Doctor Bashir reading over his words stifled the comforting thoughts immediately. The poor man. He deserved better.

A noise stopped that pity. A shuffle to his right. Someone was in the room with him, sitting in the bedside chair, likely unaware that Garak was awake. A nurse, probably. Someone of Cardassia who decided to sit with him in case his heart finally did give out. It was only a matter of days until that happened. He supposed they would have to check.

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Netflix and Chill - Cas x Reader (NSFW)

Part 2.

Summary: You and Cas are watching a movie. At some point, you get bored, and decide to do something else.

Words: 1415

Warnings: Oral sex, dirty talk

Castiel x Reader

A/N: For some reason I really like writing about giving Cas oral.

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09/24/15 ~ My Experience Meeting BTS ♡

So, as several of you have requested, I am finally writing out my experience meeting BTS at the Highlight Tour’s stop in Houston. I warn you all that it does drag on a bit, so if you’d like to skim or completely disregard the post, you may do so haha! Additionally, many may wander how the heck I remember everything in detail despite it having taken place a while ago—Well, I write in a diary regularly and wrote down five pages worth of this day so yeah lol.

TGM’s organization, as many of you already know, was a complete mess. But, this is not a post to bash on TGM and just one describing the members so here it goes!

The Photo Session:

So, my younger sister and I went together and as soon as we entered the building, we saw all the members lined up in person….and damn. Even from several feet away with crowds of people in between, they really stood out. To be honest, they were a lot shorter than people make them seem which didn’t really surprise me since, as an Asian girl, I know that many Asian guys aren’t usually that tall. The order from left to right was Namjoon, Taehyung, Seokjin, Yoongi, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-hope. We were starstruck af right away and didn’t even know if we were supposed to join the group in front of us for photos since we were the last ones in that specific line. That’s why, while staring at the boys, we didn’t realize that Hoseok and Jungkook were waving and saying hi…right at us. At first, we thought they were just waving at someone else in our direction but quickly noticed that nobody else was behind or even close to us so yeah; we flipped out and didn’t even bother hiding our fangirling while waving and saying hi back. Also, It turns out that they were waving to us in order to tell that it’s alright to join the group photo.

The Mini-Concert:

To be honest, they seemed quite drained at times but still did a really great job trying to be energetic in order to please the fans. During the member introductions, their English was so adorable! They really did try their best! Seokjin talked about a “choo-choo train” and Namjoon talked about maybe having a “real concert” in the future. His English, by the way, is just as flawless as you’d all expect. Yoongi even talked about the Johnson Space Center and NASA + acted out a flying jetpack, which was precious! Also, Jin’s speaking/singing voice was slightly higher live. “Boy in Luv” and especially “Dope” were super lit. Hearing and seeing the boys perform “I Need U” live is the most incredible feeling. Like, we were finally able to sing the fanchants as loudly as possible and the entire audience was just so into it. Seriously, they sang and danced AMAZINGLY. + Jimin’s bootie is seriously fabulous.

The High-Touch Session:

This was honestly the part that I struggled to remember the most because of how quickly it all occurred. So, let me try to describe each member from order to high-touching them. Oh, and another thing to note is that I was trying to secretly record them but was told to flip my phone with the screen facing outward (so that staff can prevent me from doing so), so I was fiddling around with my things before following my sister. Well, it turns out she already went through all the members before I finished fidgeting, so when I finally turned around for my turn, all the members were all looking at me with their hands out….awkward.

Taehyung: Since he was/is my bias, I was so nervous when I saw that he was first in line. When i went up to him, I made sure to take in every last bit of his presence and holy shit. THE MAN IS SOMEHOW EVEN MORE PERFECT IN PERSON THAN HE ALREADY IS IN ALL THE PHOTOS, VIDEOS, FANCAMS, ETC. Like, his eyelashes were so long, his eyes so deep and mesmerizing, and his hair–it looked like the softest, smoothest thing in the entire world. He’s honestly a lot more tanned in real life, almost like a golden bronze color, and his hands were literally twice the size of mine. When I said “hi, thank you,” he nodded and gave this lovely, wide smile, although it wasn’t that famous box smile of his. He also felt quite tall in comparison to my 5 foot 3 height.

Jungkook: Despite how much older he looks in recent photos, he actually still has some teenage boy-like features when you see him up close. Like, you can legit see the youthfulness in his face and I could even imagine seeing him walking around as one of the students at my university. When he said “thank you,” I was so honored to see his bunny teeth in person and damn, he was also EXTREMELY HANDSOME. Like, his jawline and adam’s apple were so prominent, although he did look a lot leaner than in photos (but still toned). His skin was an almost olive color and his hands were also humongous compared to mine.

Yoongi: This man is just really cute in person. He didn’t actually feel as small as I had expected but was indeed shorter than the other members next to him. But seriously, with the blonde hair and the lighting above us, HE LOOKED LIKE A TRUE ANGEL. His hair was so fluffy and his voice when he said “thank you for coming” was so low and sexy. Also, I would say that out of all the members, he and Taehyung were personally the most intimidating in terms of the feel they gave off. I don’t know; they just gave off this very masculine and important aura, though they weren’t acting arrogant at all. In addition, his skin was perfect and quite pale like everyone else always says.

Namjoon+Seokjin: As much as I hate to admit it, I barely remembered these two at the end due to the wreck I was experiencing after high-touching the first three members. All I really remember is Namjoon being very kind and Jin actually being quite calm and quiet. Both actually looked quite the same as in photos although Jin somehow seemed slightly prettier in person (how is that even possible). 

Hoseok: He was honestly the member that surprised me the most in terms of appearance. LIke, photos, videos, etc. do not do a single bit of justice to him. I always considered him good-looking but not too special but boy was I wrong. HE IS FKCING GORGEOUS. PERIOD. Like, the man’s cheekbones are so flipping defined that I could cut vegetables with them. Not to mention HIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE. I almost went blind from seeing it right in front of me and no, that is not an exaggeration!! He was also the tannest member, like he had this lovely, healthy brown-ish glow to him.

Jimin: Last in line, was little chim chim, who was in fact, not so little. He was also one of those members that I didn’t find as attractive beforehand but I was proven wrong yet again. HE IS VERY GOOD LOOKING. The most memorable features were his eyes. When he looks at you, it’s like the entire world just freezes. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to give people one of the gentlest gazes I have ever seen. Like his entire being just seemed so kind-hearted and sweet. Despite being this amazing, ultra talented person, he somehow calmed you down for even the tiniest second with the warmth he gave off.

Extra Notes on High-Touch: Thinking back, all the members had the softest hands I’ve ever felt, especially Jimin. LIke they were as soft as baby butts. Another thing is that they all seemed thinner which kinda worried me but they still looked healthy and toned. 

The Autograph Session:

This was my favorite part because we actually got to talk very briefly with each member. Again, I will describe things in order from first to last. Also, let me just mention that I tried to speak English as clearly and slowly as possible.

Hoseok: When I got to him, I told him “J-hope, you know you’re even more beautiful in real life.” Only later did I realize that this might’ve been an insult but that was not what I intended to make it sound like lol. In response, he showed me that beaming smile of his and said really loudly, “ah, thank you so much!” He honestly climbed up my bias list that night because of both his surprising beauty and amazing personality. The man is literally just as energetic and bubbly in person! 

Jungkook: This little one destroyed the shit out of me. Since my sister was right before me, I actually heard her conversation with him. When she called him handsome, he literally said “thank you! You are so cute!”…she died. Then, when it was my turn, I also told him “Jungkook, you are so handsome!” to which he responded “thank you!” with a huge smile. Then, because this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I sucked in my embarrassment and asked “Jungkook, can you please call me noona?” I was so anxious until he used aegyo and said in a really cute voice, “NOONA!” You don’t understand, I literally squeaked and melted into a puddle of goo right there and then right there and then. Like, the boy made THIS EXACT FUCKING FACE–>

Because of him, I died and came back to life that night. He was legit the highlight (get it? ok im gonna stop being stupid) of the entire thing and now my second bias- I wanna stan him but am wavering due to my loyalty and love for Tae…what to do?!?!

