hand held device

Part 14

Summary:  Two weeks after waking up with no recollection of the people and ship around you, you take your future in your hands and try to piece together your past and the events that lead up to you losing your memory of the last five years. This means finally meeting Scotty, the man you just learned is your husband.

Word Count:  1,015

Warnings:  Blood, head pain

Author’s Note:  I can’t think of anything to say anymore. I just hope you enjoy it as much as I had fun writing it.

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Your head bobbed back and forth and you hummed as a handsome man with dark hair and beautiful blonde woman bustled around you. They tapped at colourful computer screens and exchanged hushed words.

“- really going down there?” the woman whispered.

“God knows why; they’re all gonna get themselves killed,” the man responded in a low growl.

“Who’s dying?” you asked.

“No one, sweetheart,” the woman said, reaching out and touching your arm.

“Where am I?” you asked. The word was on the tip of your tongue, this place was so familiar… was it the smell? “Am I in a hospital?”

“Sort of,” the man responded, running a scanning node around your head.

“Am I dying?”

The two exchanged a look before the woman said, “Not if we can help it.”

“What’s killing me? I feel fine,” you said, mentally running your consciousness over your body. Everything felt in place.

“Nothing’s killing you sweetheart, you’re going to be fine,” the woman said.

“Oh,” you responded. What was she talking about? “Where am I?”

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(Fifty)Five minute ficlet (whoops)

@yourtropegirl has been filling my inbox with questions tonight to brighten my mood. So I told her she could give be a FMF request. And she hit me with this. And then it wound up MUCH longer than a FMF should be…

Your stomach was upset and you just felt run down. Not enough that you thought you might need time away from bridge, but just enough that you thought you might need some vitamins or something. Nothing stayed settled properly. You had some wicked cramps in the morning, which then turned into bloat, which then, oh so attractively, turned into gas. You almost wished you were in operations so you could hide in an electrical closet alone, fixing things and farting without anyone catching you.

At lunch, you sat at your table at the mess with Uhura, flicking your lunch around, starving, but unable to eat. She watched, wordlessly, and cocked her head to one side.

“You sick?” She asked.

“I don’t know. I don’t feel good, but I don’t know if I’m sick,” you admitted. “I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning, and I’ve just been feeling gross all day. Like… I need to poop. But can’t.”

Nyota let out a surprised laugh and shook her head. “More fibre, Y/N. And water. Space constipation is the worst.”

Nyota’s advice had been sound, and you increased your vegetable intake and your fluid intake with some small relief, but you still had a general feeling of bloating and pressure. Like something wasn’t moving properly in your guts. It was to the point where you were nauseated every day, all day long. And nothing helped. You’d started dropping weight enough that Jim had noticed.

“Your uniform is baggy, Y/N. Are you sick?”

“I’m fine,” you lied. Jim raised an eyebrow and you looked away, back to your console. Nyota cornered you after shift.

“Seriously, Y/N, what is going on? Why won’t you go check in at MedBay?” She pressed. You sighed and pulled her over to a quiet lounge.

“Remember the Federation Day party Jim insisted we have?” You asked. Nyota smiled and nodded.

“Yeah, it was awesome.”

“Remember when the Brandy came out?” You continued. She nodded again. “Remember the never have I ever game?”

“Yeah, who knew you and Jim were so kinky,” she laughed. 

“Yeah, I don’t remember much after that, but I woke up with Bones the next morning.” You dropped your voice to a whisper. She shrieked in surprise anyhow.

“What? Do you remember what happened?”

“We were both naked.” You have her a meaningful look. She shrugged.

“That doesn’t mean anything happened. I mean, you were both so drunk, who knows if the function would have still been -”

“I was achy and walking funny for about three days, Nyota,” you interrupted. Her mouth formed a perfect O. “Needless to say, things have been super awkward ever since, and the last thing I need is to go in with some weird illness and have him thinking I’ve got Gangorian Gonorrhea or something.”

“It can’t be that bad,” she argued. You raised an eyebrow.

“Watch at dinner,” you challenged her.

“Oh my god, he remembers too,” Uhura whispered across the table.

“Kind of hard to forget a naked woman screaming, kicking and falling out of your bed,” you countered. “Particularly considering I accidentally stole his uniform and ran down the hall in Blues.”

She choked on a laugh and shook her head. “Do you still feel sick?”

“Nyota, I would gnaw off my right fucking arm to be able to puke. I’m sure if I could just throw up and clear whatever is blocking me up, I’d feel a million times better.” You flicked your dinner around, taking the occasional bite. But it tasted like sand and made the nausea worse.

The console in front of you was swimming. The lack of food was catching up, finally, and you were having a hard time focussing on your work. You swayed and looked up at Uhura, narrowing your eyes to try to understand what she was saying. Her mouth was moving, but no sound appeared to be coming out. 

You attempted to stand to go find out what she was saying, and toppled into Jim’s arms. 

“I think it’s well past time we had Bones look you over, Y/N,” he said as he heaved you into his arms and carried you to the turbolift.

