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The Call of the Morrigan

I knew her when I was young. I knew her when i was a little wild thing, running through forests like a hound, following crows, crouching low to spy through trees at fawns and does.

I knew her when I was young. When I was strong and sullen and speaking brave and acting bold, when fear gripped me in both hands like I was a sword to be swung, wringing out in a battle-tongue. I took fists and spat blood, felt the crack of my skull burn against walls. I knew her then, when I went silent, and she knew all.

Years hazed over, like a purple twilight, from the wild wood to the city pressed tight. I learned so many things. I swam in words. I followed streams. I dived into deltas, forded rivers, jumped like a salmon back to the source.  

It was a greening time. A wing-spreading time. I met more spirits, I made more friends, I followed different paths, I divided, and multiplied, and divined. 

But time, and life, as they do, circle back. The wheel turns, and we turn with it. I didn’t know she had perched and roosted close, watching me grow, like an oak, into strength and womanhood. 

She had waited. She had patience. She dropped feathers while I quested, and hesitated. Waited until I too, went to the ford, to wash the ghosts from my clothes, to bash them on the rocks, and send them from me in moving waters, loving waters, released from their bonds.

She has been waiting to show me how to scrub just so against the blood, how to slap the cloth and drown the stain, how to kill it and clean it, and become my own, again. 

And when we’ve done the laundry, she will teach me how to guard my newfound country. She will stand sentinel with me. She will teach me what it is again to be a bird and a sword, a witch and a wild thing, and free.

Baekhyun - Play (X)

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Playone, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, ?

; it has always been you. 

A/N: after more than a month of waiting, here it is! the next few parts have already been planned out, hope you’ll enjoy play till the end and after.

meet the heartbreaker himself.

masterlist // get to know me

    Eternity wouldn’t be enough to heal this agony, this heartbreak. You’ve realized that the moment his lips first touched yours, and when heaven felt like his body. It would never leave your head, it will never be erased. The familiarity of his body against yours was too strong to be forgotten, too strong to be undone. Your heart ached for him each and every night. Each night was spent by your window, staring at the bare sky, wondering why did it have to be like this, wondering why did you have to fall for him.

    At first, it seemed more like a dream. His body was a source of warmth during those cold nights where you couldn’t find the strength to fall asleep. His hands were a source of light, guiding you through the darkness you were trapped in. His lips were a source of safety as he kissed you softly, knowing that there would be someone to catch you when you fall. But that was then.

     Your heart turned blind to the truth of your relationship, your deal, your play. To never fall in love with each other, that was the first and only rule. The rule you had disgracefully broken, but he was just too much to handle. He was carved to look like an angel, but inside him was a devil. Sometimes, his touching words and tender actions took you off guard. You weren’t used to him being like this, you weren’t used to him opening his heart.

   And slowly, he did. He turned more human by the day, and he soon did become one. Inside of him was a soul that laughed and sang, lively and in love with music that drowned him. His eyes opened up for once, and his lips became softer than ever. His heart has been unlocked, and you were the one who held the key. But he was Baekhyun.

    Flaws like every other human inhabited in him. His was specifically made to destroy you; he was made to make you love him, make your heart swell at the thought of him, make your dizzy head clear when you see him, then leave you. And that’s exactly what he did.

    He played you, he played you well. His hands held your heart with a strong grip, ever so slowly crushing it, allowing you to feel the excruciatingly painful ache as he kissed you, lips so soft unlike his grip.

    And all you could do was to watch him do so, allow him to squeeze the life out of you, believing that it was pleasure, satisfaction, and bliss as he drained your blood with his kiss. You were a fool to love him, you were a fool to let him do so, you were a fool to let him continue.

    It’s been a few days since you’ve seen him. Your bedroom has contained you in its four claustrophobic walls, keeping you away from him. It hurt more than it should have. No matter how many times you’ve walked away after he had left you, you only found yourself walking back to where he left you behind, waiting and hoping that somehow in his heart, he would find a reason to come back, to stay. But he was Byun Baekhyun, and you were just part of his half time heart, his intended play.

    Sometimes, when the pain was too unbearable, Junmyeon would come by, a bouquet of flowers in one hand, while the other went in to immediately hug you, hoping that his arms could replace those of Baekhyun, but deep inside, no matter how hard both you and Junmyeon believed in it, it could never happen. Baekhyun has left his mark, and it was indelible, unforgettable, and forever.

