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Safe For Now

Summary: Three years after almost dying from a werewolf attack, Peter Hale comes to you, tortured and bloodied, seeking a safe haven. What could possibly go wrong?
Characters in this chapter: Peter Hale, Derek Hale, Chris Argent, female reader
Pairing: Eventual Peter x reader, slow burn
Word Count: 2,803
Warnings: Language, angst, blood, 
Author’s Note: This is my first time writing Peter, so if I get something wrong, I’m sorry. 

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Beacon Hills, California. One of the smaller towns in northern California. Home to werewolves, banshees, kanimas, and a slew of other supernatural creatures. Some called it hell. You called it home.

The thunderous howl of an alpha would have sent anyone running, seeking shelter from the murderous monster, doing anything and everything to protect themselves and their loved ones. But not you. You ran toward it at full speed, pistol in hand, silver bullet in the chamber; cocked, locked, and ready to go. You focused on your breathing, keeping it steady, even as you ran to your possible-but-highly-unlikely demise.

A shadow to your left caught your attention for the briefest of moments. It was Chris Argent, your hunting partner, and he was signaling for you to go around to the right while he went left. Without a second thought, you shifted your weight, following his command.

Attacking the werewolf from two different sides was a smart decision. It couldn’t possibly fight off the pair of you. Not when you two were the most experienced and talented hunters. You had started to feel invincible as of late. That should have been your first clue.

Seemingly out of nowhere, gunfire erupted to your left. Swearing loudly, you tore off in that direction, praying that Chris was alright.

It wasn’t like you had a thing for your mentor. Working closely with him for a handful of years, there was bound to be some sort of tension, right? If there was nothing there, why were the icy tendrils of fear racing up your spine?

Sliding to a stop, you watched in slow motion as the werewolf swung his arm back and batted Chris to the side as he were a rag doll. He landed a dozen yards off, at the base of a girthy stump.

Everything in you screamed to run to Chris, make sure he was still alive, but the werewolf was already headed your way, red eyes ablaze, and a growl in his throat that rocked you to your core. You hesitated, pulling the trigger too late. His hand flew through the air, slicing open your belly with razor-like claws.

Your gun fell to the ground with a dull thump and blood fell in sheets, which you tried to stop with your hands, but it seeped through your fingers. You fell to your knees with a grunt, typical forest debris bit through your jeans and stabbed deep into your skin.

With your lips moving in a silent prayer, you didn’t see him raise his hand.

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The post no-one was waiting for (but that I’m doing anyway) pt.2

Dearly Beloved,

here we are gathered here today to get through this thing called Men’s Free Program – last group.

Usual warnings apply, this post may become quite long. If you feel offended by anything I write, asks box is there for you.

ISU Feed was horrible, but sadly that’s all we got since fancams are few and far between. For reference (and also because Uncle Kurt says some very interesting things about jumps) CBC broadcast here:

Let’s Go.

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Kiss It Better Chapter 11

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You awaken to soft kisses on your lips. You didn’t even realize you’d been asleep.

“Mmmmm” you smiled knowing those lips anywhere.

“Hey baby girl. You trying to suffocate yourself while I was gone?” he awaited your answer but the kisses didn’t stop.

“Yes actually. My ma called.” you groaned. “Told me Robert contacted her asking where I was. Asshole. He never cared before. Why should he care now. I don’t want him anywhere near me.”

“Baby” The kisses stopped and he looked you deep in your eyes. “I would never let that happen.”

You put your arms around him and pulled him close. “How did I get so lucky?” You kissed him deeply.

I’m the lucky one” Another kiss but this one didn’t end. It continued deep and passionate. You felt the hunger for him begin to grow inside you. Every cell in your body craved him.

You decided to be in charge this time.You slowly began to remove his clothes not letting him do it himself. And if he tried you pushed his hand away. You stood up and removed your clothes slowly just to tease him. He licked his lips in approval. You climbed back into bed and  reached your hand down and grabbed his already growing erection. He let out a groan as you began stroking him, and he bucked his hips to match your movements. Once he was ready you pushed him on his back and straddled him like a bike. He flashed you an approving smile showing that he liked this side of you, a lot. You lowered yourself onto him and began to grind and ride him. Slowly at first, then you picked up speed. Not too fast. Just right. Juice threw his head back. You felt so good and tight around him. His hands shifted down your hips to your ass where he dug his nails down making you know it was feeling just as good for him as It was for you. Much to your surprise he spanked your ass. You’d never been spanked and you had no idea you’d like it this much. But it just fueled you and made you grind down harder. He sat up and crashed his lips to yours biting a little more harshly than he had ever done before. He had one hand fisted in your hair, while using the other to grip your thigh. With his fingers digging into you he helped guide you up and down, slamming harder than you could have done on your own as he matched your every move. You felt your release rising through your body.