“It’s not necess-”

“It’s a direct order from your Captain, Y/L/N. MedBay or the brig. Your choice,” he interrupted as the turbolift doors slid shut. Hearing no further protest, he carried you into MedBay when the door slid open again. Bones looked up and recognized you, eyes widening. He pointed at a biobed and JIm laid you against the hard surface. You closed your eyes, not wanting to look at Bones at all. You were sure your cheeks were on fire enough as it was.

“Uhura says she’s been complaining of nausea and lethargy for a few weeks now, Bones,” Jim offered. You opened your eyes to glare at him, only to have Bones thrust a scanner in your face. He watched the report coming from the tricorder, the furrow in his brow growing deeper as the scan reported. He reached for the hand-held CT device and checked your chest and abdomen.

“Any vomiting, Y/L/N?” He asked. You shook your head.

“I think I’d feel way better if I could,” you admitted. He put the scanner down and palpated your abdomen. You winced as he pressed on the tight skin at your belly button. He picked up the CT again and scanned lower, and then smirked and raised an eyebrow, giving Jim a sly look.

“No vomiting at all?” he clarified. You shook your head and pushed yourself to sitting. “When was your last menstrual cycle?” 

If you weren’t already mortified, you were now. “Uh, just shortly before Federation Day, I think. I’d have to double check my calendar.”

“Are your,” he cleared his throat and looked uncomfortable, gesturing at your chest, “uh, your breasts. Are they tender?”

Without thinking you reached up and checked. “Maybe a little more than usual?”

“And you’re fatigued?” He pressed. You nodded. “Needing to void more frequently?”

“She’s on and off the bridge much more than usual,” Jim offered brightly.

“Because Nyota said I should drink more water because I’d been feeling so bloated,” you protested.

“Well, I have good news, Y/L/N, you aren’t dying,” Bones offered, and punched Jim on the shoulder. “And you, you sly dog. You should have said something.”

Jim looked at you in confusion, and then back to Bones. “About what?”

“Well, you rushed her in here so concerned -”

“As a captain would be for any of his crew, Bones!” Jim interrupted. “I’m sorry, Y/N, you’re lovely, but -”

“So it’s not you?” Bones asked, suddenly looking disappointed and a little hurt. 

“I’m not sure what you’re asking, Bones, but Y/N and I aren’t involved,” Jim clarified. Bones looked away, almost flinching.

“Can someone please tell me what is going on?” You interrupted, not wanting to hear Jim’s laundry list of why you aren’t attractive to him. You knew he was carrying on with someone in Engineering, and that he thought he was being secretive about it.

“This is a fairly significant diagnosis. Would you like your boyfriend to come offer moral support?”

“There is no boyfriend,” you countered. Jim sat down beside you, and took your hand in his. Bones flinched again and looked away.

“As you captain, I’ll support you -”

“Okay, seriously, am I dying?” You asked.

“No, you’re pregnant,” Bones was dead serious. “I can understand if there’s no boyfriend in the picture how you might not have realized. You’ll need to have a discussion with the father, of course -”

You blanched and gestured for the garbage pail beside Bones, and when he passed it to you, sweet relief as you were finally able to puke. And puke. And puke. Jim retreated with the first heave, but Bones stayed beside you, gesturing for a nurse you bring you a glass of water and a hypo with Zofran in it. When the puking stopped, the tears started, and Bones sat on the biobed beside, you, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder.

“Hey, Y/N, it’ll be okay. If you want me be with you when you talk to him -”

“You fucking moron,” you shook your head as you wiped your mouth. “Who the hell do you think is the father? Federation day, remember?”

Til the End Draws Near-- Part X

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Oliver stared at Felicity, wishing he could go to her, release her wrists from bondage and comfort her. Her head was hanging, still shaking in pain, eyes bright, snot clumping and running, and tear stains on her cheeks. Despite all this, Oliver still found her so beautiful. Her beauty came from her strength, shining all around. 

She may not be able to walk anymore, but that didn’t diminish her in his eyes. He still loved her with everything in him, still craved her presence. This nightmare was lessened because she was here with him, soothing his anxious fears. 

“Felicity.” He called, caressing each syllable of her name. She raised her eyes to meet his. He furrowed his brow. 

“I won’t ask if you’re okay, because it’s obvious that you’re not. How can I help you? What can I do?”

Felicity shook her head, without answers. 

“Please. Anything. What do you need?” 

“You.” Her voice rough as rocks, barely heard over the distance. 

Oliver once again pulled at the chains. He had to get them out of here. It would be difficult, seeing as he had no plan, and no opportunity. Felicity would also be dead weight, but there was no way in hell he was leaving her behind. Dinah was here somewhere as well, hopefully in a condition to escape unaided. 

“I’m right here, Felicity. I’m right here.” 

“It hurts, Oliver. It hurts.” She sobbed, trembling. 

“I know, baby, I know. Just look at me. Keep your eyes on me.” 

Nodding was her response, gulping down deep breaths to steady her breathing. 

He needed a lock pick, something to get them out of the shackles. He cast his eyes around looking for anything that might be useful. 

He was wearing his leather pants, but all thigh quivers were absent. They’d taken his jacket and his thermal shirt, leaving his scarred chest bare. Felicity’s heels were missing, and her dress was torn in places, showing upper thigh in peeps. 