    Junmyeon would lay down beside you in your bed, eyes closed as he sighed. He didn’t understand how foolish and gullible your heart was, he just couldn’t understand how you managed to still love Baekhyun no matter what.

    But no matter how hard he tried to understand, he couldn’t. Not when you were hurting, not when you were suffering, not when you were still in love with him. Junmyeon allowed you to go on though. He was patient with you, his heart still willing to wait for yours to get over that of someone who didn’t deserve a speck of your attention, much less, your love.

    He never tried to stop you whenever you tried to seek after Baekhyun, he never said anything against it, he never went against you. Junmyeon’s heart was caged, and he could not find the key. It wanted to make you happy, make your heart leap and live, so he didn’t try to stop you when you’ve decided to go to rehearsals today. He allowed you to leave your home with your “healed” heart, but he knew the truth, and the truth is you could never forget Baekhyun, not when you knew each line and dip of his body, the curves of his lips and muscles, the sharp bone of his jaw, and the long and smooth expanse of his back and fingers.

    He couldn’t do anything, not when your heart longed to be with another man. He couldn’t do anything at all.

     As usual, the sky was gray, and the sun was hidden behind a series of flat dispersed clouds. A terrible sense of foreboding that you ignored so naively washed over you, but you continued on. Not just in the sense of walking towards the big theater, but the foolishness you were trapped in, this dangerous play with Baekhy- you can’t say his name, you have forgotten, you truly did.

     Lies, what horrible lies you tried to convince yourself into, trying persuade your heart and mind that he was nonexistent, and those moments where his lips fit perfectly into your own were merely tiny fragments of a forgotten dream. The truth was something you could not accept, not when it had hurt your heart whenever it turned blind to the verity of your relationship, just like it was now as you walked closer and closer to the theater, until you had entered the building, its warmth distracting you from the true coldness that surround it.

    One after the other, you ignored those signs of a brewing storm coming your way. You didn’t know of them, you didn’t notice them, believing they were just what the gloomy day brought with it.

    Oblivious to everything else, you spaced out as you walked to your dressing room to get ready for rehearsals. The white walls of your room made you feel lonelier as its colors made the corners invisible, extending the empty room to infinity.

    A tear then another fell before you were sobbing, and the sobbing turned into your ‘healed’ heart breaking once more. Just thinking of him was enough to break you, to crush you into tiny unimportant pieces of porcelain that nobody wanted.

    But all you ever did was love him… at the wrong time, the wrong place, the wrong lifetime. You only gave him your whole heart and soul, and he only rejected it. He only broke it again and again, until it was gone and unfixable.

    Your soul was relentlessly screaming at the sight of the void that filled your heart, unable to accept this type of pain any longer, unable to feel anything other than deep regret, deep sorrow, and deep adoration for him. It had forgotten all other things but him and only him.

“Rehearsals start in five minutes, please be on stage now.” You heard someone say from behind the door along with the knock before the person said anything.

    It was time to see him. It was time to show how utterly devastated you are and how badly you needed him in your life. It was time to show how much he left you bare and how much power he had over you. You were in his hands, and he knew that very well. Despite knowing that you fooled yourself into thinking that you could get over him, you continued on, taking a step out of your room and towards the stage; the stage that brought you two together, the stage where it all started, the stage where this play had began.

    A step forward then another, there was only the clicking of your heels against the floor that rang through your head along with forbidden memories of you, Baekhyun, and a broken bed, memories of the night sky and the feel of his chest rising and falling underneath your hand, memories of the hazy sunlight peering through your window and the small smiles he held as he was asleep, memories of how badly he shook your heart (good and bad).

    Nothing was disrupting the quietness your mind has fallen into when you noticed someone in a pair of Gucci high heels leaning against the left wall of the hallway and the familiarity of your heart cracking at the sight of her.

“When will you finally learn that he doesn’t love you? He never has, he never will, Y/N.” How nice, she knew the truth better than you did. Nana, no matter how badly you didn’t want to say it, looked gorgeous as she leaned against the wall, looking at your like a piece of dirt in her way. You were drained of emotions, unable to walk away the thirsty woman who begged for attention she could never have.

