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Zoie has the perfect conch for this five stone cluster from @anatometal

She had Cody do her piercing, and she picked out this combination of a genuine amethyst cabochon, CZ’s, and faceted amethyst’s. All hand set in implant grade titanium. 

Thanks so much, Zoie! 

Monterey, CA


“I CAN’T take this any longer!”
He sat on the side of his bed, water was still running on his back from his wet hair. He was looking at the aurin standing in the front of him, infuriated from anger. He tried to offer a drink and a seat to calm down a little, but this time it just wouldn’t do. Everything she listed would be a tough call to solve by itself, but all together was frustrating enough to make him struggle just by the thought. He never heard her crying out like this before, which made him a bit worried.
As he was trying to solve each puzzle in mind, she rose her head and looked at him in the eye. She was blushing from anger, her eyes were wet; however what made the whole scene dangerous was the fact that he could feel her mental energy materializing around her. She was lost deep in the darkness, with nothing hold on to.
He silently released the air from his lungs, and leaned his implanted hand towards her. She followed the path of his fingers by her vision, but didn’t move otherwise. She was cold and stiff to the touch; so much pressure built up inside her that he could only imagine. He stroke the side of her hand, and enclosed her palm with his fingers. She did not react at all, her hand was limp, her neck and lower jaw was flexing from swallowing her screams. Her eyes begun to shine up, and this was the cue for him to act before she looses control over her power completely: he strengthened the grip on her palm and pulled her towards himself, until her body clashed into his chest. It happened so fast that she didn’t had a chance to protest. He held her hand close with his augmented one, and leaned his head towards her chest. His hair quickly wet her shirt; the contrast of his warm skin and the cold water somewhat shook her out from tension. She blinked a few times as she began to regain control over her powers, and took a deep breath. He felt as she slowly laid her face on the top of his head, releasing the pressure with a long sigh. He raised his left hand, enclosing her back with it. They held each other like this for a while, when she fiddled with her fingers, trying to free them from his grasp. He loosened his grip, and rested his hand on his lap. She raised her palm to his neck and began to stroke his skin gently, up to his jaw, followed by his cheek, towards his forehead, and trough his hair, to the back of his head. She pulled him close, her other hand locking on his neck, her head pressing against his.
Staxyn nuzzled into her chest, he grabbed her bottom firmly, and he tumbled back on the bed. She suppressed a yelp in surprise, and looked at him with a confused expression. He smiled faintly, and began to stroke her hair with his left, close to her ears where the skin was sensitive. As he massaged on these soft spots, her face began to relax, and her lids closed to embrace the delightful sensation.
“I’m here for you.” - he murmured quietly; she opened her eyes to look into his face. “You are safe now.” - he continued, and gave a soft kiss on her forehead, then laid his arms around her, holding her gently. Her cheeks blushed as she buried her face into his chest; her tenderness slowly faded as he caressed her, he could feel her breathing stabilizing into a steady rhythm.

I had an unbelievably long day, so no drawing for today. Have some cuddles with some story instead.

We are anticipating a very busy summer, so we’ve already started stocking up heavily on all sorts of gorgeous pieces. Lots of orders are being placed, and we have a lot of new items arriving regularly.

Here’s our newest addition for anybody looking for a unique and stunning piece of jewelry for their navel piercing.

This anatometal​ navel curve cluster features genuine Ice Blue Topaz, Sapphire, Arctic Blue & Aquamarine gems. All hand set in implant grade titanium.  

Monterey, CA

Pamalla has been an awesome client of ours and she’s picked out quite a few great looking pieces of jewelry.

She stopped by today for a forward helix piercing and had the perfect anatomy for one of these gorgeous three gem clusters from anatometal​.

Graduating sized white opals hand-set in implant grade titanium.

Great choice, Pamalla. Thank you as always!

Monterey, CA

We’ve had the pleasure of doing a lot of cartilage piercings on Dora, including her conch about six months ago.

She has impeccable taste in jewelry, so it was no surprise that she was here quick to snag the anatometal​ cluster we had posted the other day.

Light blue opal surrounded by white opals, all hand set in implant grade titanium.

Loving the look of this on your conch, Dora! Thanks as always!

Monterey, CA

The reset button

Birdys mind was splattered across the wall of her home a revolver left in her cold limp hand. Implanted devices send out urgent signals begging for help, despite the coldness of her corpse.

One might think it odd that a maliwan medical team came out to pick up a corpse, but one might not be aware of the many ways they had prepared for her expiration.

Her body was an asset to them, however her unstable mentality made her difficult to work with. So they prepared a way to deal with this problem. As it had taken almost seven months to grow in a tank in the back of maliwans labs, today it was ready.
Today it had to be.

The cold corpse was rushed into a surgical room where they cut open her head and left a long incision down her back.

It was twelve hours of intensive labor to remove her brain and all its many long tendrils from her spine. Almost another thirty hours to put its clone back into her head and slide all its little strings back where they belong.
The bullet hole was repaired though it’s Mark remained, some kind of reminder to herself of an act she would never remember.

With her brain completely whole an undamaged healing was quick, though all her therapists demanded she not be alone when she woke.
That it might be best for her to wake in a friendly place with friendly faces.

So they looked to her records and found only two names.

A nurse sighed heavily as she picked up an echo to call for them

“ hello this is nurse pinkette and I’m looking for ‘Jay and or della’ are they present in the home?”



Ian Burkhart is paralyzed from the neck down, but thanks to an array of electrodes implanted in his brain he’s able to swipe credit cards and play video games with his own hands.

MORE. A Brain Implant Brings a Quadriplegic’s Arm Back to Life

This handsome fellow dropped into the studio a little while ago and picked up these amazing “Super Bling” eyelets from Anatometal, and they look so fantastic on him. These pieces are not only fun to look at and wear, but hand crafted out of implant-grade steel with machine-set high quality cubic zirconias, and lifetime guaranteed against any sort of breakage, discoloration, or stones falling out of settings. Only the best for our wonderful clients!

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Nicolette had us pierce her rook and we are just loving the jewelry she picked out from anatometal

This three stone cluster has turquoise and genuine black onyx hand-set in implant grade titanium. For those with enough flat area in their rook, these are a really cute option. 

Thanks so much, Nicolette! 

Monterey, CA

Happy Sunday, everybody! We hope you’re enjoying this beautiful day. 

Here is a helix piercing we got to do for Amanda yesterday. 

We really like this stone combination she chose from anatometal. Turquoise and genuine Moonstone’s hand set in implant grade titanium. 

Thanks so much, Amanda! 

Monterey, CA