“Do you have any bobbie pins?” He asked, hopefully. 

NO. She mouthed, emphasizing that point with her head. 

Then Oliver’s eyes landed on the device Susan had dropped. There would be wire in there, enough to pick the locks with any luck. 

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The White Wolf: A Voltron/OKami Crossover

Hey, you all remember my post about a crossover between Voltron and Okami.  I wrote it and I have no regrets.

Originally posted by cashtration

Title: The White Wolf

Rating: G

Series: Voltron Legendary Defender/Okami

Characters: Shiro, Hunk, Keith, Lance, Pidge and Ammy

Summary: When team Voltron explores an old abandoned temple, Shiro finds the last thing he ever expected to find there.

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Matthew (5) by Greg Burger, Sutro Baths, San Francisco, 2016-11-14.

These are long-exposure images; the lens remained open for about 30-60 seconds.  Much of the light - all of the light in the 3rd and 4th pictures here - is moonlight.  It was actually very dark.

What appears as a sea of fog in the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pictures is actually the blurring of ocean waves.

Photographer Greg Burger began each image by first allowing moonlight to accumulate, then added light from in front and from the side (red, blue, green and orange in this set) with a hand-held device (much like a flashlight) capable of projecting many colors.  He then returned to close the shutter.

The game for Matthew, as model, was to hold perfectly still while each image was constructed around him.  The slightest motion of eyes, head or mouth, especially when his face was lit, would blur the image.  Thus, where Matthew appears slightly blurred, it’s not because the shot was out of focus, but because he moved very slightly.

Different (Barry Allen smut)

I wrote a thing! It’s the first thing I’ve written that I’ve ever posted on here so feedback is welcome! I’m also always taking requests!

Prompt: Well, this was one of my own prompts. I haven’t really seen any fanfiction where Barry is ever rough in bed because he’s such a dorky cinnamon roll, but mama has needs, so I wrote some myself. 

Characters: Barry Allen/Reader

Warnings: SMUT, language (I’m talking the swearing kind, not German), rough stuff

A/N: It’s kinda short and to the point but I’m not really up to writing full length novels right now so drabbles will have to do. Again, feedback or prompts are always lovely, especially since I’m actually posting stuff now! Thanks!

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Why the RFA + V&Saeran are in detention

Highschool AU~~~

Zen: Being on his phone too much and lowkey calling a teacher a hoe

Jumin: Talking back to a teacher then arguing with them

Yoosung: Falling asleep in class and sneaking in a hand-held gaming device 

Jaehee: Letting people copy her homework and not participating in PE during certain sports

707: Making memes out of the principal and hacking into the school’s system giving himself a A in all of his classes

V: He’s a good noodle for the most part, but he hasn’t gotten caught for letting people copy his work during class.

Saeran: Ditching class and getting caught smoking on campus


Hand Mortar Appreciation Post

A hand mortar was a hand-held device, similar to an oversized version of other contemporary firearms, designed to fire explosive fuse grenades in an arc at medium range. The barrel is usually bottlenecked near the firelock, where the powder would be poured, becoming substantially larger afterward to accommodate the grenade. Due to the inherent unreliability of that primitive ammunition, neither they nor hand mortars were particularly common on the battlefield.


Matthew (6) by Greg Burger, Sutro Baths, San Francisco, 2016-11-14.

These are long-exposure images; the lens remained open for about 30-90 seconds.  Much of the light on the rocks is moonlight.  It was actually very dark.  The 3rd and 4th pictures here, two of the shorter exposures, capture a plane passing in the background.

What appears as a sea of fog in the background of each picture is actually the blurring of ocean waves.

Photographer Greg Burger began each image by first allowing moonlight to accumulate, then either added light from in front and from the side (red, blue, green and orange in this set) with a hand-held device (much like a flashlight) capable of projecting many colors, or ran the length of the pool to add the fire effect.

The game for Matthew, as model, was to hold perfectly still while each image was constructed around him.  The slightest motion of eyes, head or mouth, especially when his face was lit, would blur the image.  Thus, where Matthew appears slightly blurred, it’s not because the shot was out of focus, but because he moved very slightly.

But what if there was a Sebaciel AU like this...


Ciel jumped up to his feet, taking one second to wipe the dust off of his freshly scraped knees as he ran at full-speed down the street. He was in such hurry he barely noticed the sting of his khaki shorts rubbing against the raw skin.


The sun beat down on him, sticking his baseball style T-shirt to his chest as sweat rolled off of his forehead. Nothing, not even his after school meeting with the freshman counselor about his future, could stop him from this.

Who needs a meeting when he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life? The fourteen year old grit his teeth, gripping harder onto the straps of his back pack. This was it.

Worn out converse slammed against the pavement, Ciel’s breaths picking up quicker as he held the red device in front of his face, “I saw it, I know its got to be around here somewhere!”

Something caught those big blue eyes, Ciel jutting out into the street and swerving around obnoxiously honking cars as he carelessly continued his pursuit, “S-sorry! Pardon me!”

