hand in killer7


Here’s a preview of the MOBI version for e-readers, such as the Kindle and Nook. It can be read on phones, tablets and browsers as well if you have a reading app installed such as Kindle or Google Play Books.

A preliminary version of this will be uploaded soon so that anyone interested can help by proofreading and giving feedback :)

Still deciding how the timeline and characters chapter will end up looking. This is not the final version. 


“When a man receives the light from the Hand of God, he experiences pure ecstasy. Heaven Smiles exist in a constant state of joy and pleasure. That’s why they smile. However, simultaneously, their con- sciousness is under the simple order: ‘One Heaven Smile must kill one human being.’ They kill using the bomb-organ inside their bodies, made with techno- logy, as their modus operandi.”

-Hand in Killer7

followup on my Hand in Killer7 question

I bought the extra copy of Hand in Killer7. It’ll wound me to have to mutilate it to get the pages out for clean scans, but it’s for the good of all. I know there’s a full transcript of the book out there, but as far as I know there are no actual SCANS of the pages, and the book is laid out pretty gorgeously, with 2-page spreads for each Smith, so there’s a lot more to the book than just the words.

I don’t know when I’ll get scans up, considering I don’t even own a scanner yet, but I’ll definitely have it done before the end of the year, at the very latest.

(I also bought the Shadows of the Damned OST and the Dr. Peace single, so I’m very much looking forward to the package in the mail!)