Yoongi: I literally didn’t know what to say to him because of the fluttering I felt after talking to Kookie. So, I only managed to say, “I really love your music” to which he nodded his head with the tiniest smile. I’m pretty sure he didn’t quite hear/understand me lol.

Jimin: When I told him he was “very beautiful,” he said “oh thank you!” in the prettiest voice. If any of you have ever heard his calm, morning voice, that’s what it sounded like. It was almost a bit feminine and just so soothing to the ears. The perfect description for his voice is just PRETTY. He was just a really nice person and very considerate towards the fans <3 LIke, even while signing, he would look directly up at your eyes and smile enthusiastically.

Namjoon: I.am.so.stupid. Even though he was the member who spoke English fluently, I had the hardest time saying anything to him for some odd reason. He made fans feel comfortable and all that but due to my lack of competence, all I could say was “you’re amazing and I really love you.” In response, he chuckled a bit and said, “I love you too.“ with that big grin of his that he always does. Not to mention that his voice literally booms and sounded very manly.

Seokjin: Since we were all being extremely rushed towards the end of the line, I literally had no time to say anything except “you are so beautiful.” I don’t even remember if he replied but he did smile. Also, he really does have a tiny face- it’s so cute and rounded!

Taehyung: He was honestly the biggest disappointment and it wasn’t even his fault really. Since he was at the end of the table, all the unsigned posters were piled up in front of him. So, he sadly paid more attention to making sure he signed the posters than to the fans because staff would’ve scolded him otherwise. I couldn’t even say much to him because this one lady was going to make me skip him. However, I was not about to leave the line without talking to my favorite member so I resisted a bit and lingered long enough to say, “V, you’re my favorite.” Luckily, I said it loud enough so that he heard me so he quickly looked up from the posters to give a small smile. Not gonna lie; I was a bit sad that he didn’t exchange any words with me that night TT___TT


Meeting the members in real life is honestly such a different feeling from seeing them on a screen. They appeared so professional and serious but also performed just as well. Also, during the autograph portion, I could’ve said better words but just talking to them was too stressful LOLOL. Nothing is perfect, but in the grand scheme of things, it was an amazing night for me personally and something that I will never forget!

BTW, post-concert depression hit me way too hard lol.



Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand 
Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip 
Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand 
Soaking up the thirst of the land

Ocean man, can you see through the wonder of amazement at the oberman 
Ocean man, the crust is elusive when it casts forth to the childlike man 
Ocean man, the sequence of a life form braised in the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land

Ocean man, ocean man 
Ocean man

Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand 
Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip 
Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand 
Soaking up the thirst of the land

Ocean man, can you see through the wonder of amazement at the oberman 
Ocean man, the crust is elusive when it casts forth to the childlike man 
Ocean man, the sequence of a life form braised in the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land

Ocean man

Your Deep Rest

Pairing: Klance

Warnings: Death and lots of edge. 

Word count: 1,798

Summary: Sometimes you realize you don’t know a person that well. Sometimes you can’t remember much about them no matter how many memories you made with them. Sometimes you come up with questions when its too late.  Sometimes you find out the most about a person after they are gone.

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[ biohazard ]

{ one does not simply make another jealous }

AU: Yakuza, Arranged Marriage
Pairing: Aomine x Reader
Genre: Slight angst
Words: 3068 words
A/N: Oh man, oh man, I had way too much fun with this. I went way overboard. But I really like how this one turned out so I hope you guys will too. Throwing it over to fluffy-knb-scenarios because you know you love me. Since I can’t write anything for the babe’s birthday, this will be his gift :)

If you see arranged marriages in romance novels, they always make it out to be so rough but then so sweet afterwards. The heroine who at first refuses to marry the hero falls madly in love with him, deliriously happy that she finally has her prince charming. The hero, who was once a cold man, feels his heart bloom with joy at the sight of his darling wife.

But real life wasn’t as perfect as those authors make it out to be.

Sure, you were in an arranged marriage. You had expected something more glamorous rather than have your husband hang around some back alley at one in the morning, but sometimes you just don’t have a choice. Sure, your husband was incredibly good looking. He had tanned skin, midnight blue hair and the sexiest of eyes. He could turn anyone putty in his hands with just his looks alone. But those eyes never seemed to come to you.

Aomine’s clan wouldn’t be considered powerful but it was quite influential. Aomine’s strength was enough to convince them of how potent they could be if they wanted to. Not to mention, he could charm the pants off anyone.

You floated around the room by Aomine’s side, greeting guests and girls who were once Aomine’s potential suitors. They gave you the stink eye and a nice hand squeeze whenever they came around. Aomine smiled and greeted everyone pleasantly, though not forgetting to give them a nice grip of warning whenever someone who he deemed his competition came around.

“Dai,” you sighed. “I’m getting kind of tired.”

His glance darted in between the crowd and you as if he was contemplating whether to stick with you or to continue on with the party. “Do you want to go take a nap? I can handle things here for a while.”

You smiled gratefully and nodded. “That’ll be nice. Thanks.” You pecked him on the cheek before moving away back to your room. Thankfully enough, the gathering was held at Aomine’s place so all you had to do was walk a few rooms away and you could finally rest.

Thing was, it was difficult to rest when a million thoughts were running through your mind per second. Worries upon worries piled in your head. Sometimes you wondered why Aomine even agreed to this marriage. You weren’t anything special and, sure, your parents were part of a decent yakuza but they weren’t the strongest. Sighing, you stared up the ceiling and wished to fall asleep as soon as possible.

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Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand
Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip
Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land
Ocean man, can you see through the wonder of amazement at the oberman
Ocean man, the crust is elusive when it casts forth to the childlike man
Ocean man, the sequence of a life form braised in the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land
Ocean man, ocean man
Ocean man
Ocean man, take me by the hand, lead me to the land that you understand
Ocean man, the voyage to the corner of the globe is a real trip
Ocean man, the crust of a tan man imbibed by the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land
Ocean man, can you see through the wonder of amazement at the oberman
Ocean man, the crust is elusive when it casts forth to the childlike man
Ocean man, the sequence of a life form braised in the sand
Soaking up the thirst of the land
Ocean man

@jess-the-d0rito ily💙

Here it is, the finished humanstuck headcanons for only half the trolls. My hand hurts like crazy but it was worth it! (Also i’d like to mention that in the sketches Aradia was telling Sollux to calm down cause he was passionatly yelling at Eridan about League of Ledgends)

Eridan - Scottish/American Mix (Angry scottish boy who’s accent comes out really really heavily when hes pissed or when hes Larping his Oc on sundays)

Sollux - Very very very American (Greasy basement child who spends almost half his time in and out of the hospital due to various chronic illnesses)

Feferi - Hawaiian (Queen of tan lines with a beautiful smile and basically a real life mermaid)

Aradia - American (Beautiful queen with an indiana jones “obsession” and can seriously kick butt)

Karkat - Mexican (Angry child who will probably bite if you get too close or bother him when his music is playing in his headphones loud enough to make the average person go partially deaf)

Terezi - Canadian (Almost blind girl who owns albino iguana named Pyralspite which she uses as her dragon when she does hardcore larping)

actually speaking to ryan was the 4th time we saw him today. but omg it was incredible :’) he jumped out of his car with a little coffee cup in hand and was like Y’ALREET and started walking to the stage door so me and @gayrobron were just kinda like AH UH HM HUM ARGH OK YH HM HI and he smiled and came over and HE WAS ADORABLE. he is way more tanned in real life, and his voice is DEEP AF. he asked us our names and where we were from and he said he’s from sheffield and me being the idiot stalker I am was like YEAH LOL I KNOW!! he asked who we were there for so we said him and danny, and he was like are you robron fans and we just kinda YEAH LOL, so he said danny was in and he’d find him for us :’) we were nervous af so he was like it’s cool guys, we’re only actors!!!! I asked him to confirm that robert is bi and not gay and he was like I’VE SAID THIS PLENTY OF TIMES!!!! you could tell he was pasisonate about that omFG. nicola wheeler went to her car and he shouted across to her Y’ALREET NICOLA and they had cute little banter I died right there and then :’) and then I asked him to film the video for the robron google hangout chat and he was like lol that’s a mouthful. he said the fence was there to keep them safe and to protect them from us LMAO and then he was hella cute and told us to be careful on the mini hill cos it was muddy :’) HONESTLY HE WENT ALL SERIOUS AND WAS LIKE BE CAREFUL GUYS OMG. so he took selfie’s with us then told us to take care and said he’d tell danny!!!! SUCH AN INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE HE IS SO AWKWARD AND ADORABLE AND JUST UGH?? I’M SO HAPPY

he came out later as he was going home too and asked us if danny came out, we said no and he said “you serious?” HE WAS SO DONE WITH DANNY LMAO. but then he told us to go round the front cos we might catch him and told us to take care, waved and drove off :’))) love of my life

Anthony Ramos X Reader

I literally written at 11pm from my Phone. I’m running on a total of like 5 hours of sleep this week but hey whatever!

