hand in the cookie jar

Every time little Ben Solo puts his hands somewhere he shouldn’t, Luke trolls him with a “that’s how I lost my hand” story.

“Ben, get your hand out of that cookie jar, that’s the one that ate my hand.”

“Ben, don’t pick your nose, I lost my hand doing that.”

and they get more and more ridiculous, like

“Ben, don’t play in the laundry pile.” *looks off into the distance* “I made that mistake once…”

Ben doesn’t know what actually happened to Uncle Luke’s hand until he’s like eight.

Dear James,

WE FUCKING SAW THAT!  Was that the only way of taking the transmitter? Was it that difficult to do that without stealing a touch? Was it? Was it, James?

livid, adj.
Fuck you for cheating on me. Fuck you for reducing it to the word cheating. As if this were a card game, and you sneaked a look at my hand. Who came up with the term cheating, anyway? A cheater, I imagine. Someone who thought liar was too harsh. Someone who thought devastator was too emotional. The same person who thought, oops, he’d gotten caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Fuck you. This isn’t about slipping yourself an extra twenty dollars of Monopoly money. These are our lives. You went and broke our lives. You are so much worse than a cheater. You killed something. And you killed it when its back was turned.

Imagine Derek catching Stiles with his hand in the cookie jar, grabbing a handful of cookies with even more in his mouth. Stiles freezes like an animal in headlights and Derek scolds him. Lacking an excuse, Stiles shouts, “I’m pregnant,” and runs off with the jar.

Any other day, Derek wouldn’t have given it a second thought, but taking into consideration a full moon has just passed and ‘conveniently’ was in time with Derek’s heat, Derek starts to worry that it might be true.

In classic Stiles form, it’s not; it was just the first response he had, but because he couldn’t think of anything better he has to put up with a very panicked Derek who’s worried he’s not going to be a good father, crying about how he wants kids but not so soon, etc. And soon those cookies disappear from Derek’s stress eating.

Despite the fact that Dean’s ankle is still tender and his ribs are still bruised, not even Sam can keep him from hobbling across the Bunker when he finds out Cas is washing the Impala. 

“The car was filthy, Sam! How’s he gonna know to hose her down before spreading all the crap and dirt on her and scratching her paint?!?”

“It’ll be fine, Dean—”

“Oh my god, Samantha, go braid your hair, I actually have no interest in seeing your face right now. Fuck off.”

Still, when Dean barges into the garage, nothing prepares him for what he sees. 

Cas has blasted the tape Dean gave him eons ago, opened the garage door and is bopping his head along to the music as he soaps up the hood of the Impala. The basketball shorts he’s wearing have been rolled up until his crotch, there are soap suds on his cheek, and his soaked shirt has been thrown across the side of his covered Thunderbird motorcycle. He’s got two day-old stubble and his muscle flex. He’s so so so kind to his Baby, mouth moving under the music like he’s talking to her while he’s washing.

“Hey, Cas!”

And Cas looks up like a deer in headlights, caught like a kid with his hand in a cookie jar, and his face turns cherry red and Dean can’t feel his chest and then he’s hobbling forward, determined until he reaches his sweet-dumb-ridiculous-no-longer-an-angel and kisses the freaking life out of him. 

When he pulls away, Castiel’s eyes are still closed and his brows are almost at his hairline. “…Am I in trouble?” Cas asks quietly. As they flutter open, Dean has the insane thought that he never wants to look away from the blue of those irises. 

Dean swallows and shakes his head in response to the question. He kisses him again. 

Rotten Judgement - part 8

AU!Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Hercules!AU After selling your soul to save your lover’s life, you become one of the Lord of the Underworld’s slave. Bucky is obsessed with one thing: collecting hearts. But why?

Word Count:1,997 (see what I did there?)

Warnings: the usual + Blood, Mention of Torture 

A/N: The final chapter. Thank you all for your feedback, you literally tricked me into writing more ;) I adore you guys ♥ There’s an epilogue coming this Sunday bc it was already super long. 

Rotten Judgement - Masterpage

“People do crazy things… when they’re in love.”

