hand guns

im not sure the extent of ERIL’s features™ just yet but i do know this:

their weapon is a gun. a regular hand gun. they keep it in their chest compartment.

they probably have a super cool hidden lazer in their arms or something science fiction-y.

but they also have a gun.

Rubber Band Gun

Deliver stingy missiles of pain with deadly precision by firing them off using the rubber band gun. Hand carved from solid oak, this compact piece makes shooting and reloading a breeze so that you can unleash a barrage of rubbery pain at a moment’s notice.


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Angst is my favorite type of genre! Enjoy some stressful scenarios! [Admin E]

Tsuna tried to keep you away from the Mafia as long as possible until you found out on your own. He invited you over for dinner when someone broke in for an assassination attempt. He spewed out some speech on the Mafioso lords before firing bullets everywhere. No one got hurt, except for him. Tsuna gave him a bullet to the knees and then one to the head. You sat there, almost calmly, still trying to eat your meal. Tsuna asked if you were ok and why you were still sitting there. Most people would have ran out by now.

“You invited me over for dinner. If you would have handed me the gun, I’d do the same.” You shrugged, smiling a little. You were definitely something else.

“Alright. Let’s continue.” Tsuna nodded, sitting back down at his table. He found out from that day on that you were a Mafioso’s wife. He proposed a month later, realizing that he needed you in his life more than anything. You didn’t shy away from the job and would often help Tsuna with his work. Most of that involved working with his close family members and going to parties.

“Hello, Mrs. Sawada.” Gokudera nodded when you entered the room. You smiled at him, letting him kiss your hand.

“Please, it’s just (Y/n) to you, Gokudera. We’re family.” You said, holding his hand for a moment longer. Gokudera sighed, letting go of your hand. His eyes ran over your body, looking over the beautiful gold dress you wore. Tsuna spoiled you and insisted that you wear the gifts he bought.

“You look very beautiful.” Gokudera complimented as Tsuna came into the room. Tsuna wrapped his arms around your waist and gave your neck a kiss. You giggled, turning to kiss his lips. Gokudera stood there, turning his head away in respect. He was happy that his boss found such an amazing woman to love and marry, but he hated that he loved the same one. You were kind and always there for every member of the family. You were also strong, taking on major roles in the family business and being a figurehead in most transactions.

“What were you two talking about?” Tsuna asked, leaving the embrace to sit at his office desk.

“Just formalities, love. How are you doing? You seem stressed.” You swayed your hips as you walked over to his chair, running your hands over his shoulders. Tsuna sighed into your touch, kissing your hand.

“Comes with the job.” Tsuna muttered.

“I know. But that’s why you have me.” You smiled. “Maybe I could help with that stress a little bit.”

“I’m a bit tired today, (Y/n). I’m sorry, mi amore.” Tsuna apologized. You sighed, kissing his cheek.

“That’s alright.” You told him with a smile. “I can make you some tea and get some fruit for you.” You patted Tsuna’s shoulder before leaving the room. Gokudera bowed his head politely as you left, looking longingly after you.

“You like my wife.” Tsuna commented once they were alone. Gokudera looked shocked, shaking his head quickly.

“Not like that, Tenth!” Gokudera quickly said. “Your wife is very smart and beautiful and kind. I’m happy that you found someone so special.” He said.

“Of course. My wife loves me and appreciates all of you.” Tsuna eyed Gokudera, carefully.

“That she does.” Gokudera agreed.

The next week, Gokudera was sent to find you to help escort you to an event. He knocked on your door, but was confused when there was no response.

“Pardon the intrusion, Miss Sawada.” Gokudera apologized as he came in. His eyes widened when he saw you curled up on your bed, sniffling.

“Miss Sawada? What’s the matter? Are you hurt?” He rushed to your side, sitting on the edge of the bed. You sat up, rubbing at your red eyes.

“I.  .  .” You started, but choked on your words. “I shouldn’t be upset. It’s normal for these men to have other woman, right?” You tried to regain your composure.

“What? (Y/n), what are you talking about?” Gokudera asked, hands cupping your face to wipe tears away. This was wrong. He shouldn’t be getting so protective of you.

“It’s nothing.  .  . just. .  . I found a napkin with lipstick on it the other month.” You sniffed. “I thought I was over thinking it. Then Tsuna kept getting these suspicious calls. He told me they were just business meetings. Yeah, right.” You scoffed, rubbing your face. “I caught him with another woman.” You closed your eyes to try to stop the tears. Gokudera’s face fell. Never had he ever imagined Tsuna to cheat on you. Tsuna loved you.

“Could it have been a mistake?” Gokudera asked, desperately wanting it to be. But part of him felt relieved. This was his chance.

“No, it was home. I’d know Tsuna anywhere.” You cried, trying to control your sobs. You took a deep breath.

“Oh, (Y/n).” Gokudera murmured, pulling you against his chest. Your body shook as you held on to his dress shirt, crying as his arms wrapped around you. Gokudera held you like that for a few minutes, running his fingers through your hair. You were stoic after that, acting as if nothing had ever happened.

Tsuna confided in Gokudera to keep you busy or take you to events, so he could keep busy with his work and meet with an escort every now and then. Gokudera hated covering for it, but he was loyal to his boss.

“He’s still cheating on me, isn’t he?” You said in the middle of a charity event as you stood beside Gokudera. He was quiet, looking down.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” You laughed sadly.

“You don’t deserve it.” Gokudera said, looking at you longingly. “I respect and would do anything for the Tenth, but you don’t deserve to be cheated on and lied to.”