Barely noticing he just got away with his life, he held the hand-sized device up once more, whispering a ‘no way’. Shoving it back into his pocket, he reached into the front of his backpack, quickly pulling out a small red and white sphere he was so used to by now. The smoothness of it in his hand had his heart racing as he got closer to where his sight was set. He smirked, knowing that there was no way he could fail this time. Three more steps and he held the ball high above his head before dashing head first around the corner.

And crashing right into what felt like a brick wall.

“Augh!” Ciel fell back, the force from him running slamming his head onto the concrete. He squinted up at the hot sun, his now empty hands coming up to cover his face, “N-nooough!! So close! Son of a-!”

“Ahh” the brick wall that Ciel ran into began to speak up, “Are you alright, kid?”

Ciel froze, pausing his lament to remove his hands from his face to see the tall, figure standing above him, one hand out offering his assistance and the other holding onto Ciel’s small possession.

Ciel looked at the hand skeptically before finally taking it, helping himself up without a word. He sighed, dusting himself off as he ignored the oncoming questions.

“You don’t have to pretend that didn’t hurt. I’ve taken a few good falls myself, hah. Hey, can you speak? Did I scare you? My name is Seba-”

“I don’t care what your name is,” Ciel finally looked up into those deep brown eyes, looking away quickly, as he continued to sneer at the man at least a foot above him, “you got in my way.”

“Hm..,” Sebastian watched as Ciel rubbed his head, wondering if this kid was actually alright. From the looks of it, he seemed like he had taken quite the beating. A new idea crossed his mind, “Hey uh- boy.. If you won’t answer my other questions, mind answering just one?”

Ciel sighed, picking his backpack up off of the ground, “Not interest-”

Sebastian held the small red and white orb before Ciel’s face, watching those blue eyes widen, “Is this a Poké Ball ?”

Ciel gasped, reaching his hands out right as Sebastian pulled it behind his back, “Give it back! That isn’t yours-”

“So it must be real, right?”

Ciel frowned, crossing his arms, “What of it?!”

Sebastian smiled, reaching up to un-tuck a chain from its safe place beneath his T-shirt. Ciel squinted at the official stamp on the pendant. There was no mistaking it.

The crest of an official team.

Team Instinct.


“What is it that you were after? It must have been something you’ve never caught before.”

“A..a Rapidash..”

Sebastian’s eyes widened, “You.. you were running like that for a Rapidash-”

“I JUST WANT ONE, OKAY?!” Ciel slammed his fist on the building of the cafe beside them, “Now give me back my Poké Ball  so I can be on my way-”

“You know, I can help you get a hold of one of those easily, I am in th-”

“I don’t need help from the likes of you,” Ciel spat at his feet, “weak, Instinct trash.”

The words left Ciel’s mouth almost as quickly as the guilt and regret behind them came. Shit, this wasn’t how this conversation should be going. He knew he shouldn’t be disrespecting someone else just because they care for his well being. Especially not someone that is officially in one of the three clans. He bit down on his tongue, glancing up to peek at the face above him.

Sebastian remained unfazed, simply tossing the ball into the air and catching it again before shoving it into his pocket, “You’ll be surprised what you find in the weakest corners of the universe. Strength is recognizing your own faults and allowing others to help you in such areas,” he turned to walk away, “so who would be the weak one there?” 

Ciel felt the blood rush to his face as he was pushed right off of his pedestal. Staring at the long strands of black hair blowing in the hot gust of air, Ciel sighed, calming himself.

“I apologize-”

“Apology accepted!” Sebastian whipped back around, a smile plastered across his face as he leaned down over the shocked boy, “Now, come on. We need to get these scrapes cleaned up and some medication for that thick head of yours-” 

Ciel jumped to follow Sebastian as he began to walk quickly down the street, “Wh-what?!”

“-and, you know, probably a phone call to your parents or something so they aren’t worried-”


“Now, my house is only a few blocks from here so let’s get going-”


Sebastian stopped, retrieving the Poké Ball from his pocket before quickly bending down on his knee to Ciel’s eye level, holding the ball in between their noses, “But first, we have a Pokemon to catch”

Ciel was shocked into silence as he watched this man , this strange tall brick wall before him. Sebastian spoke up again, “Or would you prefer someone from a ‘stronger’ team to help you?”

What was it about this goliath, Instinct freak that had Ciel actually contemplating this ridiculous idea? All of this time, he has heard nothing but insults about the “weak yellow clan” and now, one of them was supposed to help him? Although he had his eyes set on another team, a better color he thought was more befitting of his strengths… he couldn’t find any cons in receiving his help. Just this once.

Sebastian rotated the ball, “The choice is yours..”

Ciel bit the inside of his cheek, reaching out and grabbing his Poké Ball as Sebastian stood back up.

“So, small…boy-thing.. what do you sa-”

“Let’s do this.”

datcr4zib0i  asked:

Do you think something like Star Trek's reality could be someday achieved?

I mean, it already has. A lot of the stuff originally presented in Star Trek has been made reality already, as in any major SciFi, some of the stuff they predicted comes true, some of it is inspired by the Sci-fi.

As for actually being able to bend space and time and going faster than the speed of light, such a breakthrough would require rewriting much of the basic laws of matter and energy and the universe.