“Oops Still married!” Lin said for the eight time in two weeks running backwards in costume to pass someone, anyone, his wedding ring before running on stage no longer as Married Old Man Miranda but as Wild and rowdy Alexander Hamilton. Everyone else was already on stage halfway through the opening song and the title character is…not even in character yet. You would never tire of watching all of them transition from themselves into someone else entirely. It’s fascinating seeing someone becomesomeone else, adopting their thoughts, their habits, their posture, their fears, their interests, their accents. Fascinating.

You watched various members of the named cast and of the under acknowledged ensemble ducking in and out of the wings and heard them work their way through the song. You listened carefully just like every time. Ready to spring into action the moment anything unexpected happened. There had only been a few surprises, but from what you could tell they had played it off perfectly.

“We fought with him” Lin was a genius with the character plays with these lines.

“Me I died for him.” You swallowed at that, saying the first line in character is like the final step. You knew you wouldn’t see Anthony again for almost three hours even though he spends a fourth of the show in the wings or totally backstage.

(Y/N), you heard someone call hoarsely. You jerked your head up to see Jaz walking towards you-no, not walking-no. She was hobbling

“What happened?” You asked frantically, trying to figure out what to do. She was due on in less than 10 minutes. You ushered her to a chair quickly pulling her shoe off disregarding the break in the small heel. Then you saw how swollen it was.

“It wasn’t like this before the show started!” You asked and she shook her head and with tears in her eyes told you she had tripped on her way off of the landing she stood on as Maria. She wouldn’t be able to walk on it, much less dance. “C'mon we gotta get changed.” You told her reluctantly. You could tell by her eyes how much she hated doing this but there was no way for her to perform at her best ability. You had only had to step in for her twice and she only had two more weeks. You pulled on the crinolines and hoop that you needed to wear while she slipped out of the dress. You were both fully re-dressed and you up in the wings (with a different pair of shoes) in record time. You had had your entire conversation, found ice and and gotten someone else to help Jasmine and gotten into the corset and entire costume just at the end of Aaron Burr, Sir.Slower than you would usually have taken but Jasmine’s ankle was probably broken, meaning you would be Maria/Peggy for a while.

You watched the guys as drunken fools and tried to get in your other mindset as you listened to Anthony’s angelic voice during SOT. You realized that you would probably surprise almost everyone when you came out as Peggy

Luckily the other Schuyler sisters had seen the fall and nodded at you quickly in confirmation before pulling out their smiles and the three of you moved in formation leaving (Y/N)behind and becoming Peggy.


“Eliizaaa” you shoved your way between the two and smiled proud of yourself

“And Peggy!” You looked at both of them grinning. Perfect. You went through the song whining and being dragged along spinning and watching the ‘minds at work.’ You fluttered your eyelashes and flirted with Laurens who raised an eyebrow at you and you just frowned at him with an oh-so-slight jerk of your head and shrugged your shoulders. To the audience it would look like Peggy was walking away after an unpleasant end to the conversation but he knew what you meant. You then stuck to the script, or relatively close anyway. You hurried across stage to be in place for the famous “werk” pose and then slipped off stage again waiting.

The rest of Act 1 went without a hitch, helpless and satisfied were so fun to do especially when you were being swept off your feet and spun in the air. You watched from the wings the heartbreaking scene of the Laurens Interlude. It brought you to tears every time. It wasn’t professional but you couldn’t help it with the raw emotion in Anthony’s voice. Nonstop was crazy and fun, and a much needed change of piece. Suddenly it was intermission and almost everyone was asking Jasmine about her ankle and how long you would be playing her. You began mentally transforming into Maria placing yourself in her shoes when Anthony knocked and walked in.

“Hey,” he greeted you and you smiled.

“Hi.” You said trying to apply another coat of the harlot red lipstick. You tossed lines back and forth and gave the note a test and your heat skipped a beat when he smiled at you. He practiced his ‘young Phillip’ voice cracking terrible jokes that you laughed until someone called out time. He gave you a kiss before heading back out.

“Show time” he told you smirking.

“Break a leg babe!” You told him as he walked back towards the stage and he winked at you. You didn’t need to be on for a while, just a back up voice. You heard Eliza and Angelica sing the last few harmonies of Take a Break and got ready to walk on. It took focus not to smile while you walked on the turntable, that was so much fun. You played your part perfectly and were proud of your voice when you cried in the second half of the song and even got real tears flowing out when you whimpered as James whistled to you like a dog at the end of the song. It was only a matter of time before you were needed to hand Lin the pen that destroyed Alexanders life. You waited anxiously with your knee bouncing. Jaz had left at some point and it was just you and various tech, cosmetic and design people going back and forth quietly. You changed into the tan dress that matched everyone else and went back to listening. You breathed out shakily when you heard Phillipa wail at the end of stay alive reprise. You watched Phillips lifeless body come towards you on the turntable and you helped him up.

“Killed it again.” You told him still breathing deep as you helped him stand back up. Watching him go completely limp killed you every time. You both hurried back out of the way to wait until Who lives who dies. You wanted to talk but before you had the chance you both were needed on opposite ends.

Then it was time for the hardest part of the whole show. Lifts and spins and speed walks were nothing next to staying dry eyed during the finale.

“I rely on Angelica. While she’s alive we tell your story she is buried in trinity church near you when I needed her most she was right on time.” You spoke with the ensemble working to keep your voice from cracking. “The orphanage.” Still focusing on keeping your threat clear, “Who lives who dies who tells your story. Who lives who dies who tells your story.” You watched her walk forward and then stagger slightly and gasp. You had originally wanted to be Eliza, but you were glad you got cast as Peggy, you doubted you would ever be able to make it through Act 2 as Eliza. You grabbed the hand closest to you, which was unsurprisingly Anthony’s, and flooded out with everyone to take your bow.

“Well, well, well, Miss Maria,” a low voice said around the corner after you had spent almost an hour with the fans making you jump slightly in surprise. Anthony scooped you up into a twirling hug and you giggled even though he did this after every performance even when you were only seen by the people who paid attention the girl that caught Burr’s fatal Bullet. “You killed it.” He whispered in your ear.

“You killed me you said back to him. “What’s it like to die twice on your birthday?” You asked him letting him know you hadn’t forgotten, you hadn’t had a chance to say anything earlier. He laughed a little. “I had gotten you a cupcake but I ended up giving it to Jaz.” He made a goofy face at you and you had to laugh. “You too tired for dinner?” You asked him. Sometimes after a show he just wanted to crash, but this was the first one this week so hopefully a date night would be doable. He agreed that dinner would be great. “alright, just let me get out of this dress and this corset ugh.” He laughed at you. You had complained about the crushing feeling of the corset more times than either of you could count.

“Wait, one quick thing.” He said pulling you back towards him, you looked at him in surprise before he suddenly kissed you. It knocked the air out of your lungs as he slowly ran his tongue over your lips before pulling away. “Good.” He said and you raised an eye brow what was goodsupposed to mean? “I was afraid you would have Lin’s chapstick all over you face.” He told you and you laughed together.

“If you want to get to dinner before everywhere decent to eat is closed, you’ll let me change.” You told him. You hurried into your room to change out of that dress and put on instead a simple long sleeved silver T with a scarf and jeans. You tried to think of the last time you had had a boyfriend, or even just known a guy, who wouldn’t have made a crass joke about taking off your dress before you had been adopted by the Hamilcast.

You knew Anthony would have gone up to the roof to watch city and slipped up to join him. He was standing with his arms crossed staring off into the distance. You quietly crept behind him and wrapped your arms around his waist.