Nat gave Bucky a curt nod as she slowly closed the door. He stared at the closed door for a long moment, trying to understand the meaning behind her words.

Was she taunting him? Surely you couldn’t have sacrificed your life unless you truly loved him. He started pacing back and forth as he talked to himself.

“You are, by far, the most stubborn person I have ever met,” Bucky groaned, talking to your lifeless body. “If I say ‘black’, you say ‘white.’ You never listen. It’s like you enjoy winding me up or something.”

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Just Friends

Juice x Reader where Juice comforts the reader after she catches Jax cheating on her.

Originally posted by redwood-orginals

You shake your head in disgust as you take in the scene in front of you, your stomach churning with puke. Jax and Tara both look at you, their expressions similar to that of a child who’s been caught with their hand in the cookie jar.

“I fucking knew it.” you spit, laughing with absolutely no humour. “You’re fucking welcome to one another. I’m done.”

You turn on your heel, fighting to keep your tears at bat as you keep your head up high, refusing to fall under the weight of betrayal.

“Baby, please-” You pull your arm back out of Jax’s grasp, spinning around and slapping him hard across the face. Your chest heaves up and down as you relish the sting on your palm, the increasing redness in Jax’s cheek making your chest swell with pride.

“I am not your fucking baby. You lost the right to call me that when you stuck your dick in your past.” Your tone is eerily calm, the type of calm that is more worrying than you screaming at the top of your lungs.

Truth is, you had a feeling something was going on, you’d even asked Jax upfront about it. Of course, he’d just brushed you off, making you feel like a paranoid bitch. Guess you weren’t wrong after all.

“I’m sorry, (Y/N).” Jax tries to reach out again, you stepping back out of his reach, instinct taking over. His eyes glisten with tears as he looks at you, not knowing how to fix the pained woman in front of him. “I didnt-”

“Please, do not insult my intelligence by trying to justify your actions.” you warn, your nails digging into your palm as you fight to keep yourself together, refusing to let the man you loved so much watch you crumble. “I’ll send someone round for my stuff. Goodbye, Jax.”

You smile, barely, in appreciation as you take the mug from your best friend, the warmth from the tea giving you slight comfort. “Thanks, Juice.”

“Don’t mention it.” he says, taking a seat across from you on the couch, leaning forward to grab the icecream and two spoons from the table. “Got your favourite, figured you’d need it.”

“You know me too well.” you joke lightly, moving in closer and grabbing the spoon being held out to you, a hefty scoop of ice cold mixture on the end. “I actually feel okay though. I think I sort of expected it.”

Juice nods, placing a scoop of the icecream inside his own mouth. “I know he’s my friend and all, but he’s such a fucking asshole sometimes.”

“You can say that again.” You sigh deeply as you let your thoughts go back to the scene you witnessed earlier, your eyes stinging with emotion. “Sorry.”

“Don’t apologise, you know you don’t have to do that with me.” Juice says opening his arms to you, you sliding into them thankfully, the two of you sinking into the cushions.

“I think I’d be lost without you.” you mumble, inhaling his scent, your eyes closing as his body radiates warmth. Juice holds you comfortingly, his fingertips trailing up and down your arm.

“You wouldn’t. You’re the strongest person I know.” he responds, meaning every word. He can never seem to understand how Jax finds it so easy to hurt you, especially when you deserve so much more. “You’d be fine.”

“Maybe.” you admit, leaning back to sit up straight, a soft smile on your face. “But I doubt I’d last long without my best friend.”

He nods, a nervous expression overcoming him as he watches you, your eyebrows frowning at the change. “Can I ask you something?”

“Sure.” you say, stealing another scoop of the ice cream, your taste buds tingling at the flavour.

“Have you ever thought about us?” he asks, his fingers pulling at a loose thread on his grey sweatpants. You think about it for a moment, your tongue swirling over the spoon as you bask in your thoughts.

“Honestly, yeah.” Juice looks at you in shock, not expecting that response from you. You sink back into the couch, shrugging your shoulders. “I always thought I’d end up with you, but Jax happened instead I guess.”

