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Perfect World - Chapter Fourteen

Summary: You have been hunting with Sam, Dean, and Cas for a while, but once you turn 30 you’re torn between loving Dean, wanting out of the hunting business, or just continuing on through life with the boys.  Something unexpected happens that turns your entire world upside down.  How will the Winchesters and Cas handle it, and will anything ever feel the same again?

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warnings: things are getting better, but it’s still lots of crying.  There are Sam tears in this chappie (should I warn for that?)

word count: ~1000

The next couple days passed, tension palpable in the bunker.  Your admission about your son was haunting the boys, and none of them really knew what to do to comfort you.  

For you, however, your dream of Bobby was slowly getting you to a better place.  After seeing the picture of him, holding it at every possible moment, and having the conversation with him about letting go and getting back out there, you were feeling much better.

The third day after the dream, you got up, showered, and got dressed.  Sure, motions were slow and lethargic, and a few times you just wanted to crawl back into your covers, but they were happening for the first time in a while.  Baby steps, right?

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sometimesangryblackwoman  asked:

Robin asking Charming for advice.

Enchanted Forest, Missing Year.

“Did you ever find a use for those arrows she gave you?”

Robin pulls a face, chuckling ruefully and quickly dropping his gaze back down to his coffee as though he hadn’t just been caught staring at the Queen.

“I”ll take that as a no, then,” Charming laughs, taking the seat beside his with a heaping plate of eggs and hash in hand.

“Little John actually suggested I peddle the gold parts,” Robin tells him, eyes crinkling. “But I can’t imagine Her Majesty would take too kindly to that, after she went out of her way to say thank you.”

He spoons some oatmeal into his mouth and chews carefully around the beginnings of a smile, as if the recollection of Regina gifting him with those gold-tipped arrows is a source of great amusement to him.

Charming steals a glance at the far corner of the hall where Regina has deigned to sit with her breakfast today. She aims a delicate sneer at everyone walking within range of her table, though Charming suspects it’s more out of habit than anything now; in all the weeks since their return to the castle, no one except Snow has ever ventured to meet her eye, much less sit with her.

If she’s noticed that Robin alone seems bold enough to settle his gaze on her scowling features—longer than one might deem strictly safe, and rather frequently at that—she makes no indication of it, jabbing at her melon and looking murderous when Grumpy strolls by with a salute and a very sarcastic-sounding “Morning, sister!”

It’s an interesting thing, Charming thinks, that Regina should bother to join them at all, when she makes such a point of eating alone.

Very interesting indeed.

“Listen,” he says then, in a low, covert sort of tone that pulls Robin away from the avocado he’d been smearing onto his toast. “If you want my advice…” Charming pauses, in case he’s overstepped his bounds and Robin in fact wants nothing of the sort, but the man only inclines his head, patiently waiting for him to finish.

“You could always go talk to her.”

Robin’s expression is politely blank.

“Regina, I mean.”

“Ah,” says Robin, clearing his throat before inquiring, very carefully, “And what topic of conversation might you advise that I start with?”

“Well, you could ask her what she thinks you should be doing with the arrows she gave you,” Charming suggests to him lightly. “I’m sure she’d be more than happy to give you some pointers on how to…‘be more useful around here,’ is how she’d probably word it.”

“True,” says Robin, looking thoughtful. “Her Majesty would hate to pass up any opportunity of putting a thief in his proper place.”

They exchange wry smiles.

“Look,” Charming says, seriously then, “I know Regina can be…difficult, but I think she would appreciate the gesture. Even if she tries very hard to convince you otherwise.”

Robin is smiling into his coffee again, taking a slow, final drag before he stands and reaches out a hand to embrace Charming’s shoulder with something like gratitude.

Regina is studiously slicing a piece of ham into quarters while Robin strides over to her table, evidently hopeful that he’ll simply change his mind and walk the other way if she ignores him pointedly enough.

Charming watches as his unwavering approach eventually forces her gaze upward, and then Robin is gesturing to the vacant bench across from her, making himself comfortable there when Regina looks too taken aback to say no right away.

The meal ends fairly abruptly after that.

Charming doesn’t know the particulars, having hastily dug back into his breakfast with renewed vigor after receiving a dark-eyed, baleful glare from Regina, as though she knows exactly who to blame for the sudden, undesirable company.

Still, he’s able to gather as much when an irate Queen, clearly having taken offense to something Robin’s just said to her, shoves her seat aside and stalks rigid-backed out of the banquet hall, leaving Robin alone at her table to presumably nurse the blow to his pride.

Charming is wondering if perhaps he should just leave the scheming to Snow from now on when Robin turns to observe Regina’s stormy exit, wearing a grin that Charming could only describe as pleased about something, and then he’s wondering instead whether the entire ordeal hasn’t in fact gone exactly according to Robin’s plan.

Charming shakes his head.

He’ll never understand those two.