“Oh God baby” you moaned . He knew you were almost there. The thought made fire course through his body bringing him closer to his own release. Gripping you a bit tighter he knew he would leave bruises but he couldn’t let up, not yet. He aided you in picking up the pace. The force of each thrust intensified by the fact that he met you by pushing up as he helped pull you down. Crashing into one another over and over until…

Suddenly you throw your head back and called his name out. Feeling you get impossibly tighter around him he had just enough time to moan a muffle “Fuck” as he bit hard onto your shoulder, releasing himself deep inside you.

You sat together like this waiting to come back down from your highs.

“Fuck baby that was amazing.” he panted as he sucked at your sweat soaked neck.

And you’re locked inside my heart, And your melody’s an art…

You laid together a bit longer. Just stroking and caressing each others skin. He ran his fingers through your hair. You got goosebumps all down your neck.

“Wanna go grab some dinner and drinks?” he asked when his stomach began growling.

“Yes absolutely. I’m starving!”

“Alright I know a great place. Let’s get dressed and go. Juice said

“Do we have to?” you replied.

“I think maybe showing up naked is frowned upon. So maybe we should get dressed” He laughed. You loved that laugh.

“Ok Ok.” you said. Juice went to use the bathroom as you got dressed. Your eyes followed his gorgeous tight ass the whole time. When you bent down to pick his clothes up for him you noticed something fall out of the pocket of his jeans. Bullets.

‘What in the world?’ You thought. ‘That’s it. He’s going to have to tell me something!’

As you were holding the bullets and looking at them in bewilderment he came out of the bathroom and saw you.

“Shit (Y/N). I thought I had got rid of those. I’m sorry.

“I’m sorry too. I wasn’t going through your pants. They fell out when I picked them up. When will you tell me what ‘business’ is for you guys? I kind of would like to know what I’m getting into.” you replied.

“Ill have to bring it to the table and ask Clay and Jax. I’m sure that if I trust you they will. But until then, I’m sorry. I can’t give you specifics.”

“Juan Carlos Ortiz!” He loved it when you used his real name. It sent tingles down his spine. “Grrrr.”

“Did you just growl at me?”

“”Yes. A menacing scary you better tell me soon growl. Be warned.” You smiled. You trusted him. But you were a little nervous. Lord knows why he would have a hand full of bullets in his pocket.

“I like the growl. You should do that more” he teased as he came up and kissed you. “I’ll take these. Let’s get dressed.”

You take your chances when you kiss the hit man…





















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Could you maybe do a fix of GTA!Ryan or Michael rescuing the reader from their kidnapper? Like a "I thought I'd lost you and went a little insane" kinda thing? If you aren't feeling it feel free to delete :)

A/N so… this is much longer than I intended it to be but I had fun writing it, hope you like it!

Pairing: Vagabond/GTA Ryan x Reader

Words:2590 (:0)

Warnings: Violence, fire, swearing, kidnapping

One moment you were getting ready to shoot a grenade towards an opposing gang, but now you were waking up not knowing how you got here. The dusty floor you lay on caused your skin to itch, the rope that twined your hands together felt like it was burning your wrists every time you moved. The air felt thick and foggy, your breathing heavy and head pounding. The room was dark, strands of light piercing through cracks in a boarded-up window. The room was quickly filled with light as a door swung open.

“Ah, lil’ miss princess is awake” Someone cheered, making you wince at the loudness of his voice, “Oh sorry dear, did that hurt” He laughed, coming closer to you and grabbing your hair, pulling on it making you cringe in pain as you tried to move your body up to the height he was pulling. He moved his face down so it was in front of yours though your eyes were locked on the floor and head tilted down.

“Look at me when I’m talking to you” He stated angrily, pulling on your hair harder than before. Your eyes slowly looked up and met his, an evil and sickening grin grew on his face, “there’s a good girl” A quickly as you could you spat in his face, making his hand let go of your hair. You took your chance and tried to run for the only exit but his foot caught yours, causing you to trip and hit the ground hard since you had no hands to ease your fall.

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The gun felt like an anvil in her hands, but she bared it’s full weight as she clicked the bullet housing back into place and cocked it.

She wasn’t a killer, this wasn’t her choice, she didn’t belong here, and neither did the blonde tied to the chair in front of her.

I’m a delightful fucking person, aren’t I? 

I never promised that my human AU was gonna be something light and fluffy, or at least I really hope I didn’t.