Things like cellphones and everything they are also capable of are analogous to some of the hand held devices on Star Trek, as we see in Undertale, cell phones can be very useful with some extra functions. Not sure if Toby Fox is a Trekkie, but some of the pop culture references to StarTrek are so common it’s almost impossible to grow up without knowing them, like “KHHHHAAAANNNNNNN!” And “make it so” and “damn it ______ I’m a doctor not a _____!” And “beam me up Scotty!”

Miracles of Love

An Avengers Imagine

Bucky x Reader 

Warnings: FLUFF!

Word Count: 982

A/N: Because you nerds deserve this. @nicolejones412 and @paigeywinkle, I took out the last paragraph. Are you happy now?!

You feel hands wrap around your waist and rest on your large belly. You laid your head back on your husband’s chest. “How are my girls?” Bucky smiles, his chin resting on the top of your head.

You feel a couple kicks against your belly where Bucky’s hands are. You giggle softly. “We’re good,” you laugh, patting Bucky’s hands. Bucky kisses the top of your head.

You grab the skillet you are making breakfast in and move it to the counter. Bucky grabs a couple plates and puts them next to the skillet. You begin to dish up your scrambled eggs while Bucky gets your drinks.

You convene at the table. The both of you eat quickly then go back to your room. Bucky hops into the shower while you change your clothes. Bucky gets out of the shower and dresses quickly.

“Babe,” you call. He turns to you. You look mournfully at your shoes. Bucky chuckles then helps you put your shoes on. You can’t reach anymore, hell, you can’t even see your toes anymore.

Bucky helps you stand and to the car. You get into the front seat and fasten your seatbelt. Bucky gets in and drives the two of you to your doctor. You walk into the he clinic and Bucky signs you in then sits beside you.

“Y/N Barnes,” a nurse calls. Bucky helps you stand and you walk over to the nurse who leads you back to an ultrasound room. “Pull your shirt up then lay down on the bed,” the nurse says then leaves the room. You do as your told and Bucky stands at your head.

An ultrasound technician comes in and smiles at you and Bucky. “Good morning, Mr. And Mrs. Barnes,” she smiles.

“Good morning,” you and Bucky say at the same time.

“Right, let’s get this show in the road,” the tech grins, pulling out the goo to put on our belly. You know she would find the heartbeats first and she did. Your babies’ heartbeats filled the room and was music to your ears. A giant smile spreads across your face.

“Their heartbeats are strong. That’s good. Now, let’s see how they look,” the tech smiles. She switches the hand-held devices and looks at the monitor. You follow her gaze and are rewarded.

Your babies come into view. They are curled up close together. “Looks like you’re going to have identical twins,” the tech giggles. You look at Bucky and the two of you groan. You’d been hoping for fraternal twins.

Bucky leans over and presses a kiss to your forehead. “I love you,” he mutters. You smile happily.

“I love you, too,” you murmur.

You look down on one of your daughters. Grace and Hope are five years old and act so much like their father and Steve, but they look just like you, except their eyes which are their father’s. Of course, just like the technician had said, are identical so you and Bucky bought your two girls lockets with their initials on the front.

Grace had her ear up against your belly and a gigantic grin on her face. “Grace, sweetie, I don’t think you’ll be able to hear your baby brother,” you tell her. “You might feel him kick you, though,” you add a moment later. This did, indeed, happen. You feel your baby boy kick where Grave had her face. Grace jumps back and smiles brightly.

“Momma! Momma!” Hope yells, running into the living room and skidding to a stop in front of you.

“What is is, sweetheart?” You smile.

“I pushed daddy in the mud,” Hope laughs, pointing over her shoulder towards the backyard.

You try to suppress your laughter but it seems impossible. You begin to giggle which soon turns into full blown laughs. You stand with a little bit of difficulty and walk out onto the back patio. Bucky is standing in the grass with the water hose, spraying himself clean.

“You okay, babe?” You giggle. Bucky shoots you a small glare.

“I’m fine, except that I have mud in places mud should never be,” Bucky says, a traumatised look on his face. You’re laughing again.

Bucky scowls and pints the water hose at you for a minute. You squeal. “Oh, yeah. That makes so much sense. Pick on the pregnant girl,” you growl. Bucky is bent over laughing. You roll your eyes and go back inside, still sopping wet.

“What is it with you and being pushed in the mud?” You giggle. Bucky sends you a glare then sighs heavily.

“At least I wasn’t alone this time,” he says mournfully, looking over at David who is sitting in the grass, covered from head to foot in mud. The giggles that had sporadically escaped you turns into full-blown laughs.

Bucky sprays you with the water hose and you squeal. “Oh, this means war,” you growl to Bucky who is bent over laughing. You turn to Grace and Hope who are watching through the glass door. “Girls, get your NERF guns,” you say, walking back into the house.

“Yes, ma'am,” they salute simultaneously then turn and run to their rooms. You run to your room and grab your NERF gun from under your bed and your bullets. You meet Grace and Hope in the hallway and the three of you sneak up on Bucky and David.

Bucky goes into automatic soldier mode and David just squeals. Bucky picks David up and runs to your bedroom. He emerges a moment later, David a step behind him and a giant NERF gun in his hand.