“You okay?” You asked him. Something about his posture and essence overall was just off

“Did you know that this was my first birthday that I haven’t been at my mom’s dinner table?” You shook your head even though you knew he couldn’t see you as you were still behind him but he probably had felt the movement against his back. “I don’t think any of them were even here tonight.” He said and you instantly understood his mood. His family meant everything to him, they had supported him through everything. “It’s funny, when I was a kid my mom would let us pick out whatever we wanted for dinner regardless of the price three days a year: Christmas, Easter, and our birthdays. I always wanted her baked Mac and cheese.” He was lost reminiscing while you pondered how to help him.

“Lets go back to my place, I’ve got a box of stoffers five cheese baked macaroni in the freezer. It’ll take forever to cook and it’s not the same but…” you trailed off quietly while you hoped that it would help somehow. He turned his head and gave a small smile and agreed.

You took a cab together back to your place, it was a small apartment, but hey, it kept the rain out and the heat in. You got right to work on the frozen Mac and cheese. It was going to be a long night if it actually took as long as it said. You turned around to see him looking at all of the pictures on every flat surface and empty wall. He hadn’t seen the way you live since you had moved a few months ago and you had switched out many of the pictures meaning most of them were new to him.

“what you said to me a few days ago that thing when I didn’t answer you.” he asked and knew exactly what was talking about held your breath afraid of way thought would say next. think slowly as if deeply considering his next words. “I love too.” Your face broke into smile so wide it hurt flew across the room kiss him. He smiled at reaction. You lived for that smile. “Happy birthday…my love.” You broke away for quick moment to whisper.

Weird fact: Martha Washington outlived her first husband and several of her children and still said the day she met Thomas Jefferson was the worst (omg I just realized that “worst” has said “eldest” for almost a month) day of her life


Stardew Valley inspired cuz it’s a great game for letting my mind wander. I was collecting mushrooms in the cave on my farm (like ya do) & thought a mushroom crown would be more amazing than a flower crown.  Bilbo would totally rock a mushroom crown…then he’d eat it. :D  I think these are all edible cuz I researched mushrooms in the UK.  Big fan of the Chanterelle and the Porcelain Fungus which are both along the back of his head.

Posting the rough because I think I’m gonna transfer this onto tan toned paper and finish it by hand. All yellows, whites and browns ^_^ I hope it looks as good in real life as it does in my head.


thanks @fistful-of-fandom for the prompt!

It’s the kind of place she should hate.

Her childhood vacations were always done on the cheap: day trips to the beach, camping trips where they ate baked beans cooked in the can, road trips spent in the back seat of the station wagon, dutifully looking out the window when her mother pointed out some important landmark and hoping that Charlie wouldn’t throw up on her again.

As an adult, she’s rarely vacationed. In med school she took a couple of trips to Vegas or Atlantic City with her girlfriends. After she joined the FBI, that one ill-fated trip to Maine was enough to permanently turn her off the idea.

And since she left the FBI, it’s been a non-issue. Living with a fugitive doesn’t give you many opportunities for leisure travel.

So when Mulder slipped those plane tickets under her mug, she’d been deeply suspicious. Spending a week on some half-empty island with a suitcase containing nothing but sunscreen, bathing suits, and trashy novels seems like asking for trouble. Surely they’ll run into a sea monster or serial murderer.

It’s like he said. The darkness finds them.

International travel is still complicated, though at least Mulder’s not on the no-fly list or they’d be having a midwinter vacation on the Eastern Shore. She imagines those snowy beaches and shivers. Luckily you don’t need a passport for Puerto Rico.

And so far, Vieques is doing very nicely. Even if they’d had to take a terrifyingly small plane - Mulder unhelpfully referred to it as “the minivan of the skies” - to get here.

Theirs is a tiny house right on the beach, at the the edge of a larger property. It’s small - just a bedroom, a living area, and a bathroom - but well appointed. Scully is particularly pleased to note the large clawfoot tub and the smooth, heavy bedsheets.

Mulder follows her through the house as she touches everything. “Good?” he finally asks. She’s standing in front of the sliding doors, looking out. Behind the house there are two lounge chairs and a hammock tied between palm trees, and then the ocean, just steps away even at low tide. The surf is gentle, the water perfectly blue. It’s idyllic in the extreme.

“Really good,” she says. When she turns around he’s right behind her, and she wraps her arms around him, resting her head on his chest. His heartbeat and the sound of the surf.

Fox Mulder at the beach. Why not?

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The strength of the Pinky Promise

Next one-shot of my Halloween series! This is for @illustraice, my dear Ice who’s in love with anything involving fast food! ;D

No.:27; Over 1.7k words, fluff and romance, a shittone of affectionate exchanges. Nalu, fast food loving vampire x star witch who’s stuck to his side bc of soulmate bond AU.

{Gruvia} | {Gajevy}

Looking at the delighted vampire next to her, she couldn’t resist smiling at the sight. He was currently murdering the fifth oversized hamburger with his far too strong bites as he idly munched on the bap.

He gulped the content of his mouth down with a loud sound when he turned to her, crumbs lining his thick lips as his contented smile widened into a grin.

“Oh man, I love their black pudding hamburger!”

His goofy mimic made Lucy giggle giddily as she blindly reached out for a napkin to wipe away the remains of his burger, affection easily seen in her moves.

The vampire bumped his nose to her hand which – yet again – made the witch laugh. His sharpened canines sinking in his lower lip as he caged her hand within his to breath a kiss on her fair skin.

Her complexion went directly from pale to crimson which made him muffle a laugh.

“Don’t embarrass me!” she chided and tried to pull away her hand from his, but he didn’t let her do so.

His green eyes glinted as he tightened his hold, tongue running along his teeth. “But it’s so much fun!”

The witch rolled her eyes, unable to protest, even after one of his deep look, desire and hunger set in those mesmerizing olive eyes.

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Good Night Calls

Chapter Two.

By @johnlockedslashprincess and @weetiebel

Chapter One: http://weetiebel.tumblr.com/post/147656060150/good-night-calls

Before Ohm knew it, he was on his flight to E3 and more importantly to meet Delirious in person. He took a four and a half hour flight to LA and caught a taxi to the hotel he and Del were situated at. Finding it to see nobody was waiting for him at the hour of 10 pm, he went into a local shop located nearby to find snacks - hungry from his long journey. On returning he saw a figure standing in the reception of the hotel. Ohm walked in to be surprised by a female figure. Gutted not to find Del, he sat down on the seats provided; eating his potato chips he had obtained.

While he was waiting for Delirious to arrive, his phone chimed with a new message. He was expecting it to be from Del but it turned out to be his sister.

“Hello, baby. How was your flight? We’re already missing u. Hope you’ll be back soon. Xx”

He smiled at the screen and sent an affirmative answer that everything was alright. He typed how he’d already checked in at the hotel and was so excited to finally see Delirious.

He loved Susan from the depth of his heart. She was the closest person in his life, the person who knew everything about him; every single detail of his life, and he couldn’t be more grateful to have her. She had a beautiful daughter, Alex, who was 5 years old and was way too clever for her age. It hadn’t been long since he had moved out because of his job and he was genuinely missing the both of them so much.

Even though his twin sister never told him too, he was supporting them with everything he had because they were too amazing to suffer. They had had problems with ex-boyfriends, Alex’s father running away unexpectedly and the fact there were hardly any jobs near their apartment. Susan wasn’t a bad mother, she just had bad luck, so Ohm supported her as much as he could. Even getting a side job to keep more money rolling in for them. He really did love his family.

Before Ohm could finish the packet of chips he was eating, another person wondered in, almost looking in a dream like state, almost looking delirious. He had a slim figure, just a bit smaller than Ohm’s with practically porcelain skin. The other male’s eyes were icy blue with freckles of rich blue surrounding it causing them to look like icebergs floating in a beautiful azure ocean. His hair was ruffled up, disturbed by his journey - Ohm guessed - which was a deep dark brown; black in the light at the reception. The same dark hair appeared as stubble which lined his jaw. Was this him?