Juice sighs, his hands running across his face in aggravation. You frown, moving forward to grasp his wrists gently, removing his hands so he’s forced to look at you. “What is it?”

He stares at you, his mouth opening as he tries to explain everything he’s feeling, but no words come out. His gaze flickers to your lips, your eyes widening as Juice leans in towards you, you leaning back subconsciously.

“Sorry, I-” Juice utters, pushing himself up from his seat and making his way to the hallway, heading towards the bedroom. You decide to shake all doubt from your being, quickly getting up and following Juice before he can lock himself away.

You grab his shirt within your grasp, him pausing and huffing before turning to you. You lean up swiftly once he faces you, capturing your lips with his own.

Your eyes flutter shut as you let yourself feel his soft lips, your hands resting on his chest, everything coming to you so naturally. Juice pulls away, a sound of upset leaving you. “What’re you-”

“Shh.” you whisper, your touch slipping under his shirt, him flinching at your cold fingertips as you run your fingers up and down his warm flesh, his eyes clenching shut in pleasure. “Please.”

Your shoulders relax in relief as Juice kisses you, his motions hesitant and wary. You scrape your nails lightly on his toned stomach, his hands moving to rest on your hips before squeezing lightly.

A moan escapes from you as Juice sucks on your lower lip, your core tingling at the feeling. You wrap your arms around him as you move backwards, your back pressing against one of the walls as his tongue slips past your lips, exploring the new found territory.

As the tension rises, Juice’s hands begin to wander, his fingers resting on the waistband of your pajama pants, your head nodding slightly in encouragement. Juice slips his hands into your trousers, your mouth parting as he rubs on top of your underwear teasingly, his touch featherlight.

“Juice.” you whine, pushing your hips off the wall in the hope of more pressure. Juice just smirks against your lips, his fingers rubbing circles on your clit as he moves his lips down your neck, his teeth nibbling lightly as he goes.

He swiftly pushes your panties aside, his digit sinking into you without any warning, your back arching as you suck in a harsh breath. He pumps his finger in and out at a wonderful pace, your hands finding their way to Juice’s biceps, the muscles flexing as he pleasures you.

“That feel good, baby? Hm?” he whispers, his teeth biting playfully at your ear. He picks up his speed as he adds his thumb into the game, swirling the pad deliciously on your clit as you writhe in pleasure. “Is my good girl gonna come for me?”

“Yes, oh god yes.” you pant as you grind against his hand, another digit being added inside of you as he curls his touch, your spot being hit perfectly. Your moan is caught by Juice’s lips as you come, your walls clenching and his fingers as he milks you through orgasm.

Once you’ve come down from your high, you’re picked up, Juice carrying you to his bedroom and placing you carefully on the mattress. He falls down next to you as you try to catch your breath, your body fatigued with euphoria as you run through understand what just happened.

“Was that okay?” Juice asks quietly, your head turning to the side to look at his face, his eyes trained on the ceiling. You laugh quietly, your fingers searching as you slot your hand between his, a content smile on your lips.

“It was perfect.” you admit, feeling the most relaxed you had in ages.

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Ruby: I’m home!!

Ruby: Weiss?

*Goes to the kitchen*
Ruby: Oh, so that’s how they disappear so fast! Are good, right?
Weiss: * internal screaming*

Well I can’t let pass this White Rose week, so here my little contribution.
Need fixes but I have no more time. Sorry. T.T
Pd: Weiss was caught with her hands in the cookie jar, literally!

BTS reaction to them getting distracted by a beautiful stranger and embarrass themselves

lost-resonance said:

Can you do a reaction (BTS) to them seeing a beautiful foreigner girl in a casual situation like going shopping or at a restaurant and being distracted by their appearance that they stumble over something or do something weird. Thanks in advance, love your blog <3

Hi lovely~thanks for requesting ! .. here’s your requested reaction an I hope you like it >< .