This goes on for almost two hours then the five of you collapse in a heap in the middle of the living room. You have a giant smile on your face. You are surrounded by your children and the love of your life is laying beside you.

You couldn’t be happier.

 AN: I hope everyone is doing good and stuff :3 (idk I’m in a really good mood rn for some reason XD). Also, I hope you like this imagine! Thank you to the anon for sending it my way, I hope that this is what you envisioned! Enjoy! *I do not own the gif, found on google. Please ignore any spelling errors! Xoxoxoxoxo :3

Pairing: Pietro (AoU) X Reader

Prompt: Hey I know requests are closed now, but when they open, would you write one on the reader being a human avenger but when everyone’s falling during a battle, she has a sudden burst of power? Major pietroxreader fluff please 😘 Love your writing btw

((Okay so don’t kill me, but I almost completely ignored the fluff bit. I’m not sure what happened, but this imagine got really intense really fast. There was so many heavy feelings and a lot of struggling to survive, so I never really found the proper place to stick in fluff. I did, however, put in some Pietro X Reader for you! I hope that is okay! *gives you cookie*))

Warnings: Violence, swears , dark themes, feelings of extreme loss and hopelessness. Mentions of death.



The sun had just touched the rumble-blanketed horizon, illuminating the sky with an orange and red light. It would have looked absolutely beautiful, had it not reminded you of the blood-stained streets that were crumbling under your feet.

With every drop of the thick, red blood that fell from your friends, you felt your sanity further crack. Soon, you were going to shatter.

The rest of the team already has.

They weren’t dead, yet. You could see over the mounds of rocks and debris the Hulk, Bruce, frantically trying to protect Nat and Tony, both of which had fallen unconscious during the intense fighting. Even from where you stood, you could see the desperation in Bruce’s eyes, and even in his green form he looked weak.

The truth of the matter was that none of you were prepared for a light like this. And, you were convinced that no matter how many guns or how many SHIELD members you had brought with you, you still would have been no match for this army.

They were aliens that descended from the sky in the early hours of the day, killing hundreds of people and leveling dozens of buildings before the Avengers had even gotten the distress call. The creatures, as you were quick to find out, were larger in number and were willing to go to any lengths to kill. They were brutal, and there was too many of them to contain.

Your team didn’t have time to look over the attackers carefully and strategically, and you felt the consequences of that now.

This was one of your first major fights, seeing as you were the newest member of the Avengers, and you had gotten into a level of destruction and violence that you hadn’t even thought possible. You were only human, not some god like Thor or enhanced being like the Maximoffs were.

There was nothing for you to fall back on other than your newly acquired combat skills and a small pistol that you kept strapped to your thigh, and even that was out of bullets.

“Hello?” You whispered into your headset, hoping that one of your teammates would be well enough to respond. The fight had dragged on for the entire day, and as the sun set, the noises of gunshots and yelling aliens had died down to a faint lull of groaning civilians who had been wounded.

Even the Hulk was down now.

“Hello?” You repeated yourself, a feeling of worry and desperation setting over you. “Is anyone…is anyone still there?”


There was no longer any sunlight in the sky, it was as if someone had taken a paintbrush and swiped black ink across the sky and dotted it with white stars.

Still, the scenery was lit by the orange flames that erupted from the once-buildings. You could see the aliens, with their nasty grey skin and beady black eyes, wandering around the streets and checking for any people hiding in the shadows.

No. It can’t be over. They can’t win.

But, they had. How could they not? Every time you thought that the team had the advantage, every time you saw even a glimmer of hope, it was ripped away from you when another wave of aliens fell from the clouds. Wave after wave after wave after wave…

How was it that you, the weakest of the team, was the last one standing?

The answer was so painfully simple, yet you couldn’t properly admit it to yourself. The truth was: you were a coward. Yes, you had started out strong by fighting off a few dozen enemies, but it got to be too much. You hid in corners and under rocks when things began to get bad. You saved yourself as your teammates began to fall.

“Status report.” You heard Nick Fury’s voice boom through the speakers, making your fearful self jump. You couldn’t find your voice at first, prompting Fury to repeat himself. “Status report, is anyone still up out there?”

You swallowed the blood, tears, and fear. “I…I’m here.”

“Y/N,” Fury breathed out, almost sounding relieved to hear someone. “Where are the others?”

“I…” Tears stung at your eyes, but you just shook your head and cast your emotions aside the best you could. You had to remember, the battle wasn’t over yet, and it was no time to let emotions get in the way of your guard. “I think I am the only one left, sir. Well, conscious at least.”

There was a pause, then his voice came through, much less stern than before. He sounded shaken, and worried. “I have a location on Quicksilver’s communication device, all of the other ones seemed to be busted. I’m sending you the cornets now, go and find him.”

You took out a small hand-held device that SHIELD had given you, and just as promised, a map popped up on the screen with a red dot where the Pietro’s headset was.