    Coldness crept up your arm as you stood in that hallway, being eaten by the inevitable truth of her words. You could not oppose what she has just say, no counter argument nor proof to show that you haven’t lost everything because the truth is… you did, and it didn’t matter if you could face her and spit at her the same exact vileness she had treated you with. Not when winning over her didn’t mean winning over him. Winning back Baekhyun.

“I’m glad this play is ending soon. Baekhyun’s been doing better without you, and once you’re gone, he’ll be back to normal. I’ll- We’ll finally be able to get rid of you, Y/N.” Inside her eyes, her true darkness swelled and spiraled within her pupils. You watched those eyes of her as she walked closer and closer towards you, heels clicking with the marble floor of the long hallway. The coldness of the theater has finally reached your heart, numbing it from the pain, the heartbreak, the foolishness.

“I couldn’t care less, Nana.” Lies. Lies once again to show false strength you could not have without Baekhyun by your side. “I couldn’t care less if Baekhyun loved you or not. I’m over him. I’m over his lies and cowardice.” For a second, you heart believed in your words. For once, it felt hope; hope that it could move on, it could live. Your mouth, however, took it too far. “I can’t wait for this play to end, so that I don’t have to deal with you and Baekhyun anymore.”

     Your legs suddenly woke up, moving your feet forward and away from Nana. An unknown force helped you carry yourself away from her and her malicious soul lacking that of a heart. Although in front of her, you wore a brave mask and spoke brave words, the moment you could feel her gaze burning through your back, tears once again wet the skin of your cheeks. The pain has once again come back because the truth is no matter how many times you’ve tried to forget him, no matter how many times you’ve walked away from him, you would always come running back because the truth is… you loved him. You loved Byun Baekhyun, and love was a powerful thing that could move oceans, create storms, and much more, touch people whether to heal or destroy them, and for you, loving Baekhyun was a poison you needed to stay alive; a healing and deadly concoction you would gladly overdose on.

     You continued on walking till you were at the main stage, awaiting for the director’s instructions, but most of all, awaiting for Baekhyun and his tender touches which never came. It never came because they were left behind the slightly opened door on a long and lonely hallway where two familiar voices spoke against each other. One who he regretted, one who he loved deeply.

     As Baekhyun waited by that ajar door, waiting for the right time to come out, to protect you from Nana, to show you that he loved you, that he always loved you, he heard your wounding words, and he closed the door silently.

“I couldn’t care less, Nana. I couldn’t care less if Baekhyun loved you or not. I’m over him. I’m over his lies and cowardice. I can’t wait for this play to end, so that I don’t have to deal with you and Baekhyun anymore.” His heart was in agony and remorse. He had lost you. He had been blind for too long, he had been ignorant for too long, he had been foolish for too long. Baekhyun hit himself in the chest, right at the heart when the physical pain of the punch was drowned by that of the affliction it felt.

     Why had he been playing you for so long? Why did he not confess to you from the start? Why could he not treat you right? Why did he have to bring in Nana? Why did he have to be like this? Why couldn’t he just love you right? Why?

     Because he was a fool, a terrible person, and Byun Baekhyun. He was blind and deaf to the sight and sound of love, and now, he was suffering the consequences of his ignorance and arrogance. He was losing you, or perhaps… he already did.

     Baekhyun sank into his chair, elbows on his knees and hands grabbed his hair as he looked down at the floor. He could see his tears gathering at the floor, and he wished his mind and heart had done the same when he felt his heart beat faster at the thought of you, wishing he had thought things through and treated you right, wishing he had shown his love instead of his cowardice. His usually melodic voice was deep and croaky as he spoke, desperate for an answer, desperate for a miracle, desperate to have his heart beating and loving with yours.

“What have I done? What am I going to do now?”


I can’t believe the softest most perfect boy knows I exist :’)

First Kiss (Modern Sonamy)

(I don’t own this image, second, it’s not even the image I wanted -puffs up cheek- but whatever, why is there no picutres of Amy’s head leaning up to kiss and Sonic not moving but hidden behind it??? come on!)


Upset by Sonic disappearing and not saying goodbye, Amy had worked hard to help the others keep Eggman at bay, until finally…

She teared up in anger when she saw him, acting like nothing was wrong.

