hand drawn patterns

A5 sketchbook/notebook with plain pages hand illustrated by meee :)

making lots of these for our first stall when we get to Bristol 💕 (if you like them though drop me a DM and I’d be more than happy to post them out :) 🙏🏽

Instagram: vesicadesigns


Consider: Ahkmenrah having henna all over his body. Arms, legs, his back, his feet and hands, carefully drawn patterns with incredible details!!!!!!! Ancient Egypt is known to use henna, especially on their Pharoahs and especially in their death. So being both Pharoah and a dead one he would probably feel it’s appropriate for him to wear it- I mean he does bother wearing his clothes, crown, and do eyeliner every night for no apprent reason?? except for respecting and representing his culture and his status. like it’s obvious to me that not long while after his release he’d ask Larry if Henna is still a thing!!! and when he finally manages to explain what he means (and no, not tattoos !) Larry gets him some?? and it’s so wonderful and even though it disappears every night, every day he would draw new designs in new places with such dedication honestly