Del walked into the posh looking lounge, he wasn’t sure if he had actually got the right place. He was tired as hell from the flight, which felt like it had taken forever, and this was combined with the excitement of meeting Ohmwrecker making him feel rather light headed.

“Good evening, sir.” The receptionist greeted him with a polite smile.

“Hi,” he returned the smile. “I should have a reservation here. My friend booked it.”

“Of course, sir. What’s your name?”

Ohm listened to the conversation, curious.

“I’m Jonathan Dennis and my friend’s Ryan… umm… Ryan.” Del stumbled on his words, realising he didn’t know Ohm’s full name.

“I’m sorry sir, but I will need the full name of your companion.” The receptionist smiled.

Del blinked at her with heavy lids, feeling the crimson rush to his cheeks. “Yeah, sorry…” He started to rummage through his pockets to get his phone out and took a look around, not knowing whether Ohm was already here or still on the road. His eyes got stuck on a man sitting on the coach, who was grinning at him. But he looked away and dialled Ohm’s number, feeling so ashamed he had never asked for Ohm’s second name.

Ohm’s phone went off and he picked it up. “It’s Ryan McDavidson.” He laughed into it, walking over to the pair. Del jumped at the loudness as the voice was doubled, one on his phone speaker and one speaking behind him. He turned around slowly to find the man sat on the sofa now standing behind him.

“I knew it was you, you motherfucker!” Del cursed, smiling widely with his phone still pressed against his ear. “I knew right away.”

Ohm laughed, he too still holding his phone up, talking to the other male through it. “Of course you did, Delirious.” The receptionist raised an eyebrow as the pair hung up on each other, laughing, before handing over the keys. The duo got in the elevator before speaking again.

"Delirious? Really?” Jon hissed, when the door closed and the elevator set to motion. But he gave up on the attempt of playing angry a second later, when their arms brushed and he suddenly realized it was all real. He looked up to see his face. Ohm had rather tanned skin with light unnoticeable freckles, almond, dark brown eyes and light brown hair which almost matched his skin. It was so… normal looking, but so nice.

Seeing Del laugh in real life had been a dream come true. His voice was smoother than over Skype and calling. Ohm loved it.

“How’d you know it was me, I was gonna surprise you!”

“I didn’t, and damn, you definitely surprised me.“ The elevator stopped and the doors opened, but Del didn’t even notice it, being overwhelmed with finally meeting the faceless man.

"Why’d you look over at me weirdly then?” Ohm chuckled, stepping out to the elevator and carting his things. He looked back at Del with a raised eyebrow, waiting for the other man to get out.

“You were staring at me!” Del blurted out, taking his own bag and followed Ohm’s steps.

“Nawww, I wasn’t.”

“No, you were. I know I’m beautiful but you were being too obvious. The only thing missing was you drooling on the floor.“ Del laughed. They passed along a few doors finally arriving to their apartment.

"Oh, I was drooling, little man.” Ohm laughed, unlocking the door and stepping inside.

There was a bathroom to their right and to their left was a clothing cupboard. In front of them was a sofa, TV and a bed. And there was also a small kitchen with a dining table next to the bathroom.

Del closed the door behind them and let his bag fall to the floor. Now there was only one thing left to do. “Hey, Ohm.”

“Hey, Delirious?”

Del grinned at Ohm, who had turned to face him, and held out his arms. “I think you didn’t greet me well enough.”

Ohm grinned widely. Almost running into Del’s arms which wrapped almost immediately around his body, squeezing him tightly.

“It’s so nice to actually see you, dude. You’re more normal looking than I’d thought you’d be.”

“Aaaah. That hurts my feelings. I’ll be less normal next time.”

Ohm laughed. He watched as Del flailed his arms and made such an adorable, confused-looking expression. “No, it’s a good thing. I thought you’d be super ugly to be honest.”

“Oh, thank you. That sounds much better.” Del laughed too. “I thought you’d be super normal. And there you are… Super normal.” Del knew he was talking shit again, but he didn’t care, he loved just listening to Ohm’s voice.

“Super normal?! What do you mean, Delirious?”

“You heard me.”

“No, what does that mean!?” Ohm said cutely.

“That means I’m fucking with you.”

“Noo. Why am I super normal then, little man?”

Del’s heart melted, that nickname was going to be the death of him. “I’m just tired as hell and I’m talking shit and I want fooooood.”

Ohm laughed lightly, dropping the teasing. “Where’d you wanna go?”

“Anywhere. Please.” Del’s stomach rumbled loudly in approval.

Ohm laughed louder. “We could order? That might be better than walking someplace as we’re tired as shit. I have some chips to keep you going. They’re salt and vinegar.”

“Yeah, something, anything. I’ll just go have a shower. Could you order some pizza?”

“Sure what do you want, buddy?“

"Peperoniiiii.” Del laughed before he disappeared in the bathroom.

“Pizza’s here!” Ohm hollered into the apartment, Del still hidden away.

“What? So fast?” Del wrapped a towel around his waist, water dripping off of him. He sprinted to the kitchen to find Ohm already stuffing his mouth with two slices at once. “Hey, I want some too!”

Ohm almost choked as Del came slipping in. He was dripping wet, his skin pale and shiny. “You - You’ve been in there like 20 minutes.”

Del just hummed and began eating the best food of his life, not even caring about manners.

Ohm stared at him and licked his lips unintentionally almost forgetting about the pizza. Cartoonz and he were the only ones with the pleasure of meeting Del in person. Why hadn’t Cartoonz at least warned him he’d be hot as fuck?

It took Del a while before he felt Ohm’s intense eyes on him. “You’re staring again.” He remarked with his mouth full.

“Naww, I’m not.” Ohm still didn’t avert his eyes though. “Oh and by the way, there is only one bed.”

Del nearly choked on his pizza. “Are you fucking serious, Ryan?”

A silence crept in as they chewed on their pizzas, Ohm fidgeting in his chair.

“Why are you so nervous, man?” Jonathan asked.

“Hm? I’m not.”

“Don’t play with me. I can see it, there’s no screen between us anymore, you know.”

“Well,” Ohm paused a second before continuing. “It’s so weird seeing you face to face, ya know? Like… I don’t know. I’m just shyer without the screen.”

“Naah, don’t be, I’m the same idiot I’ve always been.” Del smiled at him, studying Ohm’s cute face.

Ohm snickered to himself before getting up. “Anyway, you hogged the shower, it’s my go now.“

"Yeah, I’ll be probably be passed out when you’re done.”

Ohm smiled before closing the door behind him, letting out a ragged breath. He hated himself for thinking such things. He wanted Del to himself. He was even considering dropping out of going to E3, scared the others would nick Del from him because they always did. Especially Evan. He hated himself for being so glad when Vanoss had announced the wedding and hated himself more for the fact Del was in pain due to his selfish needs. Ohm turned the shower on and jumped in. He was such a loser, clinging to hurt Del like that.

After his shower Ohm walked out to find Del spread across the king sized bed, dead asleep. He knew he should have been happy meeting Del but it only made his heart hurt even more. Frustrated by the war going on in his head, he quietly bundled onto the sofa and slowly fell into a light sleep.

The pair travelled to E3 the next morning. Del was set on one thing; seeing Vanoss and maybe even letting him know he WAS the real Delirious. He decided it was the best thing to do. Maybe if he confessed his appearance then he could figure out what feelings he had for Evan. Maybe…

They saw the line of people waiting for the fan meet up long before they actually got to it. The day was slowly coming to the end and they were already tired, their legs sore as hell. And Del was anxious of meeting people that he was friends with for years, which was fucking ridiculous.

“Calm down, Jon. You don’t have to do it.” Ohm said. Their fingers and palms brushed and Del took a deep breath.

“No, I do.”

They stepped in the line and waited. A light smile appeared on his lips when they were slowly beginning to shuffle forward.

It took them over an hour to finally see everyone who was there. Besides Vanoss and his buff-ass they had also seen Lui, Bryce, Brock, Tyler, Brian, Nogla and Craig whilst they were wondering around. They all seemed to be tired as well but still laughing, signing various pieces of paper and taking photos with other people.

“Are you sure you wanna do this?” Ohm mumbled as they jumped into Vanoss’ queue.

“Yeah, I am.”