Jin  :

Jin wondered off from the rest of the boys to go find some snacks. He took some random packet of chips off of the shelf, looked over to the rest of the snacks and his eyes caught sight of what he thought was an angel. She was perfect to him, her  hair was perfectly done, eyes were bright and  smile made his heart flutter. He placed the chips he had in his hand back on the shelf but ended up knocking over everything instead .

You glanced over to him, chuckled to yourself as he hurriedly picked everything up. You walked over to him and begun to help him pick everything up, you could see a small smile on his face .

“Thank you” he placed the last packet back on the shelf .

“I’m Jin” you could tell that he was a bit awkward  .

“Nice to meet you, my name’s Y/N”  .

“You have a really pretty name” you chuckled .

“Would you like to go get a smoothie?” he was taken back by your boldness .

“I’d love to” .

Suga :

Yoongi was stuck with doing the shopping again, walked through the aisle looking for coffee. He came across a tower of cans, and analyzed it.  

Yoongi’s eyes caught sight of you, he leaned closer to the tower to get a better look at you, but ended up knocking into the tower causing everything to fall over. so you looked over to see him looking around like a child caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“Hey, are you ok?” you walked over to him .

“I’m fine” he gave a slight awkward smile .

“Come on let’s go before we get blamed for this” you locked arms with him and pulled him away .

Yoongi was taken back, you, a gorgeous random stranger was helping him get away from something he did .

“I’m pretty sure there’s another supermarket  we could go to just around the corner” you unlined your arms .

“Why are you helping me?” he blurted out and you shrugged .

“Well I’ve done that before and I’m pretty sure you don’t want to pay for all of that. Come on let’s go” you held out your hand for him ,so he took your hand with a smile .

J-hope :

Hoseok walked behind the group of boys, wasn’t very happy to awaken from his slumber but he was hungry. He looked around the restaurant, froze when he saw you , no longer sleepy, so he watched you closely as you passed by him. You flashed him a subtle smile, so he did back and turned to watch you go, not noticing the wire on the ground he tripped. You turned back immediately when you heard the thud .

“Are you alright?” you rushed to his side .

You helped him up, glanced at a group of unmoving boys looking at you and the stranger you were helping up .

“I’m ok” you helped him fix his coat which was hanging off his shoulder .

“You should really be more careful” his entire face was tinted red .

Hoseok frowned at the chuckles coming from behind him .

“I’m Y/N” you held out your hand for him .

“J-hope, I-I mean Hoseok” he took your hand .

“Well it was nice meeting you” you left with a smile  . 

Rap Monster :

Namjoon groaned at a horrible joke told by Jin. His gazed wondered away from the boys. A deep grin came to Namjoon’s face when he saw you, a waiter. He continued to walk forward not looking at where he was going ,til he knocked into a table and a plate falling from it along with the phone he had in his hand .He picked up his phone but his hand getting cut by a piece of glass. You jogged over to him .

“Sir, are you hurt?” Namjoon looked at your beautifully bold eyes .

You saw hia bleeding hand and took it into yours gently,  wrapped his hand in your handkerchief.

“You should really be more careful” he bit his lip .

Some cleared their throat, it was Jin. He came back to look for Namjoon  .

“You can have that, just make sure you take care of your hand” .

“Can I get you number?, well .. to return your handkerchief of course” he blushed .

You took out a pen from your pocket and wrote your number on Namjoon’s uninjured hand .

“I’ve go to get back to work” Namjoon stared at you walking away .

Jimin :

Jimin took a sip from his bottle of water, waiting outside of the supermarket for Jungkook who was still cashing. He watched you pass by in awe, everything about you was perfect. He spun around to continue looking at you, not realizing the wet floor sight he stumbled into it .

“You ok?” you chuckled at him .

“I-I, yes” Jimin was extremely embarrassed,so covered his face with a groan .

“Don’t be embarrassed, it happens to all of us” you ended up slipping on the wet floor into Jimin  .

“Sorry. You see it happen to everyone” your face was not heated up as well and begun to chuckle .

“Hi” you both turned to face Jungkook .

Jimin took a step away from you so you weren’t as close .

