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AppleDappleDudes Part 2: Apple I for the win!

Corey Cohen, the reigning expert on Apple I’s (aside from Steve Wozniak himself) brought not one but two authentic Apple I computers in for display.  In order to give visitors a hands-on approach, he also brought in a replica suitcase implementation complete with little black & white monitor.

Corey happens to have an early copy of the Apple I manual, which was photocopied from Wozniak’s hand-drawn master copy notes and instructions.  Seen here is a page about loading Integer BASIC, and another about cassette deck operation.  It’s incredibly informal, but shows the inner machinations of Woz’s mind when he was designing his first computer.

Oh, and then they let me hold one.  So that was cool.  Look at that beautiful white ceramic & gold MOS 6502. 

Some art work I drew, using this etsy poster as a reference: https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/122423746/rise-against-swing-life-away-lyric-on?ga_order=most_relevant&ga_search_type=all&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_search_query=rise%20against&ref=sr_gallery_14

In 1840, John W. Draper became the first person to photograph a celestial object when he took a daguerrotype image of the Moon. As his technique improved, Draper captured more detail of craters and other features on the moon’s surface. It quickly became clear that photography would revolutionize astronomy. Astronomers began to use photographs to collect precise records of the position, brightness, spectra and features of celestial objects, and no longer had to rely on their hand-drawn sketches and log notes. The first daguerrotypes and photographs were not very sensitive and were complicated to use.

Redline by Roy Macintosh

Amp up the adrenaline! It’s Righteous Time!

In honor of One Punch Man’s epic anime run (which I’ll discuss later), I looked back at one of Madhouse’s figurative and literal speed demon. Redline is honestly the most stupidly awesome anime films, in history, that’s practically a must watch, for anybody and everybody. I mean, holy shitsnacks, if this didn’t best the F&F series, or any racing flic for that matter, I guess it was too great for this world. Guess It kind of went too fast? 

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I am gonna be punstoppable next year.

In the futuristic years of you decide, wacky racers around the universe compete in Redline, the most outrageous do or die race that runs every five years. For this year, Race Dandy JP is up and running against the forces of evil. Special rivalry has come between him and Sonoshee, a female racer that’s filled with just as much determination as JP. With sabotage, deceit, and an entire government stopping at nothing to destroy the Redline entirely, it’s up to JP and the others to just go with the flow.

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That’s it. That’s the movie.

I don’t care if I love Inside Out, Ratatouille, or any CG cinematic, I will always be a fan of traditional, drawn to life animation. I mean, the fact that this movie took seven years, with “over 100,000 hand-drawn model notes”, and a possible 24/7 on ludicrous direction, I have to give definite kudos to Madhouse. The film, while having its calming moments, stops at nothing to get the pure adrenaline of the races in the most flow of frames. It must have been a painful, yet rewarding, job animating this 102 minute movie, notes, art, animation, and all. Not just this, but three other films, all released around the same year as this. Then again, the three (maybe excluding Summer Wars) was crack compared to this heroin of a movie. Wait a minute…


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Now if there’s one nitpick I have about it, it’s that there’s minimal plot besides the romance and the holy shit death defying race. However, that’s blown away by the fact that everything else makes it worth watching no matter what. It’s like if Fury Road and F-Zero had a child, and that child was raised by Scott Pilgrim and Gon (Hunter X Hunter). The movie can be silent when it needs to, powerful when it needs to, most of the characters are memorable and everything has an rogue funkadelic vibe to boot, and shit, the romance between JP and Sonoshee actually feels heartwarming, and the flic makes things work for them.

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Keepin’ the dick duck’s ass smooth, too.

Like I said, Redline makes meth feel like sugar. It’s so out there and outrageous, I don’t think anybody can/should take it seriously. Redline’s the type of movie where it just gets a kick out of life, whether it succeeds or suffers. Man, this is practically Space Dandy if the dude actually scored. I don’t exaggerate when I say this is one of the best I’ve seen in years, coming from 2009. I give my praises to Madhouse, with this and whatever they’ll do next.

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Need for weed: Pot Pursuit.

Go for this movie whenever you need a pick me up. Especially if you’re going into animation and graphics, because Madhouse walked before they ran, and look where the company’s at now. Head up to Hulu to check it out free, you won’t regret it, nor won’t forget it. Roy Macintosh out.

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Let’s put that petal to the metal, baby. B)

prediction for the final episode of sakamoto desu ga

sakamoto, having finished terrorizing and enriching the lives of all his classmates and teachers, says “i have to go now, my planet needs me” and just ascends off screen and it cuts to a hand drawn message saying “note: sakamoto died on the way back to his home planet”


I’m drawing christmas cards again this year ~!

So if you follow me, reblog this post and put your bias in the tags and I’ll pick a couple of people (prob up to 10) and I’ll send you a hand drawn Xmas card!

(Note that if you live outside of Europe the card might not get to you in time!)

(Also note that if we mutuals you’re definitely going to get one)

edit: I will draw idols from any group!