Although she had been thrilled to hear he’d come home, and amazed when they said he showed up randomly to save them from Eggman’s invasion, she was still trying to stay a little mad at him.

Before he left, she had thought nothing was wrong. But she was crushed when she found out what had happened to him. Being thrown into another dimension… knowing he might never be able to return.

But return… he did.

She clutched her fists tight to her sides, arms straight and down.

She struggled to not run to him, wrap her arms around him and just simply cry in relief that he was back.

He stood there, up on the hill, with one hand relaxing on his hip and a neutral smile upon his face.

Did he even see her? Or look right through her?

“Long time no see,… Amy.” He raised his head. His eyes kept a serious, firm expression… but his mouth was still curled into a smile.

What was he doing..? Couldn’t he see how much she…

She shook her head, and lowered it as her shoulders started to bounce. “You… you were gone an awfully long time…” she barely got the words out of mouth before her lips started trembling.

He continued to smile, without showing much reaction to her.

She felt her hands going numb from squeezing them so long, but spoke again. “When we last saw each other… you didn’t say goodbye. You knew it was risky and you didn’t say anyting.. did you even know.. how much I… how much I missed you?”

That was the last thing she could say, before the tears silenced her for a moment as she sobbed.

Now, he started advancing, closing his eyes a moment as if settling something within his mind before coming closer to her.

“You… You should say something next time!” she blurted out, and jumped into his arms, something he seemed to expect as she cried over his shoulder.

“I waited for you for so long! What were doing over in that dimension! Sight seeing!? I’ve tried to be so strong and help fight. I’ve tried to not think about if you never… I couldn’t stand thinking that I was fighting for a future that… that might not..”

When she quieted down, he held her back, dipping his head down slightly too, and gently saying, “I missed you too… Amy.”

Suddenly, she was scooped up into his arms bridal style, something that she had long forgotten for some time.

She wiped her eyes, trying to see clearly. “W-where are we going?”

“Home.” He smiled, looking down at her.

Her face pursed up again and she rubbed her head against his chest. “I don’t want to go home. I just want to be with you. You were gone for so long. I want you to promise you’ll stay this time. Stay… and don’t ever go away again!”

With seeing how desperate she looked, he realized the others would surely see her red eyes and distraught state.

Going off of wisdom, he decided to take her further into the wilderness…


Amy sniffed under a tree as she rested on Sonic’s chest. His arms were up and hands behind his head. He seemed to be chilling as she let the last bit of her emotions slip out.

Finally, she rubbed her eyes and looked up to him. “You never promised.” she pouted, but then looked away. “But.. I guess that’s asking too much of you.”

She knew he couldn’t control the wacky adventures or daring fleats his life naturally took him on. And no matter how much she pleaded, he was the hero of the world.. more so then her own…

Sonic finally opened his eyes and looked up then, at the stars.

It had gotten so late..

“Back in that other dimension… there didn’t seem to be a way out.” He took a finger and stuck it in his ear, cleaning it out, seeming fairly unemotional or unattached to what he was saying..

“I often thought of you guys.. the war with Eggman… and how you all were doing. I did get some help from that dimension, but it seemed to be taking forever. I even thought of that future you were talking about… The one you’re fighting for… And what would happen to it.”

Amy stared up at him, a little awestruck as she realized he was saying he was worried about her while he was away.

He looked down then, smiling that smae ol’grin.

“Wouldn’t want to disappoint ya, if you had to change all your big plans.” he winked, as she felt touched by his sentiment.

“Sonic…” her eyes shook, before new tears threatened her eyes.

She wiped them away and got up, holding her fists up by her side to show some new strength or courage.

“I’ll keep fighting for our future, Sonic! No matter what!” she smiled and giggled, closing her eyes as he looked a little confused.

“Our future?” he blinked, and tilted his head in curiosity.

She nodded, putting her hands on her hips. “Well, of course! I know you’re not 100 percent thrilled about it yet, but I’m gonna make it worth it! Hehe~” she got up and started walking out of the forest, as Sonic quickly strode up beside her.

“I can carry you back, Amy..” his voice was suddenly softer.. as if a child’s.

“Em-mm.” she shook her head, continuing in new found spirits. “I want to give my eyes time to cool down and not look like I’ve cried in front of the others.” she stuck her tongue out a moment. “You’re not the only one who likes to keep up appearances!”