What Each Ancient Gives Their Children For Christmas
  • Britannia:
  • -A beautiful tea-set for England.
  • -A stuffed home-made sheep for New Zealand and Whales.
  • -A book with all of America's favourite DC and Marvel characters in action.
  • -Home-made surfboard for Australia.
  • -A jumper with winter patterns for Canada.
  • -Collection of axes and cloth for cleaning them for Ireland.
  • -Box of Rum for Scotland.
  • -Hand-made blue sailor boat that transforms into a robot for Sealand.
  • -Full pink clothing-set for Wy.
  • -Hand-made fluffy green sweater for North Ireland.
  • -Hand-made jacket for Hutt River and Molossia.
  • Rome:
  • -Tomato scarf for Romano.
  • -Letters by HRE for Italy.
  • -A warm vest for Seaborga.
  • China:
  • -Cute hand-made Miku doll for Japan.
  • -A cute pink outfit for Taiwan.
  • -A big panda for Hong Kong and Macau.
  • -Something made in Korea for Korea.
  • -A stress plushie for North Korea.
  • -A collection of Chinese myths for Indonesia and Malaysia.
  • -A collection of Chinese recipes for Singapore.
  • -A hand-made dark green Ao Dai for Vietnam.
  • -A hand-made elephant toy for Thailand.
  • Aestii:
  • -A cute hand-made blue jacket for Lithuania.
  • -Hand-made flower plushie for Russia.
  • -New dress for Belarus.
  • -Knitting set for Ukraine
  • -A USB and videocamera for Estonia.
  • -A hand-made jumper for Latvia.
  • -Assorted pink ribbons and hair accessories for Poland.
  • -Hand-made Prussian flag-style scarf for Prussia and Gilbird.
  • Germania:
  • -A full cleaning set for Germany and Prussia.
  • -Hand-made steel, bullet proof, and indestructible cube bank for Switzerland and Netherlands.
  • -Winter jackets for Luxembourg and Austria.
  • -Home-made canvas and brush for Kugelmuggel.
  • -Cute red winter booths with white decorated ribbons for Liechtenstein.
  • -Hardware tools and parenting guidebook for Sweden.
  • Scandia:
  • -A toy for Puffin, and traditional licorice for Iceland.
  • -A bunch of winter scarves for Norway and his magical friends.
  • -Wooden tools for Denmark.
  • -New Pokemon Ruby and Safire for Ladonia.
  • Gaul:
  • -Home-made leather boots for France.
  • -Warm decorated gloves for Belgium.
  • -New poker card-set for Monaco.
  • Ancient Greece:
  • -Kitten plushie and map to one of her treasures for Greece.
  • Ancient Egypt:
  • -A map to one of her hidden treasure without boobytraps, and a new headpiece for Egypt.
  • Iberia:
  • -New thick jackets, and flower crowns for both Spain and Portugal.
  • Persia:
  • -New sandals that prevents heat for Iran and Iraq.
  • Hehe, the ancients have been very busy... Let's see what's going to happen on the 25th, shall we ;):

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Hey, if you got the time could you please write a Sanvers fic where Alex risks her life for Kara because we all know Alex, that hoe takes bullets for her BULLETPROOF sister, and maybe gets hurt and Maggie gets mad and scared? (Bonus Points if Maggie finds out this way that Kara is Supergirl)

Perhaps this is obvious from the prompt, but be aware that this gets violent (but of course our babies will be fine and in love and safe, my name isn’t Jason Rothenberg).

IF YOU CAN’T READ PAST THE “Keep Reading” LINE FOR SOME REASON, READ THE WHOLE THING HERE, because it does NOT end with Kara yelling!!!!


Kara doesn’t see the Kryptonite-based, diamond-tipped bullets speeding toward her.

So she doesn’t understand, at first, why Maggie is breaking formation; why Maggie is screaming her sister’s name; why Maggie is sprinting across the warehouse, across the warehouse whose walls are shattering from the barrage of machine gun fire she is blazing through.

She doesn’t understand, until she hears a sickening ripping open of flesh.

Doesn’t understand until she looks down to see Maggie get there just in time to catch Alex as her limp body falls; until she sees Maggie cradle Alex’s bleeding form with one arm and unloading five rounds rapid of bullets into the chests of the two Cadmus lackeys who’d shot at Kara.

Who’d hit Alex. Because Kara didn’t see, because Alex dove.

And Alex’s blood is pouring out of her shredded torso, flooding onto Maggie’s hands, soaking into Maggie’s clothes, and Maggie’s gun is firing and Maggie is not missing a single target.

Kara sees only red and Kara seees only her sister and Kara has sworn never to kill but Alex is pale and Alex is starting to seize and suddenly Kara is realizing that there is no one left to rage at; no one left to even consider killing, consider maiming, consider hating – except herself, because Alex, Alex, Alex – no one left because Maggie has left no one standing.

So now there is only the eerie silence that accompanies the aftermath of Maggie’s loaded gun; now there is only J’onn sprinting and Kara flying and Alex’s third-in-command shouting orders for an immediate medical evac and Maggie ripping at her shirt and using it to stem Alex’s bleeding – to try to stem Alex’s bleeding – her hands the color of a Halloween prank gone wrong; her hands the color of war.

Kara lands and Kara yells and Kara convulses and J’onn’s arms try to contain her and she knows nothing else.

(continues below the keep reading line and here).

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