So they waited. The closer they got, the calmer Delirious was. He was actually thinking of telling all of them that they weren’t fans, maybe over skype; not only revealing themselves to Evan, but to everyone.

He turned around to tell Ohm what he was thinking about, to find out he was gone. He felt the panic clutch his chest until he saw Ohm standing in another line, just a few people in front him. He was in Bryce’s line which seemed to be a lot smaller than Vanoss’.

The minutes went by and Del was only a few people away from Evan now, he could see his face as well as his broad shoulders and the muscles under the white shirt he was wearing. He knew Evan was shy and it was easy to see why he didn’t enjoy events like this, being on display, like animals in the zoo.

More time passed by and there he was. Standing behind the last person who had been in front of him for hours. They took the paper with Evan’s signature and took the last picture with their phone and were gone.

He took a deep breath and stepped forward, smiling at him shyly. “Hey, man, what’s up?”

“Hey dude.” Evan replied with a tired smile.

Delirious got a bit nervous but who was he kidding, Evan was fucking hot. “I know you probably hear this a lot… but. I just, I’m the biggest fan.”

Evan laughed but didn’t remark on the comment. Of course lots of people said it.

So he continued with the usual stuff: “I love your videos, they helped me through a lot. And I don’t wanna sound gay, man, but I really mean it.” He was babbling, and he knew it. But he couldn’t help it. Evan was still wearing a tired smile. “Can I… maybe get a…”

“Signature?”  Evan asked automatically, being the 100th time it had been asked today. The sound of his voice got overpowered with Delirious asking for… a hug. What was he doing?

Evan stared at him for a little, but agreed. “Sure…”

They both laughed and Del’s heart jumped a little when the awkwardness between them eased off. Evan leaned over the table and Del did the same, he was still giggling when Evan started to wrap his arms around him. Del made sure too really sound like him before speaking again. “Hey bitch, I’m the real Delirious.” He said in his most typical voice right next to Evan’s ear.

Del chuckled once more, trying to hold Evan’s warm body for as long as he could, enjoying how close they were, but he soon felt how uncomfortable Evan was so he pulled away from him. They both stared at one another.

“Nice to meet you, man.” Smiling once more Del turned on his heels and walked away.

Evan recognized him, he must have. And if he haven’t Del was already determined to text him as soon as possible that it was him and that he was at E3. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to call Ohm as he was nowhere to be seen. He dialled his number and waited for him to pick up.

“Hey what’s up?” Ryan called, Del heard the crowd cheering around him.

“Hey, Ryan. It’s me. Where -” are you? He wanted to add but someone was calling to him.

“Wait!” Evan almost shouted, grabbing Del’s shoulder.

Del grinned at him and put his phone away, forgetting about the call. “Oh… Hi, Evan.”

“You’re such a motherfucking idiot.” Evan hissed, the corners of his mouth twitching.

“I didn’t expect you to come to me right away.” Jonathan said, attempting to keep his voice and face serious, but failing miserably.

“And what should I have done? Let you walk away?”

“Dunno… Your fans are waiting. And staring at us.” Del mumbled, kinda worried about the speculations and rumours that would start after this.

“I know. I’ll call you in an hour and we’ll talk.” Evan said. He was walking away already, but turned to him once more to mouth: “Bitch.”

Ohm ended the call. Why did Del do this to him? He had met Bryce who had treated him like any other fan. He was way too shy to actually tell him that he was more of a friend than a fan. Instead he had stood there like an idiot and now Del was doing this to him? Putting Vanoss before himself. He really did feel invisible.

Del’s heart, on the other side of the convention centre, was beating so fast he thought it would jump out of his chest. He needed to get away from the peering eyes as people wondered who he was. He headed to the exit looking around him, trying to find Ohm, but there were so many people it was impossible. He dialled his number again.


“Hey, where you at? I can’t find you.”

“Um-” Ohm was contemplating whether to be mean or just act like nothing happened. “I’m just walking to the food court.” He was weak.

Del was too excited to hear the pain from his voice. “I’ll meet you there in a few.”

Ohm waited for around 10 minutes before Delirious appeared. His cute little dimpled cheeks were lit up with a rose-red blush and his smile wide. Ohm wished he could make Del that happy. He really did. But he didn’t seem to make anyone particularly happy. Ohm was just there as more of a convenience.

Del’s smile disappeared right at the moment he saw Ohm’s broken face.

“What… what’s going on, Ryan? Did something happen?”

“What? No, no, no. I’m just hungry.”

Del frowned, watching him carefully. Something was wrong but if Ohm didn’t want to tell him he wouldn’t push.

“Well, I promised you a dinner, so let’s go get some.”

Ohm smiled weakly at Del. There was no way he’d have the balls to tell him that he was deeply jealous and more or less forgotten whenever someone better came into play.  "So you had fun seeing Evan? Was he all you ever hoped him to be? I bet he’s a great lad.“

“He’s… well, I mean. I already knew what he looks like and I also know him better than I should. So it shouldn’t have been any surprise… But he’s much more than I thought he’d be.” He was still so hyped from meeting him. Del checked the time to keep the track of it because he wanted to make sure he wouldn’t miss his phone call. “He said, he would call me in an hour so we have plenty of time to eat.”

He looked at Ohm who was still too quiet.

“Oh, uh, nice. Did you tell him I was here with you too?” There was something nagging him in his brain not to ask because he knew he’d be heart broken by rejection.

“There was no time for that, man. I’ll tell him when he calls.”

Ohm looked at Del silently for a second. There was no time for him, not in Del’s mind. He sighed before putting up a chipper front. “So, where we gonna eat buddy?”

“Wherever you want to, baby. You look like you’re gonna die soon.” Del looked at him, worried again.

Ohm twitched at the word ‘baby’, letting it seep in for a minute. Of course it wasn’t meant endearingly. Ohm already knew he couldn’t sway Delirious’ delirious heart. “Whatever’s closest?”

“How was your meeting Bryce?” Del asked while heading for the food together.

“Um, It was okay. I didn’t tell him I was me.”

“Why not?”

Ohm paused for a second. Why didn’t he? Was he too shy? Too scared? Too secretive? He bit his lip, trying to think of something that didn’t make him sound like a pussy. Delirious was so much braver than him. “I got interrupted before I could say anything…” Ohm mumbled, settling for the lie. “Some stage thing he had to attend. I don’t really know.”

“Crap. That sucks ass.” Del said, disappointed. “But you could always text him, you know. Or whoever that’s here who you wanna meet…”

“I don’t really have anyone’s numbers.“

"I do.”

“Well, good for you.” Ohm laughed. Hurt a little by the fact he really wasn’t that close with anyone. “How’d you get them? - steal them I bet.”

“Nooooo! I just wanted to say I can give you any number you want.”

“Oh, well. I’d have to think about it before I start texting people randomly. Thanks, though.”

“Naah, don’t worry about it. They’re not little babies. And you’re a part of a group as everyone else is.”

Ohm didn’t say anything as they sat down for a meal. They had just ended up in Nandos, the spicy chicken restaurant. They ordered with their stomachs already rumbling and waited for the food to arrive in silence. Del was looking at his phone all the time, his leg bouncing nervously under the table, and Ohm was staring at him, watching him impatiently wait for Vanoss to call, and wondered if Del ever waited like that for a reply from him.

Delirious was just about to finish his meal when his phone vibrated.

“Hey man,” he said when he answered it.

“Hey, Delirious. What you doing?”

He smiled when he heard his voice again.

“I’m just having dinner with Ohm.”

“Oh, I see.”

“Yeah, he’s here with me.” Del smiled at Ohm who was still looking too sad for his liking.

“So, I was thinking… I don’t have any more time today, but what about dinner tomorrow?”

“Sounds good. You still with guys?”


“Don’t tell them, please. At least not yet.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t. I have to go now, but I’ll text you the address and time later, alright?”

“You better. See you, Evan.”

“See ya.”

“What was that about?” Ohm raised an eyebrow, playing with the straw in his drink.

“Looks like we’re having dinner tomorrow.” Del looked on the phone and then up to Ohm.