“We have to go” .

“Bye Jimin” Jimin held his face in his hands and Jungkook just laughed at the fact that you were an army .

V :

Taehyung stared outside as Suga took the shopping bags, handing one to Taehyung. They both walked to the car, Taehyung trailing behind, looking around whimsically. He looked over to you as you were putting your groceries in your car,  Taehyung didn’t notice that the bag was slipping from his hand, the contents of the bag fell onto the ground .You turned around when you heard the cans make contact with the ground ,so you walked over to him and helped him out .Taehyung gave you a boxy smile, your own followed .

“Thank you” you both had arms full of groceries .

“Where’s your car?, I’ll help you carry them” Taehyung led the way .

"I’m Y/N by the way” .  

“V” you furrowed your brows .

“V?” he smiled .

“Or Taehyung” you shook you head with a chuckle . 

Yoongi looked at the both of you with curiosity. Putting two and two together , so Yoongi took the groceries you had .

“Take care Taehyung” he gave you a warm smile .

Yoongi handed Taehyung a piece of paper with a smirk .

“This is for you” Taehyung took the paper to see your name and number on it .

Jungkook :

Jungkook was forced to go pick up the order from the restaurant with Namjoon .As soon as they entered the restaurant jungkook locked eyes with you, one of the customers.

Namjoon went to get the order while jungkook stayed close to the door so he could look at you. He moved away from the door to let someone pass, the door knoced into him, so he was pushed into your table .He looked straight at you and blushed.  

“Um, you ok?” he was speechless .

“I think so” Namjoon sighed at the sight in front of him .

He stumbled to stand straight, you scoffed and shook you head .

“Jungkook?” he looked over to Namjoon .  

“I’ll be waiting outside” he looked over to Namjoon for some help but he got no response  .

“Sorry” you smiled at him .

“It’s not a problem, I’m done anyways” you stood up and handed him some tissues .

Jungkook was once again speechless, Namjoon laughed at him as you passed by .

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-Admin A .

BTS Reactions - They come home covered in blood

He sighs as he walks through the front door, checking his watch again. 4:48pm. You finish work in 12 minutes, and you’ll be home at 5:15pm like you are every day. He looks down at his suit again and rolls his eyes. You’d bought him this for his birthday, and now it’s completely ruined with blood. He hadn’t meant for the deal to turn to a knife fight, but that’s all he had on him. He didn’t have a choice but to stab that man when he pulled a gun on one of his men. You don’t know what he does for a living - you think he’s an ordinary business man - but he’s wrapped up in a scary world of drugs and violence that he wants to keep you away from. That’s why he hasn’t told you about the mafia he’s involved with, and why he needs to clean himself up and get rid of the bloodied suit before you get home. But it’s too late for that, as he discovers when he enters the kitchen, only to be met by your shocked eyes as you set the table.

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The Poolside (Peter Parker)

Summary: “It’s called thinking. Go with it.” - “Damn, you’re strong for a little thing.”
Warnings: None.
A/N: I’m wandering the English streets of London at the moment so I’ve queued up some goodies to read for you while I’m wasting my time. First prompt of the week! As always, leave feedback and hope you enjoy this xx

“So, tell me again why I’m letting you do this?” Peter asked in a hushed tone, eyes shifting back and forth between the door and you, where you were currently crouching on the carpeted floor. He watched as you raided the minibar, knowing that those candybars were more than expensive and that you’d both be in trouble if someone found out.

Or he would be in trouble, because it was his room that he was sharing with Ned, and everyone knew that his bestfriend was not in the mood to get in trouble when they were here for the sole purpose to compete. But it seemed like Peter couldn’t say no to you no matter what, so you took advantage of that.

“Just keep your eyes on the door, you little scaredy-cat.” You huffed, rolling your eyes as you shoved in a few more Reese’s bars into your bag.

“Scaredy-?” He huffed out in disbelief, cutting himself off before gathering his thoughts again. “I thought we were going swimming. I want to go swimming, Y/N.”