He watched with a new expression, as if deep in thought and looked down.


He stopped walking, as Amy suddenly halted in her stride too and looked back over her shoulder. “Hmm?”

“….” he stared at the ground for quite a second, before speaking again.

“I’m worried… Amy.”

She lost her smile.

“That we’re not fighting for the same future…”

She had to think a moment too at that statement… before her bubbly self came back through and she turned fully to Sonic, rocking slightly on her heels before spreading her arms out dainty by her sides.

“It doesn’t matter what futures we’re fighting for, Sonic! The important thing is to fight to get the chance for a future!”

His eyes widened and he looked up, thinking upon her profound words before rubbed under her nose with her finger, mimicking his cocky attitude as she held her head up high.

“What’s wrong with multiple possibilities for a future? As long as you’re with me, I’ll always be happy wherever I am!” she flicked out her pointer finger and winked, waving it around to continue to tease him in his mannerisms.

He smiled and closed his eyes looking down gain.

“Now, it’s getting late. We should head back soon-”


                                                      Kiss me.”

Amy’s eyes blinked open, still frozen in the frame and pose she was last in, before turning, a bit awkwardly, and crunching her body up a bit.

“W-…what did you say?” she blinked in almost unbelief, still trying to keep her smile on her face, but it was squiggling into a nervous one now. Two distinct sweat-drops showed upon the side of her head…

“When we’re alone like this…  out of the public eye… you can kiss me. But I can’t give you anything back.”

She remained silent, not sure what- on the last strands of earth- he was talking about.

He looked up, seeing her expression, and  suddenly struck an actor’s pose; a cheeky look in his eyes before acting it up.

He shrugged and turned his head away, “Really, Amy. I give you an opportunity to get what you want and you just freeze up like that?”

He then shook his head. “Once in a life time opportunity.. letting it slip out of your grasp, just like that.”

He then raised his head up, as Amy still wouldn’t move…

“…Time start.” he winked.


He suddenly thrust out his hand, “5…”

“W-wha?” She sweated, nervously, slightly swaying her arms in a flailing manner of surprise. “What are you-?”

“4!” he withdrew his thumb into the palm of his hand.

“3…2…!” he kept pulling fingers down and back, the last finger remaining was his pinkie, that he left there a second longer while Amy charged him, panic all over her face.

He braced himself, lowering the hand down with that same neutral smile on his face.

She stopped the second she came up by his face, and kept her head down, shaking…

One hand held by her heart, hearing it race quickly…

“Well? Are you going to fight for your future or not?”

She raised her head, pouting at his taunt.

What had gotten into him!? A-all of a sudden asking her to..

She shivered a bit… but slowly began to lean up, and close her eyes.

He watched her… before keeping his hands to his sides, and after a second, closing his own eyes as well.

It wasn’t anything special or glamorous.

It was light and sweet to the touch.

Nothing fancy, just a first kiss, a first try, and first experience.

When she pulled away, she realized he really didn’t do anyting. He didn’t move away, or flinch, or anything!

This made her slightly upset, as he smiled and grinned widely, taking only a second to open his eyes to look at her before closing them again.

“There.. now I’ve got an idea what future you’re fighting for.”

She tensed up.

“D-did..” she shook a moment, holding her hands tightly in front of her.

“Did you just allow me to do what I w-want.. without really wanting it?”

“Huh?” he tilted his head, moving back slightly as his hands went up. “I thought you’d be happy about that..” he blinked, acting innocent as a child again.

This made her more furious, as she shook her head and turned away.

“I don’t want to just kiss to kiss, Sonic! That’s not what my future is! Nor what it looks like!” She then flung herself back around to him, shouting a little more authoritatively… “My future isn’t about what I want! It’s about what we both want!”

His eyes remained locked to hers.. processing..

She lowered her eyes, seeming sorrowful now that he didn’t understand that.

“I won’t count that as our first kiss.. because that’s not how I wanted it to be like..” Her small tears returned, making Sonic panic a moment that he did something wrong.

He waved his arms out in front of him.

“H-hey! I thought those were gone by now!” he seemed worried, but with great care, narrowed his eyes and stepped forward again.