“Y/N.” Nick said through your speaker. “Listen…I know that you are new to this sort of thing, but even the other Avengers aren’t used to this kind of battle. Some of them may not have been strong enough for this fight. So…so when you find Pietro’s headset, he may not be with it, for all we know he could be on the other side of the city. Or, you could find him, but he may not be the same. There had been a lot of blood and a lot of death in this attack, he may not…”

“Fury?” Your heart was hammering in your chest as he clearly struggled to find the right words.

“He may not be in the state that you saw him in before you started the mission. Be ready for the potential findings of his…body. Do you understand me, Y/N?”

Silence, you couldn’t breath.

“Do you understand me?”

You swallowed and licked your chapped, ash covered lips. “Understood.”

Avoiding the aliens in the streets, you clung to the side of the buildings and used the shadows as cover as you made your way to the center of town where the directions told you to go.

This bit of the battle field was completely wrecked, even more so than where you were. Every step you took you saw a more and more gruesome reality.

You had initially thought that joining the Avengers would be some sort of amazing thing; fame, respect, and friendship. You were right about that much, but you hadn’t accounted for all the dirty stuff. All of the death, all of the destruction, all of the hopes crushed.

Moments like this, moments where you walk through the streets with your heart hanging from your chest and your tears racing down your face, you wondered why you had ever though that it was good. The good didn’t outweigh the bad, and in this case, the heroes didn’t defeat the villains.

You forgot what it was like to hope for better, happier moments. Your mind was plagued with dark clouds of hate and anger, as well as sadness.

If you couldn’t find Pietro, or if you found him with his heart not beating in his chest, you would give up. No more playing hero, no more Avengers.

You stood in the spot where the red dot flickered on your device, but there was not a body there. You pivoted your feet to look around, and you heard a crunching sound.

Pietro’s headset was in pieces under the heel of your boot.

“No, no, no, no…”

Numb, you were so numb inside. How could you feel so much overwhelming emotion inside, yet still feel nothing at all? How could one feel so filled with feelings of anger and pure agony, yet feel so hollow?

“No!” You picked the little machine in your fingers, seeing the specks of blood that were painted onto the sides of it. Not your blood. “Pietro, Pietro, no!”

You let go of all restraints that you had built inside of your head. Your screams echoed through the hills of ruble and wounded people, and carried on into the stars in the sky.

Soon enough, the aliens followed the scream back to you, and like ants to a cube of sugar, they began to come. You just sat with your knees on the ground, waiting for them to come.

“Y/N…” You heard a weak, accented voice from behind you. “Y/N, is that you?”

You jumped to your feet and spun around, facing a huge pile of rocks and the remains of a home. Through a gap between two collapsed walls, you saw Pietro’s silver hair and bright blue eyes.

“P…Pietro…” You almost smiled when you saw him, but then you understood the position he was in. You could see that his legs were pinned underneath a large boulder, and that he couldn’t move.

“My…my legs are completely crushed. They’re broken, I’m sure.” He gasped out painfully, then looked up to see the oncoming swarm of enemies coming at you. “Get out of here now, Y/N. They aren’t going to go easy on you, they’ll kill you. Get on a ship and get out of here now.”

“I am not leaving without you!” You shot back, turning to face the army and backing up to guard Pietro.

“You aren’t going to win this fight, Y/N.” Pietro said. “Don’t go around thinking that you are invincible, you are human.”

You didn’t move.

“Y/N!” Pietro was yelling now, slamming his hand against the ground. “Listen to me! This isn’t fucking training, this is real life, this is a war! People die in wars, it’s just what happens! You can’t try to save everyone, you have to save yourself and live to fight another day.”

“Then what? Then I just ‘move on’, right?” You closed your eyes and tightened your fists at your sides. “I just forget all about the team that I left for dead on the battle field, I am the lone survivor. People praise me for my bravery in fighting, even though I left a teammate in the path of the enemy. That is not the future I want. If I loose you, I won’t want to fight another day. If I’m not fighting side-by side with you, then I would rather die.”

Any words that he was going to say was cut off by the rumbling feet of the attackers.

They were five feet from you.





You were a fighter, and you had a fire in you that would burn until the moment that you stopped breathing. During the heat of the battle you had forgotten all the courage that you had, but now there was nothing blocking it from you. You were at a hundred percent, and you would take that with you to the grave.

They piled onto you like a herd of some sort of deranged animals; snapping their pointy teeth at your arms and legs, growling and hissing, and hitting blow after blow.

They seemed to be focusing all their attention onto you, which you were glad. They hadn’t noticed Pietro in the debris yet.

You dished out every punch and every kick that you could, never giving up, yet you could see the black begin to creep into your vision and blurring everything around you.

You were thankful for living that you did; for the amazing friends you had, and trying to save the world. If this was how you were going to go out, then fine.

Through the bodies on top of you and the violent attacks, you heard one distinct phrase leave Pietro’s lips, one that he said as though he intended for it to be the last thing you hear:

I love you!

A strange feeling brewed inside of you, one that you didn’t know you had, and spread to every fiber in your body. You felt your cells change. You felt your very soul vibrate.

Instinctively, without thinking, you shoved your hands forward so that it collided with the first body in front of you. A circle of energy shot out of your body in every direction, sending the enemies around you flying everywhere.

You looked down at your hands, and saw that they glowed with a faint purple hue, much like Wanda’s did red when she used her powers.