“Cool.” Ohm felt sick. He wasn’t sure if it was because of this news or because he had eaten too much. The ‘we’ in Del’s sentence meaning Vanoss and him. Not Ohm. Of course Vanoss wanted to take Del for a meal, a meal more expensive and more enjoyable than the one they had just eaten right now. Ohm felt bad that he couldn’t pay for anything more. He hardly got any money from YouTube compared to Evan and had to work a side job to pay for his family… Maybe Del was better off with him after all.

“Wanna head back? You look like shit. Are you sure you’re okay, Ohm?” Del was studying him, concerned.

“Thanks… and sure. I am just tired. Ya know, it’s been a long ass day.”

“Bed’s yours today.” He smiled at him with a wink.

They took a taxi back to the hotel. After they had both taken a shower they collapsed on the bed and couch. Del smiled into the darkness.

“Hey, Ohm?”


“Thanks for dragging me here. You really are my best friend.”

Ohm’s heart started to race. Del really knew how to make his heart flutter. “You too.“

"Good night.”

“Night.” They both fell asleep but Ohm got woken up by lightening 3 hours later.

He ducked his head under his pillow and jumped at every low crackle it made. He hated it.

Ohm didn’t want to wake Del up, he didn’t want him to know he was weak, but after the 5th time it struck he couldn’t take it. He got up and ran to the cupboard near the door, slamming it shut as he got in to hide.

The loud sound, however, woke up Del. He sat up on the couch and looked around, confused when he couldn’t see Ohm in bed.

“What the…” He got up to his feet and headed to the bathroom which he found dark and empty.


There was a bang from the cupboard.

Del approached it gingerly and slammed the doors open to find Ohm covered in their clothing, hiding his head. Del blinked at him. He must’ve been fucking kidding. Ohm was afraid of storms?

“Hey, baby-bunny. Whatcha doing here?” Del said in his calmest voice, as though he was talking to a child.

Ohm almost jumped into his arms, stopping himself as he remembered it was Del. “Nothing.”

“You could’ve just woke me up, you scaredy-cat.” He brought him into his arms. The clothing Ohm was wrapped in slid down, exposing his bare chest. Del felt the shivers that took over Ohm’s body, so he just held him, caressing his arms and back.

Ohm really hoped Del couldn’t feel how hard his heart was beating. “I’m not scar-” And with that another crackle of lightening came fast causing Ohm pushed into Del harder, hiding in his armpit.

“I see.” Delirious squeezed him a bit tighter. He was considering the option of lifting him up and taking him to bed, but gave it up when Ohm decided to lean on him a bit more and nearly sent them to the ground.

“Okay, Ryan. There are two options. First one is we’re gonna stand here until we both pass out. The other one is I’m gonna take you to bed and wait for you to fall asleep again. Which one you like better?”

Ohm’s laugh lacked air as he let go of Del slightly. “I don’t need babying.” He began walking towards the bed before another flash and rumble spooked him and he ran back to Del. He was such a wimp.

Del tried not to laugh. “Sure, you don’t.” He directed them towards the bed and began to walk slowly together with Ohm.

“Don’t laugh at me!”

“I’m not!” They flopped onto the bed together and Del pulled the covers over them both. “You seriously gonna sleep with me?”

“Naaah, I’m just gonna lie with you and watch you sleep. I haven’t slept for twenty years, you didn’t know? I’m a vampire.” Del said when he pulled Ohm close to him and let his head rest on his chest.

Ohm nearly had a heart attack. Del was way too close, he could feel his breath on his neck causing him to shiver. “Ha ha, very fun-” There was another bang and Ohm hid.

Del jerked too with this one, which made Ohm’s head hit his chin.

“Oh shit.” He hissed and decided to position Ohm better. He laid Ohm towards him, so they were facing each other, and threw his arm over Ohm’s torso to draw him closer.

“Go to sleep, baby-bunny.”

It seemed like the storm had finally calmed down an hour later. Ohm slowly calmed too while listening to Del’s heartbeat.

“Thanks, Delirious.” Ohm mumbled before falling into a deep sleep.

Del sighed and closed his eyes. Ohm’s hot breath was tickling his chest and it was weirdly nice and peaceful. He was feeling so good, like his heart wasn’t bleeding at all anymore. He was so glad Ohm decided to be friends with him. Because if he decided otherwise Del would be probably lying in his bed at home, alone, torturing himself because of Evan’s marriage and crying over things he wasn’t able to change.

He sighed once again, blinking into the darkness of their hotel room and kissed Ohm’s forehead without really thinking about it. “Good night, Ryan.”

The second day of E3 went by and Del stared at his reflection in the mirror, actually pleased with how he looked for the first time in his life. His hair had decided to behave and his cheeks were a bit flushed from the excitement that was pumping through his veins. And even though he knew he had literally no chance of his dreams happening, the things he always imagined when he thought of meeting Evan, he was okay with that. He was a grown ass man and he could control his emotions. His heart definitely wasn’t beating faster because of Evan while he was running down the stairs and waiting for the taxi to arrive.

“On my way, man.” He texted him when the taxi driver picked him up. He took a deep breath and told himself once again to keep calm. They were friends and he was okay with that.

He was watching from the window as the streets were passing by, the taxi finally stopping.

Del paid and gave the driver a nervous smile before getting off. The restaurant they were supposed to meet at was posh, you could tell Evan had picked it. There was a man in a suit who opened the door for him and he nodded a greeting to him. He stepped in and saw Evan right away, he was apparently watching for him as he smiled and waved at him the second the door closed behind Del.

Del smiled back and felt the tension disappearing with every inch he got closer to him.

“Hey, Jonathan.” Evan smirked.

“Hey, Evan.” Jon grinned at him and sat down, looking around them. “Are you this posh too or did you pick this because of me?”

Vanoss chuckled lightly. “Well, I wouldn’t come here by myself. That’s for damn sure. It would have to be someone pretty special.”

“I hope so. This place doesn’t suit you at all.” He paused for a bit. “Oh. And Ohm declined. He said he was meeting up with someone else, which I highly doubt.”

"Oh, that’s okay. I mean, did you invite him?”

“Yeah, I thought… you wanted to see us both?” Del looked at him, confused.

“Yeah… I guess.“ Vanoss seemed unsure. He shuffled in his chair uncomfortably. "I mean…” He went silent.

Del raised his eyebrow. “Why so mysterious, man?”

“Hm?” Vanoss gave him a stern look and laughed. “I’m not.”

Del rolled his eyes on him. “No? I see.” He returned his stare, but they were interrupted by the waiter who came for their orders. Evan was already drinking a whiskey, judging by the look, so he ordered the same for himself and they both ordered a meal each. A very posh meal each. Del didn’t really understand the menu so he just got whatever Vanoss was getting.

“Oooo, good choice.” Vanoss said, cheekily winking at Del.

“I’m learning from the master. So how you enjoying E3 so far?” He decided to start the small talk since Vanoss didn’t look like he would tell him what was on his mind.

“Ah, I love it every year dude. Especially this year.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“Because my favourite clown-man is here.” He smiled at him and Jonathan’s heart was suddenly full of rainbows and they were talking to each other like it wasn’t the second time they’ve seen each other at all.

Del was happy to be here and Evan seemed to be happy as well. When their dinner arrived they fell into a silence.

“So, how’s Ohm? Is he good?” Evan asked.

“He’s good. I think.“

"Good, it’s sad he couldn’t come. How’s your first time at E3 going - if it is your first time?” Vanoss started to cut up his food into small pieces. Eating one tiny piece at a time.

Del was starting to feel like there was something off all of sudden, like there was something weird going on between them. But he smiled at him again. “It’s huge as fuck, I never imagined it to be that big and that awesome. And yeah, it is the first time. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you I’d be coming, but it was just… I decided to go at the last minute.”

“Why is that?”

“Ohm talked me into it. And I didn’t even know if I was gonna meet you. I still don’t wanna show my face to anyone.” He was looking at Evan chewing on his dinner. “I guess… Oh, whatever.”

Vanoss gave him questioning look, raising an eyebrow. “What?”

“Nothing.” Del stuffed his mouth with a big portion of the steak he ordered to shut up already before saying something he shouldn’t say. Like… ‘I would have never showed up if it wasn’t for you’ or… ‘I didn’t want you to see me. But when I saw you I couldn’t help it. I needed to talk to you.’ His stomach cringed.