You closed the minibar, pushing yourself up on your feet to stand straight. Just as you opened your mouth to speak, the door was flung open and you peered over Peter’s shoulder as the boy turned around to look at the intruder. Ned was scrolling through his phone with one hand while he held what looked like a bag of chips and a bottle of Sprite in his arms, making you bite back a smile.

He looked up at you and shot the both of you a smile in greeting, but it soon disappeared as he took in your devious smile and Peter’s face, as if he’d been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His eyes narrowed into slits and he kicked the door shut before strutting to his bed to drop his belongings on the mattress.

“Why do you look weird?” He questioned the boy who was standing in front of you, and you pinched his side when he didn’t answer. “What are you two doing?”

He looked around the room in confusion and suspicion, and in a moment of panic you blurted out the only thing that came to your mind.

“I… was just showing Peter my new bathing suit.” You said, almost high-fiving yourself for the way you lied perfectly. When Ned’s eyebrows rose, you pulled up your shirt to show the edge of your suit that you were wearing underneath. “See?”

Ned giggled childishly and Peter turned to you, shooting you a look as if to say what the hell are you doing?

“It’s called thinking, go with it.” You murmured out when Ned plopped himself down on the bed. “Anyway, we’ll be going now. Don’t wait up, Neddy.”

And with that, you grabbed Peter’s arm in a tight grip and dragged him to the door, flinging it open so you could make your escape. You ignored Ned’s protest of you’re not allowed out of the room past curfew and shut it behind you, wincing when it slammed louder than you expected. You looked around the hallways, praying silently that no one would peek their head out and see what the commotion was all about.

“Wha - ?” You placed your hand over Peter’s mouth, shutting him up as you glanced around. When you deemed it safe to talk, you looked up at Peter to find him staring at you with wide eyes.

The skin on the corner of his eyes crinkled and just when you were about to ask why he looked so smug, you felt something wet touch the palm of your hand that you’d pressed on to his mouth. You gasped and pulled your hand back, glaring at the boy in front of you. Without thinking, you brought your hand up to punch him and he let out a small laugh, pouting as he rubbed the small space where you’d hit him.

“Damn, you’re strong for a little thing.” He said and jumped back to avoid your swinging hand again, making you scowl at him.

“Let’s just go.” And with that, you turned around and started walking, not looking back to see if he was following you. But judging by the hurried pitter-patters of feet, you knew he was.

You eventually made it to the pool, a fairly large but secluded area on the first floor. The door was surprisingly enough open, and you suspected it had something to do with Peter but you didn’t question it as you walked right inside, disposing your bag and towel on a tanning chair. Without thinking too much about it, you rid yourself of your clothes until you were just standing in your bathing suit, feeling oddly exposed. With a sigh, you turned around and halted your movement when you found Peter looking at you with something odd in his eyes. Your eyes narrowed.

“Stop staring.” You deadpanned, sucking in your cheeks to stop yourself from smiling. It was no secret that Peter had a thing for you, and you had a thing for him but it was like neither of you wanted to act on your feelings in fear of ruining the friendship you both had grown accustomed to.

Peter turned around as if you were talking to someone behind him, looking flustered as he waved his hand around. There was no denying the blush that was creeping up on his cheeks.

“Not staring.” He muttered, sounding just as flustered as he looked, walking over to the edge of the pool so he could dro his towel on the other chair next to yours.

You hummed out a response, toeing off your slippers so you could walk around the edge of the small steaming hot tub at the other side of the pool. Peter watched you with mild interest, hoping that you’d be mindful of the wet tiles and not slip and fall to your death.

He let out a breath he didn’t realize he was holding in as you slipped your feet into the hot tub, getting rid of his t-shirt so he could join you. The water was warm and you tried to hold in your shudders as you slipped the rest of your body in, forcing yourself to sit down and get used to the warm water. You peeked beneath your lashes as Peter plopped himself down in front of you, openly gasping as he felt the water. Your eyes followed the movements of the long strands of his hair, falling in front of his eyes as he looked down at his hands beneath the water, resurfacing them so he could push his hair back, slicking it with water. You were mesmerized, watching as the water clung to his hair, clumping them up.