Stretching your fingers out in the direction of the oncoming wave of aliens, you shot out a ball of purple energy, knocking them all over like bowling pins.

Your head still felt blurred and your vision was still going, but you never felt more awake. Your body, if it makes any sense at all, vibrated in excitement. Your skin crawled with a fiery, stinging sensation as you shot down each and every enemy that came your way.

As you continued to thin their waves of troops, you ripped the headset away from your ear and tossed it to Pietro so that he could get you two a transport out of there, and to tell Fury that you were well on your way to wiping out the entire enemy army.

Soon, you heard word from each of the Avengers. They were all alive, thought the road to recovery would be a long one. Still, that was okay.

When you were on the transport airship away from the battle, you thought back to the three phrases that kept running through your head as you fought:

No more.

No more death, no more giving up.

We will live.

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in which Lotor does something right, then fucks up

Lotor: Once more I have come with gifts for my paladins of voltron! I heard the crazy man with a broom is not home and decided to take the oppertunity

Lotor: I have bought this”hand held” human game device for the green paladin, its suppose to be powered by the light of stars

Pidge:(sNATCH) (flees to horder hole)

Lotor: I have gotten the yellow paladin a stuffed sack of hair meant to illastrate a earth animal (hands hunk the cutest damn teddy bear you ever seen)

Hunk:dawww (hugs it)

Lotor:(after rightfully taking a picture of the purest thing to happen in the universe) For the blue paladin I have collected the abandoned homes of equatic life for you to enjoy looking at (hands sea shells)

Lance: thanks! (looks at shells with whistfull expression)

Lotor:(nods) For princess Allura I have aquired the nearly exstinct plant known as the junarberry to present to you

Allura: (doesnt want to accept gift, really wants gift, begrungingly takes plant) I accept this as a offering of good will, not as a courting gift

Lotor: I will accept the current terms of accepting the plant (turns to keith) and finnally for the black paladin and fellow half garla I have brought the traditional courting gift (brings out a space prisoner) a gladiator of true merrit that rivaled the champion in prowess, at your command as a guard for your body


Keith:you have a minute and a half to get off this ship before I start removing teeth from your mouth and shoving them into your eyes

Lotor:(running for life like a smart boy) that went excellent! most of the paladins did not threaten nor maim me and the black paladin acknowledged my presence!

Join our Joined Forces!

You may or may not know the romantic story of two star-crossed kindergarten crushes reunited 20 years after their heart-wrenching break-up. However, after an epic remeet unparalleled by even the cutest romantic comedy, the universe has seen fit to reunite Cameron and Jade for a trip of epic proprotions. Join us as we travel from Portland, OR to Boulder, CO, from the convenience of your hand-held device!

Read on !  for my humorous hyberbole (and alliteration) and eloquent and (overly)analytical musings of seemingly trivial events. Live vicariously through our monumentous misjudgements and meadnerings that can be brought to you only by travels of Cameron and Jade. 

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Missy had of course heard of the famed River Song, wife of the Doctor. The sort-of Time Lady intrigued her. Well, as much as a spider is intrigued by a fly. River had gotten close to her Doctor while Missy was otherwise preoccupied and now that the Doctor thought Missy was dead again, it was time to pay her a visit.

The heels of her boots clicked loudly as she approached the cell door. The Stormcage had always amused her. They didn’t even dare try to put Missy in there. She clicked a few buttons on her little hand held device and the cell door opened. She stepped into the room and cocked her head to the side, staring at the curly haired woman with unblinking blue eyes. “You’re not as impressive as the stories made you out to be.”

A Ghost Story - DP

Happy Halloween! 

Warning for long post. 13,000+ words.


It was a toy airplane, and it had definitely seen better days. Rust clung to metal, paint chipped off plastic wings, and one of the little wheels was missing. Perhaps it had been a well-loved toy. Perhaps it had simply been left in the elements for too long. Perhaps it was a little of both.

Either way, it was carefully cradled in one of Maddie Fenton’s hands. Her other hand held a small tracking device that detected the levels of ectoplasmic energy around them. Every time she swung her detector too close to the toy plane, the readout would spike. Not enough to actually indicate a ghost - but enough to show that the plane was supernatural in its own way.

“Come on,” she whispered as she walked slowly through the Amity Park graveyard. She pointed her detector at every headstone, hoping for a ping of energy that would match the toy. Having covered most all of the graveyard already, she was losing hope. The gravestones still stretching ahead of her were weathered and worn; she was in the oldest section.

“It’s just not worth it, Mads.” Jack trailed behind her, hands stuffed into his pockets. He’d lost interest almost an hour ago.

A late October breeze made the remaining leaves on the trees rustle, and the brown dead leaves around her feet swirl and dance. Maddie shivered and looked up. Puffy clouds raced across the sky overhead. The weatherman had issued a frost advisory for that night, and a strong chance for cold rain the next day. She had to do this today - she certainly wouldn’t want to be out in the weather tomorrow.

“Just a little more,” Maddie replied, even though she knew there was no chance the plastic and metal toy airplane had belonged to anyone buried under such old headstones. “I’m almost done.”

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