He pushed his lips into a tight line, before lightly pulling Amy closer to him.

“I’m not sure I completely get it, Amy… But when we’re alone like this… would you mind showing me again? What you mean?”

She looked up, amazed again by this child-like sincerity, but also that he was really trying to grasp the future she fought for so desperately.

“…Sonic…” she was more than touched, she was starstruck.

(There is more to the story, lol. But I think I should leave it here ;) Hope you enjoyed it!)

“The Little Enforcer”

Summary: James Buchanan Barnes and his wife are the proud parents of 8 year old twins, Steven Anthony and Jazmine Rebecca. She’s spunky and he’s more  reserved. What happens when the school bully, Eric Rumlow crosses their paths?

 Words: 2,006 (Yeah I know, it’s long)

 Pairings: Dad Bucky x Wife, twins Steven and Jazmine

 Warnings: None. Mentions of bullying and fluffy fluff!!

 The blinding smile on Bucky’s face comes from 3 sources; Y/N, his wife of ten years and Jazmine Rebecca (Jazzy) and Steven Anthony (Tony) Barnes, age 8. Becoming a family man was the best medicine for him. Bucky never dreamed he’d have twins. After 22 hours in labor, Y/N was ready to cut the babies out herself. Once the pain subsided, she knew those babies had her wrapped around their fingers.

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[For @cariisms. Roy’s companion fic can be found here.]

In the four years (and counting) that they’ve been together, Ed’s noticed that Roy likes to hold Ed. A lot. 

It wasn’t really something he noticed at the start. Honeymoon periods and the thrill of the chase and all that, so he just filed Roy’s touches under a boxed marked ‘Giddy Hormones’, and let him do his thing. After all, Ed felt the same way, smiling every time they held hands, or his heart thumping wildly whenever they cuddled with Roy curled around him, playing with his hair and brushing his fingers over Ed’s skin. 

But now, it’s four years down the track, and he doesn’t think it belongs in Giddy Hormones anymore. Sure, Ed still smiles when Roy’s hand reaches for his, and feels his heart settle when Roy wraps his arms around his waist. But now he’s moved Roy’s touches from Giddy Hormones (Which Will Definitely End) to something more stable. Less of a cardboard box, and more a little treasure chest. 

Something like ‘Love’. Something like ‘Heart’. 

Something like ‘This Man Is My Soulmate and I’ll Never Get Sick of Touching Him Either’.

It’s simple, but constant. It’s Roy’s arm around his waist when they stand in line for something. His hand curling around Ed’s even when his automail must be freezing against Roy’s fingers, even if he’s wearing gloves. And sometimes when they hug, Roy just…lifts him. He’ll wrap his arms, strong and sure, around Ed’s waist and literally sweep him off his feet, smiling up at him as if he can’t imagine anywhere else in the world that’s better than being a foot shorter than Ed, with aching arms. And when he lowers him, he always rubs his hands up and down Ed’s arms, and it makes Ed’s heart beat a little faster with the…protectiveness of the gesture. 

Over the years, Ed’s noticed more things about Roy. The careful way he is around people, his little bell laugh when he’s relaxed and happy. With all the hand-holding, Ed’s also noticed that Roy’s fingers are delicate, and slim. Which is surprising, when you think about the destruction that he can bring by shifting them just a little, all the death he’s brought through these hands alone. Maybe it’s ‘cause Roy knows that too, that he holds Ed like he’s something precious, something to take care of. 

No, Ed doesn’t need Roy’s protection, ‘cause he can take care of himself. But in Roy’s arms, Ed feels a little less like the weight of the world is on his shoulders, a little less like he needs to take care of himself. Because Roy has offered to do so, and so willingly, that Ed feels a little less scared. A little less lost. 

Just a little more home. 

dan is the feeling when the sky is cloudy but the sun still spreads a blanket of warmth around you. he is the sound of wind chimes singing softly on a front porch, announcing the arrival of a cool breeze. he is the taste of vanilla bean and caramel, working in unison to create a rich and delightful blend. his voice is the sun’s gentle ascension into the sky at sunrise. he is the scent of a marshmallow being burnt by a fire, complete with the rustic and wholesome feeling of a serene camping trip. his mind is a map of ideas, some new and some old, that make up a sunlit city.

phil is the feeling of walking into gentle waters, and taking in the rush and fall of the waves at your feet. he is the sound of rustling leaves on willow trees, engulfing you in familiarity and tranquility. he is the taste of a chocolate truffle, shaped and crafted by a careful hand. his voice is a moonlit stroll with an old friend, hands held and hearts full. he is the scent of lavender in an open field, spreading its petals to the sky above in quiet admiration. his mind is a winding road, with unexpected and adventurous twists and turns, that lead to a paradise few have seen before.

heartbeat on my skin

Follow up to this

“Are you sure he’s okay?”