“Stop staring.” He mimicked your tone of voice and you blinked, eyebrows rising so far up that they almost disappeared into your hairline.

Without thinking about it, you brought a hand up and flicked it into the rippling water, sending it flying over Peter’s face. A giggle escaped your lips as you took in his shocked expression, mouth open and eyes squeezed shut to keep the liquid from getting in his eyes. He rubbed them with his hands, blinking them open to focus on you.

“I don’t have enough middle fingers to let you know how I feel.” He said and you gasped in mock offence, hand flying to your chest.

“You wound me!” You dramatically whispered, pouting. Peter shot off a grin in your direction, splashing his hand over the surface so harshly that water almost went up your nose. You spluttered in shock. “Hey! You’re hurting me.”

Peter held back a laugh, raising his hands in surrender before dropping his smile to gravely stare at you. You rubbed your eyes.

“Where does it hurt?” He asked quietly and you frowned at the change of tone of his voice, wondering why he was suddenly whispering.

It didn’t hit you until you noticed how he shifted in the tub, scooting forward so he was standing in the middle of the hot tub as the bubbles were errupting loudly from the sides. He was flirting with you, and that wasn’t anything new. But the look in his eyes told you that he was willing to take that extra step neither of you had taken before. And you were all for it.

“Here.” You paused, pointing at your cheek. Your eyes never left his as he leaned forward, his eyes asking for permission before he went for the kill. The move that would blur the line between friendship and relationship.

With your nod of approval, he pressed his lips to your cheek, soft lips lingering on your wet skin. He was breathing silently, but you heard it clearly even over the roar of the hot tub and the million thoughts running through your head.

“Where else?” He murmured, lips brushing against your skin as he spoke.

You didn’t answer, opting to turn your head just slightly so you snubbed Peter’s bottom lip with your own. He sucked in a breath, angling his head before pressing forward, kissing you carefully.

The kiss didn’t go further than that, because Peter pulled back just slightly to stare at your blissed out face, lips pulling into a smile as he looked you over.

A bang drew you away from each other and you both turned toward the source of the sound. Ned was walking in, along with the whole team behind him and he looked so smug that you actually felt annoyance bubble inside you.

“The party is here!” He yelled and you heard Peter sigh from where he was leaning over your sitting body, head dropping to rest on your shoulder.

“I suppose there’s no way to get out of this unseen?” He murmured against your skin, tilting his head up so he could peer at you. You cocked an eyebrow, smirking at him.

“Oh, honey…” You giggled, stroking his cheek. “You underestimate my ability to lie.”

Y'all probably don't care but let me tell you what my favorite Lucifer scene is

Let’s set the stage: 2x12, Love Handles, a legendary deckerstar™ episode.

Lucifer lounges in a circle with some drunk college girls. Chloe bursts in and Lucifer just, being the most adorable Devil, JUST FLIPS TO LOOK AT HER UPSIDE DOWN.


THIS IS A GRADE A+ PUPPY FACE. He is honestly so excited to see her just look at his puppy eyes!!

AND THEN IT GETS BETTER BECAUSE OF THE FACE MAKES WHEN HE SITS UP. His puppy eyes just intensify and his lil’ smile drops off and lil’ worry lines just appear. HE JUST LOOKS SO UTTERLY ADORING.


I love this scene because of Lucifer’s precious silliness. He looks like a tiny five year old that just got caught with his hand in the cookie jar! His face is so PURE. HE’S JUST SO HAPPY AND GIDDY THAT HIS PRECIOUS SMOL HUMAN KISSED HIM THE NIGHT BEFORE AND HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT IT MEANS BUT HE WANTS SO BADLY FOR IT TO BE FOR REAL.

A Helping Hand (and maybe mouth)  {Lee Jooheon + IM Changkyun}

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Prompt: Numbers 37 and 69 with Jooheon and IM

Pairing: Jooheon x Reader x Changkyun

Word Count: 3.8k

Warning: Just rounds of oral (no actual sex…yet…)

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