Vanoss smirked as he watched Del eat his meal. “It’s so weird to see you in person man like, it’s like a dream come true.”

Del choked on the piece of meat. “Is it?” He looked at him surprised.

“Well yeah, I mean, it’s such a big deal seeing you and all. I guess Ohm wasn’t that surprised to see the one and only H2O Delirious in person by the way you’re reacting to me.”

“Mmmm.” He swallowed and looked up. Evan was watching him and his dark eyes were stabbing his skin, it was fucking ridiculous. Why did he feel these things? Why did he feel like Evan was doing it on purpose? “I think we’ve just haven’t been playing much together lately… I mean, you and me.”

“Maybe… I’m gonna go loo a second.“ Vanoss got up, and turned, heading to the toilets at the back of the room.

"Yeah, dats a toilet.” Del laughed before Evan left, seeing his lips curling into a smile too. He watched him leave. He was fighting the feeling that Evan was actually jealous at Ohm. Could he be? Maybe Vanoss liked him after all? He finished his whiskey with a long gulp and ordered another one.

Vanoss came back smiling. “Ya finished man? Give me a minute.” Vanoss sat back into his seat, finishing the rest of his meal.

“Yeah. I was just too hungry. And too thirsty.”

Vanoss broke into laughter. “There’s the Delirious I know and love.”

Del giggled. “Oh, shuch up.”

Vanoss smiled a goofy shy smile. “Well, Jon, there was actually something I wanted to ask you.”

“What was it?” He asked curiously, eyeing the lips in front of him.

“Well, you’re probably my closest friend and like, uh, after seeing you in person I wanna just ask you…”

Evan’s gaze was so intense Delirious thought he was going to explode. “What? Tell me.” He smiled at him, maybe the things he imagined weren’t that stupid, and maybe Sydney wasn’t that amazing. Maybe…

“Like be my, um,” Vanoss paused for a moment. “My best man?”

Jonathan blinked at him. His heart dropping right to the concrete, exploding on impact. “I’m… I’m sorry?”

“Um, my best man… At the wedding.”

“Are you serious?” Del almost couldn’t get the words out of his mouth. Well, that wasn’t something he wanted to hear. At all. In the slightest bit.

“Um, yeah, you’re my best friend. Of course I want you to be my best man.”

“I… I…” He was hypnotised by the deep brown eyes that were watching him closely. What the fuck was he going to do? Of course he didn’t want to be his best man. He didn’t want to go to the wedding to watch him slipping away from his life. But if he said no… did he really want to ruin what was left from the relationship they had? “I… yes. Yes.” He said, his voice as small as it could possibly be.

Vanoss smiled widely. “I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my best man, dude.”

“Yeah… I’m happy I can do this for you, Evan.” He tried to smile too, but he felt the tears he was fighting forming in his eyes. “Sorry, I have to go to…” He mumbled and pointed out in the direction of where the restrooms should be. He got up to his feet, he needed to get away from him, as far as he could.


He was practically running. He closed the doors behind him, trying to breathe. He was so overreacting, what was wrong with him? He couldn’t believe he was expecting Evan to tell him… what actually? To run away with him? To have his happily ever after? Evan was his friend and nothing more so why was he feeling like someone took his heart out of his chest and squeezed and wringed it, why were there tears in his eyes and no air in his lungs?

“Calm down, you idiot.” He whispered to himself, taking a deep breath.

It was okay. He was gonna be okay. Ohm would go with him and distract him and all the guys would be there. And who knows, maybe this… crush or whatever it was would be long gone by the time of the wedding. 'Yeah. Exactly. That’s just my motherfucking brain that doesn’t get the things the way they really are. I’m not in love with anyone. I don’t wanna be with anyone. Because I don’t need anyone.'He turned the water on and rinsed his face with it. Yeah. It was totally okay. He dried himself and tried to breathe deep for a while before opening the door and going back to the table. Totally okay.

“You alright, Jon?”

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I? I just had to pee.” Delirious smiled at him, still fighting with his mind whether he should or shouldn’t be heartbroken.

Vanoss was still eyeing him, not convinced at all. “I wanted to ask you something else. My Bachelor’s party’s in a few days, wanna come?”

He was still totally okay, because that’s what he was expert at, playing it all cool until he fooled everyone around; including himself. “Ummm, yeah. Depends if I’m still in LA. When you throwing it?”

“In three days.”

“Guys gonna be there?”

“Of course,” Evan smiled, finishing his plate off, finally.

“Yeah… I, I’ll think about it. And I’ll let you know.” He watched Evan smile and imagined what it would be like; being at a party with the friends he’d never spent a moment with in real life. Probably amazing, he wasn’t shy or asocial like everyone expected him to be; he just liked his privacy and decided years ago to protect it. But it still wasn’t easy taking the mask off.

“Well, text me when you’ve decided, I’d be happy to have you around.” Evan said with hope in his eyes and called a waiter over, paying for the dinner.

“Thanks, man. Next meal’s on me.”

Because of course there would be a next meal. And he was okay with it.

“Of course it’s on you.” Evan chuckled while getting up. “And I’m gonna have the most expensive meal on the list.”

They left the restaurant together, stopping at the edge of the path.

“I hope I’ll see you at the party. I’m sure everyone else would love to see you too.” Evan stuck his hands into his pockets, looking like a fucking model. Del couldn’t tear his eyes off of him.

“Yeah, man. Like I said… I’ll call you. Or text you. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll make it a surprise.”

“That would be so you…”

They smiled at each other both knowing it was time to say goodbye.

“It was nice to see you, Jon.” Evan pulled him into a hug and Del let out a relieved breath when Vanoss’ strong arms wrapped around his body.

“Nice to see you too, Evan.”

And with that, Evan waved him goodbye and walked away, leaving him there. Standing on the street of the city that was so strange to him.

Del luckily managed to get a taxi in almost no time. He didn’t know what it was he felt when he got on. He was confused and relieved at the same time. He was lucky to have Evan as his friend but also mad they couldn’t be more; he didn’t know if he was ready to be there at the wedding, listening to Evan and Sydney making their promises, seeing them be happy together.

Part 3 coming soon.

I fall in love with the sanctuary of your heart, a refuge for me in a world gone mad; a gasp of pure air amidst the darkness. Safety. I fall in love with your heartbeat and the nurturing strength of your hands, and the masculine curve of your fingers, and the ruggedness, the marks and silent scars, the beautiful tan glow, the way each arch slips so perfectly moulded around mine. I fall in love with this God-given gift, pre-destined, terrifyingly real since the day He breathed life into our souls.
—  ificoulddrinkpoetry

justiiceleaguc  asked:

Jay being a mom friend and handing a container of Vicks to any batfam member when they come into his apartment injured also gives me life

Jason is 100% the mom friend. Not only is he constantly worrying about Roy and Kori, running around with a first aid kit after patrol, making soup when they’re sick, and watching like your Puerto Rican grandmother when it comes to mealtimes.

“Did you eat dinner Roy William Harper Jr?” 
“Yeah, I grabbed some Pop Tarts!” 
“Pop Tarts don’t count! Eres tan patético, que resultas entrañable!” 
“Nothing, pachuco. Now get your ass over here and eat some real food before you go.”

It took him a little longer to warm up to the batfam, and welcome them into his home. But knowing Jason Todd, his mama bear instinct started kicking in when Tim stumbled into his apartment ridiculously early one Tuesday morning. 

“Tim? What are you doing here? It’s pouring outside.”

“I… I, uhh…”

“Spit it out pollito, It’s like 4am. I’m tired.”

“I kind of got stabbed.”


And Tim’s a little shocked by how quickly Jason drags him inside, has his would cleaned, stitched, and numbed. He’s even more surprised that Jason has bundled him in a warm blanket and is now at the stove, cooking something that smells delicious. 

And when Tim is warm and fed and safe, he realizes that yeah, while Jason can be a little rough on the outside, he’s actually a huge softy. Jason calls Dick to bring him home behind his back. When it’s time for Tim to go.

“Thanks for letting me in, Jason.”

“Anytime, pollito. Next time you’re stabbed, though, you don’t have to knock.”

Tim lets out an embarrassed giggle.

“Hey, what does pollito mean anyway?”