“I know. I can’t go anywhere else, though. I want to stay married to Tsuna.” You sighed. Gokudera’s heart sank at your words.

“It’s your choice.” Gokudera nodded.

“I’ve wanted to hurt him. Like he did to me.” You murmured. “But it’s too hard to arrange a meeting with a prostitute these days without getting caught by my husband.”

“Sounds like a lot of work. I doubt you should meet with someone of that profession, though.” Gokudera noted. You looked up to him, staring in his eyes and he stared back into yours.

“You love me.” You whispered, taking a step closer. Gokudera’s breath hitched in his throat when you said that. He could not admit or deny that statement. He cared about Tsuna too much.

“Just let me return this.  .  . just once.” You leaned forward, lips almost touching. Gokudera’s. His hand rested on the side of your face, cupping your cheek.

“Just once.” Gokudera whispered, pressing his lips against yours. Your bodies touched and you held each other in that moment. But only if it weren’t the last.

You went back to normal, pretending like you didn’t kiss your husband’s best friend. Gokudera smiled at you in the hallway, greeting you as “Miss Sawada” as always.

“Miss Sawada, you look beautiful today.” Gokudera nodded.

“Thank you, Gokudera. Do you, by chance, know where my husband is?” You asked.

“The Tenth is at a meeting right now in his office. I’d suggest not disturbing him.” Gokudera informed. You frowned, but nodded in understanding. You leaned up and pecked his lips gently. Gokudera stood there, frozen, leaning down to kiss you again. Your arms wrapped around his neck as his hands pulled at your hips. This would end badly and both of you knew it. But right now, as your bodies meshed together and pushed into your room, you really didn’t care.

My “Star Wars: Republic Commando” Experience thus far:

- Sev, stop mocking my as you scrape my pathetic butt off the floor.

- Fixer, I don’t care if it’s against protocol to get me up when there are still enemies around, just do it!

- Scorch…you’re off the hook for making me giggle each time.

- Fixer, you couldn’t have warned me about that proximity mine BEFORE I walked over it?


- The HUD options all have perks and I’m not disappointed :D



- Space shot guns are very good at killing their original owners.

- The NPCs aren’t incompetent and don’t make you feel like you’ve got a gaggle of children with water guns following you around. Well done, game!

- Don’t assign someone to a fixed point unless you know you’ll have to manually unassign them later. Being swarmed by Geos and droids while Fixer is squatted behind a random metal stand is not conducive to survival.

- Bacta stations and the ability for you and your team to use them is an awesome feature. My only question is why some are where they are.

- There IS friendly fire and I feel really guilty for shooting Sev with my pistol to find out.


- I love the sniper rifle for being a little OP.

- Honestly, my biggest complaint thus far is that the unique abilities of each squad member isn’t showcased more. Scorch shows enthusiasm for explosives, sure, but any of us could still do most of what he does. Even Sev isn’t unique in his sniping ability, though I haven’t used it too much.

- Whenever there’s epic music playing with a male choir, I get Skyrim flashbacks as I realize I’m about to get my butt kicked.

- I know Vode An plays when I’m supposed to be doing/have done something epic, but it’s more like a reminder of how pathetic I am in comparison to the bad-ass music as I limp away from a battle to a bacta dispenser.

- Also space shotguns.

- Though there are flaws, the AI for my squad is fantastic. You know how long I can turn my back to a room crowded with B1s, B2s, and even a Droideka? Over a FULL MINUTE. Seriously, these guys are more competent than most modern AIs.

- …Be careful in case they box you into a corner or in a tunnel. You can’t walk through or past them, so you’ll be trapped until you load a quick save or shoot them down.

- The four of us alone are capable of taking on an entire small army and winning. Why aren’t more clones trained this well I mean come on this war wouldn’t take 2+ years if that were true.

- Scorch and Sev are very entertaining to listen to when they start talking with each other and nobody is allowed to interrupt because they’re my version of a vacation in this mess.


- Anyone who’s played the game will understand the pain of the above comment.


- And sniper rifles fix turrets.

Monday 8:27am
I woke up with you on my mind.
You called me babe last night —
my heart is still pounding.

Tuesday 10:53pm
Today I realized we won’t work.
What we are is hurting her.
And I think she matters more to me than you do.

Wednesday 11:52pm
I broke things off with you today.
She barely said a word.
I’ve never regretted anything more than this.

Thursday 4:03pm
I shouldn’t have sent that message.
You shouldn’t have been so okay with receiving it.

Friday 9:57pm
I almost messaged you today.
I didn’t.

Saturday 8:49pm
I’m walking around town in search of alcohol.
They say that liquor numbs the pain of having a broken heart.
I want to put that to the test.

Sunday 2:32am
I heard you texted a girl you’ve never spoken to before.
I wonder if it’s because you’re trying to replace me.
I can’t help but wish you weren’t.
I thought I was irreplaceable.

—  a week with you on my mind, c.j.n.

Blurryface (2015): Actually a pretty happy album about embracing life and appreciating the people you have and being together. Occasional sad undertones.

Vessel (2013): About coping with and overcoming the threats inside your head. Sounds very happy and pumped up but if you listen to the lyrics it can be very depressing.

Regional At Best (2011): Beautiful, happy songs with devastating lyrics. Mostly about self-harm and mental illness.

Twenty One Pilots (2009): Poetic, slow songs that are very beautiful. Very despairing wit a strong undertone of death and suicide.

No Phun Intended (2007): 100% depression, suicide, anxiety, self-harm, despair, feeling lost, hopelessness, etc.

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