Lukas squeezes his hand. “Uh—”

“I’m—I’m fine,” Philip gasps, burying his face even further into Lukas’s neck. “I’m just dying, is all.”

Lukas is sitting on Philip’s right side, holding his hand tight and hovering over him. They figured Philip would get his matching tattoo on his left wrist, so when they held hands the heart lines would press together. Philip tries to focus on how romantic the whole thing is instead of focusing on the goddamn pain being drilled into his left wrist. It literally feels like someone is scraping a nail against a really bad sunburn.

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My Heart In The Night

When everyone left me in the dark,
I found myself on a swing set in the park,
In my hands were the shattered pieces of my heart,
I had grieved and hurt, I couldn’t believe we were apart,
Not a day goes by that you haven’t been in my mind,
I’m sure you felt the same our lives being intertwined,
We both suffer from feeling grief,
Each being the other’s thief,
Back and forth I swayed in the moon light,
For neighbors and strangers it must’ve truly been a fright,
That a young boy would sit in a park in the middle of the night,
His motion now gone, he sat there still,
Sending everyone a mighty chill,
As they approached the boy to see if he was well,
There was something off about him, something they could tell,
Water dropped from his face into his hands,
The heart was held together with little strands,
Beaten and worn down they could tell he went through a lot,
They insisted to help the boy, they couldn’t let him rot,
They pulled him inside and offered him some food,
The boy was thankful and said if he hadn’t it would be rude,
That night the boy lay warm in his bed,
So many good thoughts were running through his head,
Little did he know that night he had bled,
The boy’s little heart full of love burst overnight and he was dead.

Just The Three Of Us (M) Pt.1

Genre: Slight smut 

Length: 3,603 words

Kinks: mentions BoyXBoy, Switch! Jackson, Sir! JInyoung, degration, exhibtionism, 

Smol Description: So the boys just got back from being in Canada, and of course, immediately asked you to come hang out with them, but while the others decided to go out for a while; Jackson, Jinyoung and you stayed behind. Still, it appears as if you were about to have lots of fun with them, or should I say they were about to have lots of fun with you.

Originally posted by ohmystressjackson

They were some of your closest friends, even though they were idols. Their status in society sometimes became strenuous on your relationship with the, mainly because of the press and sasaengs( 사생팬). But honestly, no matter what happened, they never left your side. 

It had been at least three months since you had last properly hung out them. Yeah, you bumped into them once in a while, but due to the release of their new album, it made hanging out close to impossible.

Finally, though, they were back in town. While you were in the shower, you had recieved a long series of gleeful texts from Yugyeom and BamBam telling you that you had to come over to the dorm right this instant. You rolled your eyes and smiled widely as you read the texts and finished up your shower.

The moment you got there, you sent them a message in the group chat you all had decided to make, though it was rarely used.

Y/N: Hey guys, sorry I took so long. Just got here though.^^

Immediately after you sent that, BamBam expressed his joy by sending another series of typo filled texts and joyful stickers. And since you were a bit distracted by Bambam and his glee, you didn’t noticed Jinyoung and Jackson walking towards you. Well, that is until you heard Jackson’s ecstatic laughter, followed by JInyoung trying to hush him. 

You looked up from your phone, and flashed them a overjoyed smiled. “Ah!” A high pitched squeal escaped your mouth as you rushed over to them. “It’s been too damn long!” You exclaimed as you stood in front of them.

Jinyoung couldn’t help but to pull you into a tight, friendly hugged, “We’ve missed you, y/n.” Sighing deeply, burying his face into the crook of your neck. “Haven’t we Jackson?” He said as he peered up to the older man. 

Suddenly, you felt Jackson press his body against your back, sandwiching you between them. “Of course..” He said smoothly, “How could we not miss our little girl.” 

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My mouth doesn’t taste 
like salt-water, anymore.

I still walk home most nights:
when their tongues are silenced
and the stars still unfold like old lovers.

This doesn’t change anything.

My hands have held hearts
and left them torn in two.

My hands have known absence,
held those who are gone from
this world, never to come back.

I am still stuck between
September and July.

My skin, still stained in
summer as these wolves
grow hungry for the rain.

My body, still standing
in the doorway, waiting.

My heart, still listening
for the sound  of you
forgetting my mouth
             and all the words that came from it.

nerdygeekypastrychef  asked:

Wincest? How about wincest in the south? Where its too hot and sticky and dangerous to stand and exist that close together but they do anyway? How, Dean especially, gets a thrum through his whole body when some redneck decides to question their closeness? And how Sam acts like he hates it but, oh god, he gets so hard watching Dean defend him, defend them? Did you mean that kind of wincest?

Dean’s thumb tucked into the back of Sam’s denim cutoffs, the five pale inches above Sam’s knee that infrequently sees daylight turning tan under the rays of the summer sun as they wander down the side of the highway from the one street town (no stoplight necessary) they’re squatting near. Until the sheriff pulls up on the road in front of them, climbs out of his patrol car in his tan shirtsleeves and aviators, all movie stereotype “What do you think you boys are doin’?” And Sam is still a little shy, you know, still just that little bit of sweetness left at the edges so he draws away, pulls back into himself and Dean can’t have that, can’t have his sweet Sammy feeling ashamed. If there’s anything Dean’s good at, it’s backtalk, but Sunglasses thinks he’s seen it all. And maybe he has, in this tiny town, this parched square of grass that disappears into the map, but he’s sure as hell surprised when Dean decks him, lays him out flat on the melting asphalt, and the two boys run until they disappear, laughing and whooping, as the road curves away.

Back in the abandoned barn where they’re sleeping, Sam kisses the bruises on Dean’s knuckles, and Dean licks the sweat off of Sam’s neck, uses his hands and his eyes and his mouth to say all the things to Sam he’s too terrified will stick if he breathes them into the humid air.

I Wonder...- kim taehyung

Summary Quote:  “I never thought it would be me. No one ever thinks it’s them, you know? I should’ve known. I should’ve said something when I smelled the cologne, should’ve spoken up every time she left early at dinner. But I loved her. And if she didn’t love me… I would make her.”

Genre: Angst/Mentions of Sex/Violence

Group Member: Kim Taehyung of BTS


Song of the Chapter: assanine race by fire on fire

I Wonder…

  • Part 1/31 Days of Halloween- ikontrashimagines


[October 1 2016 7:32 PM Respondent: Alicia Massie]: 911. Police, fire, or medical? 

[7:33 PM Alicia Massie]: Hello, 911, what’s your emergency?

[October 1 2016 7:33 PM: +298666382731]: …Hello? 

[7:33 PM Alicia Massie]: Sir, you’ve dialed 911. What’s your emergency? 

[7:33 PM +298666382731]: Oh… right… um, you need to come to my home. 

[7:33 PM Alicia Massie]: What is your emergency, sir? 

[7:34 PM +298666382731]: You…. just have to. 

[7:34 PM Alicia Massie]: Sir, what’s the address? 

               October 1 2016 7:34 PM Call to Emergency 911 Ended

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A story from Ryan’s perspective. Set in my Ryan/Owen/Amelia universe.

It’s late at night, so I’m surprised to hear voices as I venture downstairs to grab a glass of water. I stop on the stairs as I hear a booming chuckle and a soft giggle.

“I’m not drunk,” the voice, which I identify as Owen’s, says, “I just had a couple beers.” They can’t see me because the darkness is cloaking me, but I can see them under the dim light of the living room.

“A couple being how much?” the voice, my mom’s, asks, “Five? Ten?”

“Something like that,” he dismisses before telling her, “Dance with me.”

“No, Owen, it’s late,” she berates, although she makes no movement to deny the hands slowly circling around her waist.

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I tend to stay away from unsteady people, why? Because unsteady people have unsteady hands and I’m sorry but unsteady hands have held my heart and dropped it far too many times for me to do it again.
—  i know what it